Fine Line Ch. 04


Chapter 4: Turnabout


I saw her come in, and she’d followed my directions.

She was dressed in her normal school outfit: jeans, a tank top and a hooded sweatshirt tied around her waist. Her hair was up in a bun, which would be easy enough to take down and tangle my hands in to guide her mouth… I lost my train of thought as she bounced up the stairs, and I saw for the first time that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Easier for me, but naughty-naughty for her.

I followed her casually. The library was nearly deserted at that time of night. There were maybe two librarians working in the whole building, and none were on the top floor. A few students were littering the study areas, but they would be absorbed until the library closed, which was in about an hour and a half. Plenty of time for what I was imagining.

She gasped, but managed to stifle any other noise she might have made when my arm slipped around her waist. My fingers slipped under the hem of her tank top, tracing her ribs lightly until she shivered.

“What are you planning, Michael?” she demanded quietly, casting nervous glances at the college students.

“You’ll see,” I told her, guiding her to the back, very secluded part of the library. Now that it was dark, the blinds were closed over the windows, making a nice cocoon of privacy between the last shelf and the outside wall. Pillars at various intervals maintained structural integrity.

“Michael,” she began, halting in her tracks as we neared the spot I’d picked out. I pulled her to me hard, kissing her. At least she’d given up calling me Mike. I’d made that much progress. My tongue invaded her mouth, and she groaned slightly, then stiffened. “Shh,” I said against her mouth. “Just keep quiet.” Then I kissed her again, a little more forcefully this time, and backed her into the corner support.

She was held in by three sides, and didn’t bother struggling. Her hands roamed all over my chest, then slid under my shirt. Then they slid down and covered my hard on through my jeans, and it was my turn to stifle a moan. With one hand cupped around my privates, and the other on my shoulder, she suddenly pushed me around until I was the one backed into a corner.

That was when I realized there was something different about her. There was a glint in her eye, a quirk of her mouth that hadn’t been there before. She looked…meaner, somehow. I felt…cowed, as if I wasn’t in control. In fact, with her hand putting more and more pressure on my cock and balls, I wasn’t. I looked into her face, several inches below mine, and saw her smile wickedly. She raised herself onto her toes and whispered, “My turn,” oni thunder gods tale izle in my ear. I felt a shiver race across my skin from where her lips had grazed my earlobe. I narrowed my eyes, but didn’t try to move her.

She went back down to her heels, and began to slide her hands up and along my arms and shoulders, down my chest and stomach, until she again cupped my package. I had been at least half-hard just imagining how I would take her in the library, forcing her to be quiet as I made her come over and over until she passed out from it all…

Shocked, I stared as she slowly lowered herself to her knees, keeping her eyes on mine as she lifted the hem of my shirt to kiss and lick my stomach. The pose should have been submissive, but I felt immobilized by the way she held my gaze. It hit me then that she was in charge, and I didn’t care that much. Peripherally, I saw how low-cut her tank top was; her nipples were practically peeking out from the top. Her eyes had me mesmerized, and I gritted my teeth when her hot mouth trailed down over the jeans I wore, breathing into the material. I didn’t notice her hands sliding into the pocket of her sweatshirt until she quickly cuffed my hands behind my back.

I wasn’t sure whether to protest the cuffs or her taking her mouth and heat away from my now-aching cock. I couldn’t say anything though; as her hand snaked into my pants and gripped my cock firmly.

The only sound we heard was our breathing, raspy and gasping on my part, her merely breathing normally. She licked me a few times, wetting it enough that her hand could slip up and down the length of it with just the right amount of friction. I bit my lip, trying not to groan. I didn’t want to take chances, but she was really good. She kept her fist tight enough to cause pleasure without hurting, seemed to know just what to do as well as I do when jerking off.

Suddenly, she drew me into her mouth, and I almost groaned long and loud, managing to stifle it to a low growl before I gave us both away. Her mouth was so hot and wet, with such a talented tongue, swirling around, teasing the vein in my cock, wrapping as far around it as she could get, then swirling again around the head and rim. One hand stayed wrapped around my shaft, while the other reached down to fondle my balls, rolling, tugging them, pressing them gently upwards as they tightened a little more.

When she’d decided I’d had enough, she pulled me away from the wall and pushed me down to the floor on my back. I rolled slightly to the side because of my hands, but found that I could roll right back without oussekine izle discomfort.

Then she straddled my head, facing my feet, and I saw to my shock the crotch of her jeans had been cut out. There wasn’t any fabric covering her mound from the hood of her clit to where her cheeks began. I immediately began to tongue her, licking up the juices that had coursed over her while she was giving me the blow job. It must have really turned her on because the denim around her crotch was wet. Being on the edge, and thanks to my skills in cunninlingus, she came. To stifle her cries, she leaned down and bit my shirt, raking her teeth over my ribs as she did. It felt good when she did that, and I had to stifle my own noises. She shuddered over me for a few moments before shifting to align her crotch with my cock.

She slipped over me slowly, drawing me in, squeezing harshly against me, rocking her hips erotically. Then she began fondling her own breasts through her tank top, and I struggled against the cuffs. She narrowed her eyes at me and clenched hard against my dick, hard enough that it hurt. “Stop that,” she scolded me.

She began moving faster, and one hand slipped down and began rubbing her clit hard as she rose up and down over me. It was so weird to see her essentially still clothed but fucking me hard. It was incredible. Her eyes still fixed on my face, and a mean smirk on her lips, she let one strap of her tank top fall, and pushed the fabric down, baring her breast. Her skin was flushed slightly, the nipple rosy from her earlier ministrations. She pinched it delicately, and bit her lip. Now both her hands were on her clit, and she was panting quietly.

I sat up and took her freed breast into my mouth. She let me do that for a moment before grabbing my hair and pulling my head upwards until she could kiss me. While we were kissing, she rested against me, and I was penetrating her to the hilt. Her clit was rubbing against my pelvic bone. My knees were bent slightly upward, my stomach muscles beginning to strain from holding this position.

Then she wrenched her mouth away from mine and pulled hard on my hair. Pain shot through me, then she brought her mouth to my neck, and began to suck and bite my skin.

She’s marking me. She’s not fucking me, just squeezing me rhythmically, hard, soft, wet, rocking, squeezing…. Her mouth finally moved from my neck, and she shoved me back down onto the floor. Her smile was nasty as she looked down at me. “Stay,” she whispered harshly.

Then she raised both her hands to her hair and pulled out the sticks holding her hair in a bun…however that works. paper girls izle I watch her hair cascade down her back, coffee-brown curls, and she rakes her hands through it, arching her back, clenching my cock deep inside her.

Then she begins to fuck me again, bracing herself against my shoulders, leaning over until her hair falls in my face, her scent surrounding me, blinding me.

Finally, she comes, and I can come, gritting my teeth against a shout, digging my nails into the floor as I buck up into her again and again. I hear a whining sound coming from her, and she leans down and again grabs a mouthful of shirt to bite down on. I watch, and see that her eyes are locked on mine as we both come, then hers flutter shut as she collapses on top of me.

It takes a while before I’m aware again. What happened here? I thought, and shook my head to help clear it. Something twinged in my neck, and I tried to bring my hand up to feel for it, but they were still cuffed.

“Fuck, Eve,” I hissed, and rolled over, dumping her on the floor. “Let me go.” She snorted.

“I don’t think so,” she said.

I raised my eyebrows as she stood up. “What, you’re just going to leave me here? I’ll be arrested looking like this.”

“You didn’t give me time to finish,” she said, pulling her shirt back up and then beginning to twist her hair back into a bun. “I said I’m not going to let you go. Unless.”

I closed my eyes, trying to rein in my temper. “This is revenge, isn’t it?” I demanded.

She smiled and nodded firmly. “I’m a vindictive bitch,” she told him factually. “And I like my revenge piping hot.” With that, she put her feet on either side of me, then crouched down until I should have been able to lick her. But I couldn’t reach her. Then she takes my limp cock into her mouth.

Eventually, I’m completely hard again, and I can see the moisture beginning to seep through her folds again. “Eve,” I growl, ready to dislocate my shoulders if I could just get out of the cuffs.

Then she stops sucking me, and turns and nestles my cock in between her lips. She rocks and grinds against me. “Give me your cell phone number,” she demands. I kept quiet until she reached down and squeezed my balls, just hard enough to let me know she was in charge, then I recited the number for her.

“Now we both can play this game. We’ll just see how long we can hold out. And when we can’t stand it any more, one of us will call. Whoever calls, loses the control,” she says, leaning down until she’s speaking against my mouth. Her voice gets quieter and quieter the closer she gets. “And whoever gets the control…well, you get the idea.”

With that, she moves down, tucks me back in, zips up my jeans, and rolls me over. Then she leaves me, lying there, trying to figure out where I went wrong.

I have to resist calling, because I want the control back. But I already have a location in mind, that will open up worlds for us to explore when she breaks.

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