Frank’s Holiday Final Part


Frank’s Holiday Final PartI must say I left the guest house with a heavy heart as I thoroughly enjoyed my stay, I told the staff that if any of them was ever in my area to look me up and they all promised they would, I even gave Jo my number.It was a good 5-hour drive home and it was a hot day so my decision was just shorts for the trip and I have to say I spent the first hour or so with a boner reflecting on my holiday.By the time I wanted to stop for refreshments my erection had subsided however on close inspection it was obvious I was commando with my cock flopping about under my shorts. I pulled into this little secluded rest area and easily found somewhere to park and had a quick look around, there was a little café with toilets which was needed. I sat in my car for a while checking my phone when a message came through, “Hi Frank.. have a safe trip home, Jo xx” which I thought was nice so I sent a reply back, “Thanks Jo, cum see me sometime xx” I thought I would return the kisses and I got an immediate reply, “Lol.. you can’t spell.. it’s come NOT cum xx” which I thought was funny and damn if I wasn’t getting a boner again thinking of her, how old was she really? My guess is she had a few years to go before she celebrated this milestone but I would probably never know.Just then a car pulls up next to me to my left, I glanced across at the guy driving, he smiled and nodded and I nodded back in return, just a gentlemanly thing to do. I could see he had someone in the car and it looked like it was probably his daughter unless he had k**napped a young girl, I could also see a dog jumping about in the back seat. As he stepped out the car I could see he was just in shorts like myself and he turned back to his daughter, “Please Jodie, get off that damn phone and take the dog for a walk” was his stern instruction and I looked into his car and saw her throwing her phone down and with attitude responded, “FINE! And I hope I get lost!” she said as she got out the car holding on to the dogs lead.She certainly had the face of someone who didn’t want to take the dog for a walk however the dog, a cute puppy boxer, had other ideas as he jumped around, Jodie looked across at me as I got out my car and walked around the front, her tone changed as she obviously didn’t want to make a scene and just smiled and walked off into a clearing that led into the trees, she was a slight girl, seen more meat on a butchers hook and had on a baggy crop top that barely concealed her flat chest and a pair of shorts that were very short, luckily they looked a size too big otherwise she might reveal more than she wanted to.The guy turned to me very apologetic for his daughters behaviour saying, “Damn teenagers!” and I could certainly relate to that with my own experiences with Lisa, “Yeah, she’s at THAT age!” he said with a giggle, I certainly knew ‘THAT’ age too, I called it ‘the curiosity years’ when Lisa wanted to know the ins and outs of a ducks arse, I think Mick as I now know him knew where I was coming from.We had a bit of a laugh about it as Jodie disappeared into the trees, “Where’s the toilet?” Mick asked as we both stood there looking around, we saw a sign and headed off that way, we had a bit of a giggle on the way at how we were both single fathers and both feeling each other’s pain although my guess is Lisa is a few years older than Jodie so I really felt HIS pain.“Fuck” said Mick in a frustrated voice as we arrived at the toilets only to find an ‘Out of Order’ sign and the door locked, I looked around and saw a little path leading into the trees and suggested we nip and there out of public Arnavutköy Escort sight, “Good idea” he responded and the speed he moved told me he was bursting.I followed close behind and once under the cover of the trees we ended up standing side by side and both instinctively pulled our cocks out the top of our shorts, nothing unusual really as we would have stood together in the urinals so I never gave it a second thought.It must be a man thing as we were both pissing like race horses and trying to see who could piss the furthest just like to adolescent boys, we both had an inquisitive look at each other’s hose pipes as the stream started to subside and Mick was first to break the silence, “Impressive mate” he said as he looked down, my shorts halfway down my arse and cock in hand, “Thanks mate” I said looking at him in exactly the same state, “Impressive too mate” I continued as we both started to shake the drips off as you do.He pulled his foreskin right back as he gently shook his cock, “Hate it when you can’t stop the drips” he said with a laugh, I followed suite by pulling my foreskin right back gently shaking which was turning more into a sly rub, “Definitely impressive” he said as I started to get a chubby and I think his attention wasn’t helping, “Thanks” I said looking down at him and seeing the same as his cock started to grow.“What are you doing?” came a surprising voice from behind us and I could hear footsteps and a dog rustling in the bushes, I knew exactly who it was and we both froze as the footsteps got closer, we didn’t dare look back.“I thought you were going for a … OMG!” she said as she came round the front and saw us both with shorts halfway down and cocks in hand, “You both have hard ons” she cried out trying hard not to erupt in laughter, I was speechless and instead of my cock retreating it stood proud as Jodie looked on waiting for some kind of explanation.Mick’s face went red as he searched for an explanation, “The toilets were out of order” he stuttered as his daughter looked down at his cock in hand, not standing as proud as mine but still impressive.“Right” she said in a half-hearted stern voice, “So you thought you would come out into the woods and have a wank!” she said and how she held in the laughter was beyond me, her dad looked so embarrassed as her attentions turned to me, “Him I can understand” she said really getting into one, “He does it all the time, but who are you?” she continued and I had to do a quick rewind in my head as I looked across at Mick who stood there like a busted schoolboy as he probably had no idea he was being watched.I know from my own experiences that Lisa secretly watched me wanking long before I caught her so I knew what poor Mick was feeling, thinking you are alone and having fun only to later find out you had curious eyes on you. Maybe now that he knew he would do the decent thing and invite her to watch more closely, he looked confused as he held his semi hard cock in his hand waiting for me to respond.I looked at Jodie as the dog came sniffing around my feet and started to lick my bare legs, it was a weird feeling with Jodie watching her dog licking my legs, Mick looked horrified.“You’re lucky mister” she said, “He likes you” and I am sure I saw a smile come across her face and was also concerned as this frisky pest seemed to like the taste of my skin, finally Jodie giggled, “I think he wants a bone” she said, “NO JODIE” her dad blurted out but I wasn’t sure he was in a position to bargain and the dog was half way up my leg now getting dangerously close and it certainly had a tongue Escort Arnavutköy on it, it was somehow arousing and I noticed a wooden stump behind me so sat myself down still with my cock in my hand.The dog whose name was Rock came right into my lap sniffing much to the delight of Jodie but to the horror of her dad, it was quite weird with his tongue flicking around my balls. Jodie got down on her haunches to get a better look as Rock’s tongue flicked around my cock, I could see up the leg of her shorts easily seeing her little white panties, her dad looked horrified and pulled up his shorts as Jodie giggled and I must say I was feeling a bit uncomfortable.Mick grabbed hold of the lead, “Come on, we’re going” he said sternly as he and pulled Rock away from his meaty bone, Jodie looked stunned as her dad walked angrily back up the track back to the car park.My cock was still hard as Jodie looked at it still crouched down and seeing her panties inside her baggy shorts was not helping as she widened her legs to keep balance, “C-can I touch it mister?” she stuttered as her dad disappeared from view. I wasn’t sure but a hard on holds no conscience as her little hand reached out and her soft fingers wrapped around the shaft, “WOW!” she sighed softly as she slowly started to rub me, I looked around concerned that her dad had gone, “You better go honey” I said not wanting to keep her dad waiting, she looked into my eyes, “Oh he’ll be alright, he needs to chill out a bit” she said seemingly enjoying what she was doing and all of this got me wondering just how far her curiosity was going to go after all she did let slip that she had seen her dad wanking before.I pulled her hand away and stood up pulling my shorts up to cover my erection, what was I thinking? “Come on” I said, “We need to go find your daddy” I continued much to her annoyance as I think she wanted to continue, I grabbed her hand and we started off down the track to the car park.“OMG” I cried as we approached the empty car park, my car was the only car there as Mick had obviously fucked off leaving his daughter, we both froze and looked at each other, if this was a joke it wasn’t a very good one, “Call him” I said and Jodie looked at me as the reality of the situation hit home, “Ahh” she said in a panicked voice, “My phone is in the car” she said and I could see she was clearly upset. “Use mine” I suggested however like most people numbers are stored and she didn’t know it.I needed to think, “Maybe he is trying to scare you” I said trying to console her, I put my arm around her shoulders, “Lets get a drink and wait for him to come back for you” I said as we approached the kiosk.Jodie sat down while I got a couple of bottles of water and as I returned I saw her sitting with her knees up and her feet on the edge of the chair, OMG sitting like that was hot and as I sat down opposite her she had no idea of the view she was giving me, my cock started to twitch again as I surveyed the tightness of her shorts up in her crotch, I could just see the white of her panties, Mmm and it looked so sweet.She seemed concerned that she had been left here with a strange man and I told her that I was sure her daddy just got a bit angry with what had just happened in the woods and had driven off to cool off, I was sure he would return soon but as time went on this became more and more unlikely.“Why you getting a boner again mister?” she asked looking down at the tell-tale signs under my shorts, if only she knew the view she was dispensing especially as her little crop top was showing signs of nipple poking through. Arnavutköy Escort Bayan “I don’t know” I replied, “It must be the heat” which did make her giggle.“So tell me about your peeping on your daddy” I said taking the bull by the horns and Jodie smiled and let out a little nervous giggle, “Hehe, it only happened a couple of times” she said still with her knees under her chin, “I came home from school and he had his bedroom door open a bit, I just peeked through the little gap and saw him tugging away” she continued, “I know it was wrong mister but I was curious” she said in an apologetic way, “Was I bad?” she asked and I reassured her that it was normal in girls her age, “Really” she said with half a smile. It was over an hour now since Mick went and I was beginning to think he wasn’t coming back so I told Jodie that she had better come with me so I left my number with the lady in the kiosk just in case Mick returned.“I need a pee mister” Jodie said as she got up so I suggested she use the bushes as the toilets were closed. “Will you keep watch for me mister?” she asked and thinking that I could probably do with one too agreed, “I need one too” I said as we walked back into the trees, we walked a bit further this time and I told her we had better get off the beaten track so we don’t get seen. “OK” she replied and we walked through the thicket and found a small grassy clearing. “This will do” I said, “Make sure you keep watch” she said as she pulled her shorts and panties down to her knees and crouched, OMG! It was going to be difficult for me to piss as my cock started to rise at the sight of her young pussy, her labia lips were protruding and I could see a little tuft of light pubic hair as I saw the golden stream spray out.Seeing her pissing was strangely a turn on as I pulled my semi hard cock out of the top of my shorts right in front of her eyes, “WOW Mister” she said as she saw my own stream shoot upwards due to my semi erection and while she was looking at me I was obviously looking at her, she giggled at the scene as did I as if anyone saw this they would surely find it funny.She finished before me and kept in the position watching me struggle as my cock was getting harder and I had to pull my foreskin right back exposing the swelling head, she was mesmerised.I tried to shake the drips but ended up rubbing more than shaking and my cock soon got totally hard, her eyes were glued so I decided to just go for it and slowly started wanking, “OMG Mister, that’s just like daddy did it” she sighed as she crouched enjoying the show, I turned to face her and started to increase the pace and her eyes widened, “OMG! This is so cool” she said softly, “Are you going to shoot?” she asked and I knew I was, I could feel I was close so took a step closer and then felt myself cumming, “OMG!” I cried out as my cock pulsated and I stream of hot white liquid shot out landing full on Jodie’s face, “OMG WOW!!” she cried as the second spurt landed and some even went into her open mouth, I could see her tasting it and her face screwed up with the taste.“Do you have a tissue?” she asked and to be honest I didn’t, “Use your panties” I suggested and she stood up removing her shorts and panties and then using her panties to wipe the cum off her face as I pulled my shorts up. She did a good job cleaning herself and was about to throw her panties into the bush, I told her not to do that and I would dispose of them so she handed them to me as she pulled up her shorts.We returned to the car park just as Mick pulled back into the car park, Jodie ran over to the car and jumped in, she waved to me as they drove off but at least I got another memento. The rest of the journey in comparison was uneventful and to be honest I was glad to get home and when I saw Sally’s note I had mixed feelings, I was sorry she decided to move on but glad I now had my house back, it was a great holiday.

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