Foxy Lady Wants to Raid My Nest


Some would say I’m a lucky guy. Me? I’m not certain but I certainly get a whole lot more sex now. Maybe after this story you can make your own mind up.

I’m Charlie, a 42 year old guy who is average in many ways. 5’10” tall, short brown hair, graying at the temples and a normal body for my age.

My wife, Anne, would tell you my most appealing part is my cock. A thick eight inch rod that fires loads of cum.

Anne is five years younger than me and I considered myself to be punching a little above my weight when we got together.

She is 5’6″ tall, has short black hair and lovely hazel eyes. Her tits are a good 34D and has stunning legs, on the few times she bares them. Lack of confidence is her thing.

Our sex life is decent but Anne is a little reserved when it comes to trying new things.

We both work full-time. I run a franchised tool hire store that ticks over nicely, although I’ll never be a millionaire. Anne works at a large IT company as a Facilities Manager, basically making sure everything is clean and safe.

This story revolves around a friendship Anne made at work, that would lead to our world changing.

The friend is called Lesley, who I’ll generously say is 50. She is the receptionist at Anne’s work.

Looking back, she recognised Anne’s vulnerability with her confidence and preyed on it.

I first met Lesley one day I was picking Anne up from work. She looked good, from a distance, behind the desk. She had long blonde hair, sloping down the side of her face, that concealed her real age well.

She had mischievous blue eyes and once you got past her double chin, she had lovely big tits, clearly in too small a bra.

I tried to focus my attention elsewhere.

“That’s a a lovely brooch on your blazer.” Was the first thing I could say.

“Surprised you noticed it, considering you’ve been ogling my tits since you came in.”

She caught me off guard and I was in the middle of mumbling an answer when she continued.

“I don’t blame you, they are nice aren’t they?”

“Ummm, yes, ummm, very.” Was all I could say.

“Here’s Anne now.” Lesley exclaimed.

I was feeling sheepish after our short conversation and Lesley took advantage.

“Lucky you’ve turned up! Your man has been trying to seduce me.” Lesley said in a flirty way.

“No way Anne, i’m innocent here!” I threw my hands up.

Lesley started to laugh.

“Don’t worry Anne, I’m only kidding. He’s been a perfect gent.”

“It makes a change, his eye is always roving.” Anne hit out.

“Hey, is it pick on Charlie hour? Give it a rest. If I look at other women, it’s only to remind me how good my wife is.” I tried to take back some ground.

“Well played Charlie. I believe you.” Lesley pushed her tits out as she said it. Her blazer was undone and I could see her hard nipples through her white blouse. Not surprisingly, my cock began to stir, which I tried to hide.

“You off anywhere?” Lesley changed the course of the conversation.

“Yeah, think we’re off to Pizza Hut at the retail park.” Anne replied.

“You should go to Luigi’s in town, it’s excellent.” Lesley suggested.

“Well, we wouldn’t get a booking now.” I answered.

“Me and my man, Peter, have got a table for 6pm. You’re welcome to join us.”

The way she said it, food wouldn’t be the only thing on the menu.

Anne being the polite soul she is, accepted the invitation.

As it turned out, the night was better than I expected. Peter was a nice guy, around the 60 mark, who seemed to be able to brush off his wife’s flirty comments. Out of her work uniform, Lesley’s tits were even more pronounced. She wore a red dress and black lingerie.

Now I could see her whole body and she was a big girl, not fat but hefty. I must admit her ass made me hard and I was jealous at the fuck Peter would get later.

Lesley hit the wine though. She had a penchant for the Italian red, Sangiovese and it is fair to say she was sozzled by the end of the night.

As we left Luigi’s, she was amorous towards Anne.

“Anne, you are beautiful, you really are. This man is so lucky to have you.” She slurred.

“Give me a kiss Anne, go on, please.” Lesley begged and Anne, as usual, gave in to her request.

Lesley went for it. I expected a peck on the cheek but no, this was a full-blown lips kiss and I’m sure she tried to get her tongue in as well.

Peter dragged her off, cursing her as a drunken tramp. She sobbed a little and I so wanted to hold her but I checked myself.

I had stayed fully sober as I was driving and offered to drop Lesley and Peter off as it wasn’t too far out of the way.

As Lesley got out, she again kissed Anne and this time even got a handful of boob. I was so hard as the two waved goodnight.

“You seemed to like Lesley kissing me.” Anne stated, as she looked down at my poorly concealed erection.

“I didn’t see you fighting her off.” I retorted.

“Let’s get that home in one piece and give it relief.” Anne’s smile made it grow even more.

Lesley drifted into my background for the next two months although she was close to Anne fındıkzade escort at work.

One girls work night out ramped things up a little bit.

At 10pm I received a text from an unknown number. It read ‘Hi Lesley here, Anne just told me what a big cock you have and I’m now dreaming of it filling me up xx’.

I was shocked to say the least and also worried. I felt Lesley was capable of causing trouble.

I’d arranged To pick Anne up at midnight and even though she’d had a few to drink, she recognised I was unhappy.

“What’s up Charlie? She asked.

“Your friend Lesley. Look at that text on my phone.” I said angrily.

“Oh that, I’d almost forgotten, we did it for a laugh! Anne seemed to shrug it off.

“What were you doing telling her about my cock anyway?”

“We had been talking about her and Peter. She says he is now impotent and they haven’t had sex for eight months. I just mentioned how lucky I was and she suggested playing a joke.”

It eased my mind a little and I could understand how much Lesley must want a cock.

“Are you offering her my services?” I said half seriously.

“You wouldn’t want her, would you?” Anne asked doubtfully.

“Depends if she takes it up the arse.” I teased.

Anne shocked me with her reply. “She is up for anything. She’s told me a few stories.” Anne looked for a response but I just carried on driving.

“Oral, anal, lesbian, group sex, she’s done it all.” Anne revealed.

I was rock hard and Anne noticed.

“Is that you thinking of fucking Lesley then.” Anne was quick to tease me.

I couldn’t really deny it.

“Well if you want, maybe we could arrange a threesome. ” Anne’s suggestion hit me for six.

“Are you being serious?” I said, laughing.

“Deadly serious, Charlie. I have fancied sex with a woman for years but dismissed it as a fantasy but hearing Lesley talk about it, I want a shot.”

“You should have said, I’d have been happy to watch any time.”

We went straight to bed when we got home. I’d never known Anne to be as horny.

“Are you thinking about Lesley?” Anne asked as we kissed.

“Just a little bit.” I lied.

“I’m thinking of licking her pussy. Do you think I’d be good at it?

“How about you practice on my cock.” I suggested and was delighted when she agreed.

It was one of those rare nights that Anne swallowed my cum but I knew it was Lesley that was in her mind.

The next day, I received another text from Lesley. This time apologising for her previous text, saying she wasn’t that kind of woman.

I replied, saying I knew exactly what type she was and if she wanted my cock she was welcome to it.

There was a short delay, then my phone pinged. Lesley was now asking for a dick pic, quite brazenly.

I shouldn’t have but I sent her one of me hard as a rock and as a bonus sent her one with Anne’s lips around it.

As soon as I sent it, I regretted it. My phone rang. It was Lesley. I thought about ignoring it but that could just inflame her, so I picked up the call.

“Hi Lesley!” I tried saying cheerfully.

“Oh, you dirty, dirty boy.” She purred.

“Hark at the angel name-calling.” I replied.

“Well I’ll be your angel, if you’ll be my horny devil.”

I was in deep now. I knew Anne would jump at the chance, so I put in my deal breaker.

“I’ll give you all the cock you want but Anne has to be included, I know she wants you too.”

“Honey, I’ve known that from day one. I think she loves my tits more than you do.”

It was kind of appropriate that Lesley mentioned an event we could all hook up at, that weekend. A vicars and tarts theme had me salivating. It was in aid for charity and ironically, the hall was being leased from the church. She said she would bring Peter but have a row with him and have him go home alone.

Lesley was a devious bitch but I was looking forward to seeing her dressed up as a tart.

Are you hard, honey?” She asked with mock innocence.

“What do you think?”

“I think you should take your cock out and wank it for me. Pretend my bare 46F tits are in front of you and cum over them.”

The thought filled my mind and I soon fired my seed into a paper hankie.

“When you do that for real, you’re going to lick it off my tits and kiss me.”

Fuck, she was sexy!

“Then you’re going to watch as Anne licks my pussy. Watch, not touch.”

My mind pictured Anne lapping away.

“Then i’m going to lick her and as I do that, I might let you fuck me, your choice of hole.”

I nearly came again at those words.

“Lesley don’t tease me. You’d better be prepared to do all that.”

“Don’t you worry Charlie, I’ll deliver but I do have one condition.”

“What’s that?” I quickly asked.

“I get to use my strap-on, on both of you.”

That dampened my ardour somewhat.

She had it a planned out, to use us both but I was attracted to the thought of a threesome, something I knew Anne would now be happy with.

Anne had suggested that Lesley and Peter come to our house to change on the night of the party,

When they arrived, taksim escort I could tell that Lesley had already started work on Peter as they brought an ‘atmosphere’ into the house.

The women decided to go upstairs to change, leaving Peter and I to chat. He declined the offer of a drink as he was driving and had to look after ‘that mess’, obviously referring to Lesley.

“Wait until you see what she’s wearing, she’s almost giving it away.” He spat out the words.

“I could tell that you were not in a good mood when you came in.”

“It’s no wonder, she’s going to have her bits out for everyone to see and touch, I warn you. Then I have to clear up when she starts kissing people. I’ve had enough.

What I said next, I shouldn’t have but it protected a secret that had been given away.

“At least you’re guaranteed a good fuck when you get home.” I said, smiling.

“That’s just it. I’m impotent. She is nasty about it too, always belittling me.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.” I feigned surprise.

At that, the two of them came down the stairs, Anne leading the way. She looked stunning, quite classy going for a retro Parisian look. She wore a top with horizontal black and white stripes, a short red leather mini and black fishnets. She topped it off with a little black beret. My cock was already standing to attention.

Then came Lesley. She certainly did look like an older, desperate tart but I was equally attracted.

She had laid the make-up on thick and wore a simple white cotton top, with no bra underneath. Her huge tits bouncing and not as saggy as I’d expected. Her nipples were stiff and pushing against the cotton top. She wore a black mini, with a slit up the side that left no doubt she was wearing stockings.

Anne was first to speak.

“Hey you, put your eyes back in their sockets, you’re mine.”

I heard her but I wanted to fuck the old tart before me.

Peter was next to comment.

“You look a fucking disgrace, woman. I know you like flirting but seriously, who would fuck you in that state? He spat.

“Obviously not you.” She aimed and landed with her bitchy answer.

They went back upstairs to add some finishing touches, leaving us men to put on our surplices. I nipped upstairs to the loo and heard Lesley’s voice from the bedroom.

“That’s it Anne, lick me deep, that’s wonderful.”

I burst in, expecting to see them lying there engaging in some fun. Instead they were sitting on the bed, side by side, fully clothed. They burst into laughter as I entered.

“Gotcha!” said Lesley. “You didn’t think we’d start without you, did you?”

At that, she turned and started to kiss Anne. I approached them and Lesley soon had a hand on my crotch. She had a delicate touch for an older woman.

I wanted sex there and then but Peter’s shouts from downstairs put an end to that thought.

“Come on you lot, let’s get this thing over with.”

It was obvious how much Peter was looking forward to the night…not!

Lesley now wore a silver glittery waistcoat to hide her nipples, much to Peter’s relief.

“We just got a taxi here. Do you want to order one for us, or are you driving?” Peter hinted.

“I’m happy to drive. No drinking again for me.”

“Means you’ll be hard for Anne later.” Lesley joked.

I biushed a little and Peter just rolled his eyes.

“I’m always ready, Lesley.” I looked her straight in the eyes.

“Save some for me.” She said, in her most obvious comment in front of her husband.

Peter said nothing but gave her a sour look.

There was a great atmosphere at the party and the dj chose a bunch of tunes to get everyone going.

A lot of eyes were on Lesley, who played the part of a cheap tart so well.

She loved dancing with Anne, discarding her glittery waistcoat and revealing those sumptuous hard nipples.

Peter and I sat at our table and watched.

“You want to fuck her, don’t you?” Peter suddenly announced.

It caught me on the back foot and Peter carried on.

“Don’t try to deny it, I’ve seen the way you look at her and I’ve heard her make comments about your big dick.”

“Peter, okay I admit it, there’s something strangely attractive about Lesley but she and Anne also want to get together.” I revealed.

“Ah, down that route again. Listen, I don’t mind her fucking other people, just not randoms. I’m a whole lot easier about her fucking you and Anne.”

I was surprised at his accepting candour.

Both of us stayed silent for a minute as the girls danced.

It was me who broke the silence.

“Lesley plans a row with you tonight and then is going to stay at our place for… know.”

“I thought she was up to something. She thinks I didn’t notice but I saw her strap-on in her costume bag. I knew someone was getting it.”

“I’m not sure about that bit.” I admitted.

“Well I’m happy to play along with her game, for tonight. I’ll have a row with her and say I’m leaving and that she isn’t welcome home tonight.” Peter said decisively.

Sure enough, after half an hour, they were at each other. Him calling her a dirty başakşehir escort whore and her calling him a dud fuck.

Peter stormed out, giving me a wink as he passed. Lesley stood, hands on hips, tits jutting out.

“Mission accomplished! Soon be time for fun..

Anne approached me.

“Me and Lesley will just powder our noses, then be ready to go.” She beamed.

“Don’t get up to anything in there.” I pleaded.

“Just a kiss or two to start us off. Don’t worry.” Anne squeezed my arm.

The two entered the ladies room and three minutes felt like thirty, as I waited, imagining what Lesleý would be doing to Anne. I was so hard, it took me all my time not to join them.

When they did come out, I could tell that Lesley had been on the offensive, leaving Anne with lipstick marks on her neck and top.

Lesley wanted to sit beside me in the car and it was obvious why, as her hand was soon nestled on my groin.

A voice from the back surprised me.

“Take it out Lesley. I want to see how big and hard Charlie is.” Anne said in an excited voice.

Lesley wasted no time and soon had a firm grip on my cock, which was oozing pre-cum. Meanwhile, I was trying to pay attention to the road.

How we got safely home is a mystery to me. Lesley put my cock away and gave me a huge kiss that I was not expecting, full tongues and I groped her pendulous tits as we kissed. We almost fell into the house, all three of us kissing and touching.

Immediately, Lesley started to undress Anne, pulling her top up and over her head. She rubbed her thumbs over Anne’s bra covered nipples. She quickly unzipped the skirt and now I could see it was fishnet stockings, not tights, that Anne was wearing. The two started kissing and so I began removing Lesley’s attire.

The waistcoat was again removed quickly and I finally got my hands on her boobs, rubbing her nipples through the cotton top. I lifted it and replaced my thumbs with my mouth. She had surprisingly smal areola but the nipples stood talI. I nibbled away greedily and she pressed her orbs at me.

I virtually ripped her miniskirt off and slid two fingers into her silk panties, finding her dripping pussy.

Anne then took Lesley’s hand and made for the stairs. Anne licked my fingers before saying

“That tastes good, I want more.”

Lesley giggled. “I’m all yours, honey.”

She lay back on our bed, her legs spread apart, revealing her hairless pussy.

I was helped out of my shirt by Anne, then I watched as Anne made her first attempt at pussy licking.

I took over and dived into the sweet mass of Lesley’s vagina. I love licking pussy and hers did not disappoint.

Anne had pulled my trousers down by now and was squeezing my heavy cum-filled balls.

I was patient and soon located where Lesley’s ‘hot spot’ was. I lapped away, as her juices flowed, until her whole body seemed to shudder and she let out an almighty roar as she came. She had my head almost in a vice lock and would not let me stop. I didn’t mind, she tasted like honey and I would have stayed there the whole night, if asked.

Lesley then asked Anne to lie on the bed and moved her lips to my wife’s pussy. After a nervous false start, Anne got into it and gyrated as Lesley’s tongue hit home.

Lesley stuck her arse in the air as a signal for my cock to enter play and I wasn’t going to waste the opportunity. I licked her hole a little and heard her gasp as my tongue flicked inside.

I smacked her big arse a couple of times and then I went for it with my cock, quite aggressively, enjoying her whelp as I pushed inside.

Lesley had already made Anne cum and so I had free rein to fuck Lesley as hard as I wanted. She was an old master and knew how to move. She was neither too tight nor too loose, just a perfect fit and I loved pumping in and out. She decided to grip her muscles around my cock and I soon flooded her hole with my seed.

As I withdrew, I put my lips to her hole and let her push cum back into my mouth. I then reached up to Anne and deep kissed her, sharing my cum.

Lesley now reminded me of what was coming next as she brought out her strap-on. It was a fearsome looking thing, a thick nine inches and I blanched when I saw it.

She instructed Anne to bend over and soon found her pussy and a rhythm to fuck to.. As Anne was bending, she licked my cock clean of any spare spunk.

Anne started to moan from the fucking she was getting and I could see Lesley loved being in charge.

“You’re next, lover boy, unless……”

“Unless what?” I eagerly asked.

“Unless this is a regular thing, weekly at least.” Lesley proposed.

“Anne looked up at me and nodded, with a wide smile on her face.

“Okay then but always us three, no additions or working in twos.”

“Don’t worry, I want her pussy and your cock in equal measure.”

It was then my turn to lie back and the two of them started to lick my cock, in between kissing. I was in heaven, two sexy women servicing my cock.

Lesley’s full lips, knew how to please Anne and myself. I warned them I was about to cum and both lay poised with their tongues hanging out of their open mouths. I was surprised I came as heavily as I did and spurted several loads. Lesley sucked the remnants whilst Anne licked up what was dripping down my shaft. Then they kissed again, swapping my cum as they snogged.

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