First Time

Female Ejaculation

First Time

I first met Kalen at the training pool on campus. He was a freshman like I was at the time and we both had swim scholarships. He’s more of an Olympic athlete than I am. I’m just competing to earn my degree in Biology. He’s a lifer as they say. He lives for the water and always will. In truth, it’s a running joke in our small group of friends that he’s secretly a merman, if that’s even a thing. I roll my eyes every time I hear it. I can’t help it. It’s just so ridiculous.

Anyway, by the time we were both sophomores, we were best friends. It was also during that time in our college experience that we moved off campus. Dorm life wasn’t for either of us. As luck would have it, one of our mutual friends had an apartment a few blocks from campus. We’d never been roommates before, but we were friends enough and desperate enough so we gave it a go.

The one thing that I failed to mention was that Kalen is gay. Okay, well he claims to be bisexual, but he’s only dated like three girls since we met. Before that, not sure. He’s never disclosed his sexual history to me. Frankly, I’ve never asked. To each his own. That’s my philosophy. Anyway, the year had barely passed before our friend moved out, leaving us to deal with the lease ourselves. It wasn’t too bad. We each had part-time jobs outside our schoolwork and swimming, and we had income from of our parents. Plus, we did a few side-gigs here and there. By side-gigs I mean stripping at a rather seedy nightclub not far from out apartment. What can I say, really? We swimmers have hot bodies. Why not flaunt it? Well, it was all Kalen’s doing I have to say and it took a lot of convincing to get me to strip for a lot of college girls, and of course local women who loved to come down to hang out with the younger set. However, once I saw the money we made on our first night…well I reluctantly gave in. The cash was too much to not to. We weren’t exactly desperate for it but still…money is always needed at some point.

However, it wasn’t till a few months into this nightly endeavor that I began to realize one of the real reasons he’d wanted me to do it with him. He wanted an excuse to see me naked…well nearly naked. We never went farther than our briefs. Bikinis for him.

Sure, we lived together, but we never really felt comfortable enough to walk around without at least a fair amount of coverage. Of course, we’d seen much of each other swimming. Kalen always chose the skimpiest of trunks. The guy really loves to advertise. Me, I’m more conservative when it comes to swimwear, even though mine too are quite revealing. They have to be skintight for competitive swimming. That’s the way it is, period.

But at the nightclub, it’s different. We’re dancing. The atmosphere is erotically charged. The lights and the music make it even more so, and there’s the touching and the caressing that the patrons, usually all female, do even though they aren’t supposed to. Neither of us mind, of course. Ralph, the owner, looks the other way. As long as nothing doesn’t get out of hand, then so be it if we get molested by a bunch of drunk girls and married women who love spending money, and lots of it, on booze and on us.

There are other dancers, of course, but we quickly proved the favorite and Ralph booked us for Friday and Saturday nights, so as to not impact our schoolwork too much, and because that was when the big payers come out. Anyway, that’s the gig and we get paid well for it, especially if we get a little closer than we should to the ladies. Kalen really loves to show off. He’ll do a lap dance for the right amount of cash and he always walks away with big bills neatly tucked under his bikini strings by the satisfied patrons.

It’s during those times when I’m turned on the most, and by turned on…you know aroused. The ladies really love it, and it’s impossible to keep all their hungry hands away from my bulge. Kalen loves it too, so much so he rarely takes his eyes off it. Of course, he can’t help himself and he becomes aroused too. Only doing so in a skimpy bikini bottom leaves very little to the imagination, theirs and mine.

Over time, Kalen became far more flirtatious with me. It wasn’t long till he began wearing skimpier, more revealing Kartal Escort clothes around the house, and around campus, especially during times when we would be together. He knew I liked girls…meaning that I was strictly heterosexual. However, he must have seen right through my mask of feigned indifference and saw the wicked thoughts that had begun to slither into my mind, thoughts of him, of what he might look like nude, thoughts of his cock and how it might taste…

I’d never even considered such things, not till Kalen started to worm his wickedly perfect body into my life and into my horny mind. Life went on. He dated guys. I dated girls. Nothing that ever proved serious for either of us. Then came that that fateful night when everything changed. Okay, that night…. meaning last week…last Friday to be exact. We’d just gotten home from our dance marathon and I was worn out, to say the least, and I smelled awful. One girl had thrown up on me. Go figure on that one, right. I had to smell her vomit during the long walk home. I’d also reeked of alcohol too. Another girl had drenched me in rum after she’d drunkenly spilled her full glass all over me. Fortunately, it hadn’t been on the rocks, for most of it landed directly on my crotch.

We’d barely got inside when I shot for my room. I needed a shower in the worst way. The clothes, a simple pair of old jeans and t-shirt, were expendable. They ended up in the dumpster at the back of the building. Anyway, Kalen was amused by it all and enjoyed every moment of my torturous humiliation. However, it got serious by the time I got to the shower. In an unusual move, Kalen followed me into my room and then my bathroom. I don’t know why I didn’t resist, especially his efforts to help me out of my soaked briefs. As I indicated before, I’d never been nude in front of him. I have to say it was quite thrilling and scary all at once. I didn’t know what to expect really. I certainly didn’t know how he’d react to seeing my partially aroused cock. I’m not the largest in the world. I’m about average in size. Nothing special. As if anticipating my retort, he grinned and disrobed too. I guess he figure there needed to be reciprocity. He was everything I imagined him to be…if that is the right way of saying it. He was perfect, as perfect in size and in shape as I’d wickedly imagined. He was also circumcised like me, and already pre-cum oozed from his pink head, which was swelling as he grew harder, right before my eyes.

I can’t explain why I did what I did, but I kissed him. I was so shocked by what I’d done that I became putty in his hands. He guided me into the shower and we sank together in the hot, welcoming water. He pressed is body against mine and I savored the feel of him, especially the hardness between my legs, pressing against sack. I even felt the pressure of my cock firm against his lower stomach. Neither of us had much in the way of pubic hair. Apparently, like me, he too kept himself cleanly shaven. Even our legs and bodies were smooth as a baby’s bottom, as the old saying goes. Feeling each other’s bodies…feeling the warm smoothness accentuated by the heat of the water…well it nearly sent me in orbit.

Before I knew what was happening, we were kissing, hungrily, passionately, as if we’d been lovers for ages instead of friends who’d barely known each other for a little over a year or so. However, we were rapidly growing away from friendship as we desperately touched one another, desiring to feel every inch of each other’s bodies. We only actually washed for a few minutes before we climbed out of the shower. We toweled ourselves off, of course, but we didn’t get dressed. No, we kept our nudity as he guided me to my bed. As if in a daze, I laid down, lying flat on my back as he hovered over me. He smiled so seductively before he began kissing my chest, working his amorous way down my body, past my trembling stomach and finally to my cock. I was hard, rock hard, by then, and it was nothing for him to easy my hardness into his mouth. He didn’t even have to take me in hand either. I watched him as his warm mouth enveloped my cock, swallowing me all the way to the base. His nose was pressed into what small patch of pubic hair I had, which again wasn’t much. Kartal Escort Bayan We never broke eye contact as he did. He slowly withdrew, tormenting me with his tongue as he did, till at the end where he kept it upon my head, licking me, tasting my pre-cum as it continued too ooze out, like larva oozing from the cracks before the main eruption ripped the world apart.

He smiled as he withdrew and moved over me. I felt my heart beating rapidly as he lowered his crotch over my face. He was hard and his head brushed against my forehead and nose, smearing it with warm pre-cum. It oozed out and hung, suspended over my hungry mouth. I still found it difficult to believe I was actually doing this, but I was. I felt guilty and excited all at once. I felt a thousand different things right then, and suddenly…I felt absolutely then nothing. I felt nothing but ravishing hunger. I raised my head to meet his offered cock and I devoured it. I didn’t play games as he had done. I was too hungry for that. I needed what he had to offer right then. If he wanted me as a lover, then he’d just have to deal with my impatience, or so I told myself as I devoured him. It wasn’t long till he was thrusting his hips against me, desperate to equal my passion. I nearly gagged a few times as he drove his cock deep into me, but I didn’t fight against it. I didn’t withdraw. I embraced it. I kept embracing it till the volcano erupted, hot and forceful, into my mouth and throat. I did gag for it filled me completely. Cum even oozed from the sides of my mouth and seeped down my face and chin. Its warmth was a like a welcoming fire upon my charged skin. He slowly withdrew, sensing that I was indeed choking upon all he’d given me. Even as he raised his cock above my mouth, he still discharged it copiously. It began to coat my face and I loved every minute of it.

“Give yourself to me.” He pleaded huskily as he moved to lie on top of me, missionary style. “I want you so bad.” His voice trembled.

“I’m yours.” I whispered before we kissed, letting him savor the taste of himself that still filled my mouth. I hadn’t swallowed it all. I wanted to save some for him.

We kissed for what seemed a good while till he finally pulled away and began kissing his way down by body again. He soon found my cock once more and with a quick grin my way, he began sucking me off. This time, I did come. I was shocked at how hard I exploded in his mouth and at how much cum I had pent up inside, waiting for the right one to give it too. I erupted hot inside him and even as he withdrew, it kept shooting, all over his face, and he enjoyed it immensely. He relished in it and ate as much as he could.

“I want to fuck you.” He told me.

“As I said…I’m yours.” I quaked a response.

Still lying on my back, he grabbed my legs and raised my hips to him. He didn’t even bother with a condom, and frankly I didn’t care one way or the other. I wanted to close my eyes but didn’t. A big part of me wanted to see him slide his cock into my small anus. He didn’t, not at first. He let it rest against the opening, once more playing his wicked games. Minutes passed in unendurable suspense before he smiled, again quite wickedly so. Seconds later, before I had a chance to plead once more, he shoved himself inside me, hard, far harder than I’d ever anticipated. The rapid intrusion elicited a wave of pain that shot through me like a tsunami, taking my breath away in one violent thrust. He laughed as he withdrew, but not completely. He kept the head inside me, giving me only seconds to recover before he slammed me again, and again, repeatedly with hard, driving thrusts. The pain was unbearable at first. I remembered that I actually cried and to my regret my tears only urged him on, making him fuck me all the harder, if that was even possible.

Thinking back on that night…I know I could have begging him to stop. He would have. I didn’t though. I didn’t because the pain didn’t last. It morphed into pure, unadulterated pleasure, as he undoubtedly had known at the time, and that transition stunned me, and then quickly delighted me, for I found my body responding to this newfound pleasure. I hardened once more, only far harder than I’d been before when he sucked me off Escort Kartal and I’d erupted in intense ecstasy. He grabbed my arousal and began jacking me off as he pounded my anus into submission.

I remember, even now, how intense the sensation had been…what with his hands upon my cock and his deep inside me, stretching my anus seemingly beyond its natural limits. The sensation proved so powerful that I unloaded once more all over my stomach, which he quickly licked up as fast as it came out, savoring ever bit of it, as if it were the nectar of the gods.

I remember how he fell into my arms after that, at how exhausted he’d been, at how both of us had been I should say. It didn’t take long till we fell asleep. I know we slept, for I saw the clock and how five hours had passed since we’d fucked. We stirred once more. The feel of his warm body was what awoke me I recall. That sensation of closeness awoke the both of us and it did so with reignited desire. I remember how we kissed even as I climbed upon his back. I remember how rapidly and with tremendous ease I found his deliciously moist anus. I remember how tight it had been as I eased myself inside him, which only elicited a soft groan of acceptance from him. He was quite used to such intrusions after all. It didn’t take long for us to find our rhythm and for him to learned that I was very vanilla when it came sex and that I preferred the more tender approach. He didn’t ask me to roughen it up. In fact, he tempered his approach too, over the many following nights that we’ve spent together.

I want to say that was the beginning of a happily ever after story, but that’s not the case. It doesn’t appear to be the case going forward. We’re still best friends, of course, but now we’ve quite settled on the benefits packaged that we’ve created for ourselves. He still sees guys. I see girls. It’s as nothing has changes and yet everything has. We see other people but sleep together every night. Sometimes his bed. Others mine. Then the day before yesterday he changed things up again. One his friends needed a place to stay and since our lease is coming up for renewal, he invited her to live with us. I’ve known Ashly for awhile too and I’ve come to like her a lot. In truth, she and Kalen look like twins. They have the same sandy blond hair. Hers has been cut in the pixie style and has red highlights. His is long and shaggy against his face. They’re both 5’8″ and have tight bodies that I love, although she’s not an athlete of any caliber. She swims for fun not sport. They met at the pool in fact. Anyway, they may look like twins but they’re not related. It’s a good thing for it would be quite awkward. I say that because there’s definitely chemistry between Ashley and me, chemistry that has the potential of going beyond mere friendship. Might as well say that it definitely will because last night, her first night with us in the apartment, she turned the heat on. I have to say Kalen had orchestrated the whole thing because when I got out of the shower and walked into my bedroom I found them both waiting for me in bed. Both were as nude as I was and lying uncovered and exposed to my surprised eyes.

“I was waiting before I committed to you, Charlie.” He said.


“You can’t change who you are, no more than I can change who I am.” He said with a shy, but it quickly vanished. “You love women. I love men. I love you. But…”

“But the two of us is not enough.” I finished for him.

“You know it’s not.” He answered with a faint smile. “She loves you. She’s loved you since she met you.”

“True?” I feel something ache within me.

“Yes.” She tears up.

“Obviously, you feel something for her too.” He said.

“I do.”

“Let’s see how this goes, then?”

“The three of us?” I could feel my heart pounding, even as my mind raced with the implications. “Is it possible?”

“There’s only one way to find out.” She offers with tears streaming down her face. She raises had hand to me, beckoning me.

“I want this, Charlie.” Kalen said.

“You sure?” I can’t help but press him.

“Yes, I’m sure.” He smiled.

With tears staining my own eyes, I walk to them and take her hand. To think, my first time with a man, with Kalen, has led to this moment. I allowed her to pull me in. I gave myself to their arms and to their hungry hands. I closed my eyes as they kissed me heatedly and reached for my hardening cock. Then I felt that moment I felt it…I felt I was where I was meant to be. I was home.

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