Fantasia 42


The names and characters are purely fiction. Any similarities to actual persons are strictly coincidental.

The Feinbergs and the Summers had been neighbors for a dozen years. The Feinbergs had moved north from Savannah because of Mr. Feinberg’s job. The Summers were a few years older, and the youngest of their two sons, Jeff, was five years older than the Feinberg’s only son. Jeff enjoyed listening to Rebecca Feinberg’s southern drawl even before he discovered his physical attraction to her. None of the other moms on the block talked as pretty as Mrs. Feinberg.

From Jeff’s early teen years, he had a crush on the attractive Rebecca Feinberg. He went out of his way to endear himself to Mrs. Feinberg. One time, he shoveled snow from the Feinberg’s driveway, free of charge, before Mr. Feinberg came from work. To thank him, Rebecca invited him in for a mug of hot cocoa. During the ensuing conversation, Rebecca realized that Jeff was much more mature than most boys his age. Over a mug of cocoa, Jeff and Rebecca became friends.

By his nineteenth birthday, Jeff stood 6’4″ and had a lean, muscular body. He had intelligent, mischevious blue eyes, short brown hair, and a warm smile. Several girls around Jeff’s age had eagerly had sex with Jeff, but Jeff was seeing only a girl named Diane steadily. Jeff had strong feelings for Diane, but still sometimes stroked his eight-and-a-half-inch woody to thoughts of Mrs. Feinberg.

At age 42, Rebecca Feinberg still turned men’s heads. Her brown eyes were beautiful and alluring. She wore her dark brown hair in a straight, relaxed style which reached to just past her shoulders. Because she worked out regularly, Rebecca possessed a figure that many women fifteen years younger wished they had. Her slim waist accentuated her 34C breasts. She liked to show off her shapely legs in short skirts and short-shorts. From what Jeff could see, even concealed by her tight jeans, Rebecca’s ass was firm and perfectly shaped.

Rebecca’s husband, a business administrator, had become fat, balding, and neglectful. He assumed that because he provided well financially, he could take her for granted. He was wrong.

Jeff had finished his second semester of college, but wasn’t scheduled to begin his Summer job for another two weeks. He was enjoying just doing what he pleased. It turned out to be another warm, sunny day, so after lunch, Jeff went out to his freshly mowed backyard wearing only a pair of gym shorts. He performed some warm-up stretches, before practicing some karate katas. Their backyard was relatively private and Jeff didn’t know he had an audience.

He had just finished the third kata, when he heard a woman’s voice call to him.

“That was really great!”

Jeff stopped and looked to his right. Standing at some bushes which separated their yards was Rebecca, smiling at him.

Jeff returned the smile and called, “Thanks.”

“Hey, can I ask you a question?” Rebecca motioned for him to come over to her.

“Sure, Mrs. Feinberg,” Jeff replied as he walked over to her.

“Oh, please call me Rebecca,” she smiled.

On this warm day, she was wearing a pair of short-shorts that showed off her tanned legs, and a tight tank-top that did the same for her large breasts. To Jeff, she’d never looked sexier.

“Okay… Rebecca,” Jeff grinned at her.

“I was just curious,” Rebecca began, “I saw you at our Temple a few Fridays ago, sitting with some other teenagers. You didn’t convert, did you?” She grinned at him.

Jeff laughed and shook his head, “No… Mark Grossman, a guy in my high school class, told me that your Temple was sponsoring a bring a non-Jew to Temple night. He asked me if I’d go with him, so I said sure.”

“So, what did you think of your first Jewish service?”

“Oh, it wasn’t my first,” Jeff explained, “I’ve been to your Temple several times.”

“You have?”

“Well. I had quite a few Jewish kids in my classes, and I became friendly with most of them. Whenever the Temple had any kind of interdenominational event, I would get asked to go, since they knew I would.”

“I sho’nuff knew that my friend, Jeff, wasn’t prejudiced, like some people.”

Jeff smiled, shook his head, and shrugged, “I’ve dated Jewish girls. Someone’s religion doesn’t matter to me.”

Rebecca nodded, smiled Etimesgut Escort warmly, and said, “Hey, why don’t you come in for some iced tea? I’d like to ask you more about this program I didn’t even know our Temple had.” She smiled invitingly.

Jeff recognized an opportunity, so he replied, “Sure, that’d be great.”

Jeff followed her shapely backside up the couple porch steps and into her kitchen. Rebecca poured two glasses of iced tea and handed one to Jeff. He thanked her, leaned against the counter, and took two long swallows. Rebecca sipped her iced tea and tried not to stare at Jeff’s muscular, bare torso, but her inhibitions were crumbling. His chiseled pectoral muscles were just below eye level. Though she knew that Jeff was only nineteen, he looked and acted older, which only added to his attractiveness.

After they made more small talk about Jeff going to the Synagogue, Mrs. Feinberg moved closer to Jeff and said, “I’ll bet you’ve lifted a lot of weights to get muscles like that.” Then, she casually reached up and ran her hand over his bare bicep. Jeff felt his pulse quicken.

“Yeah, I have,” Jeff said with a nervous smile.

“Flex it,” she instructed.

Jeff hardened the arm muscle.

“Wow,” Rebecca said softly and smiled. Her southern drawl seemed slightly more pronounced. “Rock hard… not like my husband’s puny arm.” She continued to run her hand over his arm.

She gazed into his eyes and said, “I’ll bet those college girls after a young hunk like you all the time.”

“I do okay,” Jeff shrugged. “Of course, I’ll bet a terrific looking woman like you must’ve had your pick of guys before you got married.”

Rebecca smiled and asked, “Do you really think I’m good-looking?”

“Yeah, very,” Jeff said with a gleam in his eyes.

Rebecca inched closer. Jeff was already against the kitchen counter. She moved almost against him and put her other hand on his other arm.

As seductively as she could, Rebecca said, “Are you sure you’re not just saying that, or would you like to prove it?” She ran her hands up and down his arms and glanced at the growing bulge in his shorts.

Jeff whispered nervously, “I’d like to, but I’m seeing a girl, kinda steady.”

Rebecca smiled seductively and said, “I won’t tell her, if you won’t tell my husband… and you’ll really enjoy it.”

She suddenly wrapped her arms around Jeff’s waist and pulled her pelvis against his. At 5’5″, Rebecca had to look up into Jeff’s blue eyes.

Rebecca smiled and said, “You boys sho’nuff grow like weeds. You can kiss me if you want.”

Jeff put his arms around Rebecca’s shoulders and pressed his lips to her’s. At first, they just moved their lips against one another’s, savoring the long forbidden sensation. When Jeff moved his tongue against Rebecca’s lips, she opened her mouth and their tongues intertwined. With Rebecca’s big breasts pressing against him, Jeff felt his cock stiffen and grow rapidly. Jeff ran his fingers through Rebecca’s hair as their suppressed passions exploded. She ran her hands over his muscular, young torso, while they kissed. Rebecca was already impressed by what a good kisser Jeff was, and was getting wetter by the minute. Next, she took Jeff’s hands and guided them inside her shirt and up to her tits. Jeff ran his palms over her bra cups, and Rebecca moaned softly.

Then, she smiled and said, “My son’s at camp, and nobody will be home for hours. Let’s go upstairs to my bedroom where we can have more privacy.”

Jeff smiled and said, “Lead the way.”

Jeff followed Rebecca’s shapely ass up the stairs and into her bedroom. When Rebecca turned to face Jeff, he grabbed the bottom of her shirt and lifted it up over her bra. Rebecca lifted her arms to aid in its removal. They wrapped their arms around each other and kissed passionately. Next, Rebecca hooked her thumbs into the elastic waistband of Jeff’s shorts and underwear, and slid them down until they dropped to the floor. She was almost giddy to see a long, stiff cock already waiting for her.

Rebecca smiled and said, “Oh my… It’s so nice and big.”

Jeff returned her smile and said, “You can touch it if you want.”

“I want… ” she said and wrapped her fingers around the warm ivory shaft. When she squeezed it, Jeff moaned softly. Rebecca Etimesgut Escort Bayan fondled the erection and moved close to kiss Jeff again. She was surprised that young Jeff already possessed the biggest hard-on she’d ever wrapped her fingers around.

“Now, my turn to undress you,” Jeff said.

“Be my guest,” Rebecca smiled.

“First the bra,” Jeff said, moving behind her. He quickly unhooked the bra and slid the straps off her shoulders. Rebecca let the bra fall to the floor. Then, Jeff moved against Rebecca and cupped her tits from behind. When Jeff ran his finger-tips over her nipples, Rebecca sighed and turned her head back toward Jeff. He kissed her and continued to fondle her large, firm tits. As her nipples became erect, Rebecca undid her shorts and let them fall to the floor. Jeff moved in front of her, and slowly slid her panties down, watching as he exposed her dense triangle of dark pubic hair.

They fell on the bed, hugging, kissing, and fondling each other. Jeff kissed his way down Rebecca’s neck, and continued to her gorgeous breasts. Rebecca’s nipples and areolas were neither too small nor too large… just perfect. Cradling one firm tit with his hand, Jeff licked her nipple and flicked it with his tongue. Then, he moved to the other nipple and did the same thing. As he flicked her nipple with his tongue, he slid his right hand down, through her soft bush, and began to gently rub between her legs. Rebecca was already wet, and moaned quietly.

Rebecca thought that she was going to have to instruct Jeff on how to please her, but he seemed to know exactly what to do. She was only a little surprised.

After spending some time licking her nipples, Jeff began to kiss his way downward, over Rebecca’s flat stomach and down her abdomen.

When Rebecca realized where he was headed, she asked softly, “Where you going?”

“I thought you might like some oral sex.”

“You don’t have to do that, honey,” Rebecca said with a smile.

Jeff returned her smile and replied, “I’d really like to, unless you don’t want me to.”

Rebecca whispered, “Yeah, I’d love it.”

She remembered her husband giving her oral sex only one time in the last few years – once when he was drunk. Now, a very sexy, young gentile boy was eagerly licking her pussy. In addition to finding it an incredible turn-on, she was simply flattered. Rebecca raised herself to her elbows to better savor the sight of Jeff licking her wet muff.

When Jeff’s tongue found her clit, Rebecca whispered, “Oh yeah! I like it like that.”

Jeff said, “If there’s anything you’d like me to do differently …” lick, lick, “Or anything special you’d like…” lick, lick, “Just spell it out for me.”

Rebecca panted, “You’re doing just great!” She ran her fingers through his hair, urging his mouth tighter against her clit.

When Jeff slid two fingers into Rebecca’s wet pussy, she moaned, “Mmmmmm…”

Intoxicated with lust, Rebecca moved her hot box rhythmically against Jeff’s flicking tongue and thrusting fingers. Her mind swam in waves of intense pleasure. She moaned with each exhale, “Aaahhh… Aaahhh… Aaahhh…” Rebecca quickly lost control and experienced the first orgasm she’d ever had from oral sex. As her body shuddered, Jeff knew he had made her cum, but he continued licking.

“Stop… stop, baby… I get so sensitive…” Rebecca implored him. Jeff pulled away, and their eyes met. Most of Jeff’s grinning face was wet with Rebecca’s juices.

“Where the hell did you learn to eat pussy like that?” Rebecca panted.

Jeff dodged the question, “I’m just glad you liked it.”

Rebecca pulled some tissues from a nearby box and handed them to Jeff.

“Sorry I get so wet,” she said.

“I consider it a compliment,” Jeff smiled and wiped his face.

“Now it’s my turn,” Rebecca smiled seductively. “Lay on your back.”

Jeff repositioned himself, kissed Rebecca briefly, and laid on his back. Rebecca kissed her way down his muscular torso, while fondling his cock and balls. Laying across Jeff’s thighs, facing Jeff, Rebecca smiled as she gently stroked his hard-on. Then, she ran her tongue around the ridge of his cock’s head, sending a shiver of pleasure through Jeff’s body. Rebecca licked the entire head, and then up and down the Escort Etimesgut shaft. She felt his dick throb and grow in her grasp.

When Rebecca took his hard-on into her mouth, Jeff moaned, “Aaahhhh.” Then, he ran his fingers through Rebecca’s hair as she sucked him to maximum size. She stopped sucking his cock to gaze at the glistening boner. It was the best looking hard-on she’d ever seen. Next, Rebecca shifted slightly and rubbed her right nipple with the tip of Jeff’s dick. She smiled at Jeff.

Jeff smiled and panted, “That feels so good.”

As Rebecca lay across Jeff’s thighs, her pelvis was toward Jeff. He reached down, sliding his fingers over her thigh, through her soft bush, and between her wet lips. Jeff pleasured Rebecca with his fingers, while she sucked and licked his stiff cock.

“I wanna feel your big cock inside me,” Rebecca said, as she began to reposition herself. She straddled Jeff’s hips, lifted his rod straight up, then lowered her pussy onto it. They both moaned as Jeff entered her. Rebecca slowly raised her pelvis until she felt that Jeff’s hard-on was barely inside her, and then she slowly lowered herself. She was trying to measure the right distance.

“Rebecca, I don’t have a condom with me,” Jeff said softly.

“That’s okay, I’m on the pill. Plus, you can pull out when you’re ready to cum,” Rebecca suggested. Then, she slowly raised and lowered her hips again. She hadn’t had a stiff cock inside her pussy for so long, that she wanted to savor the feeling. Knowing the proper distance, Rebecca began to pump more rhythmically. She looked down at Jeff, who was breathing hard and in ecstasy. Jeff reached up and fondled her bouncing tits. As Rebecca pumped, she was pleased to discover that Jeff was displaying good control for someone so young. The fact that he was no three-pump-chump didn’t really surprise her either.

“Hey honey, how ’bout if you take top for awhile?” Rebecca suggested, then added with a smile, “Give the old lady a breather.”

Jeff smiled and said, “It would be my pleasure, gorgeous.”

They attempted to roll over with disengaging, but they began to laugh and it didn’t quite work. Laying on her back, Rebecca spread her legs to receive Jeff’s meat flagpole. Jeff rubbed the head of his hard-on against Rebecca’s wet pussy lips, then slowly pushed it inside of her. Rebecca inhaled sharply as she felt the big, stiff cock fill her. Jeff pressed his mouth to Rebecca’s, and their tongues intertwined once more. He kissed her neck, and then arched his body so that he could lick her nipples, while he slid his hard-on in and out of her tight box. The simultaneous sensations made Rebecca’s mind dizzy with lust. Next, without removing his cock, Jeff sat upright, sitting back on his heels. He wanted to savor the sight of his hard-on sliding in and out of his dream girl’s beautiful pussy. With his thumb, he rubbed Rebecca’s clit, while he fucked her. Rebecca looked up at her muscular, young lover in amazement. It didn’t seem possible that an nineteen year-old could possess the skills and imagination that Jeff did. Yet, this was already the best sex that Rebecca had ever experienced.

“I love the way you fuck me, Jeff,” Rebecca purred.

“The feeling is mutual,” Jeff panted and smiled.

Jeff returned to a more horizontal position, supporting his weight off of Rebecca with his arms. Rebecca could feel his long dick throb inside of her as he thrusted. Jeff began to gradually build up speed. Rebecca felt his hard-on sliding in and out like a piston. She grabbed his firm ass cheeks and assisted his thrusts. Soon, both the mature woman and the young man were moaning loudly, lost in carnal ecstasy.

Rebecca shuddered and cried out as another orgasm flowed through her. Sensing this, Jeff abandoned his attempt at control, and felt his orgasm approaching like a tidal wave. He pulled out, and with a few strokes of his cock, spurts of his warm cum landed on Rebecca’s stomach and breasts. Rebecca grasped his slippery rod and used it to paint the cum around on her skin. Jeff shuddered as Rebecca stroked out any remaining cum. Then, Jeff moved to Rebecca’s side, pressed his lips to hers, and ran his fingers through her hair.

From then on, Rebecca and Jeff made love when Rebecca’s house was available, or when they could sneak away to a motel. Therefore, their sex sessions were infrequent, but very steamy. Jeff attended college in California and settled there after graduation. He and Rebecca corresponded and sometimes talked on the phone. It would be almost twenty years before they would see each other again. To be continued?

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