First Time Hotwife Experience


They were both nervous as they got ready. Nervous but excited at the same time. It had been a few years since the idea of sharing her with someone else had started to tug at his mind, a year or so since she had started reading the stories and joining in his fantasies, and a mere few months since they’d gone fishing for a bull to make it a reality. Now here they were in a hotel room preparing to go to the next level; to make him a cuckold for a night. It had come about after she’d met a guy on a night out, in a faraway town. He was hot and they had a great chat. He was married but found her irresistible. Who wouldn’t! She was blond, had an amazing figure, gorgeous boobs, and an ass to die for. They swapped details and she agreed to call if she was ever in the area. Hubby heard about the meeting and yes, the anticipated pangs of jealousy had been there, but muted and far outweighed by excitement. The possibility of a meet sent a jolt of electricity through him. Would she go for it? She started emailing him, using a shared account, and their chats got slowly more steamy. Pictures were shared and dirty chat ensued. Eventually, she asked, “If you had a Anadolu Yakası Escort chance to spend a couple of hours in a hotel with me, would you go for it?”In reply came a photo of Tom without the usual carefully placed hand hiding his cock. It was hanging free, and big! Not monster, she wouldn’t want that anyway. But a good length and thick. “Absolutely,” he said. “Is this what you’re after?””Oh wow. You’re a good size,” she replied. “You could do me some damage with that!”She and her husband decided to go for it but with a few rules. She wanted to be alone with Tom, he wanted to be nearby. There had to be photos/video when they were alone so he felt slightly involved still. They figured out what they wanted and laid it out for Tom, who readily agreed. And so here they were, getting ready. Her getting ready involved stockings, a lace babydoll, and red crotchless panties. Sexy lingerie to be removed by another man! Watching her get sexy for someone else was so intensely exciting for her husband. He dressed in jeans and a shirt while she pulled on a figure-hugging short black dress. God, she looked amazing. Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan Fifteen minutes until they were due to meet in the bar. She kissed him and sent him on ahead while she set up the small camera in the corner of the room.He walked into the bar and grabbed a pint before sitting toward the back of the room. Tom arrived straight after in a white shirt and blue jeans. The shirt stretched tightly across his arms, shoulders, and pecs. He sat at the bar and ordered a beer. Minutes later, the wife walked in drawing lustful eyes from a number of men in the bar. Her eyes moved across hubby’s but showed no reaction. She spotted Tom and smiled widely. She greeted him with kisses to the cheeks and a hug, which lingered until a further kiss on the lips ensued. Lips parted slightly but they separated before things got steamy. He bought her a drink and they chatted for a while before posing for a selfie. Hubby’s phone chimed as he received the selfie with Tom’s arm around her and hand resting on her breast. The next photo showed her hand resting on an obvious bulge in Tom’s jeans and the words, Escort Anadolu Yakası “Mmmm. He feels good!”Hubby’s cock grew hard as he looked up to see Tom kissing her again. This time gently holding her neck with one hand. Her kryptonite! He knew it wouldn’t be long before they headed upstairs. And then he watched as Tom’s other hand slipped under the hem of her dress. He watched her stiffen slightly as he obviously found what he was looking for. The kiss ended and he raised his finger to her lips. Submissively, she sucked his finger clean and then led him out of the bar. In the lift they kissed hungrily, her hand grabbing his shaft through his jeans. She dropped to her knees, unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock. She passed Tom her phone and he snapped a pic as she licked up and down his shaft before taking the fat head of his cock in her mouth. He sent off the photo to hubby, as the elevator chimed and she got up quickly. As soon as they got in the room, he pulled her to him and kissed her firmly while one hand undid her dress. It fell to the floor exposing her lingerie and he pushed her back against the wall. One hand pinned hers above her head while the other found her pussy. It was so wet he had no problem sliding a finger inside. Then two. She started grinding her clit on the palm of his hand as he finger fucked her and kissed her. Then he knelt and she felt his keen tongue tasting her pussy. She came faster than she thought possible, covering his face with her juice. 

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