Fertility Intervention Ch. 01


You had both been trying for a baby now for what felt like forever, it had passed a typical time for a conception to take. Several different doctors advised all kinds of techniques to improve the odds but for some reason nothing seemed to work. It was time for something a little different.

You had heard about her through a friend, supposedly the best in the business. A fertility expert and couples therapist, you wondered how a person would go about getting qualifications in such things. Either way you were desperate and ready to try just about anything if it meant getting the baby you so longed for. A quick call to her office and you knew you were in the right place, the girl that answered sounded more like a phone sex operator than a secretary and as you made the appointment you shifted on your bottom, a familiar warmth rising as you finished up the booking.

It was like some kind of magic, as soon as you hung up the phone the tingling sensation in your sex faded and the fog that crept across your mind cleared. You chalked it up to ovulation but you weren’t due for at least another two days. It would be a long wait before the appointment, luckily this month’s window fell on the weekend and you had elected to keep the fertility expert’s visit a secret from your partner. Hopefully the surprise element would lead to better results. Somehow that made sense in your mind, desperation clearly overriding your own intelligence. In any case as the end of the week neared you grew excited and eager for the appointment so that you could finally make some progress at becoming a mother.

You sit on the couch opposite your husband, glancing between him and the door. You knew at any minute there would be a knock and your evening would go from casually watching TV to something altogether different. You had dressed secretly for the occasion, burying your best lingerie under layers and jeans. It hadn’t even occurred to him that you might be ovulating and that he would need to make his monthly efforts to try and get you pregnant. At this point you thought to yourself that even though you were the usual level of aroused that occurred at this point of your cycle it wasn’t quite as potent as the other day. You remembered the woman’s voice on the opposite end of the phone and the immediate effect it had on your nethers. You shifted on your bottom again and the warmth grew that little bit, your sex beginning to tingle with anticipation.

The knock came out of nowhere, a car hadn’t pulled up and not a single footstep could be heard before suddenly there was someone at your door. You snapped away from the haze of your mind and almost leapt up from the couch. Your husband was confused but barely moved from the trance that the TV had him in. As you approached your front door you became nervous, what would he think? Would this work? What was about to happen? These questions raced through your mind in an instant as you take the last step towards the door. Reaching for the handle there was no turning back, this was it, you were going to get pregnant tonight.

The moment you open the door a waft of outside air poured into the room, it was warm and musky, slightly intoxicating. Your eyes travel up to meet those of the therapists and what stared back was unlike anything you had ever seen before. Standing at your front door was what appeared to be the human embodiment of a fertility statue, dark ebony skin shimmering in the evening sun, flowing black hair, curly and free, and endless curves, the kind every woman dreams of having.

As she stepped forward with a smile she brushes past you into your home, the lush fabric of her red dress struggling to contain her voluptuous form. Your brain fogs once again, cohesive thought becoming a challenge as the heady scent of sex follows her into the room permeating the very air you and your husband breathe. Her breasts entered the room almost a few full seconds before she did, her hips swaying provocatively with each step but not unnaturally. Her heels clicked on the hardwood flooring and her very being commanded the room without a word.

All you could do was watch as you close the door and your husband looks up from the TV to take in the sight of the buxom dark skinned woman that approached him. His jaw dropping immediately, glancing quickly to you before turning off the show he was so engrossed in without objection. You both had questions but right now you were so drawn to the moment that you join your partner on the couch and wait eagerly for whatever might happen next. Until now you hadn’t noticed but as you sit down a growing dampness occupied your panties, the sexy negligee beginning to soak with excitement. You wondered if the thick air and heady aroma was having a similar effect on your man as you huddled up against him and stared back at the beautiful therapist.

She spoke Çankaya Escort first, a silky soft voice fluttering across the room to address you both from the arm chair she now occupied.

“I’m sure you will both have questions about things and I assure you answers will come. For now all I must know is that you are open to anything that will fulfill your desire of bringing a child into this world.” She said seductively.

Straight to the point, you wondered if maybe she had another appointment shortly after. You could only bring yourself to nod, words were too much of a challenge as the idea of wild uninhibited sex crept through your mind, overtaking the need for anything else in this moment. Glancing to your husband you notice the firm bulge forming in his crotch, his eyes fixed on the valley of cleavage this ebony goddess displayed.

“Tonight, if you choose it, your bodies will be forever altered. With my techniques you will both be made into the most fertile versions of yourselves possible and I shall help you to conceive a child. I need your trust and complete obedience.” She continued with confidence and charm.

We nodded in unison, as if hypnotised our heads moved in tandem our eyes unable to decide what to focus on. Her hips were wide and full, luscious flesh spilled over every crease in her body. Her full chest shimmered where her skin met the light and her pouty lips seemed to pour more of that thick air into the atmosphere of your home. Slowly we watched as she parted the front of her dress, the deep red framing the most enormous pair of breasts either of you had ever seen. As her nipples revealed themselves any apprehension you had melted, the idea of a stranger revealing herself to you like this no longer seemed inappropriate, instead your mouth watered at the sight.

Thick hard points jutted from the centre of perfectly round areola, slightly lighter than the rich colour of her actual breasts. Her hands cupped the massive pair, her fingers disappearing under the ample flesh.

“First you must both drink, this will begin the process and allow us to begin altering your bodies.” She stated so casually.

Despite each of your confusion there was no protest. Transfixed you both knelt in front of the stunning creature that occupied your home, looking to each other briefly in disbelief. As you grow closer your mind fogs even greater as the pungent scent of sex invades your nostrils more and more with every inch that you grow closer. Your husband goes first, his lips eagerly leaning in to wrap themselves around his target. Any jealousy you might have felt is overshadowed by the arousal that such a sight gives you, small moans echoing in his throat as he sucked at the point of the goddesses tit.

For him sweet streams of milk splashed over his tongue, his cock now straining against his own jeans somewhat painfully as every mouthful of the warm liquid washed down stoking the fires of his arousal. His eyes rolled back and he looked dumbstruck, fumbling for somewhere to place his hands. As he feasts the doctors other breast also started to leak, pure white trickled down from the hard point in the centre. The thick cream rolled down over her dark flesh and dripped off onto her thigh, she looked to you, hoisting the other breast, beckoning you to join and worship her incredible assets.

Without further hesitation you drop to your knees watching for a second as sprays of milk cause you to lick your lips inadvertently. Your mouth opens slightly and moves towards the source of the magical liquid. Your tongue juts out slowly and licks up the stream of cream that paints the doctors breast, swirling around when it reaches her nipple, cleaning it of the escaping milk. Now you press your lips firmly into her ample flesh, amazed at the softness of her skin, your tongue is met with waves of rich tasting cream splashing outwards due to the pressure of your sucking.

Your eyes open and travel up to meet the gaze of the gorgeous woman that only minutes ago was at your door. She looks down at you with a smile, caring and nurturing, she bites her lip slightly and her eyes flutter as you and your husband are greeted with a small spurt of thick cream. Her hands drop from under her breasts, cradling each of your heads, gently pulling you both closer. The flesh of her breasts slightly smothering you now as her breathing becomes more heavy. A quiet moan of approval escapes her lips as her tits are drained by you, the desperate couple, willing to do anything to start a family.

“That’s enough.” She spoke, with some effort she pulled her nipples from your reach and stood up.

“You will be first.” She started, addressing your partner as he rose from his knees. “Please undress for me.” Her soft voice was somehow both commanding as well as caring. You moved back to the Cebeci Escort chair and watched intently, her massive breasts still bare and gently dripping. Your husband whipped off his shirt and fumbled with his belt, dropping his jeans leaving his tented underwear over his erection.

He had stayed in good shape despite the length of your relationship, a firm chest and flat stomach coupled with broad shoulders and a strong back. Even though your panties were currently swimming between your thighs the sight of him didn’t stop another wave of excitement from further soaking your nethers. As he peeled away his underwear carefully his pole stood firm slightly above average. It had always done its job and was certainly nothing to be ashamed of despite not being impressive either. Now you watched as another woman reached out to grasp his rigid shaft and instead of feeling jealousy or anger you bit your lip and unbuttoned your own jeans to relieve yourself of the growing ache that had started in your clit.

He groaned with renewed vigor, his prick stiffening in her fingers as she loosely stroked the skin up and down. She smiled back at him and twisted her wrist slightly, her fingers lingering at the head before dropping back down the length of his appendage.

“You have potential.” She said with a grin and released his cock, bringing her hand up to her face and licking it all over. Strands of sticky saliva connected her fingertips and her palm shone with the film left by her tongue.

“Stay still, this is going to feel strange at first.” With that comment she lowered her hand and once more took hold of your husband’s aching tool. Transfixed you watched as his skin began to shine like hers and his member twitched slightly. Her strokes looked agonizingly slow and you were sure that his rod was now swollen from the teasing, it looked bigger than normal as his veins began to pulse and the head strained against his foreskin.

Then you were unsure of what you were seeing. As if all at once his penis flexed and suddenly the head was longer than where it had been only a moment ago. His shaft continued to swell without signs of stopping and the veins almost parted as they were given more surface to cover. You looked up at the smiling woman, her enormous breasts swaying slightly with the rhythm of her strokes on your husband’s growing cock. And that was what it was now, no longer a slightly above average, gets the job done penis but a rigid, thick towering cock adorned with pulsing veins and a mushroom head that could reach the places nothing else can. Your hand had found its way lower than just your aching button and was now rubbing around the entrance to your sex, as an emptiness inside you made itself more and more apparent.

A deep growl escaped your husband’s throat as his new weapon pointed skyward, the root now as thick as your wrist to match the rest of his transformed tool. The doctor laughed a little causing her massive mammaries to jump and jiggle between her arms. Licking her free hand now she reached under and fondled his sack, coating it with the same magical liquid that had just changed the adequate appendage into the intimidating object above. The pair slowly went from being the size of grapes to small eggs and then on to nearly the size of two clementines hanging heavy in the skin that stretched over the imposing orbs. In the silence of the room you thought you could hear the churning of his sperm now filling the new tanks to capacity in readiness for the task ahead.

“One last step.” Said the busty witch as she let go of his privates causing him to whimper as the weight of his new equipment was taken on by his body.

“This will make the changes permanent.” She looked at you for approval but your hand strumming at your slit was all the answer she needed as she guided your husband to sit down. You watched carefully as the buxom ebony goddess knelt between his knees and hefted her enormous chest into his lap. They Enveloped his newly improved parts as if it were barely a challenge, her dark flesh contrasted his beautifully, the folds of her breasts wrapping around the thick shaft leaving just the swollen head to peak out from between her endless cleavage. Your partner’s head was spinning, thrown back into the chair, fogged over with desire it didn’t even occur to him that this was unfaithful as she leaned forward and took his drooling cock head into her pouty brown lips.

Her hands pressed her tits together and she rocked them up and down matching her mouth as it swallowed another inch of his appendage. Sounds of approval and enjoyment echoed through the room between slaps and slurps as the doctors chest bounced off of his thighs and she continued to expertly fellate his quaking cock. A mixture of pre cum and saliva began to drip into the valley of flesh below, Çukurambar Escort further lubricating the titanic titwank that was happening just a few feet away from you. Suddenly she stopped and her mouth came free with a pop, his tip shining with the juices that flowed from the slit peeking through the folds of foreskin.

“Ok are you ready?” She asked as if either of you had any idea what she could possibly do next. Without hesitation she moved back slightly, sucking her pointer into her mouth and coating it generously with her spit. Reaching below the swollen orbs that hung between your lovers thighs she pressed her fingertip into his ass and began to push slightly.

He could barely react as his backside was invaded by the magical digit, his thick prick straining as if crying out for stimulation. His balls jumped and held firm, boiling over with fresh seed ready to fertilise any woman lucky enough to be impaled on his towering tool at the time. The doctor was focused as she curled her finger and searched for the spot that would cement your man’s new cock forever on his body. Sweat began to roll off of his forehead and his arms tensed, his skin grew flatter and his muscles more defined.

Veins appeared among his dusting of light hair and his thighs thickened purposefully. A steady stream of milky white fluid poured out of his prick still reaching for the ceiling as his entire body was made new. He moaned in ecstacy as his prostate was assaulted by the pad of the goddesses finger, pressing firm and rubbing in circles as she finalised her latest work.

Although neither of you could tell the doctor had supercharged your man’s prostate, giving him unmatched stamina and the ability to recover in minutes from orgasm. An ability that would be put to the test right now. Curling her finger once again the mischievous creature between his legs began her final assault. Diving back down she begins to lap up the precious pre cum that coats his length, the tip now erupting with the sticky juices in a constant stream of shiny liquid. Finally she reaches the tip, pleas of agony coming from your transformed partner as his cock is expertly manipulated by her otherworldly tongue. Deep down you knew that you would not be able to match her skill if you had a lifetime of practice but watching the act before you leaves you uncaring as the thought does more to arouse you than discourage you.

Her perfect brown lips wrap around his shaft, drawing closer and closer to his hips with every graceful bob of her head. Her flowing dark curls drape over his thighs and her curves lead down to her endless ass forming a heart at the point where her cheeks meet. This was a woman made for one thing and you watched eagerly as she fulfills her purpose. You notice between his legs her hand working tirelessly, his p spot being abused as his taut sack bounced gently above her palm. Only a couple of inches remained outside of those dark lips, the tip of his prick lodged firmly in the entrance of the doctors throat. He cried out, no longer able to hold back the impending orgasm that she was forcing out of him.

You watched, transfixed as his new pair of firm round balls leapt with excitement and pulsed with the motion of her finger buried in his ass. He roared. Crying out with the most masculine sound he had ever made as thick ropes of potent seed rocketed out of the fat head of his cock. Your only clue that he was cumming was the small streams that escaped at the corner of this woman’s mouth as she gulped down his nectar and claimed it as her own. As his orgasm subsided she slowly raised herself off of his tool, the throbbing member still glistening with a cocktail of sexual juices. It stood proudly, unwavering as it was yet to fulfill its new purpose and the thought made you shudder as you knew full well that you would be soon impaled on this towering prick as it unloaded inside of you.

The doctor turned to you and smiled, speckles of your husband’s load dotted around her face. She licked her lips with her devilish tongue and stood to undress for you both fully. Removing her silken red dress to expose what remains of her luscious curves. Her breasts swung openly now, their weight was incredible and matched the perfect swoop of her hips that led down to an unbelievable asset. Her bum was round and wide, full and bouncy. It jiggled slightly with every motion she made as she discarded her dress to reveal she was wearing nothing underneath. Between her thighs sat a perfect mound under a wisp of dark curly hair. Her engorged lips sticking out slightly in the most inviting way, wafting the smell of pure sex about the room. The more you inhaled the deeper your desire grew and you knew that this woman was in complete control of you both now.

“Your turn.” She said with such grace and care, the words hung in the air for a moment as you came to the realisation of what was about to happen. You didn’t think it possible but another wave of arousal seeped into the crotch of your panties as you watched her step towards you and guide you to the couch. Your night was far from over and the fun had only just started…

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