First BI Wet Foursome


I’d always classed myself as completely Gay – been into Gay Watersports for quite a time. I’d never had any sexual experience with a woman (not even a kiss) and thought I had no interest in the opposite sex at all.

A few weeks ago a Piss/Fuck buddy of mine invited me to a dinner party – we spent most of the time with a Lesbian couple he knows well. It turns out the younger of the two women has never been with a guy and she was curious to try it – also that the other woman sometimes has casual sex with my buddy (he’s also older and Bi).

I guess why I agreed is that the girls are also heavily into watersports – plus just being curious. But I was very tempted to “chicken out” – I looked at Hetro porn sites during the week (which I’ve never bothered to do before) – and found the pictures of female genitals, breasts etc a real turn-off.

I did realise my Buddy had “Set me up” – he said it was to broaden my horizons. I guess he’s a bit more than a “Fuck Buddy” to me – I like and trust him a lot and he’s one of the few guys I bareback with. The other thing is – before doing it I’d been quite anxious and had asked advice from friends – including one who suggested that (for us two opposite sex virgins) we do a “show and tell” which I suggested to my Buddy.

I was a bit nervous on Saturday when I met my Buddy in the lobby of the women’s apartment block in the city. I’d already drunk a lot of fluid and he nodded when I asked him if he had a “full tank” as well. The Woman is a successful Lawyer while the Girl is a speech therapist. I guess the Woman fits the “Dyke” stereotype more – my Buddy says she’s brilliant in court.

The weekend before (when I first met them) the Girl and I talked a lot about her work – a lot of what she does is with stroke victims – helping them to learn to speak again. Her political ideas are quite close to mine – while my Buddy and the Woman are a bit more right wing (but maybe that’s just cos they’re a bit older).

Their apartment’s very nice – when we arrived the Woman was wearing a white “Doctors” outfit – while the girl was in a semi-see-through nightgown.

The Woman said we might as well do a little “role play” and for us to go and get changed. My buddy asked for a glass of water – In the bedroom he put on the doctors gown – while I got the frilly nightee. We both had erections as we got changed. He bit a Viagra pill – and gave me half (he’s just old enough that his doctor believes he’s got a genuine need for these).

All together in their living room we had more drinks and talked. I rather liked wearing the “Girly” nightee – while it covered my dick – the fact I had a hard-on was obvious. We talked about how we got into watersports – I told them how I started out. For them it was sort of related to how they first met.

The Girl had always had a problem – that when she had an orgasm she normally urinated as well. She first masturbated when she was 16 – except for the first few wet beds she afterwards only did it in the bath.

When she became sexually active with other women – she’d already stared on a course of drugs for her problem – and avoiding things like alcohol and coffee – but it didn’t always work – plus an orgasm without piss was less pleasure for her. Also it didn’t stop the problem all the time.

They met at a LGBT advice session – where the Woman gave free legal help (she said it’s mostly on immigration). The Girl had just split up with her previous partner – and had left the apartment they’d bought together (was spending a fortune staying in a hotel). One of the reasons for the split was because of the Girls incontinence problem during sex.

Anyway – the Woman told her that she didn’t have a problem at all – and it was something to enjoy – also offered for her to stay with her – anyway one thing led to another – they became lovers and have been together ever since.

After the story the Girl grinned at me and asked if I wanted to try what she was drinking? – Iced Coffee and Rum.

After a while the Woman said to come through to the “Classroom” – this was the main bedroom – it was warmer than şahinbey escort the living room – with a bed with just a fluffy bottom sheet and pillows.

She told me and the Girl to strip off – she and my buddy kept on their white doctors gowns – then told the girl to sit down.

This is where the game started to not go so well – she looked sort of uncomfortable sitting on the edge of the bed – I was standing there naked – I’d totally lost any sign of an erection.

I needed to piss real bad – usually this makes me hard – but now I was really struggling to hold on – my shrunken dick looked really tiny – I felt exposed and felt like I wanted to put my hands in front of me.

My buddy quickly told me to turn round with my back to the girl – then he kneeled down in front of me and took my dick and balls in his mouth. The Woman told me to put one leg on the bed – then told the girl to stroke my ass cheeks.

I’d grown enough that only my dick was in his mouth when the Woman ordered me to lean forward and use my hands to part my buttocks – she told the girl to “Taste his Cherry” – then to lick the back of my scrotum.

The girl didn’t need much instruction in rimming – she was really good – I was totally hard – love being sucked and a warm tongue in my ass at the same time. I made enough moans and groans so she knew I was enjoying it.

He stopped sucking me and the Woman told me to turn round – now his tongue started licking my crack. The Woman made a joke about me not being such a little boy now and told the Girl to put my penis in her mouth – then talked her through sucking me – and to remember what she’d said about teeth.

She asked the Girl if she’d like to taste his wee – I let go a big spurt of piss in her mouth almost before she nodded. It felt just as brilliant as ever – my muscles tensed and I nearly started to cum. My Buddy must have felt my ass tighten – as he stopped rimming me.

She let most of my piss run down her body and used her hand to spread it over her small breasts. Then the Woman told her to put the head of my penis right against her nipple – though I’d seen pics – I was surprised at how big her nipples were. She seemed to really like it as I pushed out a strong jet of piss.

The Woman told me to show how I pleasured myself by hand – but my Buddy said to skip that for a while as I looked near to cumming. So she told the Girl to stand up and kiss me – just stroke my penis and gently fondle my testicles – telling me to use my hands on her nipples.

The kissing was really sexy – even with just stroking I was getting near – so I guided her hands up to play with my nipples instead.

I heard the Woman say that now it was my turn to explore – They’d given up on the white doctor coats – him naked and erect – her only wearing a red Bra with nipple holes – she had much bigger breasts than I’d imagined.

I’d now got the opposite problem to having no erection earlier – I could feel my dick twitching. I’m not usually aware of myself having much by way of pre-cum – she looked down fascinated at my dick – I had a thin silvery thread almost down to the floor. I’d been so worried about being hard – I’d decided to not cum since the Sunday before – plus my Buddy had given me some of his Viagra earlier as extra insurance.

Following instructions from the Woman the Girl lay down on the bed and opened her legs wide. I was told to get on the bed on all fours – my face real close to her genitals. The Woman got us to move down so my backside was at the edge of the bed – said I’d got a really cute bum (for a guy) and started rimming me.

My Buddy told the Girl to show me what she could do with her hands – at first she used her whole hand to rub the top part between her legs. He told her to let me see her clit – she dipped her fingers between her inner lips. Her two wet fingers spread the top of her slit – a small knob of flesh peeping out.

I liked looking between what she was doing with her hand and at the expression on her face. I could feel my dick throbbing – I guess partly cos the Woman was an expert ass kisser as well – I’d never really thought before that women would like rimming just as much as guys. Even though the Woman wasn’t touching my dick – my hips started to move – I told her it was great – but if she didn’t stop rimming me I was going to cum.

The Woman and my Buddy got either side of the Girl and lifted her legs back – then supporting them for her – the Woman said now it was time for my analingus lesson. The Girl carried on playing with herself – while I practiced my best rimming technique.

I soon learned one of her favourites was switching between very light licking either side of her ass hole – then a sudden strong thrust with my tongue as far into her as I could get.

After a while the Woman told me it was time I moved up to higher things. This time she gave quite a lot of instructions – what to do with my tongue – not to do “stop start” like with a guy. I had no problem staying hard the whole time – only occasionally using my hand on my dick.

I found it hard to keep my tongue on target when she started thrusting her hips – she didn’t make a lot of sounds – just heavy breathing and moans (a STR8 friend had told me that women are more noisy during sex than guys – but she wasn’t).

It was really hot when her Orgasm started and I felt her strong spurts of piss in my mouth. It had a nice taste – not that large a quantity – I swallowed most of it.

I kneeled up – the Girl smiling at me – then the Woman said that a real Gentleman doesn’t just give up after one orgasm – she told me to get inside my first Vagina. My Buddy helped position my dick for me – it slid in real easily – the Girl and I kissed as I started to move. I’d have cum even quicker if my Buddy hadn’t repeated his joke about it being technically the second cunt I’d been inside.

The Woman said to me to let her feel some boy pee inside – I can usually piss when hard – but this time as I pushed to try to urinate my orgasm hit me – really powerful – and my body was pumping out my semen inside her instead.

As I kneeled up my Buddy lay down next to her saying something about a man needing to finish a boy’s work for him. For a second I had pang of irritation that she seemed so eager to climb on top of him. I watched him guide her above his dick – I noticed my white semen dripping from her onto his cock head – it looked so sexy and animal – my dick stayed hard.

She bore down on him – his dick buried deep – then almost right out – his shaft was shiny with my cum. The woman told the girl to lean forward and me to lick my buddy’s testicles and shaft clean. Then ordered me to kiss the Girls anus and make sure it was properly wet.

My Buddy said to me “Now Fuck her Ass” – I took a while to get in position – in the end one knee between his legs and my other leg raised. My dick was a bit less hard – but I got inside her ass easily – We managed some movement but it was a bit difficult.

The Woman got of the bed and came back – lubing up an oversize black dildo (I realised why the Girl had had no problem with my dick). She said she’d heard of a way to make little boys do Pee Pee when they’re supposed to – I guess she and my Buddy must have talked about me.

She shoved it deep into my ass faster than I normally enjoy – but I hardly noticed the discomfort – just the great sensation of my bladder relaxing and me uncontrollably urinating full stream. The Girl gasped – saying she could feel it inside. I’d stopped thrusting – but he carried on – almost lifting his whole body.

As usual for me – giving a piss enema – the though of what I was doing was making me excited – it felt like I’d pissed a lot but as my dick got harder my flow stopped.

My Buddy had stopped thrusting – I slowly eased my dick out of her ass. I saw his dick was soft between her legs – he looked at my hard dick and said to me that he guessed I’d better take over again. As the Girl got into Doggy Style position – I was getting really excited by the sight of more sperm dripping out of her – forgot about the big dildo in my ass till the Woman eased it out.

I got my dick into her vagina with no help – the Woman got me to hold still while she pushed (gently this time) a butt plug into my ass – then switched it to vibrate and said to tell her when I wanted it faster.

The sensation was amazing – It turned me on with my Buddy and the Woman both masturbating and watching us. I did slip out a few times – but got used to the different angle.

I was fucking her quite fast – already longer than I usually do when fucking a guy – I was getting near to cumming – she seemed to be enjoying it a lot. I felt her get slightly tighter round my dick – the tone of her moans changed.

My Buddy said to go for it Girl – I said “yes please – anytime” and started pounding her as hard as I could.

She groaned – her Vagina relaxed – the stream of my hot piss coming back out of her ass felt so good splashing above my dick – the great sensation of loads of it running down between my legs.

One brilliant feeling as she came was her strong spurts of piss right onto my balls – it wasn’t long before I felt myself cumming inside her again. We flopped down on the bed beside each. The Girl leaned over me and took my butt plug out

The Woman was standing and putting on a strap on dildo (again quite big) – my Buddy got up – leaning forward in front of her. He grunted as she penetrated him – I said to the girl that it’s good to have a floor show. He was jerking himself fast as she fucked him.

The Girl asked me how often I playing with enemas – I said I’d had two before we arrived – but just in case – to avoid mess. She said that so had she – and that they’d got all the gear in the bathroom if I wanted? My Buddy interrupted saying he could fill me up for her.

She gave me a naughty smile – I was getting hard again as I stood in front of him. He didn’t enter me but carried on masturbating – got me to lean forward – I felt his cock head against my anus. He groaned – a couple of squirts of his semen wet my hole – he was still ejaculating as he penetrated my ass. He pushed in as far as he could – then nothing happened for quite a while.

I was starting to wonder if he’d manage it or get too soft to stay in – then I felt his stream start inside me, After a while I couldn’t feel him urinating – but he was still grunting so I carried on jerking myself – while he finished pissing.

I sat down beside the Girl – she said that it had looked very hot – reached out and stroked my dick. The Woman had taken off her strap-on – standing by the edge of the bed – next to me – my Buddy kneeled down behind her and started rimming. It was more like a shower spray when she started – she didn’t try to aim it. It was great feeling her hot piss on my body – some spraying the Girl as well.

Afterwards they both sat at the bottom of the bed – were it wasn’t so wet – the Girl said she didn’t know guys could stay erect for so long. I was about to say about the tablet – but then guessed it might not be something my Buddy wanted them to know.

We all talked for a while – mostly about what we’d just done and how different things felt – what had really excited us. I told the Girl that seeing our semen coming out of her made me very horny. She said that me peeing right on her nipple had felt really good – also when she let go of the piss enema I’d given her. I felt the pressure inside my ass – told her I was about ready to blast as well.

She told me to get on her lap and pee on her nipples again. I needed to kneel up a bit to hold my dick head right against her nipple. I had to push hard to piss – my buddy’s load in my ass came out in a powerful jet. Before my stream of piss stopped I switched to her other breast – spraying up between us.

I sat lower and we kissed for quite a time – till the Woman said it looked like there were no dry bits of the bed left and to lets go to the other room. I liked how the Girls body was shiny and wet with piss – The Woman handed out towels.

We sat and talked in their living room – I was feeling relaxed and sleepy and didn’t say very much. In the end the Woman suggested the Girl and I get some sleep – she and my buddy would clean up. I think both the Girl and I went to sleep almost as soon as we got in the bed (both too tired to bother with a shower).

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