Father Daughter Swap Club Ch. 01


First of all, despite the title this story will not contain any incest. All characters are 18 and over. Please excuse the slower pace of this chapter, there’s a lot scene setting needed for this story so I want to get it done in the first chapter so we can just concentrate on the fun going forward!


Richard sat at the table with two of his friends. This was his weekly ritual for a Friday night, just an evening at the bar drinking and chatting with his small group of friends. Tom walked in the door late as usual and introduced everyone to his friend Darren who he’d brought along. Richard and the others had never met Darren before but he seemed a nice guy and settled easily into conversations with the others. After about 90 minutes his friends were all talking about football, something Richard had no interest in. He was staring at his empty glass and asked everyone if they wanted more drinks. By the time Richard returned with the drinks his friend Mike had a mischievous look in his eye.

“Yeah I tell you that Sarah would make a very agreeable wife,” he said loudly so Richard could hear, pretending like there was an ongoing conversation.

This was a common way for Richard’s friends to tease and rib him. His daughter Sarah was very attractive and his (daughterless) friends found this an endless source to embarrass and irritate him. Sarah was 18, had long blonde hair and blue eyes. She was 5’6 with long runner’s legs and a slim but toned body. Sarah loved sports and her figure reflected that perfectly. As well as being slim, she was also blessed with a pert round ass and perky 32C breasts which looked more like D’s on her slight frame. All in all, Sarah was a perfect 10. Richard was well aware of this fact and as she aged and developed, he had to get used to men staring at his little girl wherever she went.

“Oh definitely,” Tom joined in. “Imagine having me as a brother in law!”

“I couldn’t think of anything worse,” Richard replied. “I’m sure Sarah couldn’t either!”

“Nah she loves me Richard, haven’t you noticed her checking me out?”

“Oh she checks you out too!?” interjected Bob who had been silent until now.

“Hmm seems she wants a piece of all of us Richard…” Mike teased.

Richard took his usual method of avoidance and announced that he needed to use the bathroom. He knew by the time he returned they would have moved on to a new topic and Sarah wouldn’t be brought up again- until next week of course. He didn’t really mind them teasing him, by now he was more pretending to be irritated to fit into the usual scenario. He knew his friends never meant anything by it and none of them would ever make a pass at Sarah. It was just friendly banter, they never said anything overtly sexual about her.

After draining his bladder and washing his hands he walked past Darren who was going outside for a smoke.

“You doing ok?” Richard asked

“Great thanks,” replied Darren. “I don’t suppose I could talk to you about something while I have a smoke?”

“Yeah sure”. Richard followed Darren outside to the smoking area round the back of the bar.

“So you have a daughter? How old is she now?”

“Yeah, Sarah. She’s 18, I can’t believe where the time has gone.”

“Indeed, they grow up so fast. I have a daughter of my own. My Rebecca is 21 now.”

“Oh that’s nice,” said Richard, wondering exactly where this conversation was going. He thought Darren had something specific to say, not the usual dad-talk of how their daughters have grown up so fast.

“Well Richard, I wanted to talk to you about a club me and Rebecca are a part of.”

“A ‘club’? This all sounds very sinister. Are you masons? Mormons?” Richard joked.

“Haha no, nothing like that. Think of like a social club of fathers and daughters. We meet up every few months.”

“And what do you do at this social group?”

“Ok, promise not to freak out. Just let me say what I need to say in full and then you can ask questions.”

“Um ok.”

“Well it’s a daughter swap club. Basically when we meet up the intention is that we sleep with each other’s daughters. We have a sort of party at one of the member’s houses and each girl has their own room. It is then up to the girls if they want to sleep with any of the men.”

“Look Darren, you seem like a nice guy but incest is really not my thing.”

“No, it’s not incest. We never do anything with our own daughters. It is one of the rules actually. There are 4 mains rules:

1- Only father and daughter pairs allowed

2- All girls must be 18 or over

3- Whatever the girls say goes. You want to kiss a girl- you ask her first. You want to touch a girl- you ask her first etc.

4- Incest is not allowed. It is strictly forbidden for a father to even be in the same bedroom as his own daughter.”

“Wow that’s just… I don’t know what to say. I keep expecting everyone to jump and say it’s a big joke but I can tell you’re serious. I have never heard of anything like this before. To be honest, no offence to you, but the mental gaziosmanpaşa escort image I have is of a group of men all drooling over my daughter and trying to fondle her or more. It’s not a comfortable image.”

“I understand, I think that’s the main worry everyone has. Firstly, like I said, every action needs the girl’s permission. If anyone touched your daughter without her permission they would swiftly be ejected from our group. Also, I feel that the father-daughter dynamic offers a unique atmosphere. We’re all fathers and naturally we want our daughters to be safe and happy. That means that every girl gets treated with the dignity and respect we want our own daughters to be treated with. Anyway, if you are an asshole your daughter is going to find out about it which I’m sure no one would want.”

“Ok I understand. Though even if I was into this and even if my daughter was too, surely this would affect our relationship?”

“Yes it will, but in all our experiences it only strengthens the relationship between father and daughter. I think it helps to make sexuality less of a taboo topic. Sometimes fathers and daughters will drift apart when they get older because the father becomes uncomfortable knowing that his daughter is having sex. With our group we all know our daughters are having sex but we accept that, and our daughters know that we accept it.”

“To be honest it does feel a little strange thinking that you might be having sex with my daughter, and vice versa.”

“Richard, if Sarah had a boyfriend would you let them have sex in her bedroom?”

“Yes, of course.”

“And when you have sex, Sarah is usually in the same house?


“Well that is no different to our parties. It is just fathers and daughters having sex with different people while being in the same house.”

“I guess you’re right. You have given me a lot to think about.”

“Is this something you might be interested in?”

“To be honest I want to say yes.”

“That’s good to hear. We have a group chat where everyone stays in touch. I’ll set you and Sarah up with accounts and text you the details. If you’re interested then all you have to do is sign in to activate the account and you can chat to everyone to get any more information.”

“Ok, thanks. I just have a couple more questions now. What if, well, a girl doesn’t want to couple? I am 46 and not in the shape I used to be…”

Richard was being a little harsh on himself. He was 6ft with blue eyes and light brown hair, with only a few wisps of grey. Although he had a ‘dad bod’ he was far from being out of shape, making sure to eat well and exercise regularly.

“I don’t have an answer for that question to be honest. The group has been active for 8 years, and not once have we ever had a party where someone was left alone. Everyone is far too horny for that haha. And between you and me, you are far from the worst in shape compared to some of the other guys.”

“What about group sex? When I hear “sex party” the first thing that comes to mind is an orgy.”

“Yes, sometimes group sex will occur. Some of our members are into that, and of course some aren’t. The most common thing at our parties will be multiple partners. Most members like to explore with each other and often will sleep with at least 2 others during the night (at different times).”

“Ok, thank you for explaining some of details.”

“We’d better get back to drinking otherwise the others will think we’re plotting something. Feel free to text me anytime with any other questions. Or feel free to use the group chat, with you and Sarah we will be up to 20 pairs so there will always be someone to clear anything up for you.”

The rest of the night flew by in a trance for Richard. His mind was completely absorbed with the prospect of this club and how he would even be able to discuss it with Sarah. Was he seriously considering this? He figured maybe it was best to forget about it, he could picture himself explaining it to Sarah and her screaming at him, calling him a pervert and wanting to move out. It was just him and Sarah at home and he couldn’t bear to hurt Sarah in any way, but he couldn’t help but remember what Darren said about strengthening their relationship.

Richard was pulled out of his internalising when his friends started to say their goodbyes to each other. Richard was walking home and he was even more at the mercy of his own thoughts than before. The silent night air afforded no distractions. Maybe it was the alcohol, but for the first time Richard’s thoughts of the party stretched beyond worrying about Sarah and onto his own satisfaction. Only then did he realise that he was basically guaranteed the chance to sleep with one or more sexy young girls. A whisper in the back of his mind called him a pervert, though that was quickly muffled by his previous alcohol intake. He was daydreaming now of a room of nubile young women, all dressed sexily and all wanting to have sex with him.

He gölbaşı escort was pulled out of his daydream by the door to his house in front of him, he had walked the entire way home on autopilot and not even realised it. He pulled his keys from his pocket and noticed his aching erection straining against his jeans. Richard walked up to his bedroom and sat on his bed. His initially intention was to jerk off to his previous thoughts but he soon fell asleep with exhaustion.

Richard’s night was restless with his conflicted mind. He dreamt of one of the daughter swap parties. In his dream he pushed open a large door and entered what looked like a ballroom. A group of five girls approached him, all wearing elegant red satin dresses which clearly displayed their slim yet curvy figures, with a slit up the side to reveal a perfect stocking-clad leg. The girls all wore masquerade masks but there was no hiding how beautiful they were. Richard was the centre of attention and the girls pored him like he was the sexiest man alive. Their hands on his chest, running through his hair, stroking his bulge. He could feel their pillowy lips against his ear, their hot breath sending a shiver down his spine. They were whispering to him how horny they were and how desperate they were to fuck him. He gasped as one girl loosened his belt and dropped to her knees. He watched in awe as the tip of his cock reached ever closer to her pouting bright red lips. Her tongue shot out to wet them, preparing to suck on his impossibly hard cock. Then Richard thought he heard Sarah, he looked up and saw her in the corner.

The girls surrounding him seemed to disappear and all he could see was Sarah surrounded by a circle of horny older men. Their hands were all over her and Sarah looked to be screaming “stop” but she was silent to Richard, everything was silent. He watched in horror as the only sound to be heard was them ripping the dress from her. Richard awoke drenched in cold sweat and his heart feeling like it would rip out of his chest. He checked the clock, it was 5AM. He forced himself to get up and have a cold shower to clear his head.

Richard was severely disturbed by the dream. When Sarah came downstairs at 9AM for breakfast he almost burst into tears, seeing her pretty face just brought back all of the terrible images of her in trouble. He managed to gather his thoughts; he didn’t want Sarah to notice that anything was amiss with him. He spent most of the day distracting himself by reading and watching TV. Thankfully the next night passed without any dreams.

All thoughts of the daughter swap club had completely left his mind by Sunday. He had pretty much forgotten all about it, that was until he received a text that afternoon from Darren:

[Hi Richard, I haven’t heard anything more from you since the other night. Are you ok? If you’re not interested please just say so. Thanks, Darren]

[Hi Darren, sorry for not getting back to you. To be honest I’m not sure about it. All I can think about is Sarah’s safety and I’m really worrying about it. I haven’t mentioned the group to her yet]

[I fully understand Richard. Before you completely write it off, can I ask you to join the group chat? That way you can talk to all of the other girls and they will be able to tell you how safe everything is. Here’s the link: www.xxxxxxx.com/richard]

Richard decided to join the group chat as suggested. He figured he would never really get proper closure until he heard what the other girls said about the club. He clicked the link and was prompted to upload a profile picture. Once he uploaded a picture he was admitted to the group. It was a simple layout with three chat choices- fathers & daughters, daughters, and fathers. The first was a chat for the whole group, the second was only for the daughters and he was blocked from seeing any of the content, the last was fathers only. At the top of this page was a notification: ‘do not discuss any details of your sexual encounters- none of us want to hear what our daughters are like in bed!’

Richard entered the first room for fathers and daughters:

[Hi everyone, my daughter and I have been suggested by Darren to join your group. I am still a little unsure of joining. I would greatly appreciate if some of the daughters here could share their thoughts and experiences.]

Immediately Richard received three messages, all from daughters. He started at the first message received. He saw the sender was a very pretty brunette with a ponytail called Rebecca, whom he assumed was Darren’s daughter.

[Hi Richard, my dad’s told me about you and Sarah. I’m so glad you’ve decided to learn more about the club, I hope that you’ll join us and we can meet at the next party! I always like meeting new people, and judging by your profile pic I’m going to enjoy meeting you very much ?? Don’t worry about Sarah, everyone here is super nice and we all look out for each other, especially us girls. If any of the girls look unhappy or nervous, we always make it keçiören escort our top priority to check that they’re ok and to help them in any way we can. Once your daughter joins our club, we’re all like sisters to each other!]

The next message was from a girl called Lily who looked to be a similar age to Sarah. She had blonde hair and blue eyes like Sarah, but with shorter shoulder-length hair and a slight tan.

[Hi Richard, I hope you’re well. I’m the most recent member of the club and so far me and my dad have only been to 2 parties. I was really nervous the first time and was actually shaking when I first went in. But as soon as you absorb the atmosphere all your worries disappear. It’s just like a birthday party or something. Everyone was just standing around chatting to each other like good friends. One of the girls noticed I was a bit nervous and introduced me to the other girls. We just talked about normal stuff for a while like music and clothes. Then later a couple of the guys started flirting with me- nothing major, just complimenting me. I really liked one of the guys- Darren and he asked if he could kiss my cheek and I agreed. He was really nice, he always asked before he did anything. I looked around at the other girls and they were having the same experience. I was a bit shocked at first to see my dad making out with a girl, but I was happy for him.]

The final message was from a girl called Veronica. She was clearly older than the others and had long, straight black hair, a pale complexion and piercing blue eyes.

[Hello Richard, my name is Veronica. My father and I were one of the founding pairs of this group 8 years ago. In our entire existence we have only ever had one small issue where a man didn’t ask express permission to do something with a girl. As soon as we found out he was quickly dealt with and thrown out of the party (literally and figuratively). We have an absolute zero tolerance of anything being done unless the girl gives her precise consent at individual actions. I can give you my word that Sarah will be more than safe with us and you will both be able to enjoy yourselves without worry. I hope I have addressed any concerns you may have, and please feel free to contact me at any time should you so wish. We are so glad that our group continues to grow and we will always be accepting to those willing to share our way of life.]

Richard had to admit he was impressed by the responses from the girls. All of them could vouch for how safe everything was, and also it was clear how much everyone enjoyed each party. Maybe this wouldn’t be such a bad thing for Sarah to be a part of. She would be able to make friends with the girls and explore her sexuality with safe and experienced men. He much preferred that idea to some young asshole using her and videoing it which seemed to be more and more common nowadays.

He remembered when Sarah had lost her virginity- she came home crying and revealed that she was talked into it by a boy in school who said he loved her. It was a painful experience for her; he didn’t take his time and hurt Sarah when he tried to have sex with her. After that experience Sarah didn’t date for a long time, feeling she really couldn’t trust anyone. He knew she had an interest in sex however- her internet history was often filled with results from Pornhub and .

Richard decided that he should introduce Sarah to the idea of joining this club. He went onto the ‘fathers’ page of the group chat.

[Hi guys, thanks to the excellent messages sent by your lovely daughters I have decided that I would very much like to join your group. Would anyone here be able to give me some advice about how to bring up the subject with my daughter?]

After a few minutes Richard received a message from a father called Jason:

[With my daughter Charlotte I started a conversation about sexuality- the usual thing about asking if she was dating anyone, telling her about safe sex etc. Then I sort of casually brought up that I heard about a club that organises parties which allow a safe environment to have sex with trusted people (at this point I didn’t mention the father-daughter aspect.) I explained to her all the ins and outs of the parties and how it was up to the girls who they slept with and what they allowed people to do. After some giggling and blushing she seemed to be quite keen, then I mentioned how I would be going as well. She freaked out a little bit, but I just said that it’s only fair that I should be allowed to have some fun as well if I wanted to. She agreed and then I told her how every member was a father-daughter pair. I was worried she didn’t like the idea of sex with an older man, but that didn’t seem to bother her in the slightest. Once she joined the group chat, she quickly made friends with a few of the girls and she was actually the one asking me when we could go to our first party!]

Richard thanked him for the advice and began to formulate a plan for Sarah.

That night Richard cooked steak for dinner- one of Sarah’s favourites and poured her some red wine with it, he figured with a glass or two in her she would be more receptive to the very liberal sexual ideals promoted by the club. Sarah finished one glass of wine with her dinner and after doing the washing up Richard poured her another. After dinner Sarah settled down onto the sofa and watched TV. After watching for a while, Richard switched it off.

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