Forbidden View – Part 3 – Selfies


* Note: This story details the actual progression, and events, Cindy went through as she pushed her own boundaries. Part-1 is mostly background detail. The erotic content starts in Part-2, and the primary sexual content is in Part-4.





If you skipped Part 1 and 2, here’s what happened:

Cindy was experiencing a sexual reawakening and newfound pleasure. She feared that I’d eventually grow bored with her so she looked for a way to be seen as irreplaceable.

Knowing Hanna routinely slept in panties and a tank top, one morning Cindy went into her daughter’s room to wake them up, secretly recording the encounter. The video wasn’t explicit but Cindy hoped I’d be turned on by the private view she offered.

After that first video Cindy purchased a hidden camera pen, which she left in the bathroom. She had struggled getting any good videos with the pen, but her luck changed when Hanna came home early one day and jumped in the shower while Cindy was already in the bathroom. Cindy then remained in the bathroom and talked to her daughter just so she could discretely snap a few pictures when Hanna emerged. The pics weren’t perfect but they offered me my first real look at Hanna’s bare breasts and ass.




Over the next month and a half or so, I would get one, rarely two, videos a week thanks to the pen, and the routine was always the same. Right before Cindy and I would part ways she’d hand me a USB drive and I’d give her the previous one back. We never really spoke about the videos or what I did as I watched them. The only thing Cindy wanted to know was whether I enjoyed them.

During that time Cindy experimented with the location of the pen, which yielded limited benefit. Using a low resolution camera didn’t yield good videos even under ideal circumstances, but it was technically getting the job done. From these videos I saw the ass and breasts, of both Hanna and Nicole, many times. As a special treat, Cindy even managed to catch April’s bare breasts one weekend when she spent the night.

No matter what Cindy did, she was never able to capture her daughter’s pussy, unless it was a distant, quick or dark view as the shower curtain opened or they adjusted their towel. The layout of the bathroom just didn’t allow for many stealth video recording options. The other problem with capturing their pussy on video stemmed from the combination of factors. For starters, both daughters had a habit of wrapping up in their towel before opening the shower curtain and they removed the towel once they were standing right by the sink or out of frame. Due to the counter height and low-profile of the pen, when they stood next to the counter their breasts were clearly in view, but their pussy was barely too low. Moreover, both girls routinely performed their post-shower routine Anadolu Yakası Escort topless, but their panties were typically put on as soon as they dried off.

Overall, the low quality camera and poor lighting resulted in the girls having a dark coppery tone. If I was on a porn site and came across videos like these I’d skip past them without a second thought, but the content of these videos were special. Despite the obvious problems in quality, I couldn’t help by love the fact Cindy was recording their bathroom time for me. These weren’t wild masturbation videos, but the woman I was fucking was still going out of her way to film both of her daughters naked, so I could lust over their exposed, teenage bodies.

One day before leaving Cindy handed me a USB drive and then told me that she wasn’t responsible for the contents of the drive. She very quickly explained that she had looked at Nicole’s tablet the other night and accidentally stumbled across pictures she’d taken for her boyfriend. When she noticed the pictures were still there the next day, she grabbed a copy of them, before Nicole realized she’d forgotten to delete them.

The quality of those pictures didn’t compare to videos Cindy had been giving me. The videos Cindy took were filmed in secret with poor lighting, a low resolution camera and horrible subject-framing, so the finished result reflected that. By contrast, these pictures had been carefully taken with the express intent of being seen, and with the hopes that the person looking at them would be turned on.

When I loaded the first picture I saw Nicole wearing a sweatshirt and panties. By the time I reached the third picture the sweatshirt was pulled up and her bra was visible. When I reached the seventh picture her sweatshirt was mysteriously missing and her hand was now serving as her bra. A few pictures later and her hand was no longer in the picture, leaving the screen filled with her perfect teenage breasts.

The fact none of the pictures included Nicole’s face couldn’t have been an accident, but I didn’t need to see her face to know it was her. I had other pictures of Nicole wearing that same sweatshirt. The sheets on the bed, mirror in the background and items hanging on the wall marked this as Nicole’s room and her bed. Additionally, Nicole’s curly red hair was visible in virtually every picture, and of course, I recognized Nicole’s breasts. Had I had stumbled across these pictures on a random website I’d like to think I’d have immediately known who this faceless girl was.

I’d never seen Nicole’s breasts so clearly or with this much detail. Having studied the previous pictures and videos Cindy had given me, I knew that Hanna’s body was leaner, sported a tighter ass and smaller perkier breasts than her younger sister. I also knew that Nicole had the subtle makings of womanly curves around her hips and significantly larger breasts, complete with large puffy nipples and an ass that screamed, “I have some junk in my trunk”. Some might say that Nicole looked like she had “baby fat”, but as I stared at pictures she had taken of herself; it was obvious she had the body of a woman.

As I slowly went through the USB drive Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan of pictures, I appreciated the much higher resolution view of Nicole’s breasts, and it wasn’t hard to imagine being in her room, as she laid topless on her bed, begging for me to look at her.

Cindy had known the higher quality, and clearer photos of her youngest daughter’s bare chest would drive me crazy, but that hadn’t been Cindy’s only motivation in giving them to me.

Everything Cindy had given me up to that point showcased her daughters doing things which were non-sexual by definition. It wasn’t their actions that were erotic, it was the fact Cindy had secretly captured them wearing little, to no, clothing.

Months earlier, when Cindy had told me the story about Hanna and April’s first lesbian encounter, she had effectively told me that Hanna had strong sexual urges and it was OK to think about her in a sexual light. However, that same message had never been delivered about Nicole. By providing me these pictures, Cindy was now telling me to “see” Nicole as a teasing, sexual, and horny teen.

With Hanna, Cindy had needed to verbally paint a picture of her daughter’s sexuality by telling me what she had written in her diary. However, Cindy didn’t need words this time as Nicole was the one blatantly broadcasting her own sexuality in each one of these photos.

I had grown used to seeing Nicole’s puffy nipples as she stood in front of the sink after showering, and those images had always offered the same view. In each video I saw large areolas, about the size of a half-dollar coin, and in the center was the small circle of her nipple, which virtually blended in, seemingly having no elevation or texture to it. Prior to seeing these selfies, I could have believed Nicole’s breasts were completely smooth and offered no change in contour or texture. However, her late night photos proved, in very vivid detail, that I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The photos that Nicole had been kind enough to take for me revealed that her entire areola could swell, causing each breast to become cone shaped. In the center of her swollen areola was another, smaller circle which could become engorged and raised. I could see clearly, for the first time, the detail and size of Nicole’s nipple, as well as how much it stuck out when it had a reason to. I immediately understood that her breasts only lacked a visible change in their gentle sloping curve because I’d only seen them during mundane times. Now that she was aroused, her breasts had swelled and they revealed three distinct levels, as if her chest was trying to become two naughty snowmen.

I gained a new appreciation for Nicole’s breasts as I stared at them. The fact Nicole’s entire large areolas swelled, causing the landscape of her entire breast to change was amazing. As her areola became its own protuberance, her nipple went from flat, and easy to miss, to something that demanded attention. Her nipple was no longer small; it had grown in size until it rivaled some women areolas.

The way Nicole’s entire breast appeared to change, showcasing her arousal, was breathtaking and it left me wondering Escort Anadolu Yakası how much of Cindy’s extreme breast sensitivity had Nicole inherited. I wanted to believe that touching, licking, sucking or squeezing Nicole’s breasts would cause her to moan as she soaked her panties and begged me not to stop, as pleasure radiated through her chest and down into her pussy.

In the midst of admiring this new view of her breasts I finally noticed the filenames. Nicole’s tablet included the date and time for each picture in the name. As I looked at the time of each picture I noticed that she’d take a few pictures fairly quickly and then wait 3-10 minutes before taking any more. Once I started viewing the pictures as “sets” I realized that with each new set, her breasts appeared more swollen and cone-shaped than the previous set. Finally, I compared the start time to the stop time of her photo session. In total, 35-minutes had elapsed from the first topless photo to the last picture on the drive.

In my mind there was an easy answer to the question “Why did it take so long and why were her breasts more swollen after each break?” While Nicole could have easily taken all those pictures within a couple of minutes, it’d likely taken her 35-minutes because she was sending them to her boyfriend, while they chatted and masturbated.

I stared at the transformation in her breasts with fresh eyes, stroking my cock as I imagined her hand between her legs, so we could masturbate together too.

It was clear that Nicole had taken those photos because she wanted someone to lust over her body. I knew she expected the person seeing them to rub his cock and imagine cumming on her tits, and that thought obviously excited her so much she had no choice but to rub her teenage cunt between shots.

It had never crossed Nicole’s mind that her own mom would use her pictures to encourage another man to fantasize about cumming on her exposed, pale breasts. Nicole believed she knew and understood her mom, and because of that it would have been impossible for her to believe that her mom would use her teenage body to fuel the fantasies of the man she was fucking. But the truth was, Cindy hid the depths of her sexual needs and desires from everyone, except me.

Nicole may have been her daughter, but when it came to Cindy’s sex life, her mom was a stranger. Nicole would remain ignorant of the reality which was unfolding around her as Cindy sought to become me The reality was, not only could her mom share her private selfies with another man, she’d do much more than that in the coming months. Because of Cindy’s willingness to violate her daughters’ privacy, neither Nicole’s nor Hanna’s electronic devices would ever be safe again. In the coming weeks Cindy discovered just how often Nicole took photos for her boyfriend while she stood in front of the mirror in the bathroom with her shirt open, missing or while wearing nothing more than a pair of panties. With new every discovery Cindy made, my collection of selfies grew.

One final note on the topic of selfies: No nude, or partially nude, selfies were ever found on Hanna’s devices. She either didn’t take them or she was more diligent about removing the evidence. However, in the end, it all balanced out because Hanna was the daughter who most often undressed, or showered when her mom was around, which provided increased opportunities for Cindy to take her own covert pictures.

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