Forced Entry


I was engulfed in a fantasy. As per usual it may or may not involved those whom I really knew. Tonight’s guest was a recurring one, my neighbor, Officer Monroe. We lived in the same duplex and as much as I’d love to know him on a more personal level, that man always seemed to be on the job. But regardless, we’d became good enough acquaintances to make him a guest in my sexual fantasies.

Tonight wasn’t anything too special. I was playing with my self, only imagining what it would be like if that man was in a mindset other than that of a deputy. Once I hit my first climax of the night, I couldn’t restrain the fantasy playing out in my mind. On multiple occasions I cried out his name. But while I was enjoying myself in my own little world, my bedroom door was kicked opened.


His footsteps soon entered. I saw him drop his revolver in shock. There I was, in bed, playing with myself. I had a little vibrator pressing against my clit as I squealed in pleasure.

I gasped, immediately stopping what I was doing to cover myself with a pillow.

“Uh… uh… Beth, oh my God!” He exclaimed, his face immediately turning red in the dim lighting. “I… I heard you… from my apartment over. I swear I heard you crying and calling out for me. I was afraid you may be in trouble, or hurt. Are… are you ok?” He said, glaring at the floor.

“Um… yes Officer Monroe… I am ok.” I replied. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for you to hear that.”

His eyes darted from the floor to my bed as I spoke.

“I’m sorry for giving you such a scare, but I appreciate the concern.”


“Yes” I replied.

“Um… why did you… were you… uh… thinking about me?” He asked softly.

My face turned bright red. As I sat up to try and defend my dignity, he gently nudged the door closed with his foot. He stared me down, silently walking towards the edge of my bed. He picked up my balled up underwear at the foot of my bed, holding up to examine it. He rubbed his thumb against the wet silk of the panties crotch. Slowly he brought it up to face, closing his eyes as he breathed it in. As he exhaled he let out a soft grunt, and I could see his pants tightening all Ankara escort the while in full view of me. Still holding onto my panties, he walked over and sat in a lounge chair across from my bed.

“Come to my place tomorrow night at 10pm. If you choose not to come, this will never be spoken of again, do you understand.”

I nodded. And with that all said and done, he put my panties in his pocket, picked up his revolter, and left.

The next night, I knocked on his door at exactly 10pm. He quickly opened the door. As I walked inside, he instantly turned me around. I gasp as he pinned me against his front door, whispering in my ear.

“It’s just you and me in this entire building and we can do whatever the fuck we want.”

He kissed my neck, running his hand under my blouse.

“Please… please fuck me… fuck me against this god damn door.” I whimpered.

“Never in a million years would have I expected you to be such a pent up little slut.” He smiled.

“Only for such a nice man as yourself.”

“Come here,” he said, walking to his bedroom door. “Stand in front of the bed and get undressed.” He commanded.

I quickly complied, neatly kicking off my shoes, then pulling over my blouse and finally pulling down my skirt. He watched with his mouth ajar, leaning against the bedroom door.

“Now bend over on the bed.” He said.

I did as he asked. He walked up behind me, pressing his erection against me as he put my hand behind my back. He twirled his handcuffs on his finger for a moment, then secured them on my wrists.

“Is this what you fucking dreamed about while you were over there behind that wall being a little whore.” He asked.

I nodded, only to yank on hair, pull my head up so he could grunt in my ear.

“It’s yes sir!” He yelled.

“Yes sir!” I corrected myself.

He quickly undid his fly. I gasped as he rubbed it against my ass, partially covered by my panties.

“Get on your fucking knees.” He groaned, grabbing my shoulder.

He helped me up, immediately pushing me down to my knees. I looked up at him with hungry eyes as he slapped his cock against my cheek.

“Mmm spit Ankara escort bayan on that cock for me baby.”

“Yes sir.” I whimpered.

I spit on the head of his cock, with my lips gently grazed the length of his cock. After coating his cock with spit, I gently put it in my mouth. My tongue swirled around his cock, causing him to groan, grabbing the back of my head.

“Gooood girrrl.” He purred, pushing his cock farther down my throat.

Spit was strewn about my entire face by the time he pulled my head back.

“Stick out your tongue.”

I did as I was told. He leaned over and spit in my mouth. I smiled at him as I swallowed it.

“Thank you sir.” I smiled.

He pulled me to my feet, gently scooping up my chin to kiss me. He turned my around, undo one of my cuffs.

“On the bed,” he commanded.

As I sat up on the bed, he walked over to his bedside table, taking an extra set of handcuffs from the drawer. I bit my lip as he leaned over the bed, attaching one cuff to each wrist, and cuffing me to the bed post. He then slide my panties down legs, gasping as he uncovered my pussy.

“God you even shaved for me you little slut.” He smiled, his fingers grazing my slit. “And your so wet for me too.”

I began to shiver from his touch, whimpering,

“Please fuck me, I want it so bad.”

“Yeah? You want me to rail your little pussy, hmm?”

“Yes sir.” I nodded, biting my lip and smiling at him.

Getting on top of my restrainted body, he carefully positioned his cock against my cunt, slowly rubbing the tip along my slit. I gasped as he suddenly pressed into me.

I began to slowly mutter, “Yes, yes, yes, yes, oh thank you sir.”

As he continued to enter me, he propped himself with one arm, using the other to stroke my quivering chin. He quickly started up a rhythm of deep thrust into me.

“God your so fucking tight.” He grunted.

His hand moved down from my chin to the base of my neck. He grabbed my neck, choking me as his pace quickened. Tears streamed down my face, only encouraging him as his grunts grew louder. He released my neck, resulting in a passion filled cry escaping my Escort Ankara throat.

“Oh yes sir! Please, please rub my little fucking clit sir, please!”

“Yeah?” He asked playfully.

His hand traveled down my body to my clit. He suddenly pressed my clit harshly between his two calloused fingers.

I cried out, “Oh fuck!” My legs kicking from under his body weigh.

He suddenly slapped me across the face.

“Don’t you fucking dare kick me.” He spoke sternly.

I immediately complied, only letting out as persistent whimper with my body laying still as he used me.

He smiled up at me. “Mmm there you fucking go baby! Be a good little fuck toy for me.” He muttered.

The longer he played with my swollen little clit, the less I could hold in my moans and cries of pleasure and bliss. After a few louder cries of ecstasy, he finally lost all control, shoving his hand firmly over my mouth.

Loudly he grunted, “Your not gonna make a fucking sound, or move a damn inch.”

He smiled sadisticly as he pushed me to my breaking point. I finally hit a painful climax, using all my possible strength to keep both still and quiet as he pleasured me to the best of his ability. I pulled against the restraints suddenly. Staring into my eyes as I reached an orgasm was just what he needed to get himself to his own climax.

“Oh fuck!” He yelled, quickly pulling out his member.

As he was sitting back on his knees, occupied with finishing himself off, I suddenly squirted over the bed. He watched enchanted with lust, finally cumming spontaneously onto my thigh. Immediately he fell back onto the foot of his bed, groaning and cursing as he wiped the sweat from his brow. He tried to catch his breath for a moment as I laid there retrained to the bed, still whimpering and crying as my body shivered.

He soon slithered his body up next to mine, reaching in his pocket for his handcuff keys. He promptly unlocked wrists, my hands immediately entangling his arm. With his free arm he tucked his member back into his pants. He gently kissed me as whimpers still escaped my quivering lips.

As his lust subsided, defogging his sex driven mind, he muttered, “Are you okay… did I hurt you?”

I nuzzled my head into his chest, first nodding, then shaking it side to side. His arms wrapped around me.

“Good…” he smiled.

“Mr. Monroe?” I asked.


“Can I stay here with you for tonight?”

“Yes… of course you can.”

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