Fucked By My Brother-In-Law


My wife and I live in Victoria, and have been married for less than five years, she is 7 years older than I am and comes from a very large family. We have a reasonable sex life, but I have to admit, I have a roving eye…….. and I love to imagine having sex with other women. I have an incredibly strong sex drive, and the thought of seeing, touching and fucking other women, especially the women in my wife’s family is very stimulating. I love my wife, but I’d still love to fuck her mother or her sisters.

But this story is about an encounter that actually did happen. My wife’s oldest sister, Jenny, is an enigma. Fifteen years older than me, she doesn’t seem to be or act like she’s in the same family. Rather than being full-figured, like my wife, and her mother, Jenny is obsessed with keeping her figure like it was when she was a teenager. She’s a nurse for a cosmetic surgeon, so she has used his talents to help her achieve her goal of the perfect body. Tummy tuck, facelift, breast reduction, nipples raised, liposuction, you name it. She really wants people to believe she’s in her teens, rather than just shy of fifty, as she is. The best compliment anyone, especially a man can pay to her is to say she looks young, sexy and slim.

Jenny, as you’ve probably figured, is vain. But she’s also rather pretty she has a sexy body, she’s active and likes to talk about sex, even in casual conversation. She goes for shock value, even suggesting on one occasion, to my mother-in-law, a prim woman of over fifty, that she give her husband a blowjob for his birthday.

So when I’m near her I always feel an electric atmosphere of sexuality. Jenny’s usual outfit is black lycra pants and a skimpy tee-shirt. She has a really nice ass, very hard and round, and perky tits. I sometimes get a look and on rare occasions, could get a little feel by patting her butt if the opportunity presented itself.

My wife thinks her sister is too free and easy when it comes to sex, and I was more than happy to hope so. Jenny is a whisker shorter than my six feet, and has long black hair, catlike eyes and tanned skin. Shortly after she lost her job last year, and my wife and I had a financial windfall. My wife suggested that her sister move in with us for awhile, so she’d not have to pay rent and this would help pay off her huge credit-card debt. I pretended to resisted the idea, since I didn’t want my wife to know that I’d long fantasized about having sex with Jenny. So I played along, Jenny liked the idea, and finally she moved into our second-floor guest room.

We helped her get a part time job at the local gym and she’d often come home tired and stiff. I work at home, so I’m always around when she returns from her mornings work. My wife works afternoon shift so she is away from home for the afternoon and most of the evening. When Jenny came home from the gym I’d usually find an excuse to sit with her and chat about what had happened at the gym that morning. She was pretty relaxed around me. I didn’t know if she knew that I was always thinking about sex with her, I had kept fairly low-key, for obvious reasons. My feelings about sex were no secret to Jenny, though, she had even talked with me about my passion for porn videos. My wife is a much more conservative, and thinks me having a pornography collection is depraved.

One afternoon I passed by Jenny’s room and saw her lying on the floor grunting. She was on her back, and her right leg was straight, crossed sharply over the left. “My back is sore, and I’m trying to crack it,” she told me. I told her I could help. She smiled, and readily agreed to let me help. Getting on my knees and leaning over her prostrate body, I followed her instructions and gave her a solid push, I heard her go “Ah! Oh, that did it.” Her back had cracked, and she was feeling better. As I helped her to her feet I let my hands gently caress her firm breasts. Just a quick feel. If she noticed, she didn’t say anything. She smiled, thanked me, and said she felt much better. “No problem, young sister,” I said. I called her ‘young’ because it always made her feel better.

The next episode was a couple of days later. When she came home, and I found a reason to go upstairs. I spotted her on her bed, but lying face-down, her legs hanging off the end, feet on the floor. It was unusual, so I moved closer. “Jenny, are you okay?” “No, my back doesn’t feel right,” she said in a strange tone. “Do you want me to crack your back again?” I’d be very happy to. “No, it’s not that, it’s just some muscle soreness. If you don’t mind a little massage will have it right in a jiffy” What a wonderful opportunity,. “Sure” I said, and gently placed my hand on her lower back, I held it in place trying to read any signs that would tell me if she was after more that a massage. She sighed, so I began a slow, gentle motion around her back. She seemed to appreciate this, so I continued massaging as I moved between her lycra-clad legs to get into ataşehir escort a better position. I couldn’t help thinking what it would be like to fuck her in this position. That gorgeous ass was sticking out, inviting me to enjoy it. How desperately I wanted to.

After what seemed like hours, but was probably only fifteen minutes, she said she felt better, and I stopped the rhythmic movement. She stood, and once again thanked me. “I’m glad I could help my young sister.” She smiled and I left, heading for my study. I had visions of what might have been, if I’d been able to pull her pants down, and caress her ass, or even to nuzzle her deep, warm cleft of passion with my tongue. It was good for lots of fantasies.

Then the day came. I was in my study, writing, and I heard her come home. I waited, since I didn’t want to appear as though I was stalking her. After about half an hour I finally went upstairs, carrying a couple of things to toss in the laundry, which was just outside her door. I called out “Hello”, and saw her on the bed. But this time, she was sprawled across it, and her feet were off the floor. I put the things in the laundry, and asked her if her back was bothering her again. She told me yes, and I offered to massage it again as I went into her room and sat down next to her prone form. Again her luscious ass was inviting me, I then caressed her shoulders and upper back. Little by little, I increased the pressure, and soon it became a full massage. I was using both hands. Jenny didn’t seem to mind, so I kept going, carefully lifting her loose top up to expose her lower back, from the top edge of her pants to her bra strap. Not hearing a protest, I placed my hands on bare skin, and continued the massage. I was loving every minute of this, and became determined to see how far I could get with her. I got bolder, and started to massage her lower legs. I rubbed her calves, the backs of her knees, and even her feet. Up and down I rubbed, going from her feet, up to her thighs, and used both hands to firmly rub the tension out of her leg muscles. I began to massage along her upper legs, on either side, grasping and kneading the muscles along her thighs. Soon my thumbs were on top of her ass cheeks. She seemed to be totally relaxed so I decided to try some more sexually orientated massage. I put my whole hands on her butt, and started to caress and massage the wonderful shape, and plunge my thumbs into to the valley of my dreams I was in heaven.

She didn’t seem to be bothered that I was actually fondling her fantastic ass! Then I took another plunge. My cock was getting hard, and I desperately wanted her! I used my fingers to take the edge of her pants, and pulled down exposing of the cleft between her ass cheeks. She just wriggled a little and moan how wonderful it was to have such a caring “brother”.

Her skin was dry, so I asked if she had any lotion. “Bathroom counter,” was all she said. I quickly retrieved the bottle of Jergen’s. Squirting some lotion into my palms and straddled her as I applied it to her lower back and bottom. I rubbed the glycerin lotion over her, feeling and loving the slippery fluid on her. Again and again I applied more, and she still let me go on! I continued to rub her ass.

Let me tell you what I could see. I was looking straight down. Since she was laying face down, and her head on a pillow, she couldn’t tell that I never took my eyes from her butt. Twin tanned globes of firm flesh with a white stripe where her G string had been. Round and clean with a deeply curving cleft, which descended to a deep chasm of a dark diamond, created by the fold of her cheeks meeting her upper legs. Inside that diamond shape, was a gold mine, wonderful and mysterious, and promising absolute passion and joy. Squinting, I could just see the folds of her pussy where they protuded under her ass cheeks, almost hidden inside the dark cavern of warm flesh. I got even harder and more daring.

I slid down a bit more, to give myself more room. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to spread her legs, since she had the pants around her thighs, but I could play with her ass. I used more of the lotion as I began, with each stroke, to knead her ass cheeks apart from one another, at each movement, I could see the winking rosebud of her asshole exposed to me. Every time I looked, the pink eye winked back. Jenny never said a word, so I was emboldened to go farther. On impulse, stood up and pulled her pants off entirely, from one foot, then the other, and tossed the knotted garment aside. I was now able to look at the figure of my beautiful older sister-in-law, nude from the strap of her bra to the bottoms of her feet. I had a monsterous hard-on, and was almost beyond reason now. I was able to see into her deep crotch, and actually see her pussy, waiting for me. I was almost panting, loving it, and wanted so much to put my face into that wonderful place. Placing my hands avcılar escort on her ass cheeks again, I started to spread them with my massage, and again the winks resumed. I then squirted some lotion onto my hand and slid it, sideways, to her tight hole, and then, in a fit of abandon, I bent close, and kissed each of those wonderful, creamy white cheeks. I loved it. “Jenny, you are so beautiful,” I said. She just sighed.

Leaning close again, I kissed her once more, and then used my hands to pull her ass cheeks apart, and let my tongue flick out and to that tasty puckering rosebud. She jumped a tad, and I thought I’d blown it. I watched her, expecting her to sit up and tell me leave. But she didn’t, I waited a minute longer, and then gently asked her if she would slide towards the edge of the bed. A moment later, she complied, and her legs were soon hanging off the side. I carefully pressed them apart until I could clearly see her shaved pink pussy exposed to me. It looked absolutely wonderful. A dark pink cleft, of warm, soft, living flesh, invited me inside. Her inner labia were still partially hidden, though, and I was determined to see them as well. I leaned close again, and again I licked at her welcoming asshole. It was fantastic. I was actually tonguing the ass of my sister-in-law! And she seemed to be enjoying it very much!

I used my fingers to explore and spread open her bald cunt as my probing tongue plunged into her luscious ass hole. Her pussy was soft and warm, hot actually, and I knew she would not stop me now. I wet two fingers and gently slid them past her outer lips. She was very moist to my touch and I slid them all the way into her hot, welcoming vagina. Oh, god I was in heaven. I was shaking, and my cock was battering at the zipper of my pants. I felt her muscles contract, and a soft moan escaped from her lips. She was enjoying this, and I slowly began to finger fuck her as I slipped a third finger into her elastic pussy. Her cunt was so wet, and very hot. I finger-fucked her for a few minutes, and then pulled out, to taste her juices. My fingers were coated in her slippery fluids, and I loved the flavor, it was fresh, even better than it smelled in her pants from the laundry. I pulled her legs farther apart, so I could get closer, and finally my face was up against her warm womanhood, the musky scent invading my flaring nostrils.

I was in ecstasy, and my tongue, not having had nearly enough of Jenny’s juices, plunged into the folds of her mature cunt, tasting, probing and licking. I found the hard nub of her erect, protruding clit, and started flicking at it with the tip of my tongue, which started her shuddering with passion. She was going to be easy to make cum, I thought, and kept at it. I experimented, probing, finding the spots in her pussy lips and cunt lining that got the most reaction, and concentrated on these. In the meantime, my hands were running all over her legs, her butt, and her back, occasionally pulling her cheeks apart so my nose was against her puckering ass hole, inhaling the wonderful fragrance. I generously lapped up her fluids, loving every drop, feeling her getting closer to orgasm, her butt and legs shuddering and quivering. Finally, almost without warning, with my tongue deep inside her vagina, my chin against her clit, and my nose almost inside her asshole, her legs slammed together, trapping my head against her. She screamed in passion, the sound muffled by her hot legs on my ears, and her holding a pillow against her mouth. But I still heard it from inside her incredible body. I was deep inside her pussy, and a warm jet of cunt juice spurted at my tongue, so I licked it up hungrily, lusting for more. She didn’t disappoint me another jet coming almost immediately, and another. She was multi-orgasmic, it seemed, and I was determined to give her all she wanted. Finally, Jenny had come several times, and my breath was short, since every time she came, I was unable to breathe. I had licked up all her delicious juices, and even licked her entire crotch from her clit to deep inside her big asshole. I sat back, and admired the sight. Jenny’s face was turned sideways, one eye looking at me over her shoulder. She was grinning, and I returned it. My face must have been red with the effort of pleasuring her, and was completely soaked.

Now it was time to give my throbbing cock what my tongue had enjoyed. I caressed her legs, still hanging off the bed, and stood up. Her eye followed my movements. When I undid my pants, she only partially closed her eyes, knowing what was coming. I slid my pants down, letting my frenzied cock pop free. Jenny eyes popped wide open and she gasped! Now while I’m not quiet in the Johnny Wadd Holmes class, I am very well endowed and I was as hard as a nail. I leaned over her, and she actually shifted down a bit more to allow me easier access to her hot cunt. I wasn’t sure if I was going to fuck her pussy or her ass avrupa yakası escort at this point.

I felt her rise up on her hands for a moment, and then she took a thick pillow, and placed it under her stomach. Her breasts were still in the bra, but they would wait. She settled down again, and now her pussy was at just the right height for me to enter her. How nice of her, I thought, but truth be known, I would have fucked her if she was on top of a pile of cactus at this point. She was snuggling down, anticipating what was coming, and I smiled. She wanted me. I took my cock, and gently nuzzled it up to the entrance to her wet, steaming hole, and worked it in, a bit at a time.

I’d waited so long for this….. I didn’t want to rush. Then, the head slipped inside her body, and I moved my hips a bit, feeling my cock slide, inch by inch into her hot tunnel. Each wonderful inch, every single centimeter into Jenny’s beautiful pussy was a bit closer to heaven to me. I relished it, and took my time. And then, after what seemed like an eternity, I was all the way inside her. I didn’t move at first, just enjoying the feeling. I was fucking my older sister-in-law at last. I pulled back, letting my cock find its way out, until the head was just outside, then slid back inside her. Again I went all the way. I felt the bottom of her vagina, where her cervix was, and started to move in and out more rapidly. I was finally fucking her, and it was even more incredible than I’d ever imagined. I was in lust. I fucked her long and slow, then fast and hard. I usually last twenty or thirty minutes, but Jenny was making me boil with lust. I fucked her hot cunt like a man obsessed, she was humping her ass to meet every thrust. Her moans were rapid and soft, and every so often, she’d gasp, as another orgasm shook her body. I looked down, and remembered her big asshole, which was again winking at me. I wasn’t going to buttfuck her, not yet, but I love to finger a tight ass while I’m fucking a pussy. I wriggled a finger against her, and to my surprise, it slid in all the way with very little effort. I continued to fuck, and a second finger slid into her hot bowel as easily as the first. Then, after I felt she’d become used to the feeling, I began to fuck her ass with three fingers at the same rate that my cock was pistoning in and out of her cunt. She moaned even louder, and screamed into the pillow. I double-fucked her for a few more minutes, and then. I shuddered, my cock and fingers slamming into her older body without mercy. My hot jets of cum spurted into her love tunnel. I felt every single spurt hit her cervix, and fill her up. The fucking was now very slippery, her cunt making sucking, splashing sounds like when you walked barefoot in deep mud. I slowed my pace, as I collapsed against her back.

My cock, slowly softening, began to slip out of her, and my fingers, wet and dirty, did the same. I rolled over, but looked at that beautiful ass and pussy. Her pussy was actually dripping a mixture of white and clear fluids, her and my cum mingling freely, and dribbled onto the pillow and sheets. The hole was a deep pink, glistening wet with passion, and I could see inside it, almost all the way to the cervix.

Her lovely, asshole was almost the same, and I bent over to kiss the open hole. Jenny giggled, and I figured ‘what the hell,’ and started to lick her open asshole eagerly. I was still breathing heavily, but I didn’t want this to end. I licked her dripping cunt too, and tasted my cum and her juices. I kept going, loving the rich flavor of her deepest regions, and wished I had a tongue as long as my cock. Jenny snuggled against me, and spoke for the first time. “Don’t you want me to do you?” I knew she was into cocksucking, and so I let her have her way. I lay back on the bed next to her, and she sat up, a bit unsteadily, and slipped her shirt off. The bra followed, and at last, I could look at those pretty, firm tits. She’d had them reduced; I understood they had once been very large, and then recently had them ‘perked,’ which is when they make them firmer, and move the nipples up, so she would look like they were thirty years younger.

Actually, they looked wonderful to me, and I leaned closer to suck on the pink, very erect nipples. They were hard, like little pink candies, and I sucked them one at a time, eagerly into my mouth. She put her arm around my neck, holding me close, and let me nurse on her almost perfect breasts. I continued to suck, until she started stroking my cock to life again, she wanted to suck me, and I laid back for her. Jenny turned so she was over my cock, and I felt her long black hair brushing my lower stomach. It tickled, and I shivered. She opened her mouth, and I closed my eyes, feeling her breath, then her lips on my shaft. It was great. It was clear she was a very experienced cock sucker. She slid her tongue and fingers all along my shaft, tasting, touching, sucking on my big hairy balls, flicking her tongue inside the big piss hole, running it all up and down to my asshole, which she was fingering and then back up to the base of my stomach. I loved it. This is what a blowjob should be. I sighed, letting her do what she wanted. I imagined Jenny wanted to thank me for all I had done for her.

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