Fantasy 01


This is my first story. Comments are welcomed.


“You’re intolerable!” I shout at him from the top of the stairs.

Fuck, I cannot stand that man sometimes.

I’m the kitchen later that night, making brownies. I’m stirring the chocolate batter when he comes up behind me and wraps his arms around my waist.

“Hi.” He whispers.

“Hi.” I whisper back.

He puts his chin on my shoulder and nuzzles my ear.

“Are you still mad?”

I try to hang on to my anger. I really do. But with his arms around me and with him nuzzling me like that, just the way I like it, my anger vanishes.

I stop stirring the brownie mix and run my finger through the cool chocolate. After getting my finger covered, I slide it into my mouth, moaning as I suck and lick my finger clean. Mm, I love brownie mix.

I can almost hear his pout. “Do I get any?” He almost whines.

I smile and run my finger through the chocolate again before turning to face him, offering my coated finger.

Without hesitation, moon knight izle he takes my finger into his mouth and sucks the batter off. Even after he has cleaned my finger, he continues to suck on it, making my mouth go dry. He swirls his tongue around the tip of my finger and I swear I can feel the action against my clit. He slides my finger out of his mouth with a “pop”, and I realize how heavily I’m breathing.

Before I know it, his lips are on mine, his tongue sliding past my lips. I suck on his tongue, tasting chocolate and moan a bit, savoring the flavor.

He turns a little so that I am pressed against the cupboard and slides his hands down to my ass, squeezing it and picking me up, setting me on the counter, my legs spread with him standing between them.

His lips leave mine and before I can protest, they’re on my neck, under my ear. He trails kisses from there to my chest, where he meets the barrier of my shirt. He leans back and pulls it over my head, then reaches mrs fletcher izle behind me to unclasp my bra. He just stands there looking at me, at my very large naked DD breasts.

I close my eyes and just relax.

When I feel something cold on my right nipple, I open my eyes to find him smearing brownie mix on first my right nipple, then my left. He leans down and circles his tongue around my right nipple, before sucking it into his mouth and proceeding to suck all of the chocolate off. He nibbles on my nipple and my back arches. God I love that. Before I get too into it, he switches over to my other nipple, repeating his actions. Although with this nipple, he sucks and bites harder. I’m moaning and digging my nails in to his shoulders. Jesus, I could cum just like this.

I push him back and slide off the counter and turn us so that he’s the one backed against the counter this time. Grabbing the bowl of brownie mix, I sink to my knees in front of him. Placing the bowl at murder in big horn izle my side, I reach up and pull his sweatpants off so he’s left in his boxers. I rub his erection through the thin material for a few minutes before pulling them off, too. When his dick springs up to meet my hand, I stroke it and look up to see his eyes slide shut. I continue stroking him like that until I remember the batter at my side. I reach down and engulf my hand in the batter before reaching back and spreading the chocolate all over his cock. Then I lean forward and lick the tip before I work my way down, swirling my tongue around the head and work my way down, taking him deeper and deeper into my mouth, sucking and licking the chocolate off.

He starts fucking my mouth, sliding his fat cock into my tight throat with every thrust. He’s moaning and fisting my hair, and I reach down into my shorts and start rubbing my clit. While he’s fucking my mouth, getting closer and closer to cumming, so am I, rubbing my clit and sliding my fingers down into my tight, soaking wet little pussy, fucking myself in time with his thrusts. We cum together, me on my fingers, and him on my tongue. I move my hand out of my shorts and up to cup his balls, coating them in my cum. I swallow all his cum that kinda tastes like chocolate, then move down and suck on his balls while his orgasm subsides.

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