Fantasy of You


I flick my tongue out to lick the last of your cum from my lips as I rise and turn to look in the mirror. I grin… at the sated look on your face, knowing I am responsible for it. My fingers run over my lips. They’re swollen from your kisses… from the rubbing of your shaft against them. I love the way they feel. I lean my head back. and run my hands down my neck, over my breasts, watching them bounce a little as I slide my hands lower, over my belly and down over my thighs.

Lightly tracing the outline of my hips, I watch myself in the mirror, appreciating the pink flush you’ve given my skin. I glance at you and grin again, as I remember the way you pulled at my hair, the control I had, as your cock slid deep in my throat. The thought of it makes my nipples hard again, and I can feel that tell-tale tingle make a path down my body. I sense you behind me, your hands on my shoulders. I can feel your heat. I look into the mirror, and see your eyes watching me. The sated look is gone and a predatory gleam shines in them.

I wiggle my ass back against you, and feel your cock, silk over steel, throbbing. I need to touch it. I reach my hand back to stroke you. You grab my hand before I can touch you, and whisper in my ear, “I didn’t tell you to move.”

I giggle nervously, completely aroused by your intensity. You tell me to spread my legs. Then move them apart a little wider with etimesgut escort your knee; your cock smacking against my ass. I can feel your hands so strong and big, sliding over my sides, over my ribs, cupping my breasts, feeling their weight. You make my nipples so hard. I hear you groan and you push me up against the mirror, my nipples against the cold glass. My legs still spread, and my ass sticking out, you hold your cock in your hand and rub it over my wet pussy. Sliding the head back and forth, splitting the lips, getting your cock wet, teasing me. I try to push back on you, and you my ass, “Don’t move until I tell you.”

I whimper, hating and loving the sting at the same time. You press the head of your cock against me, wanting me to want you inside me, and I do. I start moaning, and you say, “Tell me what you want baby.”

You keep rubbing and my legs are shaking with need. I whisper, “I want you.”

“You have me. I’m here. But, what do you need… here?” And you slide your cock over my slit, and drag it back, the head tugging at my clit. My legs almost buckle with the pulse of electricity that shoots through my body.

“YES… oh god… pleeeeeeease I need your cock… dammit… just give me your cock,” I moan against the mirror. You push the head of your cock into my pussy, and feel my muscles squeezing etlik escort you already. I can feel your hands rubbing my ass, tugging on it, massaging it. Hands sliding lower, fingertips trailing over my thighs. With one hard thrust, almost lifting me into the air, you take me, pulling me back onto you. Pushing into me, harder, then pressing me against the mirror, your hands on either side of head. You can see me surrounded by you, filled by you.

It drives you crazy, and you start to push into me rhythmically, over and over. My legs are trembling. I’m moaning your name, groaning, gasping with every thrust. You start to slow, and step back a little. My legs buckle, and we collapse to the floor, all sweat, laughter and passion. Our lips meet in a searing kiss. I tug on your lower lip, your tongue searches for mine, and our kiss deepens. I run my hands over your chest, teasing your nipples on the way down. I wrap my hand around your thick cock and stroke you, sliding the silky skin up your shaft, swirling the head, and then stroking back down. I lie back on the floor, my long black hair flowing around me.

I spread my legs wide and guide your cock into me, pushing the head into me. Then inch by inch I take your shaft, angling my hips until I think your all the way in. I look into your eyes, and you push. It feels as though our eve gelen escort bodies are locked together, like a puzzle tattoo, where one person ends, the next begins. I wrap my legs around you and start to stroke your cock with my pussy, squeezing and releasing around you.

You pull my legs from behind you, and spread them wide, pinning them with your arms. You still my body, thrusting in and out so slowly, wickedly grinning at me. As you see the friction start to heat my blood, you know I want to move, and still you tease me, taunting me with your cock, with your control. You stop completely, and tense your muscles, causing your cock to jump inside me.

I squeeze back, and with a growl, you let my legs go and grab my hips, pulling my pussy onto your cock. I rotate my hips, circling my lips around your cock. I tug at my nipples, and we watch our bodies consume one another, your throbbing cock disappearing into me. I feel the heat, tension, building. As you push deep and grind tightly inside me, I close my eyes tight overcome with the intensity. You wrap your hands in my hair and whisper, “Open your eyes, I want you to see who is making you cum.”

My legs start to shake, “OH god… I’m so close. FUCK, yes baby, like that. Don’t stop!” I urge you to fuck me harder. I need your cock so deep inside me. I can feel your body grow rigid, a shudder runs through you. I squeeze to feel your pulsing cock, and it sends me over the edge.

With a scream of pleasure I cry, “OH JESUS… OHHHH GOD. Ride me through ittttt!” I’m panting uncontrollably; your thrusts moving us across the floor. With a final yell you collapse on top of me, and we lay there, catching out breath. Each wondering if we’re going to have another go…

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