Everything All At Once


Everything All At OnceIt started, as these things often do, with lots of alcohol. The six of us were having a little dinner party. It was the usual: one of us wore the chef hat, we ate too much, complimented every little flourish, and kept the wine flowing. Soon enough, we ran out of wine and moved on to vodka. From vodka it was only a short leap to self-prescribed medication.Our little group could be described, perhaps euphemistically, as free spirited. The truth is we are all young, good looking, and love to get out of control This evening played out like so many others, as though it was a play in the middle of a long run off Broadway.The cast: Me (Aron):23, blonde/blue, former collegiate swimmer, 8 ½ inch penis. My Girlfriend (Angela): 24, red/green, has fancy financial district job, small, pert breasts. Angela’s Best Friend (Julia): 25, brown/brown, cocktail waitress, short, freckles, big boobs. Julia’s Boyfriend (James): 24, brown/brown, buff physique, almost totally hairless Angela’s Other best Friend (Emily): 24, blonde/green, former Mormon, tall, lithe, long legs. Emily’s Boyfriend (Stephen): 26, dirty blonde/blue, reminds everyone of “American Psycho,” looks like a surfer when he’s naked.So, there we were. It was Saturday night, and the six of us had convened at my house. A half empty bottle of vodka sat in a slowly melting bucket of ice. My kitchen opens directly, via sliding doors, into my bedroom. Angela and Julia were lounging on my bed, sharing a loosely rolled joint. Stephen and I sat at the table poking at the carnage of our dinner. James and Emily sat on the floor, leaning up against the foot of the bed. There was some heavy flirting Escort going on, and the conversation couldn’t help itself. It started off loaded with innuendo and quickly became soft-core pornographic.Angela said, “Stephen, Emily tells me that your neighbors are upset with the filthy things that you make her say during your love making. Or should I say scream at the top of her lungs?”Stephen: “Shit, I don’t make her say those things, she just can’t help herself.”Angela: “Is it really the things she’s saying, or just that she’s yelling them?”“My guess is it’s the yelling, “ Stephen said, his speech slurred.“Well, like, what specifically is she yelling?” asked James.“Yeah, Julia asked, is it like, ‘Oh God! That feels good! or what?”Emily piped up, “Uh no. It’s more like, ‘Yes! Slide that stiff cock into my wet pussy! Fill my cunt with cum! Fuck me!”Julia and Angela giggled hysterically. “Go girl! Show us how it’s done,” said Julia.Emily took a sip of vodka and got into her role. She started to run her hands over her body and rolled her eyes back in mock ecstasy. “Oh yeah baby! Slide your tongue over my pussy! Make me come on your face! I’m gonna suck your cock so good, you’re gonna shoot your load all over my naked tits! Yeah baby that’s it!” In her reenactment, Emily grabbed James’ thigh and moved her hand toward his crotch. Despite the humor, he and everyone else were clearly getting turned on by Emily’ show. Julia and Angela rubbed their bare feet together as they shared an ice cube from their drink. Emily moaned, “Oh baby, yeah, lick my asshole. Get it wet so you can stick your cock up my butt. Bury your face in my pussy.”James was the Escort Bayan first one to cave in. “Steve, he said, I’ll suck your cock right now if you let me fuck your girlfriend!”Stephen grinned and pulled his pants down around his ankles, revealing a stiff hard on. James crawled forward and wrapped his hand around the shaft and sucked on the head. He made loud slurping noises as he sucked Stephen’s dick. Emily wasted no time in getting James’ pants unbuttoned. As he sucked her boyfriend’s cock, she reached into James’ pants massaged his cock with her hand.Julia and Angela were fixated on the show. They kept their eyes on James head as it bobbed up and down in Stephen’s lap. But they were both wearing loose fitting shorts and soon their hands were in each other’s pants. As I walked over to the bed I could hear the squishing sounds of their fingers playing with the other’s pussy. Julia pulled her hand out of Angela’s shorts and sucked on one of her wet fingers. I got naked right away.It’s now a half an hour later and this is the scene: I’m on my back on the edge of the bed, with my knees d****d over the side. Julia is lying on top of me, but facing up. My dick is sliding in and out of her smooth shaved pussy. Emily is bent over at the waist with her shoulders resting on Julia’s thighs. Her face is buried in Julia’s crotch where she licks Julia’s clit as I fuck her cunt from behind. When I pull out I can feel Emily’s tongue on my shaft, licking the length of it as it disappears again into Julia’s wet pussy. James is behind Emily with his hands on her waist, fucking her doggy style. Stephen is behind James rubbing astro-glide all over Bayan Escort his stiff cock and James’ anus. My girlfriend Angela, in a somewhat acrobatic feat, is straddling her best friend Julia’s face so that Julia can eat her pussy while I fuck her cunt and Emily licks us both.Stephen says, “James I’m gonna stick my greasy cock into your tight ass. Gonna fuck you up the butt while you have you cock in my girlfriend’s pussy.”James says,” Emily’s pussy is so hot and wet. I want you to fill my ass with cum while I fuck her pussy good.”With that, Stephen puts the head of his cock against James’ anus and slowly pushes it up his ass. James slows his thrusting in and out of Emily’s pussy just long enough so that he and Stephen can time their strokes. As Stephen pulls out of James’ ass James pulls out of Emily’s pussy and then they both pump it back in. Emily continues to lick and slurp at Julia’s clit. My dick pops out of Julia’s vagina for a second, covered in pussy juice. Emily sucks it like a popsicle before guiding it back into Julia’s cunt.Julia meanwhile laps at Angela’s pussy, first licking the length of it, from her clit to her asshole, then tongue fucking her, sticking her tongue as far as she can into my girlfriend’s pussy.I feel the pressure building. I say, “Oh Julia, your pussy is so wet! I can feel Emily licking your cunt! I’m gonna fill your pussy with hot cum!”Angela screams, “Fuck her pussy baby! Fuck that bitch’s hot cunt! Lick my pussy you fucking slut!”I come in a hot load that trickles out of Julia’s pussy and onto Emily’s chin as she eagerly laps it up. Stephen groans as his cum drips down James’ as crack and onto his balls. James shoot his wad into Emily’s shaved pussy as she cries out in orgasm. Angela clamps onto Julia’s oozing pussy in a clumsy 69 and they lick each others’ pussies furiously until they both moan in ecstasy.Do you want to know what happens next week?

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