It was a way the teen farmboy had gone many times before. A winding path through a wood leading him from his home in the rural countryside into the closest small town. This time, before he exited the wood, just as he neared the familiar clearing towards town, his breath caught in his throat. The usual quiet of the forest, the occasional songbirds and chirping bugs, was broken by soft human moans – he wasn’t sure if from pleasure or pain. He stopped in his tracks and listened a few moments before surmising that the moans were coming from down a dirt lane ahead of the clearing.

He couldn’t help but peek through the slats of the grayed fence belonging to an old house down the lane. What he saw before him was a vision that could only have been bestowed upon him as a gift given by the most awesome of Creators: There in the small backyard, upon a picnic table of the same rustic gray wood the fence was made from, a girl who looked around his age or younger lay with a sundress hiked up and her legs splayed wide to let a Golden Retriever vigorously lick her pussy!

His cock surged in his jeans as he gasped to himself at the sight and then turned away… he had to catch his breath and process whether the vision he was seeing was reality or some kind of very intense wet dream. But behind him the moans went on, like soft siren songs, beckoning his gaze back to them. As if in slow motion he turned around, eyes instantly widening as the scene played out in front of him.

From his vantage point he couldn’t see her face while she Kartal Escort lay on her back, but he could see her long blond hair laying in golden sunlit pools around her head. He could see small, pert breasts with tiny pale pink nipples spilling out of her gauzy dress, chest heaving with her moans. Her dress was pulled up around her waist showing a flat belly and below that his jaw dropped at the plump, glistening, hairless mound and bright pink labia. The boy was so jealous of the dog — it had to be tasting the sweetest, most juicy pussy on earth!

The dog rhythmically lapped up each and every droplet of pussy juice, and the girl was grinding back with wild abandon. The boy couldn’t help but admire these two beautiful animals cavorting on this beautiful spring day in the sun-dappled woods — he knew he had to be a part of it somehow. His cock had never been so hard in his whole life, it felt like it could explode in his jeans any moment!

Finally he couldn’t take it any longer and tried to pull down his zipper as quietly as possible to jack his dick at the glorious scene, but the Golden Retriever’s astute ears caught it instantly and the dog turned to the fence and barked. The girl gasped and pulled her dress down. The boy froze for an instant and was about to run when the girl called out, “Hey, who’s there?”

He took a deep breath and then peered through the fence again. Now he could see her sitting on the picnic table looking in his direction. She had a cute freckled face that was all wrinkled up with Kartal Escort Bayan concern. The dog was at her feet, also looking towards the fence, wagging its tail.

“I’m sorry, I uh, just heard you moaning and was making sure you weren’t in trouble and…”

“Oh and then you liked what you saw and decided to stay awhile, eh?” She shook her head and giggled. “What’s your name?”

“Tommy. What’s yours?”


She got up on the picnic table to get a better look and nodded at the robust young farmboy on the other side of the fence. He waved shyly and sported a raging bulge in his jeans. The girl sat back down, and a few seconds later hiked her dress up to expose her beautiful bald pussy again and called her dog back up between her legs and said, “Well, I’m gonna go ahead and finish what I was doing before I was so rudely interrupted!”

The boy’s prick twinged in his jeans. It nearly exploded seeing the moist cunt again, literally sparkling in the afternoon sunlight. The dog was obviously well-trained. It went right back to its intense rhythmic slurps and she grinded right back, hips gyrating on the table.

This time she giggled when she heard his zipper come down. She kept the dog focused on lapping her pussy from clit to asshole. Knowing a stranger was over the fence watching, she slipped her dress straps back down to free her pert little titties once more and spread her legs open even wider.

His cock was now in hand, the ridge along its shaft hard as steel, cockhead Escort Kartal purple and ready to explode. He was practically drooling at the carnal delights of the garden just like the dog was drooling and lapping at the girl’s cunt. He jacked his dick hard and slow, mouth agape. Her moans and the dogs slurping filled the forest again, mixed with the calls of birds and chirps of insects.

Her fists balled up on the table and her moans grew louder now. Up, down, and around… he watched her glorious pussy gyrate hard into the beast’s tongue. The boy gasped again when he saw the dog’s red prick dancing in and out of its sheath under its belly. Finally the boy could hold back no longer — he groaned, his balls and prick had never been so hard in his life! His cock pulsated and then before he knew it he was grunting and spewing a copious load of sperm all over the old gray fence.

Bette heard the boy groaning on the other side and knew he was jerking himself off watching her. It turned her on hearing him pleasure himself. She pulled on her nipples and grinded hard at her dog, her moans growing louder now. The boy watched her toes curl and her back arch against the table and knew she was orgasming too, gasping and moaning. A small puddle of pussy juice mixed with dog saliva had formed on the wood between her legs. She lay there catching her breath and then lifted her head and stared at the fence where her voyeur watched back.

“See me again next Wednesday at 4pm?” she asked with a grin, freckles spread out over a tanned nose and cheeks. With her beautiful pussy still sparkling in the sunlight, the dog panting happily by her side… of course the boy would come back for more. He knew this was the beginning of something beautiful!

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