Following Instructions


This was the longest day of at least the last month. If something could be annoying, not necessarily wrong it was. Always something that needed a little more attention or a tweak here or there. Let’s just say I was glad to be heading home where I could relax with a drink and my comfy pajamas.

I park my car in the driveway and enter the house. On my way upstairs I start to shed my work clothes. My jacket gets hung up on the hook as I walk by. Starting with the bottom button of my blouse I work my way upwards. Undoing the final button which sits just below my cleavage I look down at my breasts bouncing in my nude coloured bra as my feet hit each step. I reach around my back and with a quick flick of my wrist the pressure around my rib cage decreases and my breasts sit down a little more naturally. I pull the straps down off my arms and add the bra to the blouse in my hands. I run my free hand over my breasts, gently tweaking each nipple as I do. God nothing feels better than coming home and taking off your bra, well, there are somethings that do, but this is a pretty close second.

Walking into my spare room, breasts bouncing and swinging happily free of their cotton prison I lean over my laptop and turn it on. I’ll check my personal emails and then I’ll get that drink. Leaving the computer to start up I head for my bedroom where I find my favourite pj’s. They are pink and have big yellow happy faces all over them. Not the sexiest thing I could wear but they always make me feel better. Taking off my skirt and my underwear I put the pj pants on and then throw the top over my arms. I do up the bottom three buttons on the top. I can see the tops of my breasts peaking out from under the shirt but who cares? It’s just me here.

I sit down at my computer and open up my email. Nothing to exciting. Please pay the phone bill, oh look, I’m the heiress to a king I’ve never heard of in a country I don’t know where it is. Scrolling down and deleting all the crap I see an email from Pete. I smile as I remember the party where we met and how exciting that night was. My mind drifts to all the fun we’ve had since that wonderful night. I’m glad I thought outside the box and let Stacy talk me into that party. Focusing back on the email I see what he has for me, probably a cute video or pictures he feels compelled to send me. I open it up.

Boy was I wrong.

The email isn’t some cute internet puppies or kitties but an interesting proposal.

Hi Mia,

I just wanted to let you know I’ve been thinking of you. I can’t believe how fast these last few weeks have went and I’m amazed at how hard I still get when I think back to that first night. It was unexpected. It was crazy and carefree. I want to recreate something as unexpected and wild as that first night.

Interested? Let’s play a game. As you complete each stage I will send you the next.

Here’s the first one.

Go get that bottle of wine from downstairs and head for the bathroom. Open up the cupboard under the sink and you will find a blue box. Use the things in the box to have a relaxing time. Oh, I almost forgot. Bring your cell phone.

Hope to hear from you soon baby.

Love Pete

Dampness starts to creep from between my legs as I start recall details from that night. So unlike me but the result was so good. Smiling I go back down to the kitchen and get the bottle of wine and a glass as I’ve been instructed. I have every intention of playing along. I’m to curious to know how this is going to turn out, besides, what else am I going to do tonight?

I enter the bathroom and open the cupboard. I see the box. Opening it I find 6 pillar candles, lavender bath oil, a bath pillow, a note and below the note something wrapped in purple tissue paper. I take the note out and read:

Some final instructions sweetheart.

1. Light the candles. There’s enough for one on each corner of the tub and one on either side of the sink.

2. Run a bath with the calming, soothing scents of lavender I’ve provided.

3. Attach the pillow to the tub.

4. Open up the purple wrapped package. Use it to tempt, tease and please yourself. I want you relaxed but ready later.

I take the purple paper off the surprise package cautiously. I’m certain what I will find, but what kind? Closing my eyes and reaching under the paper my hand wraps around just what I thought it was. Accidentally hitting the on button it begins to vibrate in my hand.

Hmmm, this could actually be really good.

I open my eyes and turn my new toy off. Looking at it I start to get wetter in anticipation. It’s just a standard vibe with some clit simulations, very similar to my favourite but with a few more functions. I bring it over to the tub so it’s within reaching distance. As I turn to get a towel to have ready for when I get out I notice a piece of paper on the floor. It must have fallen out of my note. Picking it up I see it’s a photo with writing on the back. Before reading it I turn it over otele gelen escort and look.

Wow. That’s it. Wow. My breath catches. My heart starts to pound. My nipples harden. Now I’m really turned on.

It’s simply a picture of Pete’s long, hard cock standing at attention with one of his large strong hands wrapped firmly around it. I turn the photo over and read:

Like what you see? You better, you’re responsible for it. Thinking of your big brown eyes, full breasts with their hard nipples, soft skin and soaking wet pussy does this to me every time. Think of me while you’re enjoying your new toy. Take a picture of yourself, any way you choose and send it to me


Getting up on somewhat shaky legs I do as I the note tells me. Placing the candles, running the bath, putting my cell phone by the tub and pouring my glass of wine.

I’m ready. Let’s play.

I sink into the tub. Leaning my head against the pillow I stretch out. This is exactly what I needed I think as the warm water starts to relax all my muscles. I take a sip of my wine. I was mistaken. Now this is what I needed. I reach over and grab my cell phone. Time for my picture. I position the camera and move to press the button. At the last minute I change my mind and decide to lift one of my breasts just enough so that my hard nipple pokes out between the bubbles.

Click. Send. With that out of the way I set the phone down and reach for the vibe. Turning it on I watch the shaft rotate. Pressing another button I see the clit simulators vibrate. Pressing the other buttons I quickly find out which one does what. Turning it back off I lower it under the water. I take my time and start off by rubbing the tip of it over the outside of my pussy while it’s turned off.

Mmmmm, good. But not good enough.

I take one of my nipples in between my fingers and start to pull on it. Ready. I turn on the rotating function of the vibe and insert it.

Yea, much better but still not good enough.

I turn on the clit stimulation.

Oh God. That’s what I was waiting for.

Beep goes my cell phone. Annoyed I release my nipple but keep the vibe inserted and pick up the phone. It’s Pete.

Cheater. I gave you a picture of my hard-for-you cock and all I get is a bath time nip slip?

Smiling I position my camera again and take another picture. This time both of my breasts are visible as well as my new toy poking up out of the water. I include this message with it.

Sorry babe, your note did say it was my choice what picture I took. I hope you find this one more to your liking. Thanks for the vibe, but you feel so much better buried in me.

Putting the phone down once again I get back to the task at hand. I move through the different settings of the vibe until I find a combination I like. Looking at the picture of Pete’s cock I have propped up against the far wall I imagine that it really is him inside me. I rub my breasts and tug on my nipples. The water splashes around me as I move with pleasure. I moan loudly, the sound echoing off the bathroom walls.

I think back to our first night together. How he stripped me. How he savoured me. How my body responded so eagerly to his and his to mine.

My toes start to curl as my breathing quickens. I moan louder and louder. I feel the familiar tightness and tingling deep inside me that is my body’s tell tale that an orgasm is fast approaching. One more loud moan and I feel my body give in to my first bathtub orgasm.

My legs are shaking, I know that they won’t yet support me in getting out of the slippery tub. I pick up my wine glass again and take some more sips. Eyeing my cell phone I think “What the hell?” and pick it up.

Lowering my mouth to my breast I take my nipple and give it a good suck. Looking at the camera while I suck on it I take one last picture. I send it off with the message Mission accomplished.

Beep goes my cell phone again.

God Mia, you’re one sexy lady. You always know just how to tease me. Check your email for your next task.

Deciding to not bother getting dressed I go back to my laptop. Sure enough, there’s a new message awaiting me.


Now I want you to go to your bedroom. Open your closest and look in the back right corner. See the pink bag? Put that on. When you’re all dressed up get back into your car and check in the glove compartment. More instructions await you there.


Taking an inventory I see nothing to be feared. There’s the cute white tank top with the lace on the front and the blue, fun, flirty skirt I saw last weekend at the mall and said I had liked. Under that was a matching blue lacy bra and panty set.

I take the panties and move to put them on. Something isn’t right here. Looking at them more closely I realize they are crotchless. He expects me to wear these? And go outside in them and do God knows what?

My curiosity pendik escort of what lies ahead gets the best of me and I put them on. I can’t help myself but go over to the mirror and take a look. Spreading out my legs I see my pussy peak through the opening in them. Hmmm. I wonder how these will be utilized. I grab the bra and take a look at it. Nothing out of the ordinary there. I put in on, followed by the skirt and tank top. Deciding to add a little more colour I get a scarf from the drawer and loop it through the skirt. Looking myself over in the mirror I’m happy with what I see. The top and skirt are really cute, and no one knows what’s hiding beneath. I add some cute but comfy sandals to my outfit and head down to the car.


I bet you look so sweet and innocent in your new outfit. Only you and I know about the dirty little vixen that is hidden deep inside you. How wet are you in your new panties?

Drive to that little cafe downtown where we had our first ever breakfast. They have a package for you to pick up. Once you have it drive to the park and find the spot where we sat and talked until the sun came up. I’ll be waiting there for you.


I can’t wait to see him. I groan as I think about how he’s teasing me. He’s not wrong, I’m very wet in my crotchless panties. Feeling adventurous, I reach under my skirt and feel my pussy under the soft, silky panties. A finger darts between the folds of them and I feel my wetness so slippery against my smooth skin. Pulling my hand back out and licking my juices off my finger I take a deep breath to compose myself. Off I go to get the package from the cafe and finally meet my handsome man.

Getting out of my car at the park I grab the package from the cafe and start walking over to the secluded spot where Pete should be waiting for me. He sees me coming towards him and gets up to meet me with a huge grin on his face. I can’t help but smile back at him, just as I can’t help my body’s response to seeing him, especially after what he has just put me through.

He takes the package from me and kisses my hand just as he had on our first night.

“I’m so glad you made it.” He tells me while he guides me to the spot he’s prepared for us.

He has a blanket spread out with two pillows stacked in the corner, to make star gazing more comfortable later he tells me. Candles are spread around the blanket, a cooler sits off to the side and plates, glasses and cutlery are all set out.

“Wow, you sure know how to surprise a girl.” I whisper.

He grins and takes me into his arms and kisses me. As he does his hands travel down my back to my ass which he squeezes. Down they continue until he reaches the hem of my skirt, then back up my bare leg. Reaching my ass again he rubs his hand over the silky material of my panties. Knowing his hand is so close to my semi exposed pussy makes my juices start to flow more rapidly. He sticks one of this thick fingers in me making me gasp.

“I see dessert is ready.” He winks at me.

I kiss him hard and run my hands through his hair moaning and rubbing against him. He manages to pull away from me and chuckles. “You really are worked up aren’t you? Dinner first. Be patient.”

I look at him. I don’t believe he can really be serious. I glance down to his crotch where his cock is defiantly starting to respond to me and the moment. He just winks and sits himself down on one end of the blanket casually getting the food he had me pick up out.

The food is excellent. Fresh vegetables, cheese and crackers, a selection of wraps and of course, my favourite wine. It all felt nice and summery. As our romantic meal started to come to an end I started to get excited again. My eyes travelled up and down Pete taking him in again. I really can’t get enough of him. He’s one hot man. My eyes meet his and I blush a little bit. After everything we’ve done together him catching me checking him out can still make blush. So odd.

He holds my gaze as he leans over to kiss me. Oh God I want him so bad and he knows it. Tonight he is playing the role of the tease though. Once again he pulls away from me. “Ready for dessert?” he asks me.

Thinking back to his earlier comment about dessert and my wetness I smile in anticipation. What he has in mind though is slightly different than what I have in mind. In one quick motion, catching both myself and Pete off our guards I throw myself at him. My hands move all over his back and through his hair as I kiss him hard. My tongue slips between his lips and meets his. I can feel the shock of my actions slowly fade from him. Sitting in his lap I can feel how his body starts to respond to mine.

I reposition myself so I can stroke his cock through his jeans. He moans at my touch. One hand reaches over to play with my breast. My nipples are both rock hard and aching for his touch. He grasps one and when he does I throw my head back and moan. I’m getting wetter and rus escort wetter and he’s getting harder and harder. I give his cock a firmer squeeze as his head lowers to my exposed neck. He sucks and kisses on my neck, down my collarbone to the tops of my breasts. Using his hand he pulls back the lace on my tank top so his lips can move down lower on my breast.

Lifting my head back up I get back to my plan. My hand gives his cock one more gentle squeeze before my fingers move to the button and then zipper of his jeans. Pulling his underwear down I free his cock. The hard, throbbing cock he teased me with earlier is now exposed and mine. I bend my head down and kiss the tip of it, then lick all around it before taking his entire length in my mouth and sucking on him for a few seconds.

Releasing him from my hot, warm mouth I stand above him. Putting one leg on either side of him I slowly start to lower myself back to his lap. My skirt flares out around me and my crotchless panties open wide with my dipping pussy as I start to take in his hardness. With just the tip of Pete’s cock in me I move up and down on it a little bit. I’m the tease in this relationship and he needs to know it. I also take what I want, if I want it bad enough.

“Now I understand the panty choice.” I giggle at him.

“Oh baby, not what I had in mind but I love it.” he responds.

I put my hands on his chest and force him to lean back. This started out as his game, but for the moment it’s mine. He obeys my silent command. I lower myself on to him slowly until I’m taking his full length. I wrap my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. His arms wrap around my back. He breathes into my ear “Mia, it’s still daylight out, I never expected this from you.”

“Oh, do you want me to stop?” I coyly ask

“No! This is to hot. I picked this spot because of it’s privacy, we might as well take advantage of it.”

With that he thrusts into me. I cry out in ecstasy. One of his hands moves under my skirt rubbing against my leg as he makes his way to my clit. Using one of his strong fingers he massages it and makes me squirm. The combination of his hot breath on my neck followed by his moist tongue, his finger making a circular motion over my clit and his hard cock buried in me with the naughty feel of doing all of this in the park outside, in the daylight, where a stray ball or dog could give us away at any moment plus the sexy toy, notes and underwear that lead up to this have me turned on beyond belief. A couple more thrusts and he has me screaming as my body shakes with my first outside, in the daylight orgasm. He quickly follows me. I feel his cum shoot into me, warm, sticky and wet.

We sit wrapped up in each other just how our orgasms have left us for a bit. Our breathing is still fairly heavy when I finally manage to get up and off of Pete.

“Wow, you sure surprised me there. I had a whole dessert planned!” Pete exclaims as he tucks himself back into his pants.


“You’re lying, I know your not sorry. That’s okay. I’m not either. Your take charge side is extremely sexy.”

“So, you had a real dessert planned?” I ask Pete.

“Soon.” He responds.

He leans over and grabs the pillows. Propping them up behind us he lays back and pulls me towards him. I lay my head on his chest and listen to the sound of his heart beat. One of the things I love about spending time with Pete, we don’t have to talk and fill our silences all the time. We are quite comfortable with quiet.

Laying with him watching the daylight fade to dusk our fingers, hands, toes and legs start to wonder yet again. Taking charge this time Pete untangles himself from me and gets up. “Now it’s time for the dessert I had planned.” He tells me.

He scoots over to a bag behind the cooler that I hadn’t seen and removes a medium sized container. Reaching into the cooler he pulls out a larger container. He grins at me and takes the lids off each of the containers. I lean over and see that the bigger one contains strawberries and the smaller one melted chocolate syrup.

“I know it’s cliche, but I always wanted to feed a sexy lady chocolate covered strawberries.”

“Hmm, a hot boy, strawberries and chocolate, there’s nothing wrong with that idea.”

Picking up a strawberry Pete dips it in the chocolate and holds it out to me. The chocolate was a little more melted than he had anticipated and it dripped down his hand a little bit. Sticking my tongue out just a little, while keeping my eyes locked on his I lick the chocolate from his hand, up his finger until finally I can take the strawberry from him.

Winking at him I suck the chocolate off the strawberry before eating it. I reach for one and cover it in chocolate. Chocolate dripping down my hand I lean over and feed it to Pete. He copies my movements and licks the stray chocolate from my palm, slowly and carefully licking up all my fingers before licking a little off the strawberry itself. Gently taking it with it his teeth he eats it. We continue exchanging strawberries for a little while longer. As cliche as it may be, it is proving to be a huge turn on which I can see by Pete’s growing erection, and feel with my increasing wetness and hard nipples. It doesn’t take long until the strawberries are cast aside and the chocolate becomes our main play thing.

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