Funnel Ch. 05


Ms. Green was allowing her asshole to throb pleasantly open and shut around his eager tongue as it worked in and out. She smiled as she thought of the dirty things that she would make the young man do for her entertainment. His tonguing and burrowing of her asshole was just a temporary diversion until she heard from Ms. Fortune. She was going to let the pervert’s own mother know how dirty he was. It was a plan to free the boy up for his permanent duties of asslicker and jackoffboy. She wiggled her full behind upon his face and giggled at the feel of his face wedged deeply into her asscrack… where it belonged.

“Oh my, that’s lovely sweetie. You are a little assboy aren’t you? Mamas little asslicker hmm?”

He was showing her that he was exactly that. His face was pressed absolutely flush with her womanly asscheeks and her butt in his face gave him a tremendous boner. Audrey reached a dainty hand down and grasped the head firmly between two fingernails. She slowly pinched and squeezed it as her bottom received its due. When the phone rang, she released his penis and pulled hard on his ball leash.

“I have to get that call Thomas. You be a good boy while mama is on the phone. Lick my asshole deeply, please.”

He grunted underneath her like a pig in a sty and continued to grind his face against her butthole while suckling hungrily. He had so far managed to cram his entire tongue deeply into the muscular anal ring of her tight asshole.

“Yes? Oh really? That shouldn’t be a problem. How was she? Oh how lovely… give me about ten minutes. What? Oh… yes… the chair is wonderful. He has his tongue all the way up my butt right this minute. Mm hmm…Really. Okay… bye.” She set the phone back into its cradle and addressed the young man under her seat. “Thomas… we have an appointment to keep. Please take your tongue out of my asshole.”

When he opened the door to his house he wasn’t sure what to expect. Ms. Green had told him that his mother wanted to speak to him and that she would accompany him. The blood rose to his face in humiliation when he saw his mother and Ms. Fortune sitting on the sofa along with a pair of his underpants and an unsettling familiar black bag sitting on the coffee table. He didn’t think things could be worse for him just then. That was until he saw Dawn from the Adult Bookstore waltz out of the kitchen with a tray of Oreo’s and a big grin on her cute face. She plopped herself down into a chair and put her feet up on the coffee table right next to the black bag. Despite his horrendous shock at the sight of her, he took the time to notice her young shapely legs in a very fetching pair of white cableknit tights. Dawn caught him staring and gave a little-girl giggle.

“Hiii Tommy.” She cooed and gave him a little wave with her hand.

He was lightheaded and he turned to face his mother and Ms. Fortune. They were not smiling.

“Here he is Emily.” Audrey said, addressing his mother.

“Yes. Thank you Audrey.”

He fumbled for something to say. “What is it, Mom?”

His mother picked up his white cotton briefs with two fingers like they were contaminated and held them up disdainfully. Dawn giggled again and wolfed down another Oreo.

“What have you to say for yourself, Thomas?”

He didn’t understand what his mother meant, but if Dawn was here, that couldn’t be a good sign. He only knew her from his frequent visits to the sex shop near the college. He glanced over at Ms. Fortune who was glaring at him and offering no explanation.

“I… I don’t know what you mean.”

His mother laid the soiled garment back on the coffee table and proceeded to dump the contents of his black bag out onto the table. A bottle of masturbation lubricant tumbled out noisily and rolled onto the floor along with several dirty magazines, and lastly, his new jackoff pump. Dawn’s eyes grew wide mamak escort when she saw it.

“I remember that. Have you been using it, Tommy?” She was teasing him and loving every minute.

His face was completely crimson now. He stammered but could find no words to suit the magnitude of his shame. Ms. Fortune broke the silence.

“He is very dirty! He play with his penis and make nasty mess in his little room. My mama would spank such a dirty boy.”

His mother spoke next.

“You remember Dawn? She certainly remembers you. She’s told me you spend a lot of time at her store near campus. She’s also told me you play with yourself in the little booths they have in there… for dirty men. Shame on you, Thomas!”

He felt as if he were going to cry at any moment. Then, as planned, Audrey volunteered a solution.

“Emily. Why doesn’t he stay with me for a good while? You know that I don’t tolerate that kind of behavior. He’s been shaming your good name for some time, and I think the firm hand of his neighbor lady might be a good influence on him. And it would give you some time to get yourself back in order… I’m sure this has been a terrible ordeal for you.”

His mother sighed and nodded. “Perhaps your right, Audrey. Perhaps it would be what he needs. However, there is still the matter of preserving my motherly honor, to say nothing of the punishment he has coming to him.”

Tom gulped and looked to Ms. Green for support. She offered none as his mother continued.

“Thomas. Take your pants off.”

He knew it was useless to argue with his mother when she had that determined look. He slumped his shoulders in defeat and began to unzip and undress himself in front of the four women. He pulled his pants off completely and stood there in his shirt and briefs and socks as Dawn smiled at the sight of his bulging underpants. Despite his mortification, he had somehow managed to pop a very rigid boner. Then, his own mother took him in front of her and Ms. Fortune, and began to lower his briefs for what appeared to be an old fashioned spanking. He almost began to whimper when his stiff cock was revealed to the cool appraising stares of the women. As Ms. Fortune stared at the swollen head, it throbbed and a blob of sperm appeared at the slit. His mother sniffed angrily and proceeded to scold him, as he stood there ashamed and fully aroused.

“You’re behaving like a beast. I simply cannot believe that you would expose yourself so… so shamefully in front of guests. You certainly aren’t impressing Ms. Green or Ms. Fortune. Poor little Dawn is probably going to tell all of her girlfriends about the pervert son of mine. And Thomas… I am most certainly not impressed in the least.”

With that, she brought her hand up to his throbbing penis and closed her fingers around it tightly. He gasped at the maternal touch and his balls raised and lowered in the throes of his decadent need. His mother proceeded to pull downward in an agonizing slow movement that slid her feminine hand to the slick taught head. She paused to examine the spongy head and squeezed a few times rhythmically. Dawn was holding her breath; she was so transfixed by the sight of the mother prickteasing her own son.

“Just shameful.” She hissed as she stared at his penis. She seemed to be addressing his cock and completely ignoring him.

“A wicked display. Just wicked.” She actually stroked his hard shaft a few times between comments. Ms. Fortune also spoke to his penis.

“Very dirty. It is big and fat from dirty thoughts. Make a big mess soon.”

Thomas was trembling with the lust that was boiling in his fat ballsac. His own mother had his penis in her hand and was pulling on the boner he had so embarrassingly revealed to her. She had never seen him like this… with an erection… and she seemed transfixed by the sight ofise gelen escort of it. She brought her other small hand up to cup his tender scrotum and Thomas could feel the cool steel of the rings that encircled her fingers as they touched his balls. She stroked his hard cock very very slowly while slowly squeezing his balls. The room was very quiet. Then, abruptly she stopped her teasing caresses and ordered him across her lap. He obeyed nervously and soon found his penis treated to the subtle rub of her nylon dress pants. With his naked rear end now in the line of fire, his mother proceeded to slap him smartly while scolding him.

“You are a very naughty young man, Thomas!” SMACK!

“You deserve this.” SMACK!

“I wont…” SMACK!

“tolerate this nastiness!” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

The spanking went on for a while with Thomas sobbing on his mother’s lap. The women watched with silent interest while he bucked and whimpered and accepted his punishment. Eventually, despite the burning in his fanny, he began to buck harder against the fabric of his mother’s nylon pants. The teasing feel against his naked cockhead was driving him toward a very embarrassing accident. When he came, it was with a resounding spank against his bare ass and a curdled yelp. Emily instantly felt the hot thick ropes spurting against her thigh and flipped him over to avoid further soiling. The move caused her son’s exposed cock to stand straight up in front of the wide-eyed women while he lay on his back on her lap. His cock gave a terrible throb and then spit a long white rope of jism that landed in a spiraling plop all over his shirt and part of his mother’s blouse.

When the spectacle had reached its conclusion, his mother dumped him to the floor and reached down to take a firm grip of his ear. She marched him into another room while the women all looked at each other in astonishment.

Dawn let out a breath. “My gosh. That has got to be the biggest cum load I have ever seen. Did you see how much he squirted?”

Isabella was smiling smugly. “It is his mama’s touch. Such a dirty boy. Such a big mess from him from that.”

The women continued to discuss him in hushed tones, afraid they would miss any further punitive dialogue from Emily to her son. Then, they returned to the living room with Emily leading the way. She had taken the time to remove her semen-soiled blouse, revealing her full bosom in a modest white old-fashioned bra. When she came in and resumed her seat, Thomas was still outside… apparently too embarrassed to enter.

“Thomas!” His mother barked. “You will come back into this room this instant!”

The women now all had their eyes fastened on the doorway that led from the kitchen into the living room. Slowly the giggles started as they beheld the young man and what his mother had done to him. He was wearing a diaper.

Audrey was grinning from ear to ear and clapped her hands together as he slowly shuffled into the room.

“Ohhh, Emily! That is so adorable!”

Dawn couldn’t stop laughing and Isabella was characteristically smug.

“Is good for him. Diaper for little baby who make mess on mama’s lap.”

His mother looked at him and wagged a scolding finger. “This is what happens to boys who don’t behave like men. Take a good look ladies. Thomas should be very ashamed of himself. Now you may go to Ms. Green’s house where she will look after you for a while.”

He looked around for his pants.

“No pants, Thomas. Those are for big boys. You will go as you are… in your diaper.”

That was it. His fragile masculinity shattered, he began to sob with shame in front of the pretty women. Audrey took him by the hand.

“Come along, you sad little baby boy. Lets get you home now.”

He unquestioningly followed her out the door and back to her house… otele gelen escort clad only in the humiliating baby garment. Once back at Audrey’s house, he was put back under the Lady’s Throne where he spent the remainder of the afternoon… making her asshole feel loved.

Days and weeks passed until one day Thomas’ mother decided on a visit to see how her dirty son was coming along under Ms. Green’s care. She had chosen her clothing very carefully, as she didn’t want to entice him to another disgusting erection. She was the picture of a prim lady. Her blouse was a white high-collared affair complete with long sleeves that ended in a pair of white silk gloves. She had chosen to wear her brunette hair pulled back into a bun to give her a more dignified appearance. Her skirt was down to her ankles and her feet were in a pair of sensible black heels. Her only concession to womanly vanity was a pair of beige silk stockings with a reinforced toe. These were held up by thick white straps that attached to her matronly white girdle. The stockings had been a gift from Ms. Fortune over the holidays. She had been spending much time with the young male’s mother in an effort to subtly groom her into a more suburban version of herself.

In Isabella’s company, Emily had been treated to the sight of a naked male masturbating himself in front of her. It had been arranged to look like an accidental viewing, but it had all been cleverly planned with dickhead jacking off in a bathroom with the door open. In the days following, Emily had slowly begun to hone her beliefs into razor sharp clarity concerning her son.

Emily watched as Audrey’s car left the driveway and she pulled out behind her. Following at a distance to avoid notice, she wound through streets to arrive at a small building in the warehouse district. She watched as her son’s new governess descended steps that led down to a door into the lower level of the building. She left her own car and briskly walked over to the same steps when a noise startled her. There was a single broken window next to the door. It was small and the thick glass had been shattered enough to allow her to peer in. As she did, her mouth dropped open in utter shock.

Emily stared at the sight of her son. He was naked and bound wrist to ankle on his back. His ass was raised up to allow a very pretty, young blonde girl on a stool, access to his privates. She was smiling sweetly as she petted his boner and lightly tickled his exposed balls with her pink fingernails. At his head, four other males were standing on tiptoes with their heads encased in black leather hoods. They were bound to the ceiling by their wrists and their hard penises were all being solidly gripped by more pretty, young girls. They were masturbating them over her son’s head. He had a shiny black funnel wedged into his mouth and it was kept there with stout leather straps. My god, thought Emily. What has my son become?

As she continued to watch, she became aware of her silky white panties becoming slippery in the gusset. She was in heat from the level of perversion she was being exposed to. Never had she witnessed such filth as she now saw… four stiff cocks ejaculating from the teasing hands that masturbated them expertly. The girls pointed the rigid boners downward; bringing winces and groans from their male cows, as they continued to beat them off. The thick, copious discharges all landed with surprisingly loud splats into the funnel strapped to her son’s mouth. The girls giggled as they emptied the balls of all four men with firm milking motions.

Then, with a deep breath, she entered the building to visit her son.

Upon entering, Emily noticed for the first time that both Ms. Green and Ms. Fortune were seated there with a perfect view of the scene in front of them. They were in comfortable chairs and flanked on either side by ten other women whom she didn’t recognize. Immediately, Isabella got up from her chair to greet the woman.

“Emily! Is so wonderful to see you here.”

“Isabella. What’s going on? What’s happening to my son?”

Isabella smiled to show her shiny, perfect teeth.

“He is being fed his dinner.”

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