First Coffee Ch. 02


Michael watched Kate walk gracefully away, and disappear into one of the two bathroom doors at the far end of the hallway leading deep into the rear of the café. He continued to stare down the hallway as he slowly brought his hand up from under the table and picked up a napkin; before casually bringing it to his lips. Not that his lips needed a napkin; he only went through the motions in order to bring the fingers that had moments ago caressed Kate’s moist panties, up to his nose; where he let them linger for a few seconds as the napkin covered his lips. He inhaled slowly. Yes, there was Kate’s scent, so sweet and earthy. He brought his hand down and slid it back under the table, where he was forced to carefully adjust the position of his hardening cock trapped beneath the material of his pants.

Kate entered the bathroom and quickly locked the door before reaching under her skirt. She felt the wet silk clinging to the lips of her pussy as she peeled them down. She didn’t think she had ever been wetter, and she wondered how it would feel to walk back out there with the cool air teasing her swollen clit. She found the idea a bit frightening, but also exciting. Michael had touched her, and she was sure she wanted and needed more before this first meeting was over.

She stepped out of her panties and folded the silk into the palm of one hand. There wasn’t that much material; they were thongs after all. They fit her palm nicely, but she could feel how wet they were with her juices. She thought about giving them to him, and felt her nipples harden and send little messages of need down to the hunger growing between her thighs. She balled the damp material in her fist, took a deep breath, and unlocked the door; before walking as slowly as her eyes, fixed on Michael at the table, would let her.

Michael smiled as he saw Kate approach. He watched her sit gracefully beside him as he smiled at her.

“Welcome back, love. I trust you have gotten a hand on your composure?”

Kate’s sly smile added a secretive tone to her reply, “Yes, Michael, I have everything in hand as you ordered.”

The newspaper hanging from the table continued to hide the lovers’ game from the eyes of the café’s few other clients, so no one else saw Michael’s hand move slowly up the soft skin of Kate’s thigh. They might have seen her eyes looking into his. They might have seen the surprise on parallels izle his face when his hand encountered hers as it got closer to what he yearned to touch. They might have seen the passion on the faces of both when Kate’s small fingers caressed his larger palm as she let the silk fall into place there. They would never know the reason for the obvious love that they could see, or for the depth of the passion that they could not see. Perhaps even the lovers themselves could not see the reason, or the need for any.

“I am pleased, Kate. Your ability to give never ceases to amaze me.” Michael said as he folded his fingers over the silk and brought his closed hand up to the napkin resting on the table. He covered that hand with his other, and deftly moved the napkin over the damp crushed silk of Kate’s panties; before taking both napkin and panties back into his hand. He never took his eyes off Kate’s as he slowly brought the panties, now hidden by the napkin, up to his lips.

Kate’s eyes widened as she watched. She could feel the wetness between her legs beginning to escape from the folds of her swollen pussy and slowly slide lower.

Michael held the panties just in front of his lips as he took a visible deep breath and commented, “I don’t think I have ever enjoyed the aroma in a café so much.”

“It must be the special blend here,” Kate replied quickly. She was finding it increasingly difficult to sit still. She desperately wanted to fold her leg under her so that she could feel the pressure of her heel against the ache in her pussy, but she knew that wasn’t what she really needed. She wanted more than that now.

“Please…,” she said softly.

“Please what?” Michael asked firmly.

“Please… ah, enjoy the taste as well as the aroma.”

Michael smiled and brought his coffee mug briefly to his lips, without really sipping it at all; and then set it down. He seemed to touch the napkin to his mouth then, but Kate knew it wasn’t the napkin touching his lips, it was her panties. Her panties, soaked with the juices of her pussy, were touching Michael’s lips as she watched. She began to tremble. It felt like her heart would beat out her excitement to the world. But she didn’t feel the heartbeat in her chest; she felt it deep in her pussy. It was a throb she knew well, but had never been so attuned to before.

“That paul t goldman izle has to be the most delicious I have ever tasted. It is indeed most special,” Michael said, after bringing the moist silk to his mouth and sneaking a quick taste with his tongue and lips.

He watched her closely. He saw the slight trembling and noticed her rocking a bit in her seat. He once again brought the napkin-clad panties to his mouth, and took part of the wet material into his mouth. He could taste her. He thought then that he would never get enough of her taste or scent. His cock had never been harder or more insistent, but Michael didn’t want this moment to get away from them. It was their first meeting, and they had years of partially-denied desire to answer for. He knew that it was his responsibility to guide them through this, and to make sure that Kate was better off for having taken this step in their relationship.

Michael rested his hands together on the table and quickly removed the napkin, leaving only the panties folded under one hand. He slid that hand and the panties once again under the table. He dropped the panties onto the top of her skirt, then quickly slid his hand under the skirt and along her thigh until his fingers touched the wet folds of her pussy. He felt the slick juices even before his fingers easily slid between the extended petals of her inner lips. To the few other patrons of the café who might have been watching, they would have appeared to be two lovers leaning against each other in an isolated corner talking deeply of love, and that is exactly what they were doing. They were just communicating in an unspoken language; one older than words.

“Relax, love. All the time we have known each other has led to this, and this will lead to more in its time,” Michael breathed into her ear as he leaned in closer to her.

Kate’s breathing stopped when his fingers slid into her so easily, but quickly resumed to the same rhythm as the fingers sliding in and out of her. First two fingers, then three, and then he was deep into her with most of his hand. She couldn’t stand it. She needed something to concentrate on. She needed something to touch. One hand found her panties in her lap, and she gripped them tightly. That wasn’t enough, though. She needed to feel him.

Kate slid down a little in her chair and leaned against midnight at the pera palace izle Michael’s shoulder.

“I need to feel you,” she whispered into his ear, “Now. Here.”

“I would never deny you, Kate.” Michael whispered back.

Kate moved one hand over to his lap and placed it over the bulge there. She felt how hard he was for her. She couldn’t wait. She had to feel it in her hand. She had to grip it. She had to claim it for her own. Kate’s fingers found the zipper, but she had a little trouble getting it lowered past the bulge that stretched the material so tightly. Finally she succeeded. When she moved her fingers back up, preparing to slide them inside the opening; she was surprised that her fingers met only velvet skin. His cock had popped free of its prison as soon as the opened zipper had allowed its freedom, and was now reaching for her even as she reached for it.

“Oh. Oh yes,’ she breathed as her fingers closed around him. His cock was thick and filled her hand. It was hot and it pulsed with the same rhythm as the thrusting of his fingers sliding in and out of her pussy.

Michael breathed deeply and whispered, “So long have I waited, too, my love.”

Kate slid her hand lightly up the shaft and her fingers teased the head before sliding back down. She was past teasing though; for him or her. She gripped him firmly then and began sliding the skin up and down. She could feel the swollen head as it passed beneath her fingers; and it only took a few strokes before his juices were running down and wetting her hand.

Kate moaned when she felt her fingers begin to slide over the wet head of Michael’s cock. She wanted to taste him, like he had tasted her; and she wanted him to watch her do it, just as she had watched him. She released his cock and quickly moved her hand up and snatched up her own napkin, before bringing it to her lips.

She breathed deeply with her glistening fingers under her nose and whispered, “I agree, the aroma here is intoxicating.”

Michael watched her quickly turn her hand and rest the backs of her fingers against her lips. Her tongue slid out and licked along the wetness there.

“That is most delicious, indeed. I look forward to more.” Kate said in a deep whisper.

Michael slowly slid his fingers out of her, and looked into her eyes as he said, “I think we both need some time to a get a hand on our emotions. Go to the women’s bathroom at the end of the hall. Make sure that it is empty and then enter and wait there.”

“Yes, sir,” Kate answered as she sat up in her seat and pulled her skirt back in place; before slowly walking to the end of the hall, her panties gripped tightly in one fist.

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