Friends and Lovers Ch. 03


Events over the last couple of weeks have taken an almost surreal turn. It suddenly became quite common for me to walk into my house and find my wife naked, with either April Mark, or both of them, naked along with her. The house usually smelled of sex, which is never a bad thing, and I was getting laid more frequently than I’ve ever been. We spent weekends at one house or the other, frequently never putting a stitch of clothing on at all.

Our planned camping trip was coming up quickly, and I had finally found a motor home that would be perfect for the four of us. It had one gigantic bed in the master bedroom, and a small bed that could be pulled out in the main room. The day before we were supposed to leave, I was packing some of the food when Mark came in to help.

“Wow. This thing really does have a lot of room. Imagine all of the fun we could have in here…”

I laughed, then moaned slightly as I felt Mark’s hand slide over my ass, and around to my cock. He gripped me firmly, and stroked me to a full erection. I turned to face him, and he pushed me down onto one of the chairs. He freed my raging erection from my pants, and quickly engulfed it with his hot mouth. I sat back, enjoying the sensations he was giving me, when I heard a strange voice.

“Eric? Are you in there?”

I looked out the window, and saw our nosy older neighbor, Mrs. Peterson. I realized she wouldn’t be able to see anything from below the window, and waved at her. Mark looked up at me like he thought I was an idiot, but I simply smiled, and pushed his head back down on my cock. I carried on a conversation with her while he sucked me off, and fortunately, she left just as I exploded into Mark’s willing mouth. I collapsed, completely spent, and Mark sat back, laughing.

“I can’t believe you did that! What if she wanted to come in?”

“Mrs. Peterson couldn’t maneuver the stairs. I’ve been on the receiving end of several complaints about her inability to walk long distances, climb stairs, yada yada yada. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have sex in public. That was fun!”

“What was fun?”

Megan climbed into the camper, saw Mark on his knees, and my cock hanging out of my pants, and put two and two together.

“You were getting a blowjob while Mrs. Peterson was standing right there, weren’t you? You two are incredible! If she had seen Mark down there, the whole neighborhood would know you two were screwing around.”

I shrugged. “Do we really care? So what if the neighbors know we swing? Maybe a few of them would be into joining us. I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on maltepe escort Melanie’s big tits, and Jack looks to have a pretty big cock as well…they could be fun!”

Megan just shook her head, laughing.

“You really are incorrigible, my love. That’s why I married you in the first place. Mark, time to get off your knees, and go get your gear. April called and said she was finished packing. If we get loaded fast enough, maybe we can hit the road tonight, instead of tomorrow morning?”

Mark got up and slipped past Megan, but not without giving her breasts a nice squeeze. She laughed, and he went to go get his wife. I took a long look at my wife, and as always, loved what I was seeing. Megan has never shaved any part of her body, preferring to be as nature intended. The first time I saw her naked, I was hooked. She had dark skin, and dark hair and never wears shorts or sleeveless clothing, knowing most people would not approve. Around the house, however, she frequently wears little or nothing at all. Now, with our relationship with Mark and April being what it is, she is becoming more and more comfortable being in revealing clothing, which is all to the good, as far as I’m concerned. Right now, she was wearing an old t-shirt of mine that was cut off at the shoulders, and I could see peeks of her thick armpit hair from under her arms. A closer look showed me that she was also not wearing a bra, letting her 38D boobs hang free. Also an unusual occurrence for my somewhat shy wife.

“What are you looking at? Did I spill on myself?”

I smiled, and reached to pull her to me. She slipped into my arms as if she was meant to be there, and indeed she was.

“I was just thinking how much I love you, that’s all. This next week is going to be incredible. We’re going to have a lot of fun.”

“And a lot of sex. That’s the best part. I love all three of you so much…”

Megan kissed me gently, and I could feel the urges building in her. I reached for the window shade, and as I was pulling it down, she stopped me.

“As much as I would love for you to pleasure me right now, Mark and April should be back soon, and I really do want to get on the road tonight, if possible. So, I’m sorry…oh, that’s cheating, lover.”

While Megan was telling me to stop, I was slipping my hand under her waistband and found her moist pussy. I slipped a finger inside of her, and she groaned in pleasure. I worked her tight snatch until she shuddered and coated my hand in her sweet juices, then collapsed on my lap.

“You are a sneaky, pendik escort sneaky man, but that was just what I needed. I feel so much better now…and look, here come Mark and April!”

I slipped my hand out of her pants, and fed a finger to her. She licked her own juices of my hand, and smiled.

“Later tonight, we’ll have to make sure you have April all over your hand, too.”

“You know it, love.”

Mark and April joined us in the camper, and we quickly got their gear stowed away, and within an hour, we were on the road. We were camping at the coast for a week, and it was going to be a 10-12 hour drive, without accounting for traffic or other stops. We set the ground rules for the drive as no sex while moving. As fun as it would be for the participants, the driver would be left out for safety reasons, and none of us wanted to be left out. I drove first, and since we were leaving around 8 pm, traffic was pretty light. With a little luck, we’d make good time.

Mark and I had decided that we would do all of the driving, and that we would switch places around the halfway point, so that the other could relax and enjoy the drive as well. The girls made a light snack for us, and we all enjoyed the scenery and shot the breeze for hours. By the time we got to where we were camping, it was close to dawn, but we were all still pretty fired up. We checked in with the campground manager, and were informed that there was no one near us, and we would have the area to ourselves for the first couple of days. We found our spot, and discovered that we were less than 100 yards from the ocean. I saw the girls take a long look around, and then I saw clothing fly. The next thing I saw was both girls, as naked as the day they were born, making a beeline for the water. Mark and I took a long look, then shrugged our shoulders, ditched our own clothing, and followed the girls.

The sun was slowly coming up over the horizon as we hit the water. Thankfully, it has been a hot summer, because the water actually felt pretty good. I dove in and swam over to Megan, and I saw Mark swimming over towards April. I popped out of the water next to her, and quickly put my hands where they felt most comfortable, which is on her big tits. Megan melted into my arms, and as I bent down to kiss her, I saw Mark and April making their way towards us.

“As much as I hate to disturb you two, the sun is coming up pretty fast, and I don’t want to get caught running to the camper in my birthday suit. Let’s go back and let nature take over there.”

I looked kaynarca escort at Megan, and she nodded, so we all headed for shore, and as the sun finally came over the horizon, we ran for the camper. The cool air felt good on our wet skin, and as I entered the camper, I thought about how much fun the next couple of days were going to be. By the time I got the door closed, and some of the shades drawn, the others were in full contact action. Mark was standing against the bedroom door, and the girls were tag teaming his 9″ cock. The second I entered the room, April wrapped her lips around my cock, and Mark and I stood shoulder to shoulder, getting blow jobs from the other’s wife.

April had some serious skills in the cocksucking department, and if I wasn’t seriously interested in giving as good as I was getting, I would have just let her suck me dry. As it was, it was a difficult thing to pull her off of my cock, but when I laid her down on the bed and spread her legs wide, she grinned and pulled her pussy lips apart, showing me her pink wetness. I dropped to my knees dove in like a starving man, thrusting my tongue deep into her wetness. She groaned, and I settled in to do some serious pussy eating. Mark flopped on the bed next to me, and I saw Megan climbing over him, then impaling herself on his cock. Megan has always loved to be on top, and this was no exception.

April was close to coming, and wrapped her legs around my head to bring me tighter towards her shaved cunt. I obliged, and managed to slip a couple of fingers inside of her, as well. She rewarded my efforts with a flood of juices as she groaned her way through a major orgasm. When she unwrapped her legs, she used one foot to push me away, and climbed up to sit on Mark’s face, just to share the fun with him. I sat back for a moment, watching the fun, then I moved in again. I positioned myself behind Megan, and guided my cock to the rim of her tight ass. I know it’s always been a fantasy of hers to be double penetrated, and I was more than willing to help her fulfill it. I gently pushed in, and heard her gasp as the head of my 8″ slipped in. I slowly thrust in until she was impaled on two hard cocks, and we let her decide the pace. She slowly moved up and down on our cocks, then as she got used to the feeling, she sped up the pace until she was really rocking our cocks.

April was coming all over her husband’s face, and Megan was crying out through her own orgasm, and the tightness of her ass proved to be too much for me. I moaned, and shot my load into her ass. Mark cried out as well, and I could tell her was coming also. Megan just lay there and moaned, loving the feeling of having two cocks coming in her at once. As the lust in the air settled, I gently withdrew my cock, and Megan settled against Mark, completely spent. I moved up next to April, and the four of us drifted off to sleep, satisfied, for the moment. As I fell asleep, I wondered just what more would come our way.

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