Finally Pregnant


It was a lazy Sunday morning. My wife and I were sleeping in a little. As I went to bed last night, like I do most nights, I put on my sexiest female lingerie. I chose a tight little corset number that has garters attached. It was bright red so I also chose red panties and black stockings. I tightened up the waist to give me a more curvy figure. To fill out the bra cups, I chose some 3XL silicone breast forms. They give the perfect feel of real breasts. Heavy, perfect shape with nipples and they warm up to feel real. My wife likes to spoon as we sleep, and my breasts were tucked firmly against her back. My cock would twitch against her ass and nestle inside her ass cheeks. She would playfully squeeze my cock as it worked its way deeper. She has always known that I was a little jealous of her. She is 5′ 7″ , 130 lbs, and a killer set of tits. Her pussy is to die for. So warm and tight it’s Escort ankara almost impossible to resist not coming the moment I enter her. She also knows about my feminine side. I have often dreamed what it would be like to have a warm, hard cock inside me.  I think, in a way, I always wanted to be a girl. Since I was a kid, my sisters and I played dress up. I was so jealous they had long hair and could wear girl clothes all the time. I had never considered becoming a girl , but the thought of being a girl is something very special to me.  I love to dress up in very feminine lingerie. My wife knows and appreciates this side of me. She says it’s the best of both worlds, a man to protect her and a girlfriend to shop with and try on sexy outfits. We even share lingerie. She’s a little bi-curious also and we often switch roles in our love making. I love being Balgat escort the girl and being submissive to her desires. As morning rose, I noticed her slip out of bed to the closet. Nothing unusual about that. When she re-entered the room she was radiant. Her hair was in a pony tail, she had removed her top to let her breast sway freely, and where her sweet pussy usually was, there was a big beautiful 9″ strap-on cock. God she was sexy. As she approached the bed her big cock waved back and forth. It was so perfect on her. I lay there like a bride on my wedding night, in my sexiest attire, about to be made love to..  She then finally spoke. “Sweetie, I’ve been thinking that it’s finally time to start our family. I’m going to make love to you and you’re going to have our baby.” My heart dropped. I had dreamed of getting pregnant and now it might happen. I Batıkent escort bayan leaned forward to get her cock in my mouth as fast as I could. I was her woman and I was ready to give myself fully to her.  Her cock was huge and I struggled to take as much as I could. I took it as deep as I could and then withdrew to savor the head. She made me get on my knees and continued to fuck my mouth as she grabbed my tits, tweaking the nipples through the bra cup. I serviced her big beautiful cock for about 15 minutes. I was also instructed to kiss her pussy hidden by the strap-on and lick her all the way around to the top of her ass. I eagerly nuzzled and kissed her everywhere I could. The strap-on was the kind that goes around the cheeks so her ass was fully accessible to my kisses.  I felt I was as much as a woman as you can be. Wearing my sexiest lingerie, boobs over flowing my bra, and a huge, firm cock in my mouth. My pussy ached to be filled. She then finally told that she was ready. I was laid back on the bed. She moved up between my legs and gently spread them apart. Looking down and seeing her with her beautiful tits heaving and moving up to enter my pussy made me so wet.

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