Fun in University Halls Ch. 01


Hey Literotica. This is my first every entry, I hope those of you who read it, enjoy it. Please, when you have finished, post me some feedback. It is the only way I can improve. I will be writing the next in the series when I have some feedback, so please rate my story. I hope you enjoy it. All characters are obviously of the legal age and are based on true people.

The time had finally arrived, I had arrived at university. I had had the tearful farewell with my Mum, my Dad had shaken my hand and they had both driven off, leaving me with a hell of a lot of packing to do. I looked around my small new room, sighed a bit and grabbed the first box. I had left my door open just in case a new flatmate was to walk in. I had had images of cool housemates arriving, we would talk all night, all get on well and the house would then have an amazing communal feel to it. I was looking for a mix of boys and girls, and obviously, being the 19 year old guy I was, I was hoping for the girls to be attractive and flirtatious. My daydreaming whilst unpacking definitely made the time go by quicker, I stood up and looked in the mirror. I am not unattractive; I am of athletic build, medium height. I have thick brown hair which can never be controlled and I have green eyes, something which I am very pleased about. Oh and my name is Phil. I was quite shy and was very nervous for the first flatmate to arrive.

My daydreams could not have been more wrong. My first flatmate was a small, curly haired guy called Alex, I could tell from our first greeting that we would not kick it off, first impressions speak volumes. He excused himself from the small talk to go check out his room. Slightly disappointed, I returned to my packing.

My desire for fun and wild flatmates was sadly deflated. As each person arrived, I sadly realised that this would not be the flat I had hoped for. Our introductions to each other were awkward and each person could not wait to get into their room and stay there. I thought that I should go and try to make some friends to avoid being a loner for my first year at university. I gritted my teeth, I am really shy, and crossed the hall to choose another student flat to knock on. The flat door opposite me was being held open by a crate of beer. A sign above read “take one and join us in the lounge”. I smiled and did as I had been instructed. I walked in and realised that this was the flat I had been fantasising about, not the one I had been put in. There had been a dreadful mistake. 6 people were sat around in the living room, all talking and joking. I mustered up all my courage and introduced myself. I took to all of them immediately. We laughed off all our original worries and concerns and looked forwards to a brilliant Freshers Week, our first week of true independence.

Although, none of the girls had caught my eye when I had first walked into the room, after a couple more beers, I noticed the short skirt and long legs belonging to a girl called Sarah. She was just as fun as everyone else and was confidently telling everyone about her life before university. She was slightly smaller than me, had medium length blonde hair. I could not help noticing that she also had amazing breasts. I tried to take them off my mind but as I said before, I really am just a horny adolescent.

As time ticked on and more beer was consumed, we made plans for the rest of the evening. Sarah had moved to sit next to me and our legs were touching ever so slightly. She would occasionally brush her fingers against mine; I sadakat izle could tell it was deliberate even though she spoke to me no differently to the rest of the boys. We had all decided to go to the biggest club in the area. It was a student night and if not to meet new and like minded people, we could get drunk and have a good time. The girls went off to get ready leaving me and 3 other guys alone to talk and continue our drinking.

We talked freely and I felt much happier than I had earlier on today. We discussed the girls who we had spent the afternoon with. Most agreed that Sarah was the most attractive. They were all like me, were no virgins but were slightly shy towards making the first move. We all agreed that one of us should attempt to get with Sarah tonight, it would be better us than some other more confident and arrogant guy. We moved on and began to get more animated in our discussions; we were starting to get quite drunk. When the three girl returned, they knocked us out. Emma, who towered over me was wearing a very tight fitted dress. She had long legs and blonde hair, the dress showed us most of her legs. Jess, who was also blonde, was wearing a flowered dress with leggings underneath, she was smaller than Emma but had an amazing smile. Sarah obviously looked the best. She was wearing a tight fitting skirt and top, her breasts, though not massive were clearly defined in the top. The girls were obviously enjoying the attention and spun around whilst we whooped and whistled.

Later that night we found ourselves in the queue for the club. As it was the first night of university, the line was massive. We predicted a 15 minute wait. The girls, who were scantily clad, were freezing. As the gentlemen we are, we put our arms around the girls and kept them warm till we entered the club. It was packed and I soon lost everyone. I shrugged my shoulders and went to get a drink. Then for an hour, I wandered aimlessly around. I spoke to countless people whose names I would never remember. I stood by the dance floor and watched, keeping an eye open for my lost friends. For a couple of minutes my eyes were on stalks. Groups of girls were grinding against each other, shaking their hips and seductively groping each other’s boobs. Some lucky guys had managed to single a girl out and were dancing with them. I shook my head disbelievingly, I was from a small English town, the biggest night out I had had was at the local pub.

I suddenly saw Emma, she was standing alone and frantically texting on her phone. Like me, she must have lost everyone and was trying to find her friends. I went over to and stood besides her. Eventually she looked up, saw me with a start and laughed. We talked frantically and were both obviously very drunk. We agreed to leave the club together as were never going to find anyone else. We had linked arms and were stumbling all over the place. In the taxi she had put her arm around me and speaking very close to my face. I took the iniative and kissed her briefly on the lips. She looked a bit shocked but was not unopposed to the idea. She took my hand, we got out of the taxi and she led me into her flat, opposite mine. Whilst she was making some food, I watched her amazing long legs, I watched the way she moved and how her cute little bum would shake when she did. She was amazingly slender and her small breasts looked amazing in the tight fitted dress. I was feeling very horny and could feel my penis begin to swell in my jeans.

She came and sat over, we joked around a sadece arkadaşız izle bit and soon found each others mouths again. We kissed for a long time and got more confident in exploring each other’s mouths. She pulled back from the kiss and exclaimed that she was surprised I was not with Sarah, Sarah was the good looking one and not Emma. I told her that she was beautiful and was glad that I had met her earlier. We continued kissing and she ran her fingers through my hair. I placed my hands on her waist and began to slowly caress her sides. She moaned into my mouth and I took the hint that she wanted more. I moved my hand down to her bare thigh and began to stroke up and down, getting closer and closer to the hem of her dress. She fidgeted to allow me easier access. I slowly moved my hand up her dress and slowly drew circles on the crotch of her damp knickers.

She whispered that she wanted to go into her room. I let her lead me, not believing that I was being taken into a beautiful girl’s room on my first night at university. We lay on her bed and kissed passionately, we were hungrier now, desperate to be together. The thought of foreplay had now escaped both our minds; we tore at each other’s clothes. I stopped to look at her, lying in her bra and panties and was so taken back by her amazing figure. I softly unclasped her bra and took one of her breasts into my mouth and played with her nipples. She squirmed and moaned softly. She muttered “Oh Phil, that feels so good, I want you so much right now”

I took her hint and returned my hand down to her panties. By now they were soaked and she opened her legs as wide as they would go. We heard the front door open, by the sounds of it, Sarah had returned with what sounded like a boy. Whether it was one of our friends, I could not tell but I did not greatly care right now either. Sarah had the room next door and we could hear her and the guy she was with talking. Within moments we heard the muffled sound of Sarah moaning. She cried “Oh fuck, lick my pussy baby”. Her bed creaked and then I stopped listening. There was so much sexual tension in the flat that I was more turned on than ever. I passionately kissed Emma whilst removing her knickers and stroking her clit. She was now moaning as loudly as Sarah and she held me vey tightly in an embrace. I then moved my fingers into her and began to slowly move in and out. She was very tight but it was obvious by the way she was enjoying herself that she had had this done to her before. I returned to sucking on her nipples and soon she arched her back, shrieked and orgasmed with my fingers inside of her.

Her body was dripping with beads of sweat and her stomach was rising up and down, still out of breath from her heavy orgasm. I could hear Sarah’s bed creaking and she was obviously enjoying herself. Emma looked up at me and placed a hand on my chest. She pushed me down so I was lying on the bed and began to kiss me all over my torso. She kissed and sucked on one of my nipples just as I had with her. She unbuckled the belt of my jeans and pushed them down and off. She saw my tented boxer shorts and began to lightly pinch my swollen penis through the thin fabric. The front was stained with pre cum and she looked at my penis hungrily. Eventually she pulled my boxers down and got the first glimpse of my erect member. She moved her hands over it and began to massage my shaft. I shut my eyes, enjoying the sensation. Emma was obviously now returning to her horny state, she was gyrating her şahmaran izle crotch against my thigh. I stared down at her trimmed pubic hair, I wanted to be inside of her so much. I took a condom from her drawers and let her put it on me. She was quivering with excitement and she let out a gasp as I eased myself into her. Her tightness took a while for me to adjust to but soon she was grinding away on top of me.

She was sat bolt upright on my penis, I moved my hands to her clit and began to rub it whilst she rode me. She sped up and bit her bottom lip. Staring into her eyes, I too began to increase my speed and soon we were fucking so hard and she was crying out louder, even louder than Sarah.

I moved her onto her back, pressed her knees close into her chest and penetrated her harder. As I moved my entire length into her, she opened her eyes in shock and mouthed profanities at me. I kissed her full on whilst moving in and out of her at a fast pace. She moved her hand down to her clit and began rubbing herself ferociously. I could tell that she was close to cummin a second time and I helped her out by fucking harder than I had ever done before. She was screaming, I was grunting and she began to rock as she felt a huge orgasm race up her spine. Staring into each other’s eyes we both fucked to climax and collapsed exhausted onto the bed. Eventually she moved down to my crotch, licked her juices off my sheathed penis. She then took off the Johnny and put my half erect cock into her mouth, sucking up all cum.

She continued to bob up and down and put her tongue into the head of my penis. I was immediately hard again and as she raised a hand to fondle my balls I ran a hand through her beautiful thick hair. She lowered her head right down to the base of my stiff member and made a slight gagging noise. Her efforts were being well received. I felt like I could cum at any point. She sucked hard on me and increased the speed of her mouth action. I gyrated my hips faster and faster, groaned and released my load, for the second time, into her mouth.

She came back up to the head of the bed, we kissed for a while before falling asleep in each others arms.

I woke up to an empty bed, I was still naked. I was immediately hit with a throbbing headache. Groaning, I sat up and thought about the night before. It had been great fun but I was worried about how Emma would react. Should I sneak out? The thought did not appeal. Maybe I should get dressed and find her. I remembered how hot I had been thinking of Sarah having sex inches away from me on the other side of the wall. Lost in my thoughts, a showered and dressed Emma walked in. She smiled at me and I immediately knew that there would be no awkwardness.

She threw my trousers at me, I caught them and hastily got dressed and then returned to the bed. We talked for a while and she assured me not to feel guilty about last night. She had wanted it as much as I had and it did not matter that she was drunk. She told me that it would never go further than a drunken fling. She had broken up with her boyfriend a couple of days ago and was still struggling to get over it. I kissed the top of her head and we said goodbye. Just as I had opened the door she said that she hoped it would not be the last time we went home together. I smirked and left the flat, meeting nobody else.

I returned to my flat, remarking on what a first night it had been. I was going for a shower then meet up with my new guy friends where we could discuss our first night at university.

It was no surprise that nobody in my flat was around. As I got dressed I heard Alex crying whilst talking to someone on his phone. I felt a wave of pity, not everyone had taken to university as quickly as I had. I made a not to make more of an effort.

Thanks for reading.

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