Full Moon


Our primal instincts work for us naturally without us asking, why? I wonder at times why we don’t play on these actions when it comes to our sexual wants or fantasies? Our fantasies have became predetermined just as the word provokes. Fantasy! Not primal instinct. But due to our natural sides that exist in all of us we tend to cover up those very wants and tell ourselves that it is only a fantasy. My story begins.

I live in a two story condominium complex. On the second floor of the unit I live in,there is a balcony off my bedroom that opens up to a common area below. The complex encompasses the shared common area. All units being the same in design.

One particular warm evening I was looking outside and could see that a full moon was slowly appearing in it’s brightest moment. Shining with a lucid form of lighting as the beams captured faint outlines.

During a full moon, I noticed I tend to feel more sexual in this primal way. I want to feel the presence of what the moon gives off. That pull of gravity that seems to reach deep into my female world.

I had already undressed for the evening and was getting ready for bed when I had decided to step out and feel the mood of the evening. Standing there on my balcony, naked, I could feel the warmth of the evening. A gentle warm wind blew against me as I could feel the touch of it as it feathered across my nipples. Immediately, they erected in a way that was so erotic that I had to stay in it’s gentle touches. I started to feel that arousal of pleasure swelling up inside of me and couldn’t resist but to bring my hand down slowly between my legs. That erotic feeling of nature playing on my natural instincts.

I parted my legs slightly so that I could glide my fingers closer to the opening of my feminine genital. My clit already hardening from the touch of my fingers. It excited me being outdoors and not knowing or even caring if anyone was watching. I wanted the naturalness of this sexual arousal. I continued to rub on my clit as I worked up the juices and felt the wetness on my fingers.

I happened to look across the open area and noticed that there was a man standing out on his balcony.

I could only make out the shadows of his body and to my surprise could see he too was in the nude. He had been watching me play with myself. I got a bit flustered at first but regained my self control of this playful event that I was enjoying, so proceeded on. Letting my fingers insert into my wet pussy I started this bit of movement with my body so that he could see my own excitement build up. I looked towards him again and could see that he now held his cock in his hand. He too, took upon this situation and used it for his own self gratification. That acknowledgement alone, got me even more intoxicated with the thought of a stranger watching me please myself, as he did the same.

The pace of my fingers going rise of empires ottoman izle deep into me and knowing I had a spectator peaked my excitement even more and I thrust them quicker and deeper inside of me. Eyeing him in the distance moon light, I had wished he was there with me to thrust his own hardness in me. I could feel my peak of ecstasy rising as the two emotions swelled up in me. The emotion of being watched and the emotion of the pleasure. I then took my other hand and rubbed on my clit as the other continued to find that inner delightful spot.

The emotion of ecstasy was ready to burst through. I came so deep that it felt as if my legs were going to give out on me. My fingers were so wet with one of the most fantastic orgasms I had experienced. I looked over at my unknown spectator and could tell, he too had cum.

Mmmmm. I wondered, what does his cum taste like, as my tongues went to my lips.

I walked back into my condo, without a look back, and went to bed. Slept well that evening.

A few days passed by as I started wondering about my new found stranger. Hadn’t seen him outside on the balcony. I would curiously look out some evenings thinking, would I see him again?

A few weeks had passed by and I forgotten about my erotic encounter with the “Stranger!”

One day I had come home to see a large manila envelope taped to my front door. I removed it from the door and went inside. Curious to see what had been left for me. I opened it up and at first pulled out a black scarf. Next a handwritten note. It read:

Hello my awakening female friend. We share what it appears, a common link to enjoying mutual masturbation underneath the full moon of our great outdoors. I would like to know if you are interested in a personal request? I had noticed we are about to be in the presence of a full moon. I would like to enjoy and pleasure your body under this different form of a hopeful meeting. My fantasy is to have you standing naked on your balcony, as you did that one evening. I would like you tie the scarf around your head then pull it down over your eyes. First, leave your front door unlocked so that I may enter into your home. I would love to enjoy our sexual union without us formally meeting. No conversation is to take place by you. Only I will instruct you what I want. If this is something you would be interested in, please place a note in the community room bulletin board with only these written words. Full moon. I shall be there roughly at 9 pm for our sexual encounter if this calling of nature suits your lustful side.

There was no signature. Nothing. But just the thought had me immediately filled up with this desire. A perfect stranger taking me without an introduction. Not only a fantasy but a primal way of a sexual interlude. I decided to agree.

I found a blank romantic getaway izle card and in black ink wrote “Full Moon.” I then walked down to and over to our local community room and tacked it up on the bulletin board. A bit nervous but ever so excited!

I couldn’t wait as the few days that were in between seemed like an eternity, for that one evening. Finally, the evening came.

I readied myself that evening with the normal preparedness that us females tend to do.

As 9:00 pm approached I unlocked my front door. I removed the black scarf that I had placed back into the envelope and then walked up to my bedroom. I undressed myself. Left only the hallway light on. Then with the scarf in hand, proceeded to walk out to the balcony.

I immediately looked over across to his place and seen only one light illuminating from his home. I then seen his shadow as he stepped outside then proceeded to go back in with the lights turning off behind him.

That very moment I knew this was going to be an exciting and beautiful natural encounter.

I tied the scarf around my head and pulled it down over my eyes. I could feel the warm wind against my naked body. Excitement building up deep inside, to where I was quivering with the thought that soon a complete stranger would be having his way with me. Taking me in a primal way. No introduction. Just pure sexual pleasure in it’s natural state. I could hear my front door open then shut in the distant. Oh, the excitement was even more than I had expected. I, then could hear some heavy footsteps coming up the stairs. He was almost there. I could have came with out even a touch I thought, at this very moment in time

I felt his presence from behind. Oh, my god, I thought in my mind. I almost wanted to speak and tell him just stick your cock in me right this very moment. He immediately put one of his hands over my mouth. Whispered to me, no words spoken here tonight. He must have been aware that I wanted to speak. Oh, I wanted to melt into this unrealistic but very real moment.

He removed his hand from my mouth and touched my breasts. The next moment, slightly squeezing my nipples. A little painful, but I was letting him enjoy whatever it was he wanted. I wanted to yell out take me whatever way you want.

His hand lowered down between my legs as he slowly put a finger on my clit and started rubbing me. I was wet before he even got near me. My clit hardening under the pressure of his finger . He knew there was no need to get me ready. I was ready.

As he slowly pressed his body to my backside, I could feel him rubbing his cock, near the crack of my ass. Rubbing my clit more he then grabbed my hand and twisted it behind me, as he placed it on his hard cock. Oh, I just wanted it deep in me. I could feel his pre-cum right at the head of the cock as I played with rüyanda görürsün izle it. I wanted the taste of it in my mouth so I let the juices get on my fingers then I took them into my mouth and sucked on them. Oh, how I love the taste of pre-cum. Such a tasty treat.

He then grabbed my shoulders, not letting my hand go back to his cock, turned me around and pushed me downwards. With pleasure I was thinking, as I got down on my knees. Let him be my master any day. I love sexual control. Giving it and receiving it.

I put his cock on my lips and rubbed it all around. Mmmm, rubbed it all over my face but kept the scarf around my eyes. I wanted his cock so badly and in many many ways. I then put it in my mouth as I started to suck on it and just feel it go deeper and deeper into my mouth. I could have came with the thought of him cumming in my mouth. I had my fingers rubbing his balls and slowly used my finger nails to gently fondle and play with them as I sucked him more intensely. I love a cock being shoved down my throat as I pleasure a man.

He then stood me up. Placed me facing the balcony and pushed me a bit rough to where I was up against it. I felt the force of his hard cock enter me from behind as he shoved it deep inside. Oh, the feeling of it was so out of this world f”*%ing good! He pushed himself harder and harder and I was just about ready to climax in a way that I had never done before when he stopped.

No, I thought, don’t stop. He just whispered into my ear that he was going to cum and when he did he wanted me to cum at the same time. Then he said I will leave and you are not to turn around until you hear your door shut. I nodded a yes.

He then started thrusting his cock back in me and grabbing unto my breasts roughly. I could feel the hardness of his erection pushing right into that place that makes me cum. He had reached my ecstasy button of happiness and joy and so ever f”#*ing good. At that point I exploded with the most wet orgasm I believe I had. That moment I could feel his cum enter me. This erotic primal feeling that I knew, he reached, too.

I wanted to just lay down and die there for a moment as my body was so weak from pleasure.

He pulled his cock out of me. I could hear him walking away.

I heard his footsteps as he went back down the stairs. He had opened the door and then at that moment I heard it shut.

I removed my scarf. Went inside. Walked downstairs and locked the front door and came back up turning of the lights as went back to my bedroom.

As I laid on my bed with the lingering moment still fresh in me. I realized that evening, there is no sex like primal sex. Would I ever have such an experience again?

We all desire it. It’s natural. Be it from a person we know or a complete stranger. At times I believe our relationships would be even more fulfilling if we let those natural primal instincts take over from time to time. That is what we are pre-designed for. Even if the event isn’t with a stranger as this fantasy relates too. But with our friend, partner or whatever name you want to give that other person that exists in our lives. Yes, primal instincts. Outdoor sex. It is all a form of natural pleasure. Why resist it?

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