Field Mouse in the City


Author’s Note: This is part three in the Field Mouse Series. For part one read “Of Sharks and Field Mice” and for part two read “When Field Mice Play”. Part two doesn’t really need to be read, but part one is recommended.


There was a week left in the one-month deadline extension Bill had gotten on his debt to Venice and the farm wasn’t looking any better than it had weeks ago. Bill was dealing with the stress by pouring himself into the farm, doing everything he could to try and get it back up and running. Daniel, however, had been looking into different ways to deal with the stress. He couldn’t work himself to the bone like Bill could, especially not when it was slowly but surely becoming clear that the farm simply wasn’t going to bear fruit in time.

The city not too far in the distance seemed like Daniel’s best bet to find a distraction. It would take an hour on foot to get there, but a little walking was worth not having to tell Bill anything. Daniel waited until Bill had gone to bed and then snuck out of the house, avoiding every creaky floorboard on the way out and closing the door quietly. If everything went right, he’d be back in the morning and Bill would be none the wiser.

Shortly after passing the border of their property, there was the rumbling of car tires on asphalt and Daniel glanced to the side in time to see a car driving slowly up to him. The passenger side window rolled down and a woman leaned out, the car keeping pace with Daniel. “Hey, man. Where ya headed?” The woman asked, her accent giving away that she wasn’t from the rural area the car was coming from but was actually city.

“The city.” Daniel said cautiously, eyeing the woman from the corner of his eye and seeing that there was another woman driving the car.

“No shit? Us too!” The woman said, grinning in a way that reminded Daniel vaguely of a wolf. “Where ya headed in the city?”

“Dunno.” Daniel admitted, still walking despite the conversation, not really sure how to feel about what was happening. He’d had talks about stranger danger when he was younger, of course, but he was a grown-ass man now, so the same rules didn’t really feel like they still applied. “Just looking for fun.”

“Oh.” The woman practically purred, glancing to the back seat and snickering at something before turning her attention back to Daniel. “Let us give you a ride. We’re headin’ somewhere plenty fun.”

Glancing towards the back of the car but unable to see anything due to how dark it was outside and how darkly the windows were tinted, Daniel hesitated. On the one hand, no one knew where he was so if this turned out to be a bad situation, he was on his own. He didn’t know these people or what their intentions might be so if he agreed to go with them, he could be getting himself into serious trouble. On the other hand, the idea of putting himself into such a potentially dangerous situation was making it a little hard to walk due to the amount of steady tent-pitching going on in his pants. “Alright.” Daniel finally said, stopping and shifting a little uncertainly when the car also stopped.

The woman shot Daniel another wolfish grin before ducking back into the car and rolling her window back up. The back passenger door opened and a man, who was considerably larger than Daniel, stepped out, motioning for Daniel to get in. “Hope you don’t mind sitting in the middle. You’ll fit better than me.” He said, eyeing Daniel like he was piece of cake.

Nodding a bit, Daniel climbed into the car. He knew this was dangerous. Sitting in the middle, blocked off on both sides by bodies from escape was a bad idea. But the more things Daniel could count that were dangerous about the situation, the more excited he felt. Speaking of bodies on both sides, Daniel was now sitting beside two people, one of whom was sitting on the others lap, who were making out enthusiastically. They only parted long enough for the one on the bottom to shoot Daniel a grin and the one on top to wave a bit shyly. Daniel waved back and they went back to what they’d been doing.

Getting smushed a little as the other man got back in, Daniel tried not to look too awkward. The car started moving again and the only sounds besides the low music coming from the front was the sound of the two on Daniel’s other side sucking face. After a bit of trying to be polite and not look, Daniel got curious and glanced over, flushing and looking away as he saw that the kissing had escalated to dry-humping.

Snickering as he’d been watching Daniel, the man to his right put an arm around his shoulders, making Daniel tense up a bit. “Relax, field mouse, I won’t bite ‘less ya want me to.” He said calmly, grinning more when Daniel gasped softly. Noticing the growing problem between Daniel’s legs, the man placed a firm hand on Daniel’s upper thigh and gave a squeeze. “Whatta ya say you lemme take care of that for ya?” He asked lowly in Daniel’s ear, rubbing up a little further but stopping short of crossing the line.

Letting out a shaky breath as his dick practically jumped in his pants, Daniel gave a Ataşehir Travesti shy nod. “Okay.” He said softly, gasping as the man’s hand flew between his legs and started to firmly palm his bulge. Moaning softly in surprise and pleasure, Daniel spread his legs as much as he could and didn’t fight it when the man pulled him even closer and started planting warm kisses on his neck. He tilted his head for the man and his hips bucked up as a slightly louder moan was dragged from his throat when the man gave him a much more firm squeeze.

“Come sit on my lap, baby.” The man whispered, lightly biting Daniel’s ear. Stifling another moan, Daniel nodded considerably more eagerly and helped get himself into position straddling the man. “Eager little slut, ain’tcha?” The man mumbled, making Daniel blush darkly. “Ya like that, huh? Gettin’ called a slut?” The man asked, grinning knowingly at Daniel and grabbing his ass in order to pull him forward so their hips ground together.

Swallowing softly, Daniel nodded, letting out a moan at the friction. “Yeah.” He mumbled, grinding against the man on his own and feeling hot all over from the situation. He was really going to let this stranger do whatever he wanted to him in front of all these other people. The idea was even hotter than the friction from their crotches being bumped against eachother.

“Man, country boys are fuckin’ freaks.” The woman in the front said, watching the show in the rearview. “We oughta go trollin’ for field mice more often.”

“Right?” The driver agreed, stealing the occasional glance at the action in the back seat but mostly keeping her eyes on the road.

Before things could get too hot and heavy in the back seat, the car slowed and entered the city limits. The change was instant. Even in the outer limits of the city, the amount of lights everywhere gave away that they were no longer in the countryside. Daniel and the stranger who’s lap he was on broke apart from a sloppy tongue kiss and Daniel looked out the window in awe. He’d been to the city before, of course, but it’d been awhile since he’d been at night and the lights always dazzled him when he saw them.

The car slowed more and the driver began to pull into a parking lot. Once the car was parked, Daniel was ushered off of the stranger’s lap. He got out of the car and Daniel followed, the man on the other side following soon after and then the one who’d been on his lap after him. The driver and passenger were already out and the driver locked the car up before leading the way down some stairs to an imposing metal door. She knocked and a slot opened up to reveal a pair of eyes and purple light coming from the interior.

“Six total. Two for the floor.” She said, holding a hundred dollar bill to the slot, clearly having done this before.

The slot closed and the door opened. The driver entered first, handing the bouncer the money and the bouncer stopped Daniel and the man who’d been sitting on the other man’s lap at the door. “Wear these.” The bouncer instructed, handing both of them a metal bracelet. “If you start to party too hard, hold down on the button and someone’ll come t’pull you out.”

Nodding, Daniel put his bracelet on and moved on towards the purple light and the thrum of music. He was a little nervous, but he was mostly excited. He’d never been to a club like this before, just regular dance clubs with his friends back when he’d first graduated from school. As Daniel rounded the corner from the entrance hallway, he found a place unlike anything he’d ever seen before.

The purple lights mixed with the an odd smoke all around the room made everything look surreal, like a fever dream made tangible. The entire section beyond the hall was full of people– well, you couldn’t really call it DANCING, but Daniel imagined that’s what all the slow grinding was supposed to be. Past that was the elevated bar and off to the side of that was an area for sitting where there was a mix of people socializing and dry-humping in their seats.

Making his way to the bar, Daniel looked up the menu and frowned a bit at the text. It was like trying to read another language and Daniel wasn’t sure if it was because the music and the smoke were making his brain feel sort of fuzzy or if he really just couldn’t understand what he was looking at. The bartender, who Daniel hadn’t noticed come over, chuckled softly at the perplexed look on his face.

“First time in Haze?” She asked, a grin plastered on her face as she eyed Daniel.

“Yeah.” Daniel replied, shifting a little uncomfortably under her gaze.

“The fog’ll clear eventually.” She assured, turning to grab some bottles full of fluorescent liquid before returning to mix Daniel a drink that swirled pink, purple, and bright blue without any of the colors mixing. She pushed it towards him and Daniel took it uncertainly. “First one is on the house. Should loosen you up, mousy.”

Flushing a bit at the name, Daniel nodded a bit. “Thanks.”

Simply chuckling again, the bartender left Daniel to drink his glowing drink and Anadolu yakası travesti look around the club some more. The music coming from above thrummed and thumped and even though it didn’t seem to have a real rhythm at first, it made Daniel’s heart beat funny and his cheeks flush a bit. At first he thought it was the drink, which was delicious, but he’d barely tasted it, so it had to be the music. Then Daniel’s hips began to sway a bit along with the strangely hypnotic sound, and he was sure it was the music making him feel funny.

When a hand suddenly wrapped around his waist, Daniel jumped and looked around before his eyes landed on a familiar, grinning face. “Well, well, if it isn’t my favorite field mouse in the big city.” Venice hummed, looking Daniel up and down and tightening his grip on his hip, pulling him so close that his shoulder was touching Venice’s chest. “What brings an innocent lil’ mousy like you to this seedy club?”

“Just looking for a little fun.” Daniel answered softly, his voice dropping more as he added a “sir” to the end. Then his brain seemed to skip a beat as a hungry look flashed too quickly across Venice’s face. What was he doing, flirting with this creep? Where had that even come from? Why did the air smell so nice? Why did the arm around his waist feel so warm and inviting?

“‘Scuse me for just a second.” Venice said, turning his head to the bartender behind them. “I need two for the boss.” He said, turning his attention back to Daniel when she got working on his order. “Come up to the VIP with me, I think the guys up there’ll be able to show you some fun.”

Before Daniel could consider anything, he was nodding. He watched as Venice collected the drinks, easily holding the two narrow glasses in one hand while keeping the grip on his waist firm. Venice then led Daniel past the first seating area to one raised up even further and gave the woman guarding the section a nod that she returned before proceeding. This section was oddly quieter, as if there was some invisible barrier muffling the music, and it made Daniel’s head feel better being inside of it.

Leading Daniel over to a table with four men and a woman at it, Venice dropped off the drinks. One went to an older man in a suit and the other went to a younger man dressed mostly in leather. The older man just continued his conversation with the woman but the younger man looked over, opening his mouth to say something before Daniel caught his eye.

“Who’s this?” The man asked, a decidedly hungry note to his voice that made Daniel shiver lightly.

“This is Daniel.” Venice introduced, pushing him forward lightly, closer to the man. “His daddy owes Mr. Fears money so he and I got acquainted not too long ago.”

As Daniel flushed in embarrassment, the man made a low, rumbling sound and stood, towering over Daniel by about a foot and a half and taking his hand. While keeping eye-contact with Daniel, he pressed a searing hot kiss to the back of his hand. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Daniel. My name is Xander Rose.”

Swallowing hard, Daniel nodded once in greeting. “Pleasure.” He replied weakly, gasping softly when Xander pulled him flush against his chest and grinned down at him. This close Daniel could feel Xander’s unnaturally high body temperature and the muscles that felt like steel under his clothes.

“Oh, it will be.” He said ominously, a woman’s voice suddenly breaking through the thick air between them.

“Terrorizing the locals, Xander?” She asked, her tone amused as Xander turned to her and offered her a grin.

“Isn’t that why you brought me along?”

Laughing softly, the woman looked back at the older man. “How much does his father owe you, Cyrus?”

“Quite a bit.” Cyrus replied, glancing at Daniel before turning his attention back to the woman. “Why do you ask?”

Ignoring Cyrus, the woman stood up and walked over to Xander and Daniel, revealing herself to be as tall as Xander. “What would you say to spending a night with my brother if I clear up that debt for you?” She asked, her tone fairly kind even though her eyes were just slightly less predatory than Xander’s.

“I– r-really?” Daniel asked, eyes wide.

“Oh, Zeta, you spoil me.” Xander purred, grinning down at Daniel.

Smiling fondly at Xander, Zeta raised an eyebrow at Daniel. “Really. You just have to sign a little contract of consent and all your father’s debt with Mr. Fears will be erased.” She promised, pulling a piece of paper and a pen from seemingly nowhere and holding it out to Daniel.

Now that the music wasn’t making Daniel’s brain fuzzy, he could actually think through his decisions. Even though that was the case, Daniel found himself signing the contract without even reading it. “Okay.” He said softly, swallowing hard as Zeta grinned darkly at him and took the contract before turning to Cyrus.

“I assume this arrangement is agreeable for you as well.” She said, smile more pleasant again.

“You assume correctly.” Cyrus said, a clearly fake, business smile on his own face.

Daniel Bursa Travesti didn’t get to witness the rest as Xander led him over to some stairs and began ushering him up them. The climb was short and ended in a small bit of hall with two doors. Xander opened the one on the right and led Daniel into an opulent bedroom littered with items that made Daniel’s eyes widen and face flush a dark red.

“You didn’t even read that contract.” Xander said, sliding off his leather vest before pulling off the tank-top underneath to reveal the huge muscles Daniel had felt underneath. As Xander approached, Daniel found himself backing away. “Self-destructive, hm? Need that rush from taking stupid risks?” He asked, tone on the teasing side.

Letting out an embarrassing squeak as the back of his legs hit the bed, Daniel fell back and gasped when Xander pounced, straddling his hips and pinning his arms beside his head. “Y-yes, sir.” He said softly, having not realized it until Xander pointed it out and now unable to deny it. That’s what he was, after all. He’d been seeking self-destructive thrills ever since that night in the barn without even realizing that’s what he’d been doing.

“Well, you came to the right club for that.” Xander said, leaning in close and planting a searing kiss to Daniel’s neck. “Lucky for me Zeta had business here tonight or someone else might’ve gotten you instead.” He rumbled, grinning against Daniel’s neck as he whined softly. “I do so love the shy ones.”

Shivering, Daniel tilted his head for Xander but regretted it the very next instant when the larger man sank his sharp teeth into the soft skin between his neck and shoulder. He let out a cry of surprise and pain and thrashed a bit in his grip but Xander was so strong and heavy that trying to pull his hands away would’ve been impossible even if he’d put real effort into it.

Releasing Daniel’s neck quickly after marking him, Xander pulled back to flash a bloody grin at the smaller man. “Not into pain, morsel?” He asked teasingly, laughing low in his throat when Daniel shook his head.

“N-no, sir.” Daniel peeped, shaking lightly in fear.

“Good.” Xander breathed, suddenly releasing Daniel and standing back. “Get naked.”

Sitting up slowly, Daniel hesitated before standing slowly and starting to strip. It was too late for regrets now, he had to see this through. He’d already agreed to spend the night with Xander and signed a contract he hadn’t even read in order to get his father’s debt cleared up, so there was no turning back. Once he was finally naked, he shyly covered his crotch with his hands and looked away from Xander, the man’s piercing gaze making him uncomfortable and tingly at the same time.

The sound of a zipper being slowly pulled down made Daniel look over again and he flushed anew as he watched Xander open his leather pants, his huge cock springing free once the zipper was down far enough. Pulling over a nearby chair, Xander sat down and lifted one foot to Daniel. “Help me get my boots off.” He demanded, smirking at Daniel.

Swallowing hard, Daniel nodded and knelt in front of Xander, taking his booted foot in one hand and pulling down the zipper with the other. It was a long zipper since the boots were thigh-high, but he got it down without it catching even once and removed it, setting it aside. Xander lifted his other leg and Daniel repeated the removal, setting that boot beside the other one and looking up at Xander uncertainly.

“I see why Venice likes you, you’re very obedient.” Xander said, looking quite smug as he looked down at Daniel.

“Thank you?” Daniel asked, not really sure that it was a compliment. It hadn’t really sounded like one.

Chuckling, Xander stood up, pushing the chair back with his legs as he did so and standing directly in front of Daniel as he peeled himself from his pants. His erection was RIGHT in front of Daniel’s face and Xander grinned as the smaller man stared at it, looking equally intimidated and hungry. “Introduce yourself.” Xander purred, making Daniel jump lightly.

Looking up at Xander’s face, Daniel opened his mouth with the intention to ask what he meant but instead got a mouthful of cock. Choking lightly in surprise, Daniel quickly tried to relax his throat as Xander led his head down the entire length of his cock, hilting himself with no concern for Daniel’s opinion on the matter. For some reason, that only made Daniel harder and even as he choked on the too-long, too-thick cock in his throat, he tried to keep his teeth out of the way.

After letting Daniel choke for a bit, Xander pulled up, removing his cock from the smaller man’s mouth completely. “She likes you.” He said, laughing as Daniel looked up at him in confusion. Not bothering to explain himself, Xander walked around Daniel to the bed and climbed on, turning and sitting down so he was facing Daniel. “Come here, morsel.”

Standing, Daniel walked over and climbed onto the bed, going to sit beside Xander and gasping in surprise when he was pushed back against the pillows instead. Then his hands were locked in Xander’s steel grip before being transferred to two pairs of handcuffs that kept them above his head. Xander nestled himself between Daniel’s legs and he gasped as the larger man dragged his sharp nails down his chest lightly, scratching over his nipples in the process.

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