First Time


He escorted her into the motel room. All evening he had been breathlessly anticipating this moment … now it was here. The hot passion of the kisses they’d shared between the car and the door of their unit only fuelled the passionate fire already burning in his body. He glanced into her eyes, the flames of his desire leaping across the chasm and into her own.

This would be their first time as lovers, and he wanted everything to be perfect for her. Slowly he released his hold of her and stepped back. Sensually, seductively he began to strip each item of clothing she wore. His heart leapt as his eyes met the permission in hers, his face smiling reassuringly yet lovingly to her.

Naked now, there was a brief instant of hesitation. Each of them looked at her human glory unfolded before them and quickly glanced shyly away. Eventually he broke the hesitation, stepping towards her with soothing, gentle movements, nervous of startling her in case she fled like a timid gazelle. Gently his arms slid round her and he bore her to the bed behind.

The slight upturn of the pink nipple nestled on its bed of tawny smooth flesh was so alluring. His lips trembled as the anticipation of the first contact with the liquid silk of those sweet buds made him flinch. Would she be content with his ministrations to the pleasure tips of her rounded fun parcels? Staring, moving closer, his heart beat faster in his chest, deafening him, as the moist edges of his lips closed over the now growing tips he so longed to suckle.

Hoping his hand would not be moved, he tenderly probed down the curve of her flesh to stop gingerly as curly, fine hair brushed his tentative movements. His physical 100 izle fingers edged through the hairs like a tiger prowling through the grass, as the prey they stalked became ever so close. The cat like movements of his fingers were circling now as if around a singled out beast. He sent them slithering, snakelike, into her valley, out of sight, behind the ridge … the warmth and scent of his prey strong and driving him on. Her reaction to the ministrations of his tongue gave rise to her permission to seek the prey he stalked. The “grasses” parted more, affording his fingers the first sight of their objective, the folds protecting it swollen and erect as if on guard duty.

Pounce! Objective seized .. but in a gentle nurturing way. The peak in his mouth was now hard as his tongue investigated it in its entirety. The bud, the object of his desire, now gently rolled between finger and thumb as the protective canopy was deftly moved back for his pleasure

She moved into his fingers, wanting him to press harder down the sides of his prize, her nipples wishing she had milk for him to enjoy, knowing he would stay connected to her breast till she was dry if she only could.

She moved, the movement of her pelvis forced against his finger driving it down the centre of her moistened valley to yet a greater prize. It balanced on the rim of her secret trove like the edge of a precipice … one little slip, and he should be in paradise

He eased back, not knowing if his heart would stand the strain of entrance to this the most sacred of all shrines. Turning, he took the opportunity to taste his finger as he walked around poker face izle the bed to pull up the rugs, covering her to the chest. Hiding the mounds he wished he could possess. Flicking the main light off, he threw a scarf over the bed side lamp to filter the light into a soft hue.

His silhouette was lit by this, the faintest of lights, as he peeled the shirt from his back and slid his manhood out of the confines of his pants Pausing an instant, he stood rippling in the faint light then moved stealthily to her side, snake like winding his body under the rugs beside her. His embarrassment clouded over him as he bumped her with his rampant member, freezing in the moment, not knowing whether or not she had felt him.

The ache rose from within as he tried to settle beside her, not wanting to give away his need to take her body and show her the other side of the moon. Slowly, his hand preceeding, his hip rolled gently onto her side of the bed. Not bearing any weight down, he remained conscious of her every move, not wishing to startle her into flight.

His flaring nostrils made him very aware that she was also playing him, as she waited to see his next movements. Staying perfectly motionless, not wishing to give away her readiness, she anticipated his loving.

The rustle of silk on silk was heard as her legs parted slowly. His hand ventured onto the round of her mound, the fine hair soothing its passage. The strong muscles of his legs glided up onto hers, the warmth of her body heating him as his hand followed down the velvet of the ramparts guarding her treasure.

The bulk of his weight transferred to the top of her leg. prehistoric planet izle Finding no resistance to his advances, his fingers investigated the edges of the petals to the hallowed portal held in trust between them. The sheet slid across the small of his back, caressing the round of his bottom as her levered himself to between her legs, holding his weight from her on his arms.

The rampant angle of his appendage was set at the ready as his hips rested on her thighs. As her nails were dug into his back, he lurched forward, his member seeking and finding the secret valley of his desire. The nails in his back drew him up her body and, in doing so, sank his manhood far inside the cavern of sweet desire, his seed sacks being forced against her now spread apex

He lay breathlessly still, awaiting the movement of her body giving him permission to take his pleasure with her. The authority was given by her as she suddenly reached under his cheeks with her cupped hands and pulled him into her even further, her legs locked up over his body making it impossible to do other than to drive into her. Pressing and pushing softly, he felt his loved one relax a little before easing the tip of his rigidity as deeply into her dripping sea cave as she can draw it. Feeling her tighten with her orgasm he reached his hand between them to softly roll her nipples in his fingers.

The soft friction of his manhood inside her, and the tingle of the arousing squeeze of her nipple, catapulted her over the brink into oblivion, dragging him with her as he took her to the stars and she showered him with fireworks. Later, in the first light of early dawn, they lay there intertwined, with the scarlet and purple colours casting long shadows up the length of their bed, the crescendo of dawn birds screeching, as if to emulate the heady heights they had achieved together. Then each stirred … and became aware that they were doomed to do it all over again … and again … and again.

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