friends fiance’


friends fiance’Sitting in the living room with my long time friend and his fiance’ talking about the wedding that I am scheduled to be in that is only a few weeks away we just finished dinner and our third 1.5 of wine. The day has been busy but not tiring. Lots of conversation as we made our way through the wine trail, almost start to finish. We have made this trip several times and it is always a blast. The one place has an exceptional view of the lake and vineyards from the back deck where we have lunch often as we did today. This conversation is getting long today as we go through and finalize the plans yet again, but it brings a smile to their faces, so be it. Amazing how she turns from this sweet always pleasant girl into a mouthy smart ass with her wine. I usually know when it is time to go, so I have slowed down my intake of fermented g**** juice. I excuse myself to use the restroom and I get the “no excuse for you” line. I tell him he really needs to get his girl’s mouth in line, for which he replies I have tried. Not good enough I yell from the hall as I head toward the relief my bladder needs.As I return I find him with his pants around his ankles, her skirt above her waist, and her riding him on the couch. I say to them, the least you can do is invite me in. She replies I can watch and fuck myself if I want. I ask him again to control her mouth and she says that if her mouth being under control is so important then maybe I should control it. She rises off his cock as I use her hair like a handle on a shopping bag and comes over onto all fours on the floor. I drag her over to the ottoman like a dog on a leash and proceed to change the shade of her ass from pale white to a nice shade of pink. My friend just sits on the couch smiling and encouraging me to teach her. She begs him to tell me stop as her stops go unanswered and he replies to her ‘I told you to stop playing that game, now you can deal with the consequences’Her ass was stinging for sure as my hand had an unmistakable warmth to it as I rubbed across her ass. I ask her calmly if her mouth can be under control now and she replies ‘not in the least asshole’ ‘is this how it is going to be’ ‘well you see my mouth still works to tell you to go fuck yourself’. I reach down lower than her ass and can feel the wetness and heat from her pussy, GAME ON! I look at my friend and he smiles at me and waves his arm out, hand open “go ahead”. She looks at him in disbelief as he smirks in return tuzla escort and I bring her mouth to my cock. A pinch of the nose and 30 seconds later my head penetrates her lips and runs to the gag point. Oh she doesn’t have much control of that as the saliva runs out of her mouth. ‘Controlling it now, aren’t I?’ she looks up at me with a cross look of holy crap and amazement at the same time. Then suddenly I see the look, a bit to much wine and a few to many strokes against the back of her tongue. I pull out and let go of her hair and she immediately runs for the toilet. I put my stuff away and start chatting with my friend not sure if I should apologize or keep it where it is. A bit later we check on her and find her completely drunk singing to the toilet and I say goodnight as I head to the couch.I wake up early as usual and sit out on the step with a cup of coffee and a smoke dressed in my sweat pants I retrieved from the truck. He steps out and pats me on the shoulder giggling, I look up at him and wonder what that is about, he is almost loosing control of his laughter telling me about how her ass is killing her and what the hell happened last night. We come into the house after he finishes his smoke (he is a drinking weekend smoker only so no smoking in the house). As we pour some more coffee she is getting breakfast put together, may have been a bit rough last night as she keeps rubbing her ass. I come up behind her and pull her jammy bottoms out and take a peak, oh yeah not a lot but some shades of purple, red, and yellow let me know it was good I crashed on the couch. She rips her jammies out my hands and asks me what I think I’m doing. I look at her future husband and he looks at me and we both smile. When she sits down after serving us our breakfast she asks him what she already knows but needs to hear. The look on her face is puzzled followed by the WHAT and finally settles into a bit of a smile. We head off to the living room to chat. I notice throughout the conversation that she keeps looking over at the ottoman. She lets out a little smart ass remark about that will never happen again, we look at her puzzled and she says the spanking from last night. I just smile, as does my friend. She stands, hands on hips and starts yelling at her future husband about how could he just sit there and let it happen. ‘I don’t cross him and I told you not to… it is just easier’. I got the go to ‘fuck him’ for which I reply that’s sancaktepe escort original. This is where the sober (never seen before) smart mouth comes rolling out. I have a considerably hard time with being talked to the way she was so I head to the bathroom for my shower. As I come out wearing their towel and looking for my clothes I find them fucking on the couch again. Deja Vu comes to mind as I gather my clothes and head back toward the hallway and the safety of getting dressed in private. As I turn the corner I get ‘don’t want to join us now’ in the most sarcastic snotty voice I have heard in years. I yell back over my shoulder nope. She runs up behind me in the hallway with her t-shirt only on. I turn to her, is this really the direction you want to go in. My friend rounds the corner just smiling away, that grows when she states that I probably cant get it up as she turns and walks toward him. I grab her just hard enough on her shoulder to get her to spin around, I stare into her eyes and look up at him, ‘better teach her now because in a few weeks I have to deal with her for the rest of my life’. I push her down as I shake my ass so the towel falls. Her mouth opens without encouragement today. Her gag reflex has definitely settled down as I move in and out holding her hair and the back of her neck. As she gets good and wet in there I pull out so that she can catch a few good breaths before I slide in and my balls go off of her chin. This she resists to, but I hold her steady for a few minutes of deep strokes and I let her go. She looks at her fiance’ and he just smiles as he leans against the wall without a thing to say other than the grin that looks like he has been eating ass. As guide her back to the living room (marital bed is off limits to me, at least with my friends concerned) I tell her to take off the shirt, lay the blanket from the couch on the rug, and to play with herself. She hesitates just a bit to long and she ends up over the ottoman for a repeat of last night. ‘Every time you don’t listen you will get ten more’ the shirt comes off with some hesitation. She begins to slowly rub her arms and belly. She moves to her neck, then her breasts, and finally to her pussy. She rubs her clit softly and slides her finger inside for wetness once in a while. She is self-conscious I can tell, but she continues. I explain when she makes herself cum then I will join her and no faking or she gets ten on her üsküdar escort pussy. With this she starts working herself. I’m no sure if it made her extra horny thinking about me spanking her pussy or if she didn’t want me to so she behaved and did as she was told. I enjoyed the view and so did my friend. He couldn’t keep his hands off of his cock and didn’t care who saw that. As she finished herself up, I moved right in not giving her to much of a chance to settle back down. I ate her softly and slowly, 45 minutes passed like nothing as I let her rise and fall through smaller orgasms. As she got to the point where she was to sensitive I stopped and brought my thighs to either side of her breasts and my legs under her arms. I sat there, my ass inches from her face as I rubbed her belly. In a smart ass tone (some girls don’t learn easily) she asks ‘what the fuck do you want now’, ‘you will figure it out, but lets call it an apology for your mouth’. ‘If you think I’m kissing your ass your out of your fucking mind’ she said sarcasticly. As my fingers came across her pussy with the first crack against her delicate skin she raised up off the floor ‘holy shit what the fuck stop that’ I noted the drip running down the cheek of her ass and cracked it again. The fast snap of the fingers brought a moan from her and a arch to her back the best she could under me. A quick kiss, nothing to write home about came next, then another crack as she started to kiss all around and work her way with her tongue between kisses. Satisfied with her apology, I bent down and ate her out, hard and fast, her hips bucking and her legs trying to close as I reached under her thighs grabbed her ankles and pulled them to her butt forcing her legs spread wide where it counted. She came a few times small as I pulled away before that big O. I finally gave her apology acceptance and let her have the long intense orgasm that she so desperately needed. Before she could settle herself I slipped my two middle fingers into her pussy and banged away at her g-spot and she enjoyed her first squirt. I got up from her after she relaxed, she was exhausted at this point and couldn’t keep her eyes open. I lit a smoke in the house and sat on the couch. The smoke woke her up and she asked politely if I could go outside and do that. I simply said to her that she could thank me while I sit here and finish my smoke. My friend moved an cup over for me to use. I’m not sure if it was his second or third time, but he started to play with himself as she moved in closer to me. With her ass on the floor and her legs curled to one side she took me into her mouth and began to thank me. I enjoyed the gift she gave me without another word or action other than to lay back and enjoy.

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