Friendly Advice III


Kris may not have been the biggest, or the thickest, but he was definitely enthusiastic. The morning after Georgia and I had sex with her little brother, I woke up sore from my shoulders to my toes! The mixture of pleasure and pain between my legs reminded me of how much practice we had put in in the greenhouse, and I wobbled to the bathtub to soak away the discomfort.

Filling up the tub, I let the steam fill the bathroom as I stripped off my pajamas, remembering Kris’ cock filling my pussy, and Georgia’s pussy firmly seated against my face. I slipped into the bath and lay back, letting the warm water relax my sore muscles and soothe the chafing of my skin. I lay there ‘til the water began to cool, eyes closed as I replayed the sex from the day before. As I got out of the tub and toweled off, I heard my phone ring and walked back in my room to answer.

Georgia’s voice was a mixture of excitement, wonder and happiness. “I can’t believe what I’m looking at right now, Kat… oh Goooooood, I can’t believe he went that deep inside you!!! – You tow look sooooo hot on this video – you have to come over and watch!!!” Apparently, Georgia had done a nice job of recording Kris and I, and the effect on her was enough to make me start to get wet just listening to her. I promised I would be there right away and dressed quickly, slipping out the door and leaving a note for Mom.

Once up in Georgia’s room, she quickly loaded the video and hit play. She had focused in on Kris’ cock as he entered me, and the effect was amazing – his six inches seemed to grow as he slid inside me and the moans on the recording were mine – I remembered how good he felt as he drove inside me for the second time that day. She had then pulled back Escort and set the camera to record us in full, while the moans on the recording indicated I wasn’t the only one who had enjoyed the sex! I leaned over and cuddled against Georgia while we watched the video. We held each other close as we watched Kris shoot all over my belly and kissed briefly as the video ended.

“Do you think he’s gonna tell Kyle today?” I asked. Georgia smiled and whispered “He said he was going to tell him last night!” My body was suddenly electrified as I realized that Kyle probably knew about us already. What was going to happen next?

A knock at the door had us both very nervous, then Kris walked in with a little smile on his face. He bent over to kiss me and his sister and settled in. Georgia played the video for him, and we smiled as we watched his jeans tighten as he watched us fuck. “Holy shit” was all he said, but he repeated it over and over…

I reached over and unzipped his jeans and let his cock spring out. I played with it gently as he watched; noting the way his precum began to seep out every time I let my finger circle the head. Enjoying the way my hands made his hard-on jump with every caress. Georgia just watched Kris stare at the screen and my hands on her little brother’s member, waiting patiently to ask her question. As the video ended, I leaned down and took j Kris in my mouth and jacked m him hard, letting him empty that well earned load down my throat and enjoying the way his body shook as I sucked and swallowed every drop.
“Kris – did you tell Kyle about us?” Georgia whispered. The answer was a hand on her hair and a soft laugh as Kyle announced his presence in the room. We had been so involved in the Escort Bayan video no one had heard him creep in.

“I wasn’t sure whether or not I could believe the little runt, but after what I just saw… damn, girls…. What else don’t I know about you???” Kyle’s grin was equal parts teasing and curiosity. Georgia’s face was a deep pink as she turned to face her brother, while I was really confused. He had just seen me suck his brother’s dick!!! I had no idea what would happen now, and glancing at my co-conspirators, it was obvious neither of them did either.

Kris looked around at his big brother with a small smile. “See, told you I was telling the truth” he got up and walked over to Kyle and hugged him. “It’s so much fun, Kyle – we need to do this with them, don’t you think?” Kyle reached down and caressed Kris’ semi hard cock, and looked back at us, then kissed his brother deeply as Kris unzipped his fly and pulled out a bigger version of what Georgia and I had played with the day before.

Georgia gasped and I was speechless. Kyle and Kris were making out in front of us, kissing non stop as they stroked each other’s cocks and grinding together. After Kyle had gotten Kris hard again, they turned and faced us, two nicely shaped cocks, throbbing at eye level. Peeling off their jeans, Kyle said; “here’s the deal, ladies – I like boys and girls. Kris and I have been messing around for over a year, but we’ve never fucked…. Mainly because… well…. We weren’t sure how to do it without hurting each other. I think you two can help us do it right.” I nodded as I stared at his crotch, wanting nothing more than to take him in my mouth and suck him dry. “Obviously, I want us all to have sex together, to trade off Bayan Escort and try all sorts of things – is that OK with you two?” Georgia and I nodded and grabbed the boys’ cocks and pulled them to us, taking the brothers in our mouths and letting our tongues slip and slide over the tender skin. Kyle’s cock was thicker and a bit longer than Kris’, and I loved the warmth and smooth feel of it in my mouth. Kyle reached down and took my hand and placed my fingers over his ass, pressing my fingers against his hole, then pushing back and letting my fingers slip inside him. It felt like being in Georgia’s pussy, so I wiggled and probed and teased his ass like I was trying to get Georgia off. He groaned and wiggled and thrust his cock in my mouth, then pushed back. “Time to teach sis about that, Kat” he said, and switched places with Kris. I heard his roan as Georgia began her lessons, and decided to try my new skills on Kris’ ass. Kris almost screamed in delight as my fingers slipped in him. The ease of insertion let me know the boys had done as much exploring as they could, and Kris’s excitement was so great that I simply let him explode down my throat again as I finger fucked his ass. I looked over at Georgia as she sucked on Kyle’s cock with her fingers busy in his crack. Kyle realized Kris and I had finished and pulled out of his sister’s mouth over her protests.

“Girls, we are going to have a great time together!” Kyle was smiling ear to ear. “Before Mom comes up here and wonders what we’re all up to, let’s decide where to meet this afternoon” I suggested the greenhouse, but Kyle wanted something more private. We traded ideas, shooting down one after another until Kris cam up with the answer. “Let’s go over to the gym! It’s always easy to open a side door and get in on the weekend, and the wrestling room has a pile of mats!” We all agreed to meet there. Kyle told us to expect a surprise when we arrived……

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