Fun on the Cruise Ship Pt. 02


It had been two days since our adventure on the deck with the random man, but neither my husband or I have stopped thinking about it. I think both Dave and I were looking around to try and spot him quite a bit yesterday, but today we decided to go lay at the pool and enjoy the beautiful weather. We find two chairs off to the side and perfect sunlight and I pull off my sundress to lay down to get comfortable. Dave tells me that he is going to go up to the bar and will be right back with drinks for us. I smile and pull out my tanning oil and start getting ready to relax and work on my tan. I close my eyes and lay back, but before long I hear Dave’s voice “Hey, Kim! Look who I ran into at the bar!” I open my eyes and look up and see our mystery man from the other night standing over me smiling.

Standing next to him is a beautiful woman. She is a bit shorter than I am, with long dark hair and full breasts, I’d guess a large B or small C cup.. Dave says, “Kim, this is Liz, and I’m sure you remember Tom?” I sit up, and the way Tom is standing puts my face right about crotch level and has me instantly remembering how his cock felt inside me.

“Well that helps me picture the story you told me about the other night a whole lot more clearly!” Liz says to her husband, making me blush. Everyone starts laughing as I shrug and take my drink from Dave’s hand. I took a big sip and hope the alcohol will help me relax and stop blushing.

Dave says, “Well I was wondering how many details he shared with you. The other night was pretty fun for sure!” and smiles welcomingly.

She stares at him with a slight smirk and says, “My only regret is that I wasn’t there to watch it! From the version I heard it was pretty damn hot!”

Dave grins “Oh it was, Kim knows how to please a man! That mouth could solve world wars.” I could tell he was trying to get a reaction from everyone, and it worked. I blushed again, Tom smiled and nodded slightly, and Liz opened her eyes in a look that was slightly shocked and slightly impressed.

I shrugged modestly and responded, “I don’t know about that, but the two of you had me feeling pretty amazing!”

Liz’s eyes jump from me to the guys and said, “I have to ask though, did she really walk back covered in both of your cum? Or was that just something he added to have a good ending to the story?”

I smiled and replied with only “Guilty,” and take another sip of my drink as she stares at me in disbelief.

Dave looks at me with pride and says, “That might have been the hottest part of it all! What about you though Liz, I’m sure you’ve done some wild stuff of your own?” She laughs and tells him if he plays his cards right maybe he will find out. She pulls off her coverup and sits down on an empty chair next to me and I catch myself staring at her hard nipples pressing against the thin material of her bikini top.

“Oh wow, now you’re getting my hopes up!” Dave says. I noticed that he notices her nipples as well and he catches my eyes and sees that I am staring. “I think this cruise is exactly what our marriage needed!” he says to me with a laugh and kisses me gently to reassure me that he is still interested in being adventurous with me.

“It seems like it!” I said with a wink. “I’m so glad we met the two of you.” I say, turning back to them. “Do you do you have anything planned for the day?” I ask as I lean back on my chair, crossing my legs as I can feel myself starting to get turned off by the anticipation of what could come from our new friendship.

As I lay back, I noticed Dave staring at my body and realize my nipples are probably pressing out against my bathing suit top as well, and I know from the look in his eye that he is getting incredibly turned on. “I don’t know about you guys but the hot tub is empty, I say we take over!” he offers.

“That sounds like the perfect plan to me,” I say, “However I’m going to get a refill first. Does anybody else want anything?” Liz offers to accompany me to the bar, and we walk away, leaving the men to claim the hot tub for us.

As soon as we are out of earshot, she looks at me and says “I have to say, I am impressed. And also a little bit jealous, especially after meeting your husband! He is quite the catch. I’m hoping you might be comfortable with a repeat of the other night? Only with me involved this time?”

I smile and laugh and say “Oh, 100 percent!” The bartender hands us our drinks and we look over to our husbands laughing together in the hot tub, and wonder what they could be talking about. I asked Liz if this is something that they have done before and she tells me that they haven’t, but it’s been a fantasy of theirs for a while and a whole lot more so after Tom told her about the other night. She warned me that she didn’t have a whole lot of experience with women, and I told her it was nothing to worry about and as long as she was comfortable it would be fun.

Dave later told me that he and Tom had quite the conversation talking about the view of our asses while we walked up to the sancaktepe escort bar. He had asked Tom his opinion on letting his gorgeous wife join us in a repeat of the other night, and Tom seemed excited about the idea of sharing her and said that they had talked about it a lot and he would love to watch her suck Dave’s cock while he fucked her, but that ultimately it was up to her.

Liz and I walked towards the hot tub and I heard Dave replying that he now had a goal. As curious as I was about his goal, I decided that it would be fun to find out as the night went on, and let him have his secret. I slip into the water between Dave and Tom, and slide my hand up Dave’s thigh towards his cock and feel that he is already starting to get a bit hard. I take advantage of the opportunity, and lean back against the edge of the hot tub, giving everyone a good view of my tits. Liz slips in the water and says, “This is nice and cozy.” I notice her hand brush against Dave’s leg and linger for a few moments longer than necessary.

“It certainly is.” he replies, and I see his hand brush against her leg as well. I feel his cock get even harder under my hand, and he moves his hand to run his fingers up my thigh, Liz watching the whole interaction.

I turn to Tom and catch him staring at my cleavage and ask, “Did you guys find something to talk about while we were gone?”

“Just how amazing the view is here.” he responds, not looking away from my chest.

Dave answers, “Yeah, we just can’t get over how beautiful it is!”, his eyes clearly focused on Liz’s breasts.

I laugh at the obvious implications and say, “I’m glad you’re enjoying it!” The conversation takes a turn towards small talk, discussing things each couple has done so far on the ship. I feel Tom’s hand on my thigh and smile appreciatively.

The conversation hits a lul and Tom suggests, “How about a game?” We all nod and agree, and he says “I’m going to need a full drink for this though, Kim do you mind helping me at the bar?” I agree and pull myself out of the hot tub, with my ass in Dave’s face. I feel his hand grip me firmly and I laugh and give him a teasing wink as I walk away with Tom.

As Tom and I walk away, Dave turns to Liz and says, “If you don’t feel comfortable with all of this it’s totally ok, I don’t want you to feel any pressure.”

She says, “So you’re a nice guy, AND you have a nice cock?” Her hand slides up his thigh and he is almost fully erect at this point.

He blushes and says, “I just want you to be comfortable.”

“I don’t think that will be a problem at all.” She says with a grin, letting her foot glide over his cock, moving herself back as she sees Tom and returning.

I smile at her with a knowing look and turn to her husband. “So what is this game you’re talking about? I’m in for whatever, but do we get a hint before we start?”

He laughs and looks over the rail at the sunset and says, “Well the timing couldn’t be better with the sun going down. But if you’re in for whatever maybe I need to change my idea!” He winks at Dave as the two of them laugh and says, “I was thinking truth or dare… but does anyone object or have a different idea?”

“I love truth or dare!” I respond. “I always win this game, what do you guys say?” I turn to Dave and Liz and notice how hard Dave’s cock has gotten since I left and smile knowingly at him, biting my lip picturing the the thickness of his cock in my mind.

Dave takes a big swig of his drink and says, “Truth or dare is always a good time, ladies why don’t you go first?”

I can feel the alcohol going to my head a bit and respond, “I’ll go first!” I turn to Liz and ask, “truth or dare?”

She looks hesitant but says, “Truth.”

“What did you enjoy most about hearing your husband tell you about our adventure the other night?” I ask.

She blushes and responds, “Well… he told me while we were in bed, and the more I heard, the more excited I got. I think I came three times while he fingered me and told me all of it. I have to say though, the idea of watching you take that big cock from the deck above and seeing your tits over the railing has been in my head since my husband pointed you out to me on the pool deck.” She takes a sip from her drink and adds, “And honestly, seeing how accurately he described them is really sexy.”

“Wow, that’s hot!” Dave replies. “Kim, your turn. Truth or dare?”

I roll my eyes and say, “Hmm I cant lie… that was a really sexy answer! I can’t top that, I’ll go with dare!”

He smiles deviously and says, “Hmm… alright the suns down it’s just us let’s go big, I dare you to go topless the rest of the night, I guess you could call it a Double-D-are!” I groan at his joke and consider the idea. I look around the pool deck and realize it’s fairly deserted and shrug. I untie the string around my neck and pull my top off and toss it at Dave playfully.

My nipples harden even more with nothing separating them from ümraniye escort the cool breeze anymore. I notice Liz staring at them, and keep that in mind for a later dare. I laugh and say, “Someone else is going to have to take over drink runs though!”

Liz says, “Alright boys, time to turn the tables! Tom, truth or dare?”

Tom says, “Dare me!” and Liz thinks for a second.

Liz looks at her husband with a sexy smile and says, “I dare you to close your eyes, and let Kim and I kiss you for 30 seconds each. If you guess correctly who kissed you first and second you can keep your shorts on, if not you’re without them til we get out of the pool.”

Tom’s eyes light up and Dave says “You better get this right!”

Tom leans back, arms up on the side of the hot tub and Liz says, “No touching, that will give it away!”. She looks at me and nods and I look to Dave to make sure he is still ok with this. As many times as we have discussed a situation like this, I wanted to make sure we were both as into it in the moment as I was. He smiles at me and nods, and I straddle Tom, feeling his already hardening dick under me and slowly lean in and kiss him gently at first, and then more passionately until Dave announces time is up, and I slide off his lap.

Liz follows, mimicking exactly my position and speed as to not give away who is who. I slide back over to Dave and sit on his lap, rubbing my ass against his cock while we watch them make out. I feel his hands slide up to my boobs and I bite my lip so I don’t moan and move away as he calls the time up again. Everyone back in the same spots, Tom opens his eyes and says “Fuuuuuck!” We all laugh as he shifts side to side adjusting himself and says, “That was a great dare, but I know for sure that was Kim first!”

“Fuck that was hot, you know your women Tom!” Dave says with a laugh.

I look at him and say, “Alright Dave, truth or dare?”

He responds quickly, “After watching that how do I not say dare!?”

I look at him with a smirk and and whisper to Liz. She laughs and nods and I look back to Dave. “We are going to make out over you for 30 seconds. If you make it the entire time without touching either of us, you get to pick any article of clothing to come off of either of us, or have 30 seconds making out with either of us, no restrictions. If you touch either of us, you take off your shorts for the time in the hot tub… deal?”

He groans and agrees, and Liz slides over closer to him, with one hand on his leg. I slide to his other side and put my hand on his other leg and move in to kiss her, our faces inches away from Dave’s. I move a strand of hair out of her face and behind her ear, keeping eye contact the whole time. I can see her chest rising up and down as she tried to hide her nervous anticipation until our lips finally met and it was as if a fire was lit inside her. We kiss passionately right in front of Dave until he leans in and takes my nipple in his mouth and slides his hand between my legs. It causes me to shiver and moan while I kiss Liz. I go to pull his head away, and gloat that he lost, but he says, “No no you guys keep going til 30 seconds.” Enjoying myself, I don’t argue as he keeps licking and biting my nipple and rubbing my pussy over my bathing suit until Tom says calls the time and we all stop. “That was so worth it!” Dave says as he slides his trunks down exposing his thick, hard cock.

“Oh fuck!” is all I can say as I pull away from Liz. My pussy is completely soaked, and I’m happy that the water from the hot tub masks it for me. I’m breathing heavy and trying to calm myself down. Liz is staring at Dave’s perfect hard cock under the water and Tom is noticeably uncomfortable with how hard his cock is inside his shorts.

“Well this game took a turn!” Liz says with a smile. “Tom, come with me to get drinks?” She says nervously… “I don’t think our friends here should be walking around the deck right now!”. She climbs out of the hot tub, Tom obviously not happy about getting out right now and Dave and I watch them walk away talking to each other.

“Fuck, I hope we didn’t push her too far.” Dave says.

“I don’t think so? She was very open to it when I talked to her earlier…” I assure him, trying to convince myself we were still good.

He look over at me and laughs. “I really had you going there huh?” He says.

“You did! That was not fair, you know I can’t resist when you’re teasing my pussy and sucking my nipple!”, and I go to splash him playfully, but he grabs my hand and pulls me on his lap facing him and whispers in my ear that of course he knew that, and he knew it would make me moan and that hearing me moan would take everything to the next level for everyone.

Liz and Tom slide back into the hot tub Dave slides back next to me, “Sorry Liz, I hope I didn’t come on to strong.” he says as she hands us our drinks.

She smiles and looks at his cock under the water and says, “I think you’ll cum just fine!” tuzla escort as she slides over next to him and straddles his lap. “I’ve actually been thinking I wanted to do this all night.” she exclaims as she leans in and kisses him, biting his lip in the process. He tries to look to me to make sure that it’s ok.

“Wow, that’s hot”, I say out loud, letting him know we are good.

Tom takes my hand and pulls me over to him. “I hope this is ok, but I’ve been so jealous of Dave since his last dare.” He spins me around with my back against the edge of the hot tub, and slides his hand between my legs. He rubs my pussy gently through my bathing suit as we watch Liz on top of Dave making out, and I’m instantly dripping wet again.

Dave looks over Liz’s shoulder and notices that they have an audience as Tom rubs me. He reaches around and undoes her top, her nice perky tits fall and he kisses his way down her neck taking her nipple into his mouth sucking it. I watch her pussy grind against him as she lets out a loud “Fuck!” and a moan. Tom pulls me on his lap and kisses down my neck until he’s mimicking exactly what Dave is doing to Liz… knowing that it’s Dave’s motions and moves, but another man doing them to me is a whole new level of sexy for me and I press my pussy against his hard cock, needing some release. I look to the side and realize that Liz’s head is very close to mine. With Toms mouth on my breasts, and Dave’s on Liz’s, I reach over and turn her mouth towards mine. We moan gently into each others mouths and we kiss, and grind against their painfully hard cocks.

Dave kisses his way down Liz’s body as she’s arched back kissing me, his hands run up her sides squeezing her tits, his cock pressed hard against her pussy with only a thin piece of fabric stopping him from entering her. I reach down and grab Tom’s cock through his shorts and stroke it gently, he moans and tilts his head back as I slip my hand in the top of his shorts and pull it out. He takes his cock and strokes it against my thinly covered pussy, teasing me. At the same time, Dave pulls Liz’s bottoms to the side and Tom does mine and I feel him lower me onto him, stretching my pussy gently as he enters me. Dave does the same to Liz, taking Toms lead, as the head of his cock stretched her pussy open she shivers and trembles, he slides his cock slowly back out and slowly in again stretching her tiny pussy open. I try to stay quiet, knowing that even though there are semi walls around the hot tub, anyone could hear me. Tom’s hands are on my hips, guiding me up and down on his cock, feeling my pussy tighten around him. His mouth moves to my nipples and I grab onto his shoulders, moaning in his ear.

All of a sudden we hear the music get louder and the DJ announce that the pool party is about to begin. We all pause and look at each other and Tom says, “Fuck!”

Liz says, “This doesn’t end here! This is too good…our room or yours?”

“Ours is close let’s go!”, Dave says quickly as he pulls his shorts on and grabs my hand and pulls me behind him, still topless.

“Dave!” I giggle as he pulls me along, and I try to cover myself with my other hand. There’s a few people on the deck that we pass, most of who are staring. “Haha you don’t care that they see my tits??”

“Not at all. I want them to be jealous!” he answers. I laugh and hurry after him, looking back to make sure Liz and Tom are following.

They are right behind us as we turn the corner to our room and he pulls the key out and pushes the door open, pulling me inside and pushing me up against the wall kissing me as Tom and Liz run in after us.

He tosses her on the bed, and I lay down next to her, both of us topless and horny from hurrying down the hall in only our bottoms. She laughs and rolls on top of me, kissing me while I twirl her nipples between my fingers while both men both stand and watch.

Dave kneels at the foot of the bed and pulls both of us to the edge and slides off our bottoms, one on top of the other he goes back forth sucking and licking on one clit, while sliding his fingers into the other, alternating back and forth. Tom slides his trunks down and positions his long fully erect cock at our heads. Liz and I make out and suck his cock, his cock between our mouths as we lick and kiss, while your moans fill the room. “Damn Dave, these girls are amazing at this!” Tom says as he kneels in front of us. He is watching Dave pleasure us, and puts a hand against each of our heads, pushing our mouths together tighter against his cock. I feel Dave’s mouth leave me and his fingers slide inside me, stretching me out perfectly and feel myself tighten around his fingers.

Dave stands behind Liz and I, me on top of Liz, and he slides his cock into my pussy slowly, stretching me open and filling me up perfectly. With a mouth full of Toms cock, I let out a deep slow moan. Liz looks at me in awe, seeing how much I am loving this and tentatively comes closer and starts playing with my boobs while I moan she laughs and says “I can’t believe how sexy it is watching this!” Tom tells her to come lay by his face and starts licking her clit, and puts two fingers inside of her. Liz moans and cries that’s she’s about to cum, and Tom stops before she can and quickly slides his cock into her. She erupts and cums hard, just as he starts to thrust, I begin kissing her as Dave continues to fuck me from behind.

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