For A Few Dollars!

Big Tits

For A Few Dollars!(Story for M…they know who they are!)I knew the older guy was subtly flirting with me, ‘cruising’ me, or whatever you want to call it, but I ignored it at first, and pretended I didn’t realize it.But he persisted.”Look,” he said to me one day, “all I’m asking you to do is jack-off in front of me. It’s no big deal. It doesn’t mean your ‘gay’ if you do. Okay?” I didn’t reply. Then he added, as an inducement: “I’ll give you twenty bucks if you do! How’s that? I know a young guy can always use some extra cash! Whatdya say?”I looked around to make sure no one was close enough to overhear our conversation, and then said: “Twenty buck, huh?””Yeah!” He said, slightly grinning. “Twenty bucks,” and having said that, he reached into his slacks and brought out a crisp new twenty dollar bill, and then he handed it to me! Just like that.”I didn’t say I’d do what you’ve asked,” I replied.”Take it anyway,” he said. “Really. Take it. I like you, even if you don’t do what I’ve asked. How’s that?” He smiled again.I hesitated, but then I took the money, feeling excited as I did.I stuffed the cash in my pocket. I could have walked away right then and there, but something held me back.The older man (who’s name was Harold, or so he Arnavutköy Escort had said) smiled at me. “Come on,” he finally said. “All I’m asking is that you do a little jacking off so that I can watch. What’s so hard about that? It ought to be easy for a young, good looking guy like you! Right? I mean, you young guys have got tons of cum. What’s a few ounces for an old fag like me?””I’m not gay,” I replied to him. “Okay? So, don’t expect me to, like, suck your cock or anything, because I’m NOT doing that! Understand? I don’t do THAT. Forget it.””That’s fine!” Harold said. “Not a problem. No big deal. I just want you to jack off for me! Period. End of story. No other expectations, Okay?”In the end, I hopped into Harold’s big SUV, and off we drove to where his apartment was. It was nice apartment. Expensive looking. Second from the top floor, too, with a nice view of the city below. The guy obviously had a lot of money!He didn’t rush me. We first sat in his large and lavish living area and talked; but after a while, he got around to the true reason we were setting there!”So? How about that jack-off request? You want to do that for an old fag?” He smiled.I didn’t reply, but I stood up and began unzipping Escort Arnavutköy my fly and unfastening my belt; and then, with my cock and balls hanging out in the open air, I began stroking myself; and I was surprisingly hard in hardly any time at all! As I stroked, Harold sat quietly, only a few feet away from me, and watched!It felt strange doing this in front of him, a total stranger, and yet, that was part of what seemed to be motivating and exciting me; and just kept going!I didn’t try and make myself ‘last’ very long, and as I felt my orgasm approaching, I told him I was ready.”Mmm!” He said. “PLEASE DO! I’ll just set here and watch you!”A few moments later, I shot my load, and I did it over the plate glass coffee table that separated us by a few feet, and, as I started ejaculating, I felt quite excited, and doing that in front of this total stranger added to the overall exhilaration of the orgasm itself; and I watched as my sperm splattered across the shiny surface of the glass; and Harold was eagerly watching at the same time!”Oh, my!” He said, looking at the creamy white, ropy globs of my sperm! “Beautiful. Simply magnificent. Thank you SO MUCH! I appreciate this! I really do. That was wonderful. Arnavutköy Escort Bayan Very impressive load!”His compliment made me excited, but I didn’t know how to answer it, so I didn’t.After I’d come, Harold fetched me a generous amount of toilet tissues to clean up with.”But, leave your cum where it is. I will take care of that later!”I cleaned up and prepared to leave.”You know? I’d be pleased if you’d consider doing this again sometime,” he said. “I’d be grateful!”I was moving towards the apartment door, and he followed me close behind. He put his hand on my forearm as he reached to open the door, and said: “I’d pay you! If that would help you decide?”I didn’t reply, but he handed me his business card.It had his phone number and email address on it.”Please think about it! Okay? This doesn’t make you gay, remember. It just makes an old fag happy. That’s all!””I’ll—think about it,” was what I replied.He smiled at that.”That’s all I can really hope for!”Then he thanked once again, and I left.Riding the elevator down to the ground floor, I felt both excited, as well as confused. I’d enjoyed jacking off in front of him. I wasn’t denying that. But I wasn’t gay! And yet, regardless, the idea of jerking off like that agin in front of this old man appealed to me! Besides, another twenty bucks I’d normally not count on having would be nice.So…maybe, perhaps, I told myself as I left the high rise, I’d go back some time! No one else would know if I did! Only Harold and I would know! Only the two of us.The End (?)

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