Subject: Friends and Beds, Part One Disclaimer stuff: If you are under the age of eighteen or are in a state where reading this material is illegal, please go away. Thanks. Also, do not post portions of this story or text anywhere without written permission by the author (Max Jensen). This story is true. I, of course, have changed names and details to protect the innocent, and frankly, the odds of you knowing me are slim. However, if you do, send me an email so we can discuss this and I can be really embarrassed and try to deny it badly. You know another reason to email me? Comments! Good or bad! Send stuff ail. Also, some of us (like me) have been spanking it to Nifty for over a decade. Let’s thank them by donating. Onto the show: “Friends and Beds” Part One Chapter 1: Adam I met Adam the summer before my senior year of college. I was in a deep depression over being dumped by my girlfriend. She was my first love, and I felt crushed and lost after it ended. I spent a lot of time online, sad and sullen, staring dispassionately at the screen, trying to find something that would make me feel better. This was how I met Adam. We met on the university’s student boards, where nerdy students would spend hours chatting with each other about any number of topics. I had forgotten that these forums existed, but it was great mind-numbing and time-sucking fun when I was on them. Adam and I connected on a variety of topics, then decided to hang out one night. Now, I had gotten an inkling a few years before that I was also into dudes. It wasn’t an easy thing to realize when you’ve been straight for your whole life, then find yourself furiously jerking off to a hot surfer dude in one of your classes but at this point, I was more or less okay with it. I wasn’t necessarily out to people, but if an opportunity arose, I wouldn’t necessarily ignore it. Prior to my girlfriend, I’d lost my virginity to an acquaintance of mine, a decent-looking guy who, over the course of one night, taught me the pleasure of being with another guy. When I met Adam face to face in his dorm, he was exactly what I’d expected. Shorter than me at about 5’7, he was a stereotypical nerd: thin build, glasses, a slight goatee, and longish brown hair that curled up right around his ears. His voice was a bit on the high side, but still had its low bass, accentuated by his large Adam’s apple bobbing whenever he spoke. He cheerfully greeted me and asked if I wanted a shot or two from an illicit vodka bottle he’d snuck in. I agreed. The more we talked and drank, the more I noticed things about him. While he was thin, he was a wiry fucker. His arms were toned and, as I noticed one moment when he stretched and his shirt lifted up, his abs were nicely visible and covered with brown hair, the same thin but long strands of hair that peeked out from his shirt collar. I didn’t think much of it at the time, just noticing. Observing, as I tend to do. I don’t know if I’d consider myself a looker. I have a pretty young face, which still to this day is a problem whenever I go to bars. Black hair, glasses. I’m 5’10 and have a stockier, beefy build. Not necessarily fat, but I wouldn’t call myself an athlete either, despite my love of baseball. My chest and stomach are covered in the tiniest, softest hairs, which are invisible to the naked eye, but if they grew, would probably put me squarely in cub territory. We went out to a nightclub, which is bizarre for me because I really don’t like those places. But Adam, being a year younger than me, was still underaged emek escort (as was I, only a few weeks away from 21) and this club had a reputation for looking the other way when it came to buying drinks. We had a lot of fun, dancing with random girls or by ourselves and getting really fucking drunk. He worked himself out and was sweating by the end of it, the curls at the end of his hair drenched in sweat. I found it strangely hot. Over the next few months, we became really close. We talked a lot, hung out, got drunk. We were both nerds, so we had plenty to talk about. We eventually were invited to a Halloween party of another member of the student forums. We both met on campus in our costumes. By this time, he’d gotten a hair cut. The curls that had glistened after our clubbing night were gone, but I thought it was ultimately for the best. He looked much better. The party is a blur to me. I remember that it was dark and, by the end of it, I knew these people. I was strangely part of this community. I know that I drank a lot, and that I was wise enough to pass on smoking the weed that clouded up the cavernous living room by the end of it in the wee small hours of Halloween morning. I know that Adam and I, whilst drunk, ended up singing loudly on the balcony. We both complimented each other on the other’s voice. He also told me an interesting story. Apropos of nothing, he was drunkenly talking and said, “Well, one time, Sean and I totally fooled around.” He proceeded to spill the beans on two occasions over the summer when they drunkenly blew each other and experimented with penetration. Sean is his best friend from high school, a guy I had met briefly when he visited Adam earlier in the summer. I was intrigued by this story, but unsure of why he told me this. —– It was dark in his living room. There weren’t any lights on, just the streetlights from outside. We were trashed. I helped him stumble to his house (he had moved out of the dorms), since I was a smidgeon soberer than he was. I lived only three blocks away. We took a cab back to the neighborhood, where he proceeded to piss in an alley that we later dubbed “our alley,” since we both marked it various times over that school year. I helped him walk since he couldn’t keep his balance. And when we got to his house, he asked me if I wanted some water, which I did. Then we sat and talked in the living room. In the dark. The tension was so palpable. I didn’t know if what I thought was going to happen was going to, or even if I wanted it to, but I could feel it. At some point, Adam and I stopped talking, and I looked down at the couch. Our hands – my left and his right – were about to touch. I looked up at him. His face was glazed over, but he was still in control of himself. He was looking right at me. I moved towards him, he moved towards me. Of course, in life, it was only 0.3 seconds to get there, but in my mind, in my memory, it took minutes. It was swimming through honey, dancing through molasses. It was slow-motion. When we kissed, he was drunken and lustful. His tongue darted in and out of my mouth, sloppily missing it and landing on my face. He wanted it. He wanted me. I was hard. “Wanna go into my room?” “Yeah.” He went into his bathroom, and I quickly shucked my clothes off, dropping them on the floor. I then lay on his mattress. He came back in, almost naked except for his boxers. The hair on his chest fanned out from the crevice between his pecs towards his ribs. His cock pointed eryaman escort out from his boxers. He slowly took them off, and his dick popped out, slapping his stomach. It was a long, thin cock, cut, the head flared. I slowly started squeezing my own cock, already out, peeling my foreskin back. I was too drunk to care if this was slutty of me. He crawled on the bed towards me and we kissed again. His tongue rubbed against mine, and he pressed his body against me. As I fell backwards towards the bed, his long cock pressing against mine. His cock was longer than mine, a light pink, almost the same color as the rest of his skin. The head was nicely flared, but not too much so. My cock wasn’t as long as his, but it was thicker, with a thick long foreskin hiding the purple head and a tangle of thick black pubic hair that spread up across the shaft. I shave usually, but I had let it get wild for a few weeks. I did wonder if it would put Adam off from blowing me. As we made out and humped our leaking cocks together – “Dude, did you cum?” Adam asked in the middle of kissing my neck. I wondered about a hickey. “No,” I responded, “I just leak a gallon.” – I ran my fingers down his back. I felt each bump of his vertebrae, then reached what I wanted. His ass was small, but incredibly tight. I gripped his ass checks, my palms rubbing up against the soft fuzz that covered them. When my fingers squeezed his ass, he began humping my dick faster. I moaned into his mouth as the head of his dick suddenly started hitting the area below my big fat balls. His hands were pressed down on the pillow on either side of my head. I took his left hand and lifted his arm up. I craned my neck up and started licking at his exposed pit, a bush of dark brown hair, scented with deodorant, sweat and weed. It was intoxicating and I started diving in. “Fuck, dude,” I heard him moan above me. I felt a glob of precum land on my shaft. He then lowered his arm and dove his face into my chest. Licking around at the stray long hairs between my pecs, he then traveled to my right nipple. As he started sucking on my big brown nipple like a baby, I arched my back and let out a yelp. My nipples are definitely hardwired to my dick – I might enjoy having my nipples sucked more than getting head. As he kept sucking, his lips wrapped around the nipple, his tongue brushing against the taut skin, I opened my mouth, sucked in some breath and moaned out, “Fuck, baby.” It was a weird thing to say, but he responded with taking two fingers and sticking them in my mouth as he moved to the other nipple. After a few minutes of this heaven, I felt like I was going to bust. I couldn’t have that. Since I was bigger than him, I grabbed Adam’s shoulders and flipped around so that he had his back to the bed and I was on top. I kissed him quickly then traced my tongue down across the thicket of chest hair down past his abs and belly button, down to where I wanted to go: the long thin cock. I’d only sucked dick once before, but this time I remembered to breathe through my nose. I felt the tip of his dick touch the back of my throat and I began bobbing up and down. I felt his hand gently touch the back of my head and he started moaning. I bobbed more vigorously, flattening my tongue so that I brushed up against the underside of his shaft. He lifted his knees and brought his feet down on my back, his heels rubbing up and down. I then slid down a bit more, taking each of his balls into my mouth and lightly esat escort sucking them. A few minutes later, I darted my tongue out and start brushing against his hairy ass crack. A few seconds into this ass play, he yelled out “Fucking hell, man!” He moved up – his ass disappeared from my face – and got off the bed. He walked around to the foot of the bed, then grabbed my by the hips (I was flat on my stomach at this point) and lifted them up. I then felt him get on the bed and he slapped my ass. “What the fuck, Max?” he growled, each word being punctuated with either a spank or his palm rubbing the spot quickly. “What the fuck, dude, making me feel so good?” I then heard the familiar rip of a condom and felt a cool liquid being applied to my waiting asshole. The funny thing is that he never asked me about how I felt about getting fucked. Adam is a sweet guy, and I know now that it was the alcohol talking, but regardless, I never said no. I did want this, even though I was apprehensive because I’d only gotten fucked the once. But here we were, him lubing up his condomed cock and me on my hands and knees, ready to be taken. I felt the tip brush along my ass crack and then suddenly, the head popped into my asshole. It went in fairly easily – I think me being drunk helped that – and then in one swift motion, he was in. His balls brushed against my taint, and we were in business. He started slowly rocking his hips back and forth. It was a good thing that his cock was long because it was hitting my prostate almost from the get go. I started moaning pretty loudly, which is something I do in general whenever I’m fucking, whether it’s sliding my fat cock into a tight pussy or asshole or, as in this case, having a hard cock up my ass. He then picked up speed. The lube on my ass and over his cock caused our skin to stick together before separating. His hands moved from rocking my hips to my shoulders, where his fingers clamped down as he fucked me. I closed my eyes, taking in all the sensations. I knew I wouldn’t last too much longer. “Fuck, man, I’m gonna cum!” Adam yelled out. I wondered if his roommates could hear us, and if they could, what they would think. Neither Adam or I were gay – at least, not socially. But then the thought passed as Adam quickly pulled out, ripped the condom off and jerked his cock. I didn’t want him cumming on my back – mostly for comfort reasons – so I flipped around and lay underneath him. I didn’t mind my sore asshole as I rubbed his thighs and legs. Adam on his knees, jerking his cock, sweat dripping through his chest hair – it was an incredibly sexy sight. It didn’t last too long since he suddenly spurted four shots of cum over my chest. As he breathed out, I rubbed the cum into my skin. “Do you need a towel?” he asked. “Sure,” I said. Adam turned and walked into his bathroom. While he was in there, I quickly grabbed my cock with both my hands, my thumbs and forefingers gripping tightly under the corona of my cockhead, my other fingers gracing the sides of my hairy shaft and my hands moving swiftly up and down (it’s weird, but that’s how I’ve always jerked off). In five or six strokes, I oozed out a river of cum, cascading down my cock and collecting in puddles on my stomach and in my pubes. “Whoa, dude, the fuck?” Adam stood there with a towel in his hand. “I’ve never seen cum that thick.” He threw the towel at me and I started wiping up. “I probably haven’t been drinking enough water.” “Whatever, dude. It’s fucking awesome.” He lay down next to me. I looked at him. We had just fucked. Our relationship would never be the same, right? Then Adam started laughing. I laughed too. We high-fived. “That was awesome, dude.” he slurred, then turned onto his side to fall asleep. I stared at the ceiling, the remnants of our cum drying on my body and I slowly drifted off. —- Thanks, guys. More to cum!

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