For a Hunk with Big Pecs


Part 1 of “A Private Collection”

“Looking good, Troy!”

I smiled proudly at the person that happened to walk by right as I’d taken my shirt off and turned on my phone camera to make a quick progress video in front of the mirror. My social media had taken off quite nicely lately, and I needed to upload frequent updates and a thirst trap here and there to keep viewers engaged.

Muscles flexed one way and the other, arms first, then back, legs, and torso. One after the other, I curled and hardened the different areas for those interested in the broader aesthetic, which was the considerable majority. No doubt, there would be a long list of private texts responding to stories or commenting, asking about tips and workout advice. Diet, effort, and loads of obsession over looks were the only secret.

At twenty-two years of age, I’d spent the last four years, my entire adult life, working on my body. Suffice it to say; I was proud of my work. Having sacrificed friendships, time, and lately, grades, sometimes I couldn’t help but wonder if it was the right thing.

However, those thoughts were quickly discarded when I looked back in the mirror. My arms swole, showing a thick bulge, while my legs were massive logs that could easily crush a watermelon. I knew they could. I’d done it already. The views had been insane. The three pairs of abs I now flexed had been the hardest to achieve in my short gym career. Genetics didn’t seem to favor me in that regard, instead overcompensating on the chest department.

The main attraction for a loud minority of my followers, my pecs popped from my torso prominently, giving me a satisfying inverted triangle shape that was more of a T than a triangle. I’d felt insecure when they first flourished, trying to compensate in a million different ways with bogus diets and dangerous exercises to tone them down and assimilate them more into my figure. None of it had worked. After some time, I decided to embrace it. They weren’t big in the sense of covering a lot of area; more like they were sharply defined and bulged out of my chest by at least a few inches. With nipples hanging at the base of them, a small group of followers had taken to affectionately call them “daddy milkers”.

There wasn’t a soul left in the locker room. I’d probably lost track of time again and it was the middle of the night. I couldn’t check while the camera was on, but before I turned it off, I had to give the fans what they were supporting me for. Some of them at least.

My phone went up for a shot from above, where my chest would clearly show its bulge, taking on a particular silhouette from that angle. I’d wink, stick out my tongue and do whatever other expression I had gotten used to doing. Right after that, I’d take down the camera, right to my waist, for a more mature take. The cringy silliness of it all had washed off a long time ago, allowing me to put on a more serious appearance, demanding respect and all that stuff. None of it was real anyways.

Finally turning off the camera, I spent the next few minutes adding the final touches, uploading, and only then checking the time. It was indeed the middle of the night. And I had Math class first time tomorrow. Shit.

Rushing, I took a shower as fast as I could and marathoned my way back to the dorm. Right before falling asleep, I scolded myself, knowing lack of sleep was harmful to my sculpting plans.

Sitting quietly at the back of the class, Leon held his breath, trying to contain the quickly growing excitement between his legs as he watched the class hunk walk through the door. He looked tired. The dark bags under his eyes suggested a sleepless night, which, judging by the time of his last social media post, seemed like a good guess.

A white shirt with a leather jacket on top and worn out jeans made up the hunk’s cliched look. It was admittedly simple, but also very effective in making Leon’s mind fly with a million different ways in which he would love to strip the guy down.

One whole month of planning. Today was the day. Ever since the semester begun and Leon had laid eyes on Troy, his target had been set. A kızılay escort social media junky to add to Leon’s eclectic collection of hunks.

Secretly, under several levels of security, there was a folder in Leon’s phone containing dozens of videos. Countless men he had met during the three years he had been in college for. All of them enjoying different levels of humiliation, depending on Leon’s attraction. There were big hunks reduced to moaning bitches, spreading their cheeks for Leon to fuck full of cum. There were straight, handsome men that had been convinced to fuck the twink instead. Lingerie, toys, public, threesomes. It was a big campus, and men these days were far too fixated on their looks.

Troy was one of those men. He would be a unique addition. A flawless body worthy of the best modeling agencies out there with a massive set of pecs that Leon had fantasized about more times in the last month than he would ever care to admit. He had to have him.

Leon himself wasn’t ugly by any means, but he also didn’t have the time or the need to sculpt his body into a Greek statue. He was an above average looking twink. His secret, however, was his bottomless bank account. Son to a filthy rich family, one of those in which money stops making sense as a concept because it has never and will never be an issue. That was the one key he ever needed to get whatever he wanted.

Messy blonde, slightly long hair fixed in a carefully curated way framed Leon’s sharp features. Big glasses with a thick frame completed the nerdy look he so loved to present for his videos. After all, what better fantasy than the nerdy, skinny kid getting to fuck the buff social media model in front of a camera?

After knocking on Troy’s door, a minute or two might’ve gone buy before the tall hunk opened the door with a sleepy face and a groggy voice. It was the middle of the night, but the next day was a Saturday.

“Hey, Leon, right?”

Leon’s heart skipped a beat.

“Yeah, sorry to bother you,” he answered, trying his best to divert his focus from the guy’s piercing green eyes and the sexy short brown hair. Only, that turned out to be a terrible idea, as looking down, he noticed Troy was, in fact, shirtless, showing off his man tits and a beautifully sculpted six pack.

“No worries, I’ve been sleeping since noon anyway. What’s up?”

“I have something kind of important to tell you, do you mind if I come in?”

There was a look of surprise in the hunk’s face for a moment, but, thankfully, curiosity got the best of him. He stepped aside and indicated for Leon to come in. The smile on the twink’s face went unnoticed.

“Sorry, forgot to throw something on,” Troy had seemingly become aware of his naked torso.

“Don’t worry about it. I need you to listen to me first anyway,” Leon stopped him with a tone and words he had used dozens of times before.

“Alright, what’s going on, man?” he had turned slightly red and was scratching the back of his neck.

“I want to pay for half of your college tuition,” Leon cut straight to the point.

The hunk was speechless, eyes almost bulging out of his face in surprise.

“W-what? Why?” he asked after a few more seconds.

“I wish I could say it was out of the kindness of my heart… but I do want one thing from you. Actually two, but if you agree to both, I will pay for your full tuition.”

“What the hell are you going to ask me to do for that?” Mistrust was starting to creep into his deep voice now. “Kill someone?”

“No, nothing as dramatic as that,” Leon laughed casually. “I want to have sex with you.”

“I’m straight.”

“I know, but you’re also busting your ass to try to get through college in one piece. So, I’m offering, I’ll bust your ass for you this one time; only once, there won’t ever be a second time; and, in exchange, you won’t have to worry about money ever again.”

“And you’ll pay for all of it?”

Well, that was easy.

“No, that’s only half of it. The other half if you consent to being recorded during the act,” Leon explained.

“Absolutely kolej escort not!” Troy backed off a step or two. Still, he didn’t immediately try to kick Leon out. This was going exceptionally well compared to most others.

“I’m not going to show it to anyone. It’s just for me. There are more guys in this campus than you can even think of that have agreed to it and, have you ever heard a single word about it?”

That gave the shirtless hunk pause. Leon left him alone with his thoughts for a moment or two. This was a dance after all. As long as the twink managed the timings correctly, anything was possible.

“Fuck man,” he finally said with frustration, sitting back on the edge of his bed.

“It’s just one night. Clear your mind, forget about being embarrassed or straight or whatever. One night and you’ll be free of a lifetime of debt,” one last nudge.


Far too easy.


Maybe not.

“Why me?”

That was the first time anyone ever asked that. It made Leon curious, but he wouldn’t want to prod too much in case he triggered something that would make Troy back off now.

“I like your pecs,” he simply explained.

“You too, huh?”

“What do you mean?”

“Everyone is obsessed with them. I just think it’s kind of embarrassing,” the hunk explained, putting a hand on his face as if trying to cover himself.

Leon took a sit next to the guy. It was time to make a move. The mood needed to be set sooner than later.

“I’m going to play with them,” he explained while sliding a hand on Troy’s thigh, watching closely to see how long it would take for the grey sweatpants to betray a growing bulge under the twink’s touch. “I want to touch them, bite them, kiss them and grope them while I rail your ass.”

As he spoke, Leon’s hand kept going further and further up while his mouth got close enough to Troy’s neck to smell his cologne. His fingers managed to close around a girthy, already rock-hard dick, throbbing eagerly. So, he had found a slut.

Before Leon could press his lips against the other’s skin, Troy had turned his head, connecting their mouths together in an eager, almost desperate kiss. They made out like two horny teenagers before their first time. And, perhaps for one of them, that was partially true. Tongues were interlocking and fighting with each other, sharing saliva in a wet, delicious encounter.

Soon enough, Troy was moving his hips, thrusting into the twink’s hand, which had sneaked into the other’s sweatpants and coiled itself around some nice eight inches of meat.

“Hold on,” the nerdy one commanded, breaking off their kiss to get up from the bed. “Lie on your back while I set the camera up.”

No complaints or angry retorts. Only obedience. Good.

There was a dresser on the opposite side of the small room with the perfect height to prop up the phone in a way that it wouldn’t miss a thing.

“On your back, take the pants off,” he commanded.

Once again, the only response was a slight blush on the hunk’s face. He did exactly as told, lying on his back completely naked now. Leon allowed himself a moment of triumph before doing the same, discarding his own clothes in a way that made sure to draw as much attention to his own dick as possible.

True to the twink stereotype, Leon sported a massive cut ten inches with a pink, glistening head ready to plunge into the hunk’s every hole. Troy gulped visibly but didn’t complain. It was completely enthralling to see the class’ sexiest male lying on the bed ready to be used and fucked by a nerd. Not only that, but he was behaving like the most obedient slut, to the point that he could almost convince Leon he was into this.

Walking up to the bed, Leon climbed on top and straddled the hunk, feeling those hard abs tense under his cheeks while he let his cock rest between the bulging pecs.

“You have no idea how long I’ve been wanting to do this for,” Leon explained.

Rough hands rested on the twink’s hips now, making Troy’s arms show their true form and making Leon delirious as he pushed his thick maltepe escort cock between the other’s tits. It fit like a charm, almost as if the slut’s body was made for it, like his bulging chest was made to cradle a fat dick that now rocked back and forth, throbbing and leaking precum on top of the stud’s open lips.

“Flex,” Leon ordered and all at once, the hunk obeyed. Both the look of his muscles tensed up and the feel of the hard muscles pressing each side of his cock were more than enough to push Leon over the edge.

Thick ropes of cum shot all over Troy’s manly face. His high cheekbones, sharp jawline, the entire macho look came crumbling down as he was creamed by an orgasming twink.

“Fuck, fuck,” Leon cursed as he almost forgot to pull back, stroking himself with his own hands to squeeze more white cum out, covering the hunk’s tits on it.

“Open your mouth,” the twink commanded and the stud obeyed.

Climbing just slightly higher, he pushed his thick dick into the man’s mouth, feeling the head slide on his tongue and making his legs tremble under the over-stimulation. He fucked the guy’s mouth until not a single drop remained in his balls.

“Good boy,” he congratulated Troy, slowly climbing down.

Getting off the hunk’s abs, the smaller guy placed himself between the other’s legs now. Thick thighs to each side, he let them spread apart to accommodate his slim body in between. Leaning forward, Leon admired every inch of the other’s torso, pushing his hands up from the guy’s v-lines, to his perfect set of abs, finally to the big price. The big man tits were soft at first, allowing him to grab handfuls of each. The action alone made Leon hard as a rock again.

His cock poked into the beautiful man’s entrance, even more so as he went forward to wrap his lips around thick dark nipples. The left one first, sucking, kissing and biting softly, over and over again until he could feel Troy’s chest heaving up and down with excitement. Leon’s hands groped eagerly while he let his lips wonder over the round shape of those sculpted pecs.

Letting go for just a moment, he took hold of a small packet he had dropped subtly on the bed earlier on. He ripped it open and covered his ten inches in cold lube with impatience. Once done, he knelt back to accommodate thick legs on each shoulder before leaning back down.

The initial push was the most difficult one. Letting his head push open the hunk’s virgin hole, especially without said hole being prepped took quite a while. Troy struggled to control his breathing and relax while he felt the wide mushroom trying to spread him while a hungry nerd bit and licked his sensitive nipples.

After what must’ve been at least an hour, they finally made progress. Despite the time, neither of them had became even remotely weary of their activities. Though now tense with pain, Troy kept both arms to each side of his body, firmly grasping the sheets to try to hold on to his sanity. Legs spread and high, every inch of that meat that managed to enter him sent shockwaves through his entire greek body, a feeling only attenuated by the attentions his man tits received. Being groped, bitten and kissed, the hunk was knowing pleasure like he had never met before.

Moans weren’t too far behind. The macho guy, the gym rat, the straight bro moaned like a whore as his twink dom pleasure himself with his body. Troy couldn’t help it. Once he’d become used to the other’s size, it took all but three thrusts before that monster meat found a sweet spot inside of him that had transformed all the pain into blinding pleasure.

As soon as Leon picked up the pace, Troy knew he was lost. Letting himself go, he moaned, cried and begged for more while being relentlessly rammed by a twink’s monstrous dick. His chest rumbled and shook as his throat went sore under the ministrations of Leon’s mouth on his perked up nipples.

When the twink finally took hold of his tits, groping while he sucked and bit on hard nipples and thrust hard to slam his balls against Leon’s entrance, the hunk came under a perfect wave of overwhelming sensations. Warm, white cum showered his torso in thick ropes. His desperate moaning and twitching took the other down with him. Leon emptied himself for a second time into his slut’s puckering hole, filling the busty hunk to the brim with it.

All in all, a fantastic addition to his growing collection. The next day he would start the hunt for the next one.

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