Futa Naked In School 12 – Futa Changes the Program 4: The Futa Program’s Big Success


Futa Naked In School – Futa Changes the Program

Chapter Four: The Futa Program’s Big Success

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

President Birdie McTaggart, Friday

The students surged from their seats. Clothes were flying off in a wild disregard. The cheerleaders were mobbed in a rush of wild passion, their gasps rising in bliss. Heady, wild, and uninhibited frenzy descended.

From a side door, the coaches of the various teams wheeled in vast kegs of Gatorade to give the electrolytes to keep this wild orgy going. The last day of the school year was upon us. The first-annual, end-of-the-year Rogers College orgy was underway.

My wife, Ava, swept up to me, her blonde hair dancing about her face. She’d already lost her blouse, freeing her large breasts. Her eyes held a naughty glint in them as she came up alongside me. This smoldering passion burned in her depths. She pursed her lips at the wild frenzy surging around us. Students were getting it on everywhere.

Mbali, the African futa on the football team, plowed her big, ebony cock into Annalee Blake’s pussy, fucking the girl hard on her hands and knees. Her round breasts bounced and heaved. Beyond her, Ayame Yamashita, a Japanese futa on the swim team, had Kylie Silvers of the Perverts Society bouncing on her cock. Kylie’s sash fluttered between her heaving tits as she moaned and gasped.

“Look at what you’ve done, meine ungezogene Futa-Frau,” she purred. “Mmm, this is making my pussy so wet. See?”

She ripped down the simple athletic shorts she wore, exposing her blonde bush soaked with her juices. I shoved my hand between her thighs, rubbing at her hot cunt. She moaned, her head swaying from side to side. Those blonde curls jiggled. She grabbed my skirt and yanked it down. My hard cock popped out, bobbing before me. Without panties, pussy juices already dribbled down my thighs from my shaved twat.

“Someone’s hard,” she purred. “I hope you haven’t been fucking any students behind my back.”

“If you were around yesterday,” I panted. Of course, I told my wife about my fun with Denice and Umeko, and then with Paloma and Salome.

Salome gasped and moaned nearby, getting fucked by Teal Constance. The freshman futa plowed the Hispanic girl while she sucked on Paloma’s cock. I knew the Latina futa would be having a yummy creampie to lick up soon.

“I need a hard, young cock to fuck my pussy,” moaned Ava. She pressed her breasts into my arm. They were soft save for her nipples. “Will you find one for me, meine Futa-Hure?”

I shuddered at her dirty language. “Ja, mein Liebchen.” I glanced around and spotted Leann Winthrop, Vice President of the Student Council, nearby. She popped off her panties, her girl-dick throbbing out before her. “Ms. Winthrop, my wife needs your cock in her pussy.”

“Holy shit, yes!” the junior moaned. The twenty-year-old futa rushed over, her girl-dick bouncing and bobbing before her. “I’d love to fuck the shit out of your wife!”

“Wunderbar!” my wife moaned. “Ooh, you have such a big cock, Leann.” She grabbed the futa’s dick. Leann pressed into my wife’s other side, her large breasts rubbing into my wife’s bigger tits. “You’re going to feel incredible in my pussy. Ja?”

“Yeah!” Leann moaned. “Damn, President McTaggart, your wife is a hottie. I’ve fapped it to her tits a few times.”

“Mmm, you naughty futa.” My wife German accent grew so strong when she was aroused. She pulled Leann’s face down into those large titties. “Just love those big boobies. Mmm, yes, all futas like them big.”

“When they belong to a hot MILF!” groaned Leann. “You’re as sexy as my mom’s!”

My wife beamed.

My girl-dick throbbed as Ava pressed Leann down to the floor. The barely legal futa stretched out on her back, her tits piling into a pair of lush mounds. My wife straddled Leann, grinding a blonde bush on the futa’s hard cock. I pulled off my blouse, my red hair dancing about my face. I looked at that delicious rump.

My wife wiggled her pussy up and down that young clit-dick. She slid up and up until Leann’s cock nuzzled into the entrance of Ava’s cunt. My wife slammed her pussy down that shaft with skill. She swallowed that dick and moaned out in rapture. My wife shuddered and whimpered. She glanced back at me and smiled.

“Thank you for changing the rules!” she moaned. “Meine Futa-Frau ist Fantastisch! Ich liebe dich!”

My three favorite words from my wife. I love you.

“Love you, too,” I moaned, falling to my knees behind her. I pressed my cock in between her butt-cheeks. I wanted to share her with a student. This was so wonderful.

All around us, the students were getting wild. Ginny fucked her futa-girlfriend Candice. Valeria Castellano, the swim coach and Italian professor, rode young Stacie Ward’s cock, the two still in love as the day Stacie burst into my office to declare her passion for her coach. Umeko ate out Denice’s pussy while being fucked from behind by April Gore’s futa-cock. Lola Lovell devoured her girlfriend’s pussy, Macie Lum shuddering in delight. Adile Badem had her arms wrapped around Genevieve Watkins hips, feasting on the freshman cheerleader’s cunt with all her lesbian passion.

I rammed into my wife’s asshole, so glad I could have made this happen.

“Birdie!” my wife moaned as I invaded her bowels. She was prelubed, ready for this orgy. Her blonde hair danced on her face. I felt Leann’s cock filling my wife’s pussy. “Oh, yes, yes. Mein Göttin. Fuck me hard! Both of you pound me! Scheisse!”

I buried to the hilt in Ava’s tight bowels and drew back. Leann thrust upward, bouncing my wife on the futa’s barely legal cock. I shuddered, my wife’s asshole shifting around my cock. I slammed into her, my shaved pussy lips smacking into her butt-cheeks.

Pleasure burst through my body. I savored it. The wicked heat rushed through me as I pumped away at my wife’s asshole. I fucked her hard. My hands massaged her tits. I kneaded those lush mounds. I teased them. My fingers found her nipples, twisting them.

She moaned and gasped, riding Leann’s cock while I sodomized her. I felt the futa’s hard cock through my wife’s flesh. We were both pleasing my wife. Loving her. I hugged her tight, rubbing my round breasts into her back.

“Go, Ms. President, go!” cheered Jalila Zaman, an Arab cheerleader. “Fuck your wife’s ass! That’s hot!”

“It is!” groaned Nia Oliver. “Damn, Jalila, I love being in your asshole!”

“So did Ms. President!” giggled the cheerleader.

“I love when she’s in my asshole, too,” Ava moaned, her bowels clenching around me.

More gasps and moans echoed around me as I fucked my wife.

“Ooh, Flower, pound my cunt hard!”

“Oh, damn, it’s so hot having you both lick and suck on my dick! Futa-twins!”

“Yes, yes, gobble my dick with that hungry mouth, Juniper!”

“Damn, Charlotte, how do you make your hips do that!”

“Oh, my goddess, I love your cock in me, Candice! I love you so much!”


“Salome! I’m going to cum in your mouth! Teal, flood her pussy!”

“Damn, sis! I love you sucking on my cock! My sister Xochitl is the best!”

On and on. It was incredible. It inspired to pound my wife’s asshole. To fuck her hard. To plow my cock to the hilt in her as she rode Leann’s young shaft. My wife danced her hips. She stirred her bowels around my clit-dick. My ovaries grew tighter and tighter.

Leann moaned and shuddered. Her gasps merged with my wife’s moans. Ava’s blonde hair danced and swirled. It was a wild sight to witness. I groaned, my girl-dick tightening. I plunged hard and fast into my wife’s bowels. I fucked her with powerful strokes.

I plowed into her faster. Harder. I buried into her asshole again and again. I savored being in her. My girl-dick ached and throbbed. I came closer and closer to exploding in her. To erupting and flooding her with all my cum.

It was the best.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned, the pleasure rushing through me. “Damn!”

“Oh, mein Göttin, you’re so good!” gasped Ava. “I love it when you fuck me so hard, honey! I’m going to cum on both your dicks!”

“Good!” I moaned. “Meine ungezogene Frau!”

She threw back her head and cried out, “Mein Göttin!”

Her asshole writhed around my cock. I slammed my girl-dick to the hilt in her writhing bowels while she impaled herself down Leann’s thick shaft. My pussy lips smacked into her butt-cheeks. Pleasure sparked through me.

“Oh, damn, Mrs. McTaggart!” Leann groaned. “Yes!”

“She’s cumming in me, Birdie!” gasped Ava. “She’s flooding my pussy with cum! I’m milking her!”

“Fuck!” I moaned. “Such a naughty lass!”

I exploded in my wife’s asshole.

The pleasure slammed through my body. Great bursts of pleasure exploded through my body. I bucked and shuddered, rubbing my tits against my wife’s back. My nipples throbbed. My futa-cock spurted again and again, pumping her bowels full of my spunk.

Pussy cream gushed down my thighs. My cunt spasmed while her asshole milked my cock. All three of us were moaning. We were adding our passion to the gasping moans to the college-wide orgy writhing around us.

It was incredible. Just the beginning of all the fun.

I couldn’t wait to have more. I ripped my futa-cock out of my wife’s asshole and gasped, “Who wants to suck my dick clean?”

“I’ll do it!” Jalila Zaman moaned nearby, getting plowed hard by Caridad Vazquez. “Just pop it in my mouth.”

“We’ll share her!” Caridad moaned, grinning at me.

That sounded perfect.


Ginny Reynolds

Candice finished spilling her cum inside of my pussy.

I shuddered beneath my hung and sexy girlfriend. She was such a nerd. My best friend. My lover. My soulmate. I was so glad she rescued me from getting fucked by Shelena. I glanced over and spotted Shelena just finished making love with Guanting, the A/V Club’s president. I’d joined that club to hang out with Candice more.

I bit my lip, staring at Shelena. She’d really changed the last few weeks. She was a different person. My pussy clenched on Candice’s girl-dick. I had been attracted to Shelena at this deep, primal level. If she hadn’t been such a bitch…

“Is it okay if I fuck other futas today?” I asked Candice.

“Yeah,” she said, grinning at me. “You know I don’t mind. I watched you get gangbanged Escort and still loved you.”

I blushed and smiled at that embarrassing moment in the first week of the school year. I had been so guilty for cheating on my then-girlfriend Samantha, I let her bully me into being gangbanged to prove my love for her. It made me realize who I truly loved, Candice. My best friend.

“I think I want to fuck Shelena. With you.” I grinned at her. “Both of you in me at the same time.”

“Sure.” Candice slid off me. I shuddered as her large cock popped out of me, gleaming with her juices. Her blonde pigtails swayed about her flushed, cute face. She adjusted her glasses, then offered me her hand.

Girls gave me such envious looks as we moved through the orgy. Candice might have the biggest cock at our college, though Shelena’s was pretty close. I approached the Black futa. She was sitting up, her pussy dripping with cum. Her girl-dick thrust hard and ebony from her. My pussy clenched, dripping with Candice’s spunk.

“Hey,” I said to her. “Um, want to fuck me with Candice?” I blushed at being so blunt, but I had no idea how to not just come out and say it. “I mean, you’ve changed, Shelena. You’re not that, uh…”

“Futa-bitch,” she suggested evenly.

I nodded. “I guess, I’ve forgiven you and I wouldn’t mind… you know, trying you out. While Candice fucks my asshole.”

“You know, I’d rather fuck Candice,” said Shelena, her eyes flicking over to my girlfriend. “She’s got the biggest cock at our college. And I kinda like dicks better. They feel so good in me.”

“Uh, yeah, sure,” I said, trying not to be utterly mortified to be rejected by the biggest pussy chaser at our college. “If Candice wants to.”

My girlfriend gave me a questioning look.

“It’s an orgy,” I told her and darted in for a quick kiss. I squeezed her girl-dick soaked in my juices. When I broke it, I purred, “Have fun. I love you.”

“Love you,” she moaned.

I turned around, wondering what to do, and blinked to see my ex sidling up to me naked with her new girlfriend Rosario on her arm. Samantha had green eyes and small breasts, nice and perky. Her brown hair swayed about her face. Her girl-dick thrust out before her.

“You, me, and Rosario?” asked Samantha, a friendly smile on her lips. It had been ten months since we broke up. A lot of time for hurt feelings between us to mend.

“Sure,” I said. “It’s an orgy.”

“Good,” Rosario said. To my utter delight, she pulled a vibrator out of her cunt. The naughty girl, her dark-brown hair spilling about her face, grinned at me. “Let’s have fun!”

She kissed me hard and pressed the vibrator into my nipple. It buzzed against me. I moaned into the kiss with her, my round breast drinking in the feel of her humming toy. Our tongues danced together, my red hair swaying about my face.

When I broke the kiss, I found Samantha on her back. She held up her cock and wiggled it at me. I shuddered and knew I would have a wild time riding her cock. Rosario straddled Samantha’s head while I moved into position to lower to my ex’s futa-dick. Together, we sank down, the vibrator rubbing around my nipple, coating me in her spicy pussy juices.

I shuddered as Samantha’s girl-dick nuzzled into my pussy. I wiggled my hips, grinding my cuntlips into her shaft until her dick was lined up at the entrance to my twat. I impaled myself down her cock, my sloppy cunt swallowing her cock.

She was smaller than Candice but still felt amazing.

“Oh, damn, yes!” moaned Samantha into Rosario’s pussy.

“Ooh, she likes that,” purred Rosario. Her dark-brown hair swayed about her face. Her eyes sparkled with her passion. “She’s really eating me.”

“Good,” I purred, my nipple throbbing as she slid the vibrator around it, coating me in her pussy juices.

Then she pulled it away and leaned down. I gasped as she engulfed my nipple with her hot lips. She sucked. My cunt clenched down on Samantha’s girl-dick. I slid up her cock while my arms wrapped around Rosario’s head. I held her to my nipple, loving her naughty tongue dancing around my nub.

The pleasure flowed through me. My pussy clung to Samantha’s cock as I rode her. She moaned into her girlfriend’s pussy who groaned around my aching nub. It was so hot and exciting. Passion moaned around us.

The vibrator’s wet tip slid down my side, the buzzing tip massaging my skin. It reached behind me, found my spine and went lower and lower. I gasped in delight as it reached my butt-crack. It hummed between my asscheeks until she found my naughty hole.

“You wicked girl!” I moaned as the vibrator buzzed against my sphincter. “Yes, yes, do it!”

She jammed the humming dildo into my asshole. My anal ring widened to swallow the smooth, pussy-slicked shaft. The buzzing entered my bowels. Samantha groaned, her girl-dick twitching in my pussy.

“Fuck, I can feel that!” the futa moaned.

“So can I!” I panted as I worked my pussy up and down her girl-dick. My bowels melted, massaged into heavenly bliss by the wonderful toy humming away in my asshole.

I slammed down on Samantha’s girl-cock. I took her dick to the hilt in me. I groaned at the wonderful pleasure she gave me while Rosario pressed the vibrator to the hilt in me. Then she let it go and ripped her mouth from my nipple.

“Enjoy, cutie!” she panted, grinding her cunt on the futa’s face.

“I am!”

My orgasm built fast with that buzzing toy humming away in my bowels. Pleasure melted to my cunt sliding up and down Samantha’s cock. My snatch gripped her dick, loving every moment of being in her. It was incredible. The best thing in the world.

I wiggled my hips from side to side. I danced my cunt around that hot cock. Samantha’s dick felt amazing in me, teasing my pussy walls while the dildo hummed away in my asshole. I groaned, my red hair dancing about my face.

Rosario moaned with me. The cutie ground her cunt on Samantha’s hungry mouth. She smiled at me, eyes twinkling. I leaned in and kissed her. I thrust my tongue deep into her mouth as my orgasm built faster and faster.

“Yes, yes, yes, fuck my cunt, Ms. President!”

“Damn, Jalila, that cunt is great!”

“I want next go, President McTaggart!”

“Oh, wow, you can really deep-throat a cock, Ji-Min!”

“Ooh, ooh, pound that dick into my asshole, Ase!”

“Yes, yes, your bowels feel amazing, Augusta!”

“Wow, I love tribbing pussies, Macie!”

“Keep grinding your cunt against mine, Adile! Let’s bathe each other’s cunts!”

“I love it!”

So many wicked sounds while my asshole melted beneath that humming toy. I couldn’t control myself. I slammed down Samantha’s girl-dick. I took every inch of her. My clit ground into her pubic bone and ticklish bush. My body bucked.

I came.

My pussy convulsed around Samantha’s futa-cock. My asshole spasmed around the vibrating dildo buried deep in me. The pleasure surged through my body. I ripped my head back from Rosario and howled in mindless rapture.

“Cum in her, Samantha!” Rosario groaned. “Do it!”

“Yes!” Samantha groaned.

Futa-cum fired into my twat. Hot spurts of jizz. I gasped, trembling and shuddering as the bliss shot through me. My head swayed from side to side. Stars burst across my vision. I whimpered and moaned. My breasts heaved.

The pleasure was incredible.

I savored it. My asshole drank in the buzzing rapture of the vibrator. My pussy convulsed and spasmed, milking Samantha’s futa-cock dry. Rosario moaned before me, her breasts heaving as she joined us in rapture.

This was going to be an incredible day. My head darted around, looking past all the writhing students and professors to find my Candice. I wanted to share this joyful moment with her. I loved her so much.

I was so glad the Program brought us together.


Shelena Lovell

“I’ve never been with a futa,” Candice said. “Not really.”

“You fucked me in the video,” I pointed out.

The nerdy futa blushed. “That was… an act. I just fucked you.” She grabbed my girl-dick, her pale fingers wrapping around my cock. “I’ve never done anything with one of these.”

“Mmm, but you should,” I said, loving her touch. “We have the biggest cocks here. Why don’t we do something wild.”

“What?” she asked.


The nerdy girl’s blue eyes looked confused behind her glasses. Her brow furrowed and her delicate grip on my futa-cock tightened.

“It’s when two futas fuck each other at the same time,” I said. “It works best if we have the same sized cocks. Which we do.”

I grabbed her ivory shaft with my dark fingers. I stoked up and down her, loving the feel of her in my hands. Candice groaned, her head leaning back as I pleased her. The pleasure brimming in her eyes made me so hard.

“What do you say?” I asked, massaging my dark thumb across the pink crown of her girl-dick. Precum coated the surface. Her small titties jiggle.

Our big cocks were the only thing we had in common. I had huge tits and dark skin while she was as pale as a sheet. A cute, sexy sheet with a big futa-dick I wanted inside of me. I wanted to worship her White cock with my cunt.

“Sure, “Candice said. “It’s the last day of the school year.”

“Yep, just one big happy orgy!” I said. “Now, we sit down and scissor our legs together. We scoot forward on our rumps until we slide our cocks into the other’s pussy.”

“Okay,” she said. She pushed up her glasses. “Sounds fun. Ginny’s having hers. Rosario pulled a vibrator out of her cunt and I think she’s going to use it on Ginny’s nipples.”

“Kinky,” I said as we sank to the smooth floor of the auditorium.

Candice followed, her little titties hardly jiggling at all while my big titties swayed and smacked together. Their weight was comfortable to me. I was used to being busty. I could hardly remember having tits that small.

We scissored our legs together. Her ivory thighs entwined with my dark legs. Our shafts aimed at each other. Vanilla and chocolate coming together. I loved it. We scooted closer and closer. Our girl-dicks nudged. Kissed.

I shuddered at the pleasure rippling down my shaft from docking my cock with hers. Our futa-dicks slipped past each other a moment later. Candice whimpered, her face twisting with bliss. Escort Bayan Then we kept sliding on our rumps. Our cocks thrust past the other’s, aimed right for our juicy twats.

Two inches.

One Inch.

Our cocks nuzzled into the other’s pussy lips.

I shuddered as Candice’s ivory cock pressed into my cunt while my dick sank into her blonde furred muff. We both gasped, her small breasts quivering and my big boobs swaying at the bottom off my vision. We penetrated each other.

There was nothing quite like the sensation futa-tribbing. Of sliding my cock into Candice’s juicy pussy while her futa-dick slid into my hot cunt. The dual frictions flowed down through my body. Silk heaven bathed my shaft while my cunt reveled in being stuffed full of the biggest girl-prick I’d ever taken.

Candice and I had the largest cocks at our college.

“Oh, my goddess,” Candice whimpered, her cunt clenching around my dick invading her pussy.

The friction increased causing me to squeeze my twat around her girl-dick. “I know! Isn’t it hot.”

“Yeah!” she moaned. “I need to buy Ginny a few dildos.”

“You really love her,” I groaned as our cocks came closer and closer. “I get that. It’s amazing having someone to love and knowing they return it back. Puts things in perspectives.”

“It does,” she said, her face transforming into radiant beauty.

Then carnal lust replaced it as our cocks bottomed out in the other’s snatch. Our cuntlips rubbed together. She undulated her hips, smearing her pussy against my juicy twat. The pleasure spilled through me. I groaned, loving the kiss of our twats stuffed with the other’s dick.

Then we started moving. We undulated our hips, working our cocks a few inches out of the other’s twat and then bringing our pussies back together. Cuntlips kissed while hot snatches clenched on the other’s futa-dick.

It was incredible. My big tits heaved as I undulated my hips. I stirred her cock around in my pussy while her twat massaged my aching dick. Pleasure rippled through me. Two different, but wonderful, blisses pumped hot through my veins.

“Oh, this is amazing!” gasped Candice. “Oh, yes, Shelena!”

“Uh-huh!” I moaned, my pussy drinking in the girth of her big cock pumping in and out of my depths. She reached so far into me.

And I buried so deep into her.

My ovaries drank in the dual frictions. The two heats built and built this wonderful delight in me. The dual frictions heated up my futa-cum. Every moment we pumped our hips and worked our clit-dicks out of the other’s cunt brought me closer and closer to that pleasure.

Her blue eyes grew glossy behind her glasses. Her blonde pigtails danced around her face. The White futa moaned and gasped as we tribbed each other. I shuddered as our pussy lips met for another juicy kiss, her bush tickling my shaved folds. The pleasure spilled through me.

My breasts heaved as I threw my arms around her neck. I pulled her close to me. We were sitting there, fucking each other and loving each other. I kissed her hard on the mouth, savoring the taste of the nerd’s lips on mine.

I used to hate her for stopping me from what I wanted. She saved me from crossing a line with Ginny. She had been in the right. It was so much better fucking her, sharing pleasure with her, then washing all that energy on negativity.

My large breasts rubbed into her small titties. I kissed the White futa with hunger, her pigtails brushing my arms. Her glasses shifted on her face. It was like kissing my Guanting. I moaned, my orgasm coming closer and closer.

Candice thrust her tongue into my mouth and whimpered.

Her futa-cock erupted. Hot cum fired into my pussy. Her silky twat spasmed around my cock. I gasped at the sudden surge of bliss shooting down my girl-dick and flooding my cunt. My entire body trembled in delight.

I joined her.

I squealed into her mouth as I pumped my futa-jizz into her spasming pussy. I unloaded blast after blast of my cum into her twat.

The pair of us heaved and shuddered. Our nipples kissed as we flooded the other’s cunt. The dual sensations of my orgasm flooded bliss and rapture through me. Ecstasy mixed and swirled in my thoughts. Her cunt milked my cock while my twat writhed around her spurting clit-dick.

It was wonderful.


We shared this wonderful moment. We loved each other instead of hating each other. As my pleasure carried me to such heights of rapture, I was so thankful for the Program teaching me this wonderful lesson. For letting me experience this passion.

Candice broke the kiss and moaned. “Oh, goddess, that was amazing!”

“Yes, it was,” I panted, her pussy spasming around my dick. “Damn.”

“I have to go tell Ginny!” she moaned and then was standing up.

I gasped as our cocks slid out of the other’s pussy, those last, dual stimulations rippling through me. Then she was on her feet, her ivory cock bobbing before my face soaked in pussy cream. She darted past me to where Ginny was pulling a vibrator out of her asshole. She turned and the pair came together in a wild kiss.

They were soon joined by Samantha and Rosario, the four of them sinking to the ground to get wild with each other. Samantha had her mouth licking my cum out of Candice’s pussy while Rosario impaled her cunt on the futa’s big dick. Ginny rammed the vibrator into Samantha’s cunt while sucking on her girl-cock.

I smiled and stood. I looked around, my eyes sweeping past the orgy. Ms. Tyrell the Drama professor plowed hard into Meaghan Carter’s pussy. Mrs. McTaggart rode Mbali’s Black cock, the German professor’s ivory tits surrounding my teammate’s face. Tatyana, the head cheerleader, bounced her cunt up and down Ms. Rowbottom’s cock while Randi Bjork rode the professor’s face.

Guanting was fucking Lola Lovell hard, plowing into the blonde. I sauntered over and my futa-girlfriend glanced up at me, her round face twisted with pleasure. “Fuck my ass, Shelena!”

How could I say no to that?


Charisma Lacy

My slave collar shifted around my neck as I knelt down between my sister’s thighs. I didn’t know whose cum ran out of her pussy, I just wanted to lick the delight up. Krysten smiled at me, her small breasts quivering. She tugged on her pierced, dusky-pink nipples.

“Yes, yes, lick my pussy, futa-sis!” she moaned, her eyes sparkling with bliss.

I loved my little sister so much. I was so glad the Program brought us together. We just wanted to share everything in our lives. Right now, it meant sharing in being sex slaves to Tanisha Read, the football player who won MVP at the championship game. We wouldn’t be her sex slave forever; it was just for fun.

But Krysten and I would be together for the rest of our lives.

“Oh, Charisma, I love you!” she moaned as I pressed my face into her incestuous twat. Her shaved folds rubbed against my lips. My tongue flicked out, licking up that salty cum from her twat. I savored the flavor of her sweet cream mixed with the futa’s passion.

“Oh, yes, yes, I love you, Johana!” Mrs. Jordan moaned nearby. The biology and health professor was on her back while her futa-daughter fucked her hard. Their incest was as hot as the one I shared with my sister.

I feasted on Krysten, my futa-cock throbbing. Pussy cream ran down my shaft from my cunt, dripping over my dick. I wiggled my hips back and forth, reveling in the taste of my little sister’s delicious cunt. I dug my tongue in deep, licking and lapping up her cream.

She moaned and gasped. She shuddered on the floor, humping her pussy against my face. She added her passion to the rest of the student body groaning around us. Tanisha was having her fun, letting us indulge all we wanted for the day.

“Is this pussy free?” purred Pearle Parris behind me.

“Go for it,” Krysten moaned. “My futa-sister loves taking a hard cock in her cunt.”

“I bet she does,” purred Pearle. “Mmm, I’m going to plow you hard, Charisma. I love seeing you and your sister parading around the campus in your leash and collars.”

“Fuck her hard!” Krysten moaned as I kept licking her delicious twat.

Pearle fell to her knees behind me and pressed her cock into my pussy. She smeared it up and down. I groaned at her naughty touch. I trembled each time she stroked down to my clit and then back up to my pussy whole, caressing me with her hot cock’s tip. This wicked thrill ran through me.

“Maybe I should fuck your asshole instead,” she purred, sliding her cock up my taint to my sphincter.

My futa-dick throbbed.

“She’ll love either hole,” moaned my sister. “She’s a futa-slut.”

“I am,” I moaned into Krysten’s twat. I thrust my tongue deep into her as that thick cock rubbed against my asshole.

I swirled around in my sister, licking out the cum as Pearle thrust. Her cock slowly worked her way into my bowels. I whimpered and moaned into my sister’s incestuous twat. I savored every moment of sliding into her wonderful depths.

My anal ring widened to engulf Pearle’s cock. She felt incredible as she penetrated me deeper and deeper into my bowels. My asshole clenched about her, gripping her as she slipped into my anal sheath.

“Oh, my goddess, yes,” moaned Pearle. “Charisma, your asshole is incredible. Damn, that’s tight.”

“Fuck her hard!” moaned my squirming sister. The naughty minx grabbed my fiery hair. She held on tight, pulling me into her juicy twat. “Plow her.”

“Yes!” I panted, squeezing my bowels around Pearle’s dick as she pulled back.

She slammed back into me. I whimpered and moaned, my asshole clenching around that hard cock in me. This wicked and wild pleasure fluttered through me. I groaned, clenching my bowels around this amazing cock that penetrated me. This wild and delicious pleasure rippled out from my asshole. It was so kinky to feel.

To experience.

I whimpered, wiggling my hips back and forth as that amazing futa-cock penetrated my bowels. My asshole clenched around the thick shaft reaming me. I groaned, loving every moment of that wonderful shaft penetrating me again and again.

Of filling up my anal sheath.

I shuddered as she thrust forward. She fucked my asshole, the heat melting down to my cunt. My pussy juices ran down my clit-dick. I moaned into my little sister’s twat. Bayan Escort I fluttered my tongue up and down her, making her gasp and moan.

“Yes, yes, yes! Big futa-sis!” Krysten groaned, pulling on my hair. “Ooh, eat my pussy while enjoying Pearle’s cock!”

“She’s enjoying it all right!” panted Pearle. “Damn, she keeps squeezing around my cock. I’m going to cum in her!”

“Good, good, cum in her!” gasped my sister. “Flood my futa-sis with all your wonderful spunk.”

I loved her so much.

I sucked on her clit while the pleasure built and built in me. I sucked on that little bud. I nibbled on it. she moaned, her body trembling and shuddering. Her thighs gripped my head. She held me tight as that amazing futa-dick plowed into my bowels. My pussy dripped more cream down my swinging cock. My ovaries came closer and closer to a boil.

Krysten shuddered. She gripped my fiery hair with her fingers, pulling me against her clit. Her bud throbbed between my lips. Then she cried out in orgasmic rapture. Her incestuous juices bathed my face, sweet cream gushing out of her.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she howled. “I love you so much!”

“That’s sexy!” moaned Pearle as she rammed into my asshole. “You made your sister cum! Incest is so hot!”

“It is!” I squealed and came on her futa-dick.

My cock erupted, splattering the floor. Pulse after pulse of rapture shot from my cock. My pussy convulsed, gushing juices that poured down my erupting shaft. My asshole writhed and spasmed, rippling around the futa-cock plundering into me.

“Shit!” gasped Pearle.

“Cum in my big futa-sis!” howled the trembling Krysten.

Pearle buried to the hilt in my convulsing bowels. Her hot futa-cum pumped into me. Spurt after hot spurt of her jizz flooded my aching asshole. I moaned, my anal sheath rippling and writhing around her girl-cock. I milked her. I loved every second of this passion. Mrs. Jordan howled beside me, reveling in incest like me.

My orgasm hit this peak. I shuddered and then crawled up my sister’s body, my asshole sliding off of the big, throbbing cock. Pearle’s cum splashed across my ass as I settled atop my sister, my cock sliding into her pussy.

I kissed her. Savored her. I savored the Program. I was so glad it brought us together. I would love my little sister until the end of time.


Randi Bjork

“Mmm, that’s it, get that cock in her, Keisha,” I moaned to my futa-lover.

Keisha Rowbottom, the English professor at Rogers College, had been my futa-girlfriend for over a year now. We’d fallen in love last year before the Program even came to the college. We kept it a secret until Stacie Ward and her passion had broken through the rule forbidding professors and students so she could love Miss Castellano, her swim coach.

So I wanted to thank Stacie. She’d been my friend for a few years, a sexy futa with dyed-purple hair and a lithe body. It was the swim team captain’s final day here. She was graduating. I would miss her.

“Damn,” moaned Stacie as she slid her cock into my pussy, her body atop mine. Her small breasts pressed into my large tits. Our nipples kissed. “Ooh, Randi, you have a nice cunt.”

“Yes, she does,” Keisha purred. My Black futa-lover was moving into position to fuck Stacie while the swim captain fucked me. I bet Stacie would love it. This was wild. I loved this orgy. I was having so much fun.

I kissed Stacie, my futa-friend’s lips melting into mine. Her small breasts pressed into my body as her cock throbbed in my pussy. Then there came a hard impact. Stacie groaned into my lips. I knew my futa-lover filled Stacie’s cunt with hard cock.

Just like Stacie filled mine.

Her purple hair brushed my cheeks as she squirmed atop me, stirring her girl-dick around inside my cunt. Then she drew back, my pussy lips clinging to her shaft. I loved it. A flesh thud echoed moments before Stacie’s cock drove back into my snatch.

A hard thrust that filled me in a flash. My clit throbbed against Stacie’s shaved pussy lips. My cunt gripped her cock as she pulled back. Her tongue dueled with mine. She whimpered and moaned. Pleasure rippled through me.


That fleshy sound preceded Stacie’s hard thrust into my cunt.




And again.


Every time my futa-lover slammed into Stacie’s cunt, it drove the swim captain’s cock to the hilt in my pussy. It was like Keisha was fucking me through Stacie’s body I loved it. My cunt gripped that amazing cock. The pleasure surged through me. I quivered and shuddered on the floor. My tongue danced with hers, reveling in sharing this moment.

“Ooh, I love it when you fuck me, Isadora!” moaned Xochitl nearby. The star of the college’s play cried out in orgasmic rapture as she took her futa-sister’s cock. “Yes, yes, yes! I love you so much!”

“Love you, sis!” gasped Isidora.

I shuddered, loving the sounds they made together as I squirmed beneath Stacie, Her small breasts pressed into my big boobs. Her cock slammed into me following that fleshy smack. Keisha moaned and gasped, clearly loving Stacie’s pussy as much as I loved her girl-cock.

“Oh, damn, Ms. Ward!” panted my futa-lover to Stacie. “Work that cunt. I’m going to dump so much cum in you.”

“Oh, do it!” whimpered Miss Castellano. She was getting her twat eaten out by Lola Lovell nearby. “Fuck my cute swimmer. Ooh, you have to have her eat your pussy out, too, Randi! She can hold her breath.”

“Is she as good as me?” Lola asked.

“No one’s better than my Stacie!” moaned Miss Castellano.

“I get that,” sighed Lola. “Ooh, Teal, yes, yes, fuck my pussy. Get a big load of cum for Macie to lick out. She’s my best pussy licker!”

“Love is amazing!” Miss Castellano moaned.

Yes, it was.

I loved Keisha so much. I was so glad I could share this amazing experience with her. My pussy ached and throbbed as my futa-friend plowed into me again and again. Keisha’s powerful strokes drove Stacie’s clit-dick to the hilt in me, making me shudder in rapture.

My orgasm built so fast. My nipples throbbed and ached, brushing against Stacie’s small nubs. I kept kissing her, so glad we were friends. I held her tight as Keisha plowed her girl-dick deep into Stacie’s cunt.


Stacie’s girl-cock buried to the hilt in me.

I exploded.

My cunt writhed around her futa-cock. I squealed into our kiss. My pussy worshiped my friend’s big dick. Stacie groaned.


Her girl-dick buried to the hilt in me again. She bucked atop me. And then her cum flooded my twat. Spurt after hot spurt of her futa-spunk filled my pussy. I trembled beneath her, my cunt writhing around her shaft, milking her.

“Damn!” groaned Keisha. “Goddess, she’s milking my cock.”

I broke the kiss to howl, “Then cum in her! Flood her!”

“Yes!” gasped Stacie as she spurted into me.

Keisha buried into Stacie. She moaned while the pleasure flooded through me. I rode through the orgasmic delight. The bliss rippled through my body. I bucked and shuddered through this wild orgasm. Moans echoed all around us.

“Ride my girl-dick, Ji-Min!”

“Oh, Ms. Stanton, I love it when you fuck my asshole!”

“Suck all of Jamie’s pussy juices off my cock! Clean my dick!”

“Umeko, you work those big tits up and down Leann’s cock!”

“This slave is so humiliated to do this and so wet! This slave is going to make Leann cum all over her face so she’ll be a filthy, disgusting whore!”

“Damn, Tanisha, you have a huge cock! Why didn’t I fuck you sooner?”

“No idea, Mrs. McTaggart!”

“Ms. President! Yes, yes! Your cock is so good in my pussy! Is my cunt making you feel amazing?”

“Goddess, yes, Araceli! I’m going to flood you!”

On and on and on.

The Program had changed my college. I would defend it with my last breath. I loved it. I would share all my passions with my lover. As Stacie slid down my body to eat me out, I brought Keisha’s Black cock to my lips.

“I love you,” I told her and engulfed her cock with my hungry mouth.

Love was so important. And so was sharing it with everyone. So many couples had been born this school year out of wild passion. Candice and Ginny, Xochitl and Isidora, Stacie and Miss Castellano, Lola and Macie and Teal, Mrs. Jordan and Johana, Samantha and Rosario, Guanting and Shelena, Paloma and Salome, and on and on and on. All those students changed. Ji-Min and Leann sang the delights of the incestuous relationships they’d developed in their homes.

All thanks to this wonderful Program.

I engulfed Keisha’s cock as Stacie licked her cum out of my pussy.


President Birdie McTaggart

I beamed as I stared out at the orgy. My wife sauntered up to me, dripping in cum. It dribbled off her tits and ran down her thighs. She pressed against me, snuggling up tight. I loved it. The two lesbian professors, married to each other, were in a daisy chain with Macie Lum, Adile Badem, Lola Lovell, and Randi Bjork, all five of them feasting on each other nearby.

Ginny was riding Candice’s cock while the Hayward twins were cumming on her face, drenching her in a mix of their spunk.

Molly Jordan was taking a cock from Samantha Herbert and Teal Constance, spit-roasted between the two. Beyond, Molly’s futa-daughter, Johana, fucked Rosario Todaro while Claire Nowell rode the futa’s mouth.

Stacie Ward slammed her cock hard into Tatyana’s cunt, the swim captain giving it to her hard while at the same time frenching Valeria Castellano. The Italian professor and swim coach herself was riding Letizia Albini’s futa-dick.

So much passion.

“You did great,” whispered Ava. She stroked my breasts with an idle hand. “You are an amazing president.”

I smiled at my wife and kissed her salty lips. I felt my cock stirring to life. There was more coed pussy for me to enjoy. More of my students to love. The Program had been a smashing success at Rogers College.

I couldn’t wait to oversee it for years to come. It had changed all my students’ lives in such positive ways. I was thrilled with it. I hoped we would be the model for other colleges. Sex was something to be enjoyed.

Not to be ashamed of.

“Ms. President, come fuck my pussy!”

I smiled at that sweet sound. I broke the kiss with my wife and set out to enjoy the fruits of my labors. The Naked in School Program was amazing.

The END of the Futa Naked in School Tales

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