Forbidden Lust Part One


Stuck in a rut, Charlie’s twenty-year marriage to Tom seemed to be getting more and more boring by the day. She truly loved her husband, but all he was married to was his job and golf! Their sex life, (when it happened), was fantastic. It had always been erotic, fun, and exciting even sometimes kinky, but they knew their limits.Thinking of the sex in their younger days, they would have it anywhere they could. All over the house, in the garden, in the swimming pool, and on the balcony whilst on holiday, and even at a family bbq up against the garage wall. They didn’t care that they could get caught. Yes, she smiled to herself it was fucking hot back in the day.She looked at him, as they sat as they usually do after eating dinner. Hardly talking, and in no time at all he’d be snoring away.Charlie still fancied him, He still gave her butterflies Konyaaltı Escort when she looked at him, but sometimes that wasn’t enough. Tom was still very handsome, tall, dark, and muscular in places, which complimented his “Dad Bod” creeping in. Charlie, however, after childbirth and the dreaded menopause looming wasn’t as confident in how she looked.Blonde, shoulder-length hair, big blue eyes, and a bit more curvier than she would have liked. However, she had great flawless skin and was told by everyone that she didn’t look anywhere near the forty-seven years young she was. Still, at least she had the big bouncy tits she had when she was younger. Which often got noticed on nights out.Laughing to herself again, as her girlfriends all call her “The ultimate milf.” Yes she did seem to enjoy the younger male attention on Escort Konyaaltı nights out. Well, who didn’t? It was flattering to be found attractive by someone else.Charlie looked at her watch and yawned, it was late and she was tired after the gym. She kissed Tom on the forehead and whispered she was going to bed, he stirred but didn’t wake. Sighing to herself, she looked at him again, another night alone in bed while he sleeps on the setee, when did their relationship get so boring? Whilst climbing into bed her phone pinged. Thinking it was the youngest of the two sons saying he was staying out. She looked at the message from a number she didn’t recognise.A dick pic !!! Even though not knowing who was the owner, she couldn’t help being fixated on his young, tall, tanned, muscular body and his absolutely massive, hard Konyaaltı Escort Bayan cock enveloped in his strong hand. She didn’t really focus on his face, well who would?!!Another message pinged through. “You like? Just say the word, and it’s all yours.”Charlie should have deleted the message but she couldn’t. She just kept staring at the image in front of her.She could feel herself flushing, becoming warm, wet, and turned on to fuck. Hesitating in whether to press send “Who are you?” she replied.“It’s Cal. We met tonight at the gym in the steam room, I was with Jake.”Jake is a friend of her eldest sons, but she had never met Cal until tonight. She remembered secretly checking him out and liking what she saw. Only she never imagined how fine his long bulging cock would look until now,“I can’t stop thinking about you,” Cal said. “It’s crazy, I’ve even masturbated over you.”“You don’t know me,” Charlie replied. “I’m old enough to be your mum, and seriously, I’m way out of your league.”She knew she shouldn’t be entertaining this conversation. She should just turn her phone off or ignore the messages, but she couldn’t.

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