Fun at Home 4


Fun at Home 4Day 51/11In early morning, I moved for walk. Our area was not developing too much. When I reached of the end of colony, I heard my name. I checked the area. Razia’s father and her uncle (father of Asma and Asima) were sitting together under overhead water tank. They gave me space for sit. Razia’s father said to him, “He is That Tiger.” Then Razia’s father unzipped his pant and pulled out his dick. I had no options and I was too much thirsty, so I gave him a blowjob and swallowed his cum. Razia’s uncle who masturbated himself, he cummed in my mouth too. They moved, then I started smoking.Soon, guard of water tank named Hariya came near to me. He dressed baniyani and lungi as he lived in the servant quarter. He said, “Tiger Baba, eat my meat too.” I understood that he watched us. He pulled out his dick from his lungi. I shocked to see his long foreskin and black rough dick. His dick furnished with lot of white cheesy smegma. This was my first time when I ate real men’s cream. His dick became so hard and thick now, I was not able to hold in my mouth. I bent over the bench and then he spat on my asshole. He fucked my asshole wildly and asked me, “Tiger Baba! You want to drink my milk??” I replied to Hariya, “Yes, cum in my mouth.” Finally he held my head and milked in my mouth, quantity was only a mouthful but his taste was so yummy. He was too satisfied after fucking me. He said to me. “Baba, if you require anything just tell me, I’ll do your all work.”When I moved to home after walk, I saw Pinky was there, and Raja fucked her. I asked Başakşehir Escort her about her mother. She said, “Chudwa rahi hongi kahin??” After swallowing Raja’s white milk, she pissed in our mouths. Then she moved to washroom and came after sometimes. She asked me, “Bhaiya are you wanna fuck my Gand?? I don’t wash for you” I did not refuse the invitation and licked her stinky asshole. Her fresh smell made me hard, I became horny and started bad rimming. Soon I drilled her asshole. But I did not hold my ejaculation. I cummed her hole. Raja licked entire creampie. The day became big for fun. Razia’s uncle Jafar and her mother Sheeba came to our house. As they needed some space. Jafar and Sheeba were not wanted to reveal their secret. Jafar not knew that Sakir (Razia’s father) involved with her daughter and Asma/Asima took fun with us. But Jafar and Sakir were unaware of their swinger acts. Their wives purposely visited each other’s home on same time. After an hour of sex, they returned to their homes. Day 52/12Hariya came on the time of morning walk. He drilled me and cummed in my mouth. When I returned, I met the husband of our maid named Kaluaa, he asked me some money for drinks as our maid not gave him money for drink. I thought sometime and gave him some money. He thanked me and moved back. In noon, Raja and I enjoyed with Razia, Asma and Asima.In evening drunken Kaluaa came to our house with a lady. He said to me, “Mujhe pata hai Babu ki aap Savita (maid) aur Pinky ko chodte ho aur unhe paise dete ho.” He added Başakşehir Escort Bayan more, “Yeh meri chacha ki ladki hai, ise bhi kuch paise chahiye, aap iske sath bhi karlo aur isse bhi kuch paise de dena.” Then he moved. His cousin sister named Mala was very beautiful but it also had a twist. She was transgender. She had big butt and big boobs but had a great black cock too. This was the new experience for us. Her dick was milking for us and then we rammed her asshole. We called Razia, she also liked her too. Mala fucked Razia as she needed. Razia gave her an offer to work her home. She agreed to work. Sheeba also needed the maid for household work. Mr Sakir also agreed as she did not work in any house. He gave her the servant quarter for live if she wanted. In night they all knew that Mala was a transgender when they caught Razia and Mala in room. Day 53/13In morning, Sakir said to me, “You know about Mala?? She is HE. She has a big black which I never see before.” I replied, “Yes, uncle, I know about her truth on very first meeting. And one more thing that you know very early, Jafar uncle and Sheeba aunty are friendly and you have to invite them on your home for open sex.” Mr Sakir said, “Ohhh! That is reason when Zahira come at home, Sheeba is out.” I replied, “Yes, and mutual consent. And if you allow them for open sex, you also get Asma and Asima.” He smiled and said, “You are Harami. You fuck them also!!” In late night, Mr Sakir called us and invited to his home. We reached his home by roof way. Then Sakir Escort Başakşehir started to talk, he said to Jafar, “Chote, you fuck her bhabhi?? And you both Asma and Asima, you sex with Rihan and Raja??” All were shocked and silent. Sakir said again, “Okay, leave all things and secrets to side and be frank. Come on, remove your clothes and be naked.” All were sex addicted instead of Ashar (younger brother of Asma/Asima), he shouted, “What the fuck is doing here?? Familiar sex is not good. I am not the part of all this.” Asma replied, “Bhai, why are you creating scene too much? I know that you watch Asima while she takes shower, even I see you peeping to mom’s room?? I am wrong bhai??” Ashar stunned and silent. Asma said again, “If you don’t want to join now then never ask for us??” I said to Ashar, “Come and sit near to me.” When Ashar came near to me, I put my hand on his bulge. I said, “Oppps! You are ready to sex as your dick became hard.” I put out Ashar’s cock and started massaging him. Meanwhile all were naked. Total eleven candidates were ready to play. First time Jafar and Sakir played together. First time Jafar touched his daughters and first time Ashar freely saw his family naked. First time Mala enjoyed the two families. And first time to us when we saw Zahira aunty naked. Soon we all made fun in the small lobby. Jafar, Zahira, Ashar and Mala joined our piss drinking games. Razia offered her asshole to Ashar for licking after drinking his pee. Ashar denied to lick in start but when I licked Razia’s asshole, he did not stop himself and started to lick her dirty shithole. Razia moaned and said, “Bhai, insert your tongue deeper in your khala’s gand. Ashar started digging her stuffy shithole while Asima sucked his cock. Asma sucked Mala’s long cock. Everyone enjoyed this BISEX fun. We all enjoyed this sex fetish game till 4 am.

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