Father Daughter Swap Club Ch. 02


First of all, despite the title this story will not contain any incest. All characters are 18 and over. Please read chapter 1 first as it contains all of the scene setting and world building- I don’t really want to repeat myself so will somewhat rely on you remembering what Sarah and Richard look like and what the club is all about. Just a quick recap on the rules of the club:

1- Only father and daughter pairs allowed

2- All girls must be 18 or over

3- Whatever the girls say goes. You want to kiss a girl- you ask her first. You want to touch a girl- you ask her first etc.

4- Incest is not allowed. It is strictly forbidden for a father to even be in the same bedroom as his own daughter.


The 2 weeks until their first party had passed fast for Sarah and Richard. For the initial 7 days both of them kept changing their minds, unsure if they could really commit to such an event. However, after many hours of deliberating and chatting with other club members on the group chat, they had finally convinced themselves that the party was definitely something they wanted to go to.

The day before the party Darren, the host of this particular party, sent a message to everyone attending:

[Hello everyone, I hope you’re all excited for the party tomorrow. Everything is all set up and organised my side, ready for your participation and enjoyment. Just one last message before our party to inform you of the dress code. To the fathers- please wear smart casual attire. To the daughters- please dress glamorously. Not necessarily something you would wear to a wedding, but a little more refined than a minidress that you would wear to go clubbing. I think that everything has now been covered, so the next time we will speak will be at the party tomorrow!]

That evening Richard and Sarah decided to choose their outfits to prevent any rushing the next day; the party wasn’t until 8PM but they both thought it best to be well organised in advance. Richard was the first to get dressed with fitted black trousers which showed off his toned muscular legs, a loose fitting dress shirt to flatter his dad bod- Richard was not out of shape, though the tighter trousers would result in a muffin top if he had worn a tucked-in suit shirt. Sarah gave her positive approval.

“You look very dapper dad, a little product in your hair and you can easily pass for a 38-year-old.”

“Thank you Sarah,” Richard smiled back, genuinely touched by her approval. “Do you think I look handsome enough for those younger women?”

“Oh definitely, you have a real silver fox thing going for you. Put on some nice aftershave and they’ll be all over you.”

“Thank you honey,” replied Richard blushing a little imagining those younger women ‘being all of him’ in front of his daughter.

“Ok, my turn now!” said Sarah running excitedly to her bedroom. Being an 18-year-old girl, she needed no excuse to try on different outfits.

Sarah already knew the dress she was going to wear, though she had bought something else especially for the party. Sarah reached into her wardrobe and pulled out a bag marked with the Victoria’s Secret logo. She hadn’t had a long-term boyfriend for some time so never felt the need to buy sexy lingerie. That was until now. She wanted to make a good impression at the party. Sarah slid the delicate black lace thong up her shapely legs and into place covering her freshly shaved mound. The fabric was so fine that she barely felt she was even wearing it. She put on a matching bra of equally delicate material which did nothing to hide her pink, now erect, nipples. She slid on her dress and started to walk downstairs for her father’s opinion.

“Don’t look!” Sarah called out as she descended the stairs.

Richard quickly turned his back and could hear the sound of heels clicking ever closer with each step she descended. He didn’t know why, but the closer the sound became the quicker his heart was beginning to pound. He had seen his daughter dressed up before and never had this reaction- why was it different now?


Richard turned round and was immediately awe struck at his initial view. He then took his time to absorb her whole ensemble. His eyes started at the floor where she was wearing classy 6″ black stilettos. His eyes traced their way up her toned runner’s legs- her shapely calves accentuated by the heels until he reached the hem of her dress which sat just above half way up her thighs. The dress was white and airy, though she wore it with a small black belt to show off her tiny waist and to also pull the dress against her shapely 32C breasts and ass. The longer Richard looked at the dress, the more transparent her realised it was. It was far from being see-through, but from the right angle he could see that sitting beneath was a black bra. He finally reached her neck which was adorned with a delicate silver necklace and then her smiling face. She was perfectly made up with natural looking red lipstick, subtle national treasure edge of history izle blusher and just enough eye makeup to make her blue eyes really pop.

“So you like it then?” asked Sarah smirking.

“Oh my yes honey,” replied Richard, unaware that he had been staring for almost a whole minute without comment. “You look so perfect. So so beautiful. I don’t know what to say…”

“Aww thank you dad, I’m so glad you like it. I hope the other men share your opinion.”

“They must be blind if they don’t.”

Sarah sat in the car rubbing her sweaty palms together. Her stomach was full of butterflies, though it wasn’t the usual feeling of anxiety. Yes, she was nervous and shaking slightly but there was something more. Her cheeks were boiling hot to the touch and she was regretting wearing blusher, if she got any redder she figured she would start looking like a tomato. She lay her head back against the seat and cleared her mind, breathing slowly in through her nose and out through her mouth. She was beginning to feel the heat drain from her face. She thought forwards to the party, still not 100% sure what to expect. Darren had explained everything in detail to her for the past 2 weeks but his description only filled in the outlines, so much was still a mystery. Then her mind dwelled on the obvious- that night she would be having sex. Sex for the first time in months. Sex for the first time with an older man. Sex for the first time with an experienced man. An experienced man who would no doubt fuck her like she’d never been fucked before. Her face flushed red again. She finally realised what she was feeling: anxiety mixed with horniness.

Sarah was awoken from her thoughts by the crunching of tyres on a gravel driveway, they were at Darren’s already. Sarah felt her heart leap into her mouth, she wanted the drive to last longer, more time to properly compose herself. She stepped out of the car onto her heels, the cool evening air slightly soothing her burning red face. She trod uneasily across the gravel, cursing her decision to wear such high heels. Her dad noticed her struggle and offered his arm to her. She hooked her elbow into his and leant against him partly for balance and partly for comfort. The support of her father helped to calm her nerves slightly, she knew he would keep her safe. She bit her lip as Richard pressed the door bell, this was it. The final step. No chance to turn back now.

“Ah hello there Richard,” Darren said smiling warmly and shaking his hand. “And hello Sarah, I must say you look even more gorgeous than I ever imagined.”

Sarah tried to say ‘thank you’ but barely managed a squeak.

“Do come in,” said Darren resting his hand on the small of Sarah’s back.

Sarah jumped a little, almost feeling like his touch was electric. They were guided into Darren’s home, a reasonably sized 4 bedroom house tastefully furnished. It wasn’t a mansion but it was much nicer than most people could afford. They were led into the lounge where the other members were already talking amongst each other. Sarah looked up at her father surveying the room, his eyes taking extra time to examine each of the girls. Unsurprisingly his attention focused on a pretty redhead that she knew from the group chat was called Amy. She always knew her father liked redheads; often she would catch him watching Christina Hendricks in Mad Men with a smile on his face and a bulge in his trousers. Sarah also took the chance to check out the other dads. She half expected them to be leering over the girls like dirty lechers but they all seemed super friendly and charming, not too dissimilar to her own father. Sarah and Richard were pulled from their reconnaissance by Darren.

“Hello everyone, I’m pleased to say that our two latest members have arrived. Please give a warm welcome to Richard and Sarah!”

Sarah blushed slightly as everyone focused their attention on them. She could see the three girls very obviously checking out her dad, and then sensed the dads also examining her, though being much more subtle than their daughters.

“Ok you two, just a couple of last things before you start mingling. First of all- condoms are mandatory for any vaginal or anal sex, in your room you will find a large box by the bed. Secondly- Sarah these are for you,” Darren handed her a sheet of blue stickers. “Each girl has their own room and each room will have a coloured sticker on the door. Yours is the blue room. If you want to sleep with a man, please give him a sticker. If a man already has a sticker then feel free to give him yours as well; it is quite common to see more than one partner in a night. Needless to say, in that case you will be the second girl he visits. Oh, and one last thing- if you are travelling between bedrooms please get dressed before leaving, we wouldn’t want you and your dad bumping into each other naked! Is everything straight?”

Sarah next level chef izle nodded in affirmation and entered into the group of people. Darren’s daughter Rebecca walked straight up to Sarah.

“Hey Sarah, it’s so great to see you. I was kinda worried you might not come.”

“Hiya, to be honest for the past 2 weeks I wasn’t sure I’d come either. I’m glad I did though.”

“Feeling nervous babe?”

“Umm yeah really nervous haha.”

“It’s ok, it’s only natural. I’m sure a lot of your nervous feeling is more excitement. As soon as you start chatting you’ll be sure to relax. You look gorgeous by the way, all they guys were super excited to see you- especially my dad.”

“Thanks, your dad seems really nice.”

“Yeah he is, and so does your dad. He’s really really nice, I certainly want to get to know him better.”

“Hehe really?” Sarah giggled, slightly uncomfortable at hearing Rebecca lusting after her own father in front of her.

“Oh yeah he’s so my type. Speaking of types, you’re definitely my dad’s,” Rebecca punctuated with a wink. “Oh speak of the devil, I’ll leave you to it!”

Darren approached Sarah with a large smile on his face and she could tell he was undressing her with his eyes. She wasn’t sure whether to feel shy or flattered at the attention, she wasn’t used to such direct attention in her life. Darren looked more handsome than usual tonight dressed in a fashionable black shirt with tight black trousers. Sarah couldn’t help her eye being drawn to his shiny silver belt buckle, under which sat a very apparent bulge. She forced herself to look him in the eye, now she was the one leering at people. She wanted to be the first one to speak, so Darren wouldn’t think she was too shy; for some reason she felt the urge to impress him.

“Hi Darren, I’ve just had a lovely chat with Rebecca,” Sarah said trying to sound as confident as possible.

“That’s great to hear, I hope you’ll be good friends. I know I’ve already said it but you look absolutely gorgeous tonight Sarah.”

“Thank you Darren,” Sarah said quietly, her previous act of confidence disappearing almost instantly.

“I should be the one thanking you. God you look amazing in that dress, and I can also see a hint of the delights laying under the it.”

Sarah blushed remembering how her dress was slightly transparent. She looked down at herself quickly and almost gasped. At home the dress only revealed the faint outline of her bra, but in Darren’s house with the softer lighting the dress became more see-through with her black lace bra now easily visible. Sarah looked up and caught Darren’s eyes quickly return to her face.

“Haha caught me! Sorry, I just can’t help myself you look absolutely delicious. Can I kiss your cheek?”

“S-sure,” stuttered Sarah becoming ever more flushed.

Darren gently kissed her cheek and took the opportunity to whisper in her ear. “I bet you taste even more delicious than you look.”

Sarah gasped and breathed in deeply. She could feel her erect nipples pushing against the inside of her bra.

“Darren, can I give you a sticker?”

“It would be an honour, but maybe you should have a chat with Tim and Jack first. I would love to take you to bed tonight, but I would suggest checking your other options before you make a final decision.”

Sarah looked over at the other two men. Tim was quite short had bright red hair, pale skin and rosy red cheeks. He wasn’t out of shape but clearly had a small beer belly stretching against his shirt. Sarah didn’t want to be shallow but she really wasn’t attracted to him at all. She felt a little guilty writing him off just from his appearance, but she was very attracted to Darren which made him the more obvious choice for the night. Then she saw Jack. Jack was totally different. He was at least 6’4 with completely grey hair, though clearly in his early 40’s. He had a handsome chiselled face and a strong jaw. Then her eyes examined his impressive torso. Jack clearly worked out, with arms that were bigger than Sarah’s thighs. Jack knew how ripped he was and accentuated the fact by wearing a shirt that was clearly at least one size too small. His big biceps looked like they would rip the fabric at the seams. Sarah stifled a giggle as she imagined him turning into the hulk and tearing his clothes. Sarah was keen to be more successful this time at pretending to be confident. She sauntered over to Jack.

“My my, looks like someone has been eating their spinach. Hello, I’m Sarah,” she said presenting her hand for a shake. Instead Jack took her hand in his and kissed it. “Oh aren’t we a gentleman?”

“Of course m’lady,” Jack replied with a cheeky grin. “I can be gentle…when I want to be…”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” said Sarah returning his grin. Up close his muscles were even more impressive, and she couldn’t help but note how amazing he smelled.

“Checking out the guns night court izle then?” asked Jack, catching Sarah red-handed as she stared at his arms.

“Yes, yes I am. Can I feel?” asked Sarah feeling a little braver.

“Sure, but I want a kiss in exchange.”


No sooner had Sarah given her permission, Jack leant forward and kissed her on her lips. She raised her hand to rest on his bicep. It was like a tree trunk in her hand and she could feel the hard, powerful muscle beneath the skin. After 10 seconds they broke the kiss, Sarah’s hand not leaving his arm.

“That was nice,” said Sarah with her heart beginning to race.

“Indeed it was.”

Jack gave her another kiss for longer this time. After breaking Sarah stared into his brown eyes and took the initiative this time. She placed her hands on his cheeks and pulled him towards her, kissing him deep. Sarah wanted Jack and she was adamant to show him just how much she did. She slid her tongue into his mouth as she became more passionate. His tongue flicked the tip of hers and they soon intertwined, dancing between their mouths as both Sarah and Jack became hungrier for one another. Jack wrapped a powerful arm around Sarah’s back and pulled her against him. Sarah moaned ever so slightly into Jack’s mouth at the contact. Her slim petite body was now pressed against Jack’s hard sculpted torso as they continued to kiss.

Reluctantly Sarah ended the kiss after what seemed like eternity. She was panting now, her passions enraged by Jack. As she stepped back from him, she felt the pressure of the thong on her now hyper-sensitive pussy and was aware that she was soaking wet. Sarah placed a sticker on his arm with a smile.

“Oh thank you baby, I promise you won’t regret your decision,” said Jack smiling.

“I know I won’t. So when do we umm?”

“Go to your room to get busy? We usually go off after 45 minutes.” Jack checked his watch. “Only 2 minutes to wait, baby.”

Sarah waited impatiently for the longest 2 minutes of her life. The longer she waited, the more intense her feelings became. The faster her heart pounded; the more flushed her skin became; the wetter her pussy became. Sarah was staring towards Darren breathing raggedly, waiting for him to make some kind of announcement. Darren checked his watched and Sarah almost screamed in joy.

“Ok everyone, I think we’ve all found our partners by now. Shall we retire to our bedrooms for the night?”

Sarah grabbed Jack’s hand and almost dragged him from the living room. She towed him behind her down the hallway, only then did she realise that she hadn’t a clue where the stairs were.

“Slow down baby,” Jack chucked. “The stairs are through there.”

Jack put his arm round Sarah and guided her to their destination. They climbed the stairs, each step they took the more excited Sarah became. Halfway up the staircase she could see a door at the top with a blue sticker on the handle. Any second now she would open that door and finally commit to having sex with Jack. A month ago she would have run away, outraged at doing something so dirty. But Sarah had become much more openminded recently and welcomed the opportunity. She opened the door to find a nice sized bedroom; the lights had been dimmed to produce a warm golden glow and, in the centre, sat a kingsize bed dressed in red satin sheets. Sarah heard Jack close the door behind them and turned to face him. She could hear that his breathing was just as laboured as hers; she was glad the feeling was mutual.

“Can I kiss you Sarah?” asked Jack.

Sarah answered him by reaching up to wrap her arms around his neck and kissed him hard. This was a raw, sexual kiss- Sarah’s ultimate expression of desire. Her lips crashed against his and she forced her tongue deep into his mouth. As Jack reciprocated, she sucked his tongue, all the time moaning and whimpering. Since Sarah had to reach up due to Jack’s height, her short dress had also risen to expose her pert ass. Jack wasted no opportunity in wrapping his big hands around her ass, each perfectly formed round cheek filling his large palms. Sarah moaned in approval, desperate for his touch. Jack broke the kiss, almost having to pull Sarah away from him. Sarah groaned in frustration.

“How about we remove this gorgeous dress of yours?” suggested Jack.

Sarah nodded in response. Jack lifted the dress off her and moaned in response. The black lace lingerie contrasted perfectly against her pale skin which seemed to glow in the dull light of the room. He admired her large 32C breasts and saw her hard pink nipples straining the fine fabric of her bra. He licked his lips as he followed her flat, toned stomach to her waist. Her thong revealed she had a perfectly smooth pussy beneath which seemed to be growing damper by the second.

“Can I touch you baby?”

Sarah groaned in response as Jack unclasped her bra. He marvelled as her perky breasts didn’t move an inch, it seemed her bra was more for aesthetic purposes than serving any function for her gravity defying breasts. He kissed her and grasped her breasts, massaging her smooth flesh. Sarah began to whimper again so Jack decided to drive her crazy by rubbing his thumbs over her stiff nipples. Sarah moaned and her legs buckled slightly. As he started to pinch them between his thumb and index finger, Sarah was forced to break the kiss.

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