European History 201 Ch. 02


(This is just one chapter in a longer story. For character background and storylines, please check out earlier chapters. I hope you enjoy.)


I stuffed my shirttail back into my pants and carefully zipped up my trousers over my semi erect cock. Cinching up my belt, I sat back down into my leather chair while my mind tried to grasp what I had just done.

I allowed my lust and desire to get the better of me. I just let one of my students give me a blowjob in exchange for a grade. A world-class blowjob yes, but I traded it for a grade. In one moment of weakness, I traded my ethics, morals, responsibilities and wedding vows for a blowjob.

My mind raced as I thought about what I should do next. Resign? Give her the grade and keep quiet? The dilemma made my head hurt. Minutes seemed to fly by as I struggled with what I had just allowed to happen. I sat in that chair, certain that in the next instant my office door would burst open and an irate department head or boyfriend would be looking for my ass.

But that never happened. Slowly, I began to calm down from the fear as I realized my whole world had not just ended. I couldn’t change what had just happened but I could do my best to cover it up and that’s exactly what I decided to do. My marriage was a sham but it would remain intact. My so-called career could continue.

Finally, I calmed down from the rush of anxiety and basked in the afterglow of that blowjob. That magnificent blowjob Dawn had just given me. God, it had been forever since I had a blowjob. My wife stopped doing that once we were married.

I had forgotten just how decadent a great blowjob was. Pure ecstasy. Pure, selfish ecstasy. Laying back, watching as a woman pleasure you, as she makes love to your cock with her hand, mouth and tongue. It’s all for you. Sure there are women who love to suck cock but really it’s all for the man.

My cock started to stiffen again as I thought about Dawn. She looked so sexy with my cock in her mouth. Her lips wrapped around my shaft, her tongue swirling my cockhead with her thin fingers slowly working in unison. Her eyes were intoxicating behind those glasses as she looked up at me with my balls in her mouth. She took my cum, every drop of it, sucking, licking and swallowing it until I was dry.

The throbbing in my pants brought me back to reality. Quickly, I scooped up some papers, for what I’m not sure, slipped them into my briefcase and made for the door. I walked home quickly, thinking again about Dawn’s exquisite blowjob.

Needless to say, as soon as I was home, I ran to the bathroom and jacked off. I exploded, imagining me cumming over that pretty young girl’s face and glasses as she knelt between my legs. I jerked off again that night as well as the following morning.

That following morning was Wednesday and I knew that I’d see Dawn in class at 9:00 AM. As much as I tried, I could not prepare myself for what would certainly be an awkward moment between us.

I mean, what am I supposed to say? “Thanks for the world-class blowjob yesterday?” Really, I was more than twice her age. Still, I could not get the image out of my head of cum oozing out around the shaft as my thick cock filled her sweet, pretty mouth.

I stood at the desk up front and collected my notes for this morning’s lecture. All the while, I anxiously awaited her arrival. Panic, anxiety, lust and desire all battled for their rightful place in my head but still no Dawn. Finally, I could wait no more and I began my lecture.

The same scenario played out on Friday as well. No Dawn. That weekend my mind raced again trying to determine the hidden meaning of the past weeks events. Was she having second thoughts about what happened between us? Was she telling her parents? Her friends? Her boyfriend? The department head?

But always, that blowjob! That blowjob haunted me all weekend. That girl was ecstasy on my cock and I wanted more. Even though I knew it was wrong, that it could cost me everything, I wanted more. I wanted to see what she had hidden under those baggy clothes. I wanted to see, touch, taste and fuck all of her.

Monday morning came and I stood nervously at the lectern at 9:00 but still no Dawn. My anxiety was starting to turn toward irritation. ‘What the hell?’ I asked myself. Frustrated and perturbed, I began my lecture.

The hour went quickly and I decided that if Dawn would not come to my class, I would seek her out. With no other classes scheduled until that afternoon, I walked the campus looking for the object of my lust. All the usual places students would hang out at, the cafeteria, the library, the quad, the union.

Finally, I found her. There she sat with a couple of her girlfriends, laughing, talking, giggling, oblivious to my presence. For whatever reason, I was suddenly very irritated. I walked over to where she was sitting.

“Excuse me miss,” I said to the little group of girls. Dawn looked up, startled by me sudden appearance. She had those same eyes, those smoldering Esat Escort eyes, hidden behind the same dark framed glasses. Long brown hair in a ponytail on that 5′-4″ little frame, she looked like she weighed about 110 lbs soaking wet. The usual baggy sweatshirt did its job at disguising the body that lay hidden beneath it.

Nervously, she replied, “Oh, hello Dr. Brown.”

I stared at her perfect little mouth that only a few days ago was sucking ever so exquisitely on my balls. With as much composure as I could muster, I began, “Hello. I have not seen you in class miss. Have you decided to drop? I did not receive a request so you’ll need to get that to me before the end of the week.” I stood in front of them silently waiting for her response.

Dawn looked up at me with puzzlement. That’s when I knew. That’s when I knew she thought she had a free ride because of that one blowjob. One blowjob in exchange for my self-respect? My irritation mounted. I watched as she fumbled for the right words.

“I, ugh,” she muttered. “I, ugh.”

Now was my chance to seize back control. “You’ll need to do better than that. You must attend my class if you planning on passing. You’ve got a lot of catching up to do. Class participation is a part of your grade.”

“Perhaps you need to look at that syllabus I passed out on the first day. Or, if you’re planning on dropping, you need to get your request in to me by the end of the week.” I turned without another word and walked away.

My mind raced once again. I was forcing her hand and I knew that there could be severe repercussions. If our little tryst became public knowledge I could be ruined. Still, it would be her word against mine and there was this little public display to help turn things my way. She would have a very difficult time proving anything went on between us.

I felt the heat rise up inside me again. She was a sexy girl behind her plain exterior and I could not deny I wanted more. She was a gem among rocks and I wanted all of her.

With a spring in my step, I walked back to my office to prepare for that afternoon’s lecture. I knew I wouldn’t see Dawn again until tomorrow afternoon at the earliest. I was sure that she would want to discuss what had happened between us in private.

Sure enough, Tuesday afternoon during office hours, Dawn Sanders knocked on my door. “Come in,” I said.

The wooden door opened and she quickly stepped inside. Dawn was clearly irritated, her cheeks rosy and flushed. My God, she looked gorgeous! Her dark framed glasses could not hide her firey brown eyes. Her long brown hair hung in the familiar ponytail behind her head. The same baggy sweatshirt and jeans did their usual great job at hiding the outline of her body.

She closed the door behind her and immediately blurted, “I thought we had a deal?” Her baggy sweatshirt rose and fell with each heavy breath she took and for the first time I could make out her chest. It wasn’t small.

“We did,” I replied condescendingly. “You passed the make-up test but that does not excuse you from the rest of the semester. By my count, you’ve got eight weeks plus finals to go.” She stood there silently, dumbfounded by the words I said. In a hushed voice, I added, “Did you really think one blowjob was all it would take?”

Now, in all honesty, one blowjob from Dawn Sanders was all it took. Any man would give her a free pass for the rest of the semester. The best I’d ever had but I couldn’t let her know that. Lust had taken control and I wanted all Dawn had to offer.

Quietly, but obviously not happy by this turn of events, Dawn said, “Look, we had an agreement. I’ve got a boyfriend and reputation to worry about. I’m not doing anything more than last week. That was a one-time deal. I said there was a mutual attraction and there was, but this is going no further.”

Now, this really pissed me off. Who does she think she is? Angrily, I responded, “And I have a wife and career as well as a reputation to worry about. I’m not going to lose it over one blowjob. You need to attend class and do the remaining work if you want to pass.”

Dawn’s manner changed. Suddenly, with newfound bravado, she said, “All I have to do is go to the department head.”

Leaning back in my chair, I confidently replied, “And tell him what? That you sucked my cock? That I made you suck my cock? That I made you take my cum in your mouth? Really? You’ve got no proof. It’s your word against mine. My reputation will suffer but I’ll still keep my job. I’ve got tenure. This kind of thing happens all of the time to guys like me but I’ll be alright.”

“You on the otherhand, you will lose that boyfriend of yours. You’ll have a really hard time getting any more male professors. You’ll certainly have to transfer. Your reputation with your peers, friends and family will be blown.” Smiling, I added, “‘Blown!’ Now, that’s funny.”

“You’re an asshole!” she blurted out. I watched as she stood there, quaking in anger. I knew I had her. She Escort Esat was between the proverbial rock and a hard place. I could force her to be mine for the rest of our time together and she would have begrudgingly complied.

But I wanted more. I didn’t want to threaten the best out of her. I wanted her to give me her best freely, like she did last week right here in this office.

Quietly, I continued, “It doesn’t have to be like this Dawn.”

Angrily she replied, “You’re blackmailing me you asshole. If I don’t do what you want you’ll fail me.”

I smiled and shook my head. Motioning towards the chair in front of my desk, I said, “Please, sit.” Dawn stood there for a few seconds and then finally moved to sit down. The fragrance of her perfume hit my nostrils and my cock pulsed with life. As much as she tried to hide it, Dawn Sanders was absolutely stunning behind those frumpy clothes and glasses. Her cheeks still flushed with anger and resentment.

Calmly, I began, “It doesn’t have to be confrontational like this between you and me, Dawn. The way I see it is that we have five options. First, you could go to the department head, your boyfriend, your father, my wife, whoever, and tell them about last week.”

“But that gets both of us in trouble. Since this is an ivy league school, you won’t get a free pass in this class. You’ll have to make it up, which puts you at least a semester behind schedule.”

She sat quietly in her chair watching me. She pulled her feet up, placing them on the seat beneath her, wrapped her arms around her legs and looked at me over her bended knees. Her anger slowly beginning to subside.

Smiling, I continued, “Or, second, I could just give you the grade you want. However, someone is bound to discover you never attended class, turned in a paper, took a test and yet you received an A for your efforts. Sooner or later, you’ll be accused of sleeping your way to your A. You know it as well as I do. We’ll be right back where we were before.”

Dawn lowered her chin and rested it on her knees. “We don’t know that,” she blurted out in her futile defense.

I looked into those passionate brown eyes and that familiar hunger began stirring inside of me. “Yes we do,” I said. “You know it as well. But let’s continue. Third, you could just drop the class. You’ll have to make it over and it would put you behind schedule.”

“Four, you could attend the rest of the semester, work hard and hope for the best. You’ll have an A for the first exam you missed but the remaining grades will be based on merit. You’re obviously a smart girl otherwise you would never have gotten into this university.”

I looked at her as she sat in that chair. My eyes moved slowly over her hidden body, hoping for the slightest hint of her form.

I wanted this woman like never before. Finally, I added, “But I don’t think that’s what you want. These first four choices gets neither of us what we want.”

“Or, fifth, we could use each other. You said there was mutual attraction so would it be so horrible? You’ll have to attend each class of course but whatever you turned in wouldn’t be graded. I would hope you would learn something along the way from my lectures. We would keep this all secret of course. You have as much to lose as I do.”

She looked up at me and blurted, “I’m not a whore.”

I smiled at her and softly said, “I know you’re not. Think of it as after class participation. I’m very attracted to you and I think you are to me as well.” She looked back down and said nothing. “Last week was incredible. Is it wrong for me to want it to continue?”

I leaned back in my chair and continued, “You said something very interesting last week. That Catherine the Great’s lust must have been all consuming. You said lust can burn your soul.”

“I think your’s is just as powerful and it scares you, otherwise you wouldn’t have done what you did or be sitting here right now. With me, it would just have to be about your lust, about your desire and passion, nothing more. It’s not about love but about our lust and passion, just like last week.”

She looked up at me as she rocked in her chair, “How do you know all of this about me?”

Now, I had no idea. Really, I was just trying to get into this young girl’s pants but I struck a chord with my bullshit. I smiled, the smile of the great and all-knowing man I wanted her to think I was and said, “Just think it over. Let me know because Friday is the last drop day.”

Immediately, Dawn got up and bolted out the door. I sat in disbelief at what I had just done. What the hell was I thinking? Somehow, for the first time in my life, the devil inside took control of my thoughts, words and actions. I risked everything I held dear just to fuck that young girl. Funny, it seemed well worth it.

Wednesday’s 9:00 AM lecture was here before I knew it. I stood at the front of the class when all of a sudden the door at the top opened and Dawn walked inside. She was either going to Esat Escort Bayan get the grade on her own merit or get it by using me.

My all-knowing man smile was on display for all to see. Lord only knows what I said during this lecture because my mind thought of only Dawn and all of those dirty things I wanted to do to her.

Finally, class was over and a few of the students made their way down to ask me their questions. Really, they thought it would count for class participation but I was more interested in the after class participation the young girl at the end of the line had in mind. I answered each of their questions until it was just Dawn and I in the auditorium.

“Hello Dawn,” I said. My heart pounded in my chest at anticipation for what I hoped lay ahead. God, I wanted to take her right there, on the auditorium floor.

“Hello Dr. Brown. Are you going to be at your office hours tomorrow?” she asked. Those smoldering brown eyes were somehow different and that hunger began to stir inside me again.

I took a deep breath and nodded. “Good,” she said. “I’ll see you there.” Dawn smiled and bounced her way back up the stairs and out the door at the top of the hall.

Thursday office hours could not come fast enough and when they did, they dragged on interminably. Just when I thought she wouldn’t show, I heard a knock at my office door. “Come in,” I said hopefully.

And there she was, in that same baggy sweatshirt, those same loose jeans, with those same dark rimmed glasses. Only it wasn’t the same. There was a fire in her eyes that I had never seen before. Dawn closed the door behind her as she faced me. My cock was instantly hard.

“I’m not a whore or slut,” she said softly. “I love my boyfriend.” My heart sank and I immediately thought it was over.

“But,” she continued, “He’s just a boy. I need more.” With that, I jumped to my feet. I stood there, my erection visible in my tightening pants. Dawn locked the door behind her and walked around behind my desk.

Immediately, I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her. Her lips were soft and wet and warm and soon our tongues found each other. My hands moved over her back and sides, brushing the side curves of her breasts. She moaned loudly into my mouth.

My hands slid down her sides to her hips. I pulled her closer, her belly against my erection, as my hands moved down to her ass. She moaned again as I squeezed her firm, round cheeks.

Looking into her eyes, I whispered, “God, I’m going to make you cum so hard today.” She flinched at my words and immediately kissed me. Her breath was hot and I could feel the heat rising from beneath her waist.

She broke our embrace and whispered, “Fuck me Dr. Brown.” I thought I would cum on the spot. Instead, I reached for the bottom of her baggy sweatshirt and yanked it up. She immediately raised her arms and the shirt slipped over her head.

Her body was more incredible than I could have ever imagined. Full round breasts filled her dark purple nylon fabric bra. Her breasts weren’t too big or too small. They were absolutely just right with a cleavage that I felt I could get lost in.

Her nipples were hard and clearly visible through the thin material covering them. Her belly was flat leading to her flared hips. In an instant, I sat back in my chair and buried my face between her breasts. I kissed the soft, warm flesh of each tit before gently sucking her nipple through her bra. Dawn moaned and I felt her knees buckle.

Quickly, my fingers found her belt and then the button on her jeans. My cock ached for sweet relief as I pulled down the zipper on those dreaded baggy jeans. In one motion, I pulled the jeans down over her hips and they immediately fell to her ankles.

Her panties matched her bra, except for the small moist spot at her crotch. I effortlessly lifted her and seated her on my desk facing me. In a flash, I pulled off one then the other of her tennis shoes and her jeans fell to the floor.

Dawn looked at me, her eyes afire behind those glasses, lips parted through short breaths, her perfect chest rising and falling to the rhythm of her lust. My eyes moved slowly over her body. My God she was perfect and she could take her rightful place alongside Sarah in that Playboy magazine. I drank in every curve of her body and she slowly spread her legs in front of me.

Looking into her eyes, I placed my hands on her hips and grabbed the waistband of her panties. I began pulling them down and Dawn lifted up off the desk to allow for easier access. In a flash, her panties lay next to her jeans.

There, right there in front of me, on the desk where I graded all of those papers, was the sweetest pussy I’d ever seen. I leaned forward as Dawn leaned back on her elbows with her legs dangling off the desk. Her fragrance was intoxicating, like sweet flowers on a May morning. She had a small, thin patch of trimmed hair that did little to hide her beauty. My hands slowly moved up the inside of each of her thighs.

From between her legs I whispered, “This is what you want, isn’t it? You want me to lick your sweet little pussy.” She bit her bottom lip and moaned, splaying her thighs slightly wider. She seemed tiny as I slid my arms under her spread thighs.

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