Fun In The Woods Ch. 01


One early evening, we plan to go for a random drive through the country. I arrive at yours to pick you up, and am welcomed by the most jawdropping sight ever when you open the door. Stood in front of me, all I can see that you are wearing is just a long black coat that reaches down to just above your ankles, buttoned up fully, and a pair of black boots. After seeing my approval, you look back at me with the cheekiest grin that I have ever seen on your gorgeous face. Closing the door behind you, you take my hand and after saying “Come on then shitbag, we’ve got places to go”, you gently take me over to the car, getting in and making yourself comfortable.

Once in the car and have pulled away, you quickly put your hand on top of mine on the gearstick, our fingers interlocking like we normally do, which in turn starts to send tingles through me. After a while, you start to trail your long nails up and down the length of my arm, the sensations causing goosebumps to rise and run through me in an instant, like a bolt of electricity runing down the length of my spine.

Further up the road, heading towards the countryside, I look briefly at you, and notice that the cheeky grin is still there, and appears even cheekier! You lean over towards me, your face just inches from my cheek, letting me feel your breath against me causing more tingles, and you whisper “If we go down to the woods today, you’re in for a big surprise!”, followed by a teasing wink! Not knowing exactly what you have in mind, but nonetheless liking it, the tingles that have been running through my body reach my groin area, and the tightish confines of my crotch make me need to shuffle in my seat from time to time, something that you notice, and knowing that you’ve noticed that, I see a sign of approval by the constant grin on your face!

Once starting to reach the coutryside, you reach a hand over to my tum, slipping your hand under the t-shirt that I’m wearing and start to gently run your hand over my tum, you knowing already that the sensation of feeling your skin against mine sends me wild, especially when you start trailing over my skin gently with your nails. I try concentrating on driving, your teasing making me and that task harder. You can also tell how worked up you’re getting me when I start to get the fidgets – my elvankent escort legs shaking, my arms shaking, my fingers tapping on the gearstick, all while you still continue to tease me. You feel me breathe deeper, especially when I take a deep breath causing a gap to form between the waistband of my jeans and my stomach, allowing you the perfect opportunity to slide your hand down and inside my boxers, wrapping your hand around my now hot hard throbbing cock, teasingly starting to stroke it. “My, is someone feeling hot and horny here?” you ask in an innocent voice, and with it getting to much for me to concentrate on driving while you are teasing me, I pull the car over into a layby and stop.

Without saying a word to you, and your hand still inside my boxers (and having already undone a button of my flies without me noticing), I throw my arms around you, pulling you close and give you the most urgent and deeply passionate kiss ever, ou feeling my desperation and horniness through that kiss. I start to also run my hand down your side over the coat towards the bottom button, my mind constantly wondering what you are wearing, all the while you still stroking me and making me breathe deeper as you make me hornier and hornier for you! As I reach the bottom button, you break the kiss and say to me “Not yet my Stud Muffin, you can unwrap your present soon! But I first need you to drive us a bit further!” With that, I start the car again, you still with your hand buried deep in my boxers, cupping my balls every now and then and teasing me even more!

After driving about a mile up the road, you tell me to stop as there is another small laybe ahead by some woods, that lead to a small secluded car park which I pull in to. The sun hasn’t quite set, and with the angle of the sun, there is just enough light to see. Still with my jeans undone, we step out of the car and stand in front of the car. Facing me, you gently lean back against the bonnet with one incredibly teasing look on your face. I pull you close and resume the deep kiss, this one even more passionate than the last, my arms pulling you close against me, my hands resting on your sexy arse, pulling you against my crotch, you feeling my hardness through my part-opened jeans, and the boxers emek escort underneath. All of a sudden, without warning, you break the kiss and lean back against the car.

You tell me to stand back about six feet from in front of you, and tell me to drop my jeans and boxers to the my ankles, exposing my hot throbbing poker to you, and tell me to stand there with my hands behind my head, and stay there without moving. I comply with your instructions, sliding my jeans and boxers to my ankles, exposing myself to you, clearly ready for whatever you plan to do next. You lean back on the bonnet, and slowly undo one button at a time, starting at the bottom and working your way up. Slowly, I see your high-heeled knee-high boots exposed, complete with teasing laces up the outsides. Another button is undone and exposes a bit of your hot sexy legs. Another button is undone and exposes more legs, but due to the light, I can see something black – is that shadow from the coat, or are you wearing black underwear? You reach your hand down to your exposed bit of thigh, and teasingly run your hang up it. “Do you like that, Muffin? Is it teasing you?” All I can do is reply with a moan of pleasure at the sight before me and from your teasing. You undo another button, this time at the top, and then another to expose the most gorgeous electric blue bra ever, holding your gorgeous 34D love pillows in, your nipples throbbing from how much your teasing has teased yourself! You undo two more buttons, fully opening the coat, and reveal a matching electric blue thong. You see my reaction to that as my hot poker jolts, and you hear the satisfaction from the change in my breathing!

“Stay there, big boy!” you teasingly say, as you run your hand over your toned sexy tum, brushing along the waistband before slowly sliding your hand down inside the front of your thong, seeing of your hot juices having already seemed into the crotch of the thong. “Mmmmmmmmm, this feels good!” you say as you slide down, and although I can’t see exactly what you are doing, I can see that you have run your hand down over your hot wet slit, trailing a fingertip along the lips, before gently sliding a finger up inside you. “Mmmmmmmmm, that feels soooooo good! Oh yeah, mmmmmmm” you moan as you add eryaman escort another finger. More moans come from you as you start writhing on the bonnet, making you hotter and hotter! All of a sudden, you arch your back, your hand going like crazy in your thong, your other hand having reached up, grabbing at your hot breasts through your bra, your thumb rubbing furiously over your hard clit until you suddenly explode in front of me, screaming out my name as you cum harder than ever! Even without touching myself, you can see that only one touch would be enough for me to cum.

You climb off the bonnet, letting your coat fall to the floor near your feet, as you walk over to me and throw yourself around me, feeling my hot throbbing gagging cock pressing against you with only the material of your thong stopping me from being inside you. I warn you that I am already close to cumming, and without a word, you slide your hands up the back of my t-shirt, and slowly start to slide down me, trailing your longest nail down the length of my spine sending shudders galore through me. When your hand reach my naked arse, you cup both cheeks in your hands, and have your face level with my hot poker. “Still keep your hand on your head for this, you will like it, Angel!” After saying that, I reach my head back and breathe in deep as you slowly, teasingly and gently take me into your mouth, flicking your tongue over the tip and teasing me even more! I look down at you and warn you that I’m already close to cumming from your amazing show. You just look up at me with a wink and smile, and continue sucking me and flicking your tongue around me.

You start to feel me shudder, as my pending climax builds up inside me “I’m gonna cum soon, I’m gonna cum” I warn you. You pull me out, and in the most teasing lustful voice that I have ever heard, you say “Cum for me Muffin, cum in my mouth! I want a part of you in me!” With that, you slide me back inside, taking as much of me inside your mouth as possible as my climax starts to build “I’m cumming Pumpkin, I’m cumming, FUCK, YEAH, I’M GONNA CUM, I’M GONNA CUM, FUCCCCCKKKKKKK I’M CUMMMIIIINNNGGGGGGGG!!!!!!” You slide me deeper than before, timing it perfectly with me firing my hot sperm into your hot waiting mouth as I completely lose control. After taking the first few shots, you pull away and with a big grin on your face, you gulp swallowing my hot seed in one go. “Told you I wanted a part of you inside me”, and give a wink followed by a long kiss. You then help me sort myself out, the earth-shuddering orgasm causing my knees to tremble. Once ready, you take hold of my hand as we walk off into the woods.

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