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So, here I am sitting across from you, both of us completely naked. You (not me) have decided that you want to watch me masturbate. As of right now, my cock is flaccid, waiting for a little enticement from you. You know and have come to terms with the fact that even though we’ve been married for a number of years, that I (like all guys) still masturbate from time to time. But this is different. This time I have an audience. You want me to jerk off until I cum.

I watch intently as you begin running your fingers slowly down your still shapely body. They take their time and pause briefly at your nipples, making them stick out like the two hard nubs that I know they are. My cock begins to stir. Your hands continue their journey downward. Running your fingers through your dense patch of pubic hair. My cock is beginning to harden as I watch you. You tell me to take it in my hand and stroke it, stroke it as if you weren’t there.

I do as I am told. I grip my cock, just behind the head, and slowly begin pumping myself up and down. Meanwhile, your fingers spread your pussy lips apart, I can see the wetness from where I’m sitting. Obviously it turns you on to watch me masturbate. I pump my cock, slowly, not wanting to cum too fast. I watch as your finger slides down between your engorged pussy lips, then back up to your clit, using your wetness as a lubricant. God, you look so hot, you make me want to cum.

As I begin to stroke my cock faster, you tell me in a somewhat breathy voice “Fuck that cock…make it cum Bahçelievler escort bayan for me. I want to see you cum.” And with that you go back to diddling your cunt. I watch as your breasts heave with each breath you take. My other hand reaches down and begins instinctively massaging my balls. A gentle squeeze brings a throb to my hard cock. Faster I pump. You watch as my hand seems to glide over my shaft. Can you see the pre-cum leaking from my cock? Do you have any idea just how hot you are making me?

I remember when you first broached me with the subject, and how I was initially put off by the idea. But then the more I thought about it the more I liked it. And now here we sit across from each other, within touching distance, but that was one of the rules. No touching of either partner. It was each of us sharing one of the most intimate acts a couple could share. I listened to your breathing again as soft moans have now started to escape from your otherwise closed lips. It’s easy to see, the more turned on you get, the more turned on I get.

My stroking has gotten a bit more intense, stopping only momentarily to use my clear pre-cum as a lubricant on the underside head of my cock. I tickle the area with my forefinger, invoking more pre-cum from the tip of it. You must sense I’m getting closer as you finally stick one, then two fingers deep within your hole. You begin fingering yourself in earnest now, as I go back to fully stroking my rock hard pole. Up and down, Escort Bahçeşehir so close, but still I hold back. Whenever I feel myself getting too close, I simply let go, letting my penis throb in the night air.

You begin moaning louder as your fingers alternate between your hole and your clit. Your other hand reaches up and grabs at your breast, you squeeze it so tightly that some of the flesh protrudes from your fingers. You begin pinching one nipple then the other. Perhaps your imagining it’s my mouth on them. Who knows? Better still, who cares? I squeeze my balls again, another big glob of pre-cum. My cock is soon coated with the slippery substance. Can you see it gleaming in the pale light? It’s all for you my love. But you knew that, didn’t you?

I can now hear your cunt making squishy-squashy sounds as you fuck your pussy with your fingers. Your moans have increased dramatically from the beginning when there was nothing but silence. Oh fuck baby, I am so close, I’m afraid that just listening to you is going to send me over the edge. Now I pause even longer. Trying to hold back the inevitable. I squeeze my cock, hard, almost as if trying to persuade the cum back into my balls. I grit my teeth, squint my eyes, trying to convince myself not to cum yet. Watching and listening to you doesn’t help matters either.

Finally I say “Fuck it” and take hold of my cock once again, and I start fucking my fist faster. I’m usually not very vocal when I orgasm but this time it was Bakırköy escort different. I quickly scanned the room in search of something to cum on, be it a magazine, newspaper, anything. I see a pair of your lace satin panties within reaching distance and quickly scoop them up and lay them out before me. I am on the cusp of orgasm now. My balls are pulled tight up against my body. I look at you, then the panties. You know just how close I am as you quickly shove a third finger into your cunt.

“Oh god baby…I’m gonna cum!” I yell out, as I quickly rise on my haunches, my cock aimed towards the panties. The first spurt shoots out of my prick and misses it’s mark by a good twelve inches. The second and third were a little closer. I watched through squinted eyes as my cum spewed from my cock. Your panties soon had streaks of cum running through them. As my orgasm subsided I pulled and squeezed every last drop I possibly could out of it.

Meanwhile it occurred to me that you were finally in the throes of your orgasm. Apparently you got off by watching me get off. I watched as your body spasmed with your fingers stuffed deep inside your cunt. I wanted to taste you so bad at that moment. I wanted it to be my face you were riding to orgasm. We both sat there. Breathless. Staring at each other. Totally amazed at what we accomplished. Another bridge crossed. Another turn-on found.

And I suppose that’s what true love is all about. Sharing unabashedly with each other. No matter what that may be. I’m sure we’ll find more to discover as we travel down life’s road. Maybe we’ll even share them with other readers. We’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, I have a slight mess to clean up here and the wife is waiting for me to join her in the shower. I have the feeling it’s going to be a long night. And no, I am not complaining. I’m bragging.

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