I remember once hearing that all of the cells in your body are replaced every seven years. So having sex with someone after not being with them for seven years would be like the first time, right? Okay, that’s entirely bullshit but it makes my whole experience with my ex-wife a lot more interesting.

We fought a lot. People who get divorced pretty much always have fought a lot. Otherwise they would not get divorced, but time is a great leveler of events and emotions. Ellen was in a relationship again. I didn’t know how serious it was. I was recently out of one which turned out to be not so serious. I didn’t really miss Ellen at all but I did fondly remember a lot of the times we spent together, things we shared and I had easily let go the things over which we so bitterly differed.

The family event where we celebrated the birthday of our grandchildren was one of those opportunities to bury the hatchet and be normal. Two families fractured at the grandparent generation on both sides resulted in three grandmothers and two grandfathers. My ex-wife was one of the three grandmothers and she hardly looked the role. She was in her fifties but other than some age showing around the eyes and a little in her hands she looked pretty damn good. It was the aerobics. After we split she took up aerobics to burn off the anger, I guess. The result was that she was slim to the point of wiry and taught in ways that caught my attention. It was remarkable in this age of obesity. She lived on the Cape and spent enough time in the sun to be a nut brown. Her hair had a reddish tinge around the edges of what she used to call ‘mousy brown’. She was dressed in jeans, sandals, a black sports bra the edges of which were sometimes visible through the openings in what a designer would call a ‘loosely structured’ shirt that draped over her torso. Not dressy but not really casual either. Kind of in between. .Altogether she looked tough and lean and, well, damn sexy.

She hugged me she first arrived as if she meant it, arms wrapped around me tight and holding for longer than necessary while kissing me on the cheek. I was taken aback and wondering for the couple of hours while we ate, had cake and played with the kids if the display of physical affection has meant something. I hadn’t seen her in a year so who knew what she was thinking.

The group totaled 10 including the two grandchildren. An intimate gathering. We talked about schools for the kids, sports and life in general and everyone was nice. I had a comfortable conversation with my ex about work and the present and the future. It was all positive and friendly and the way it should be. So that when she she was ready to go I thought I’d spend a few more moments with her by walking with her.

As she said her goodbyes and gave me another tight and genuine hug I said, “Hey, come on, I’ll walk you to your car.”


On the way I casually asked, “Headed back to the cape?”

“Yeah,” she said, “through the crappy traffic. Not thrilled about it.”

We got to her car and she stood at the door not opening it, with her back to me. Not saying anything, just standing there. After a few moments I had a flashback when once before she had taken that exact same pose, just frozen, but somehow radiating the desire to be touched. I can’t say what the ‘tell’ is but as I had years before I put my hand on her shoulder and she kind of leaned into it and into me. Her leaning put her back against my chest and her ass in my groin. My cock started reacting immediately and I think she could feel it since she leaned more into me and dropped her hand so it rested lightly on my thigh.

We were only around the corner, barely out of sight of the festive group on the other side of the house so I was very limited by what I could safely do. But I slid the hand opposite the sıhhiye escort potential audience down her side and ended up resting it on her hip gently pulling her a little harder into me. She could definitely feel how hard my cock was now. I could smell her hair, still the same gardenia shampoo from long ago and I immediately wanted her, wanted to be inside her hard, slim body. Sliding the shielded hand further towards the front of her jeans, towards the juncture of her legs, no subtlety needed between us now, I cupped and then gently rubbed her cunt through her jeans. I could feel her knees weaken as she slumped against me and air hissed out from between her lips. Her stomach was flat and hard. Her jeans were loose at the waist and I was able to slide my hand up under her loose shirt, down the naked flesh and over her lacy panties until I could feel the top of her slit and the hot button that was her clit.

“Oh, god,” she gasped, grabbing my arm, I thought, to push me away but instead she pulled my hand hard into her cunt. I was able to move only my finger tips with her holding me that way but it was enough as I slid my index finger up and down the top of her lips feeling the hot wetness through panties.

“Have you got time before going back?” I questioned softly into her ear.

“Yes,” she gasped, “all the time I need. Gary’s not coming back until tomorrow morning.”

Removing my hand from between her legs I brought the finger up to her mouth. She opened it and swirled her tongue around the digit licking her juices off and making me remember what it was like to have my cock in that position.

Reaching into my pocket I took one of the two key cards the motel had given me and handed it to her. “Quality Inn in Randolf,” I said. “Do you know it?”

“I pass it on the way here,” she said.

“Room 147,” I said. “I’ll be about 10 minutes or so behind you.”

“I’ll be in the shower,” she said. And with that she opened her door and got in. I delayed as long as I could watching her drive off thinking of things that would move the blood out of my cock, pulled out my shirt tail to cover what remained and went back to the party to find a way of gently extricating myself.

I could hear the shower running as soon as I opened the door to my room at the motel and could see the parade of clothes between me and the bathroom: sandals, shirt, sports bra, jeans and panties, the last the bit of showy stuff from Victoria Secret I had earlier been fingering. After carefully putting the do not disturb sign on the door and locking it, my clothes joined hers. I walked into the bathroom and flicked the light off and on, our sign from long ago that was a way to keep from startling the other by an unexpected body at the shower curtain.

“Yes,” I heard her say in a drawn out fashion.

“I heard there was a reservation for two at this restaurant,” I said back.

“Absolutely,” she responded with a smile, “have we decided who was the hor’dourve?”

As I slid back the curtain and joined her in the stall shower I said, “You are both hor’dourve and desert.”

“Oooh,” she giggled, “I like the sound of that.”

And she moved her lithe body into my embrace, skin on skin with water sluicing over us. My cock was hard as a rock between us and my hands were stroking up and down her back as our mouths hungrily sought each other. We had never lacked for sexual electricity between us. That was not the problem and was not missing now. We were an explosion waiting to happen and the fuse was lit. I could not get enough of her smooth skin and softly muscled ass. I had never thought of what a woman who worked out would feel like and while she didn’t lift weights and was not really a hard body her legs, ass and stomach revealed all of the hours tandoğan escort she had obviously put into the aerobic workouts and it was really a turn on. She crushed herself into me and I reached down between her ass cheeks to stroke the lips of her cunt. She lifted her leg and put it on the ledge giving me better access.

“Oh, we clearly need to do some washing here,” I said, reaching for the soap.

With lathered hand I returned to her ass, the pucker there and the lips below sliding back and forth between the two slipping a finger lightly into one then the other.

“Umm…,” she murmured into my neck. “That feels so good and so naughty.” And with that she stole the soap from me and began to stroke my cock and balls rotating her hands around the shaft of my cock to maximize the smooth friction.

“Okay, that’s enough of that,” I stammered grabbing her hand. “You are going to ruin the entire meal if we’re not careful.”

She stopped and with more intent at making the experience sensual I began to wash her entire body gently moving across all of the parts equally, giving my entire attention to what I was doing. Her body was uniformly wiry with very little fat and not a lot of obvious clues to her actual age. The only exception was her breasts which were not as full as I remembered and showing the inevitable effects of gravity. But the eraser tip nipples, hardened with desire, were in evidence as they had been in my memory and I was happy to rinse them off and take them each, in turn, in my mouth. This activity elicited a moan which increased my interesting in moving things along.

We changed places as she rinsed off and she returned the favor carefully washing me from head to toe with maybe only a little more attention to my cock, balls and my own ass than the rest of me.

“I’m out,” she said sliding past me and through the shower curtain. I was rinsing and so slower than her getting out of the bathroom. I moved into the bedroom still drying off, towel in hand to see her lying back on the sheets, legs spread, a feast for the eyes. She confirmed the feast part.

“Dinner’s served!” said in a laughing voice.

I was startled to see she was evenly brown all over. The time she had spent in the sun was obviously in a private spot and the even color made her all the more enticing, as if I needed any more enticement.

I willingly moved forward and knelt on the floor in a position between her legs. Putting a hand on each knee I slid them down the inside of her thighs as I moved my head forward so that my face and both hands arrived at the furry juncture at once. I had always liked Ellen’s pussy, not that I’ve been this close to one I didn’t like but hers was, as I had remembered, clean lined with smooth outer and inner lips and a prominent clit. And was very sensitive. That last part had obviously not changed as, when I gently started to lick the outer edges of her labia I felt a ripple of desire course through her.

“Oh, Allen,” she moaned, “that feels wonderful, ahhhh…” That last vocalization actually moved up the tonal scale as my tongue, having followed the labia down to the pucker beneath her vagina then slowly slid back up, licking the slit all the way up to her clitoris. From this point onward she was managing few actual words but a lot of moans and hisses as my hands massaged the outer edges of her pussy and my tongue continued its up and down travels from pucker to clit. I was in no hurry but at some point she became interested in focusing my efforts where they would best bring her to orgasm and she tightly held my head so that my tongue was located directly on her clit. I licked slowly up and down and around the nub changing pressure from light to strong, continuous small changes of direction and pressure. tunalı escort Being married a long time brings the possibility of boredom but also brings the certainty of just what brings the partner off and this was Ellen’s thing. It was only five or so minutes of this and she was climbing the walls, jamming my head between her legs until she grabbed it by the sides and pulled me up towards her.

“Fuck me now, I’m coming,” she moaned loud enough that I assume anyone in attendance in the next room knew well what was going on in here. No matter. I moved up her body which was already starting to convulse in orgasm and slid my cock smoothly into her tight cunt. She started to buck her pelvis into mine and was crying out loudly enough that I covered her mouth with mine and started slamming my cock into her. This went on for a minute or so but seemed a lot longer until her contractions slowly subsided and she returned to the present. I had not come but had felt every ripple in her cunt as she clenched and released my cock as she came.

We lay quietly as she recovered. My cock was still inside her and I moved gently in and out enjoying the hot liquid feel of her cunt as her juices flowed around me. She had always been juicy and time had not changed that much.

“Oh, god,” she quietly said, “I needed that. Thank you.”

“My pleasure,” I responded.

“Speaking of which, you didn’t come.”


“Mmmmmm…. you mean there’s more?”

“Definitely more,” I said, and gently pulled one of her nipples into my mouth.

“Oh..I like more,” she purred.

I maintained a slow steady and gentle rhythm sliding my cock in and out of her as I tongued first one nipple, then the other. I kept this up for a long time just letting the languid pace speak for itself until I could feel the tension start to build in her again. I then moved back down to return to those hot, wet lips and the musky intoxicating taste there.

“Jesus, yes,” she moaned, and then became quiet again but for the frequent gasps and “mmmmm…” The only other sound was the squishy sound of my tongue and her lips and clit. I could again feel her getting close, building up to another orgasm.

I pulled back and said, “turn over.”

She complied and I helped her get up on all fours so I could enter her from behind. As I moved up I brought my face between her thighs again licking both her lips and the pucker above it. She was already massaging her clit as I moved so my cock was in line with her pussy. I then grabbed her hips and knowing what she liked lunged forward slamming my cock into her welcoming heat. Ellen cried out but not in pain, rather a scream of passion.

“Yes, yes.. fuck me. Fuck me harder. I’m going to come, I’m going to come.”

Most of the rest was inarticulate as were my grunts. I continued to slam into her pistoning my cock into her time after time until her moans rose in volume becoming a near constant cry of the beginning of her orgasm and the pulsing in her cunt drove me onward until I exploded into her with my own scream. I could feel her internal muscles milking my cock and I pushed as deep as I could filling her cunt with my come. We maintained that rigid posture for a long time. I lost track. And then we were both past it and we collapsed together on the bed on our sides with me still in her, in no hurry to leave.

Ellen then took one of my fingers and put it in her mouth sucking gently as I moved just an inch or two in and out of her. We fell asleep that way with me inside of her and my finger in her mouth.

The next thing I knew there was early morning light streaming through the curtains and I could hear the shower running and then turning off. Five minutes later, Ellen came out of the bathroom fully dressed and smiled at me.

“This was nice,” she said. “Good to get past our.. well our past. And just good. Period.”

“Yeah, it was,” I said, softly. “Time for you to go?”

“I’ve got a lot to do today.”

And with that she walked to the door, hesitated, and turned. I thought she might come back for a kiss but instead she again smiled and said, “Same time next year?” Then walked out.

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