Etienne and Monique Ch. 04


[Author’s Note: The story of Etienne and Monique is about two, lesbian, conjoined sisters who share genitalia. This is not a “Wham!-Bam!-thank-you-ma’am!” story and as such it takes a short while to pick up to speed so to speak. Please bear with it, the nookie will come. It contains BDSM, incest and a small amount of toilet play. All activities are fictitious and any resemblance to individuals either living or dead is purely coincidental.]


Chapter 4: Pink


Veronique turned on the hot water tap on the bath again, it took her some time to work out the complicated faucet. Much of the water had been expelled when the three girls had frolicked, it would have been dangerous if the bathroom had not been so well designed as a wet room.

Veronique added some more of the richly fragrant bubble bath and returned to attending to the sisters. Etienne and Monique continued to hold onto each other, their inner arms wrapped around the waist of each other for support. They did not need to do it all of the time, but it also acted as a moral support and to Veronique it was incredibly sweet. Veronique surmised correctly that this was their default posture.

The gown the twins were wearing had fortunately been designed to be pulled up, so she did not need to fiddle with pulling arms through arm holes and whatnot. The little French girl undid the last four clasps on the dress that cinched their waist in and gravity took over. The dress fell about their ankles revealing them to Veronique almost fully for the first time. She was amazed by the texture and colour of their albino skin. Their skin looked slightly translucent, with a vivid pink sheen and a powdery texture which she had not noticed before and certainly, she thought, had never seen on any other man or woman.

As Veronique’s mind raced to fathom what it reminded her of, she realised. It was the same as that of a new-born baby, where the skin had not fully developed yet. Some of their veins and arteries were far more visible than most people’s.

Most prominent in Veronique’s mind as she absorbed their physiques was that there was not a blemish, not a mark on them. Most people had some sort of change in colour; a redder face, darker arms, even the occasional blotch, mottling or imperfection. The sisters had none of these imperfections, no birth marks, nothing. Their skin was utterly flawless. An artist could not conjure up a more magical hue, but at the same time it seemed that the sisters’ skin seemed so fragile.

They wore a thong, from this angle to Veronique it accentuated their bottom perfectly and their legs were highly developed. Veronique suspected it was due to them having to carry much more top weight than most people. For the first time she also realised that although they were not giants, they were far bigger than she.

“Come around here little one.” Commanded Etienne, almost as though she had read Veronique’s mind.

“Oui mistress.” Veronique responded obediently.

With nimble steps, she stepped around the girls. Monique followed her every move, but Etienne maintained an almost cold disconnection by looking straight ahead. Veronique’s eyes passed slowly over their form; both sisters were identical in almost every way, apart from the obvious conjoinment. Their faces were chiselled as though an artist had been told to create the archetypal perfect female face. Their noses were fairly flat to their faces, long but not protruding with the point downward slightly. They had high cheek-bones with a gentle scoop for real definition. Their eyes were wide and flat along the eyelid which gave them an almost sinister look. Their lips were dark because of make-up, but the splashing around in the bath had wiped some of it away to show that they were much redder than she expected and their lips curled in a perfect cupid’s bow. Their chins were slightly prominent, but not jutting, and narrowed their faces to a heart-shaped point.

If the sisters had been separate there would be no way that Veronique could tell them apart. As Veronique continued to scan downward, she saw how their continued sideways posture had shaped their muscles, both inner arms were more toned than the outer ones and along their inner ribs the adductors were proud and each had inwardly favoured six packs. Veronique’s eyes flicked from side to side as she absorbed the vision of their perfect small breasts, with puffy aureole’s and now very prominent nipples which were a deep rich pink, like a fine sharifa asma rose.

Inwardly Veronique gasped in delight, the material of their thong had melted to an almost transparent window, showing a perfectly trimmed outcrop of pure white hair framed by the gorgeous powder-pink of their skin. Their vulva was invisible from this angle, but the pitch of the fabric gave away its position.

“Are you excited Veronique?” Etienne probed, watching any subtle emotions that the gebze escort waitress might give away.

Veronique’s head snapped up to face them, the voice drawing her from her inspection.

“Oui mistress.” She responded with a hint of anticipation.

“Show us how excited you are.”

Monique was puzzled by what her sister expected, but Veronique took her cues well. She pressed her hand inside her underwear and withdrew it, holding aloft her fingers which glistened in the harsh bathroom light. Monique’s reaction was a silent one felt by both sisters as her bladder loosened briefly to dribble out a few unseen droplets. Etienne ignored her sister’s lack of control.

“Sister, may I?” Monique pleaded with Etienne.

“Oh of course sister.” Etienne said, she already knew what Monique was going to ask.

“Veronique?” Monique said with a slight nervous tremble in her voice.

“Could you umm, Masturbate for me, umm, I mean us.” She said finally, tripping nervously over her words. Etienne felt the taughtness in their shared crotch, even she could not ignore the tingling convulsion they briefly felt.

Without a word Veronique smiled at the sisters and pulled the fabric of her knickers down with one hand. The other hand lowered enticingly to the top of her mons and where her clitoris would be if the sisters could only see it. She pinched her index and middle finger together and arched her back in a single motion. Then she began to move her hand up and down in subtle and rhythmic motion.

“Can I play with us sister?” Monique whispered so that she did not ruin the moment or drown out the oh so subtle swishing sound of fingers through pubic hair.

“Oh go on then.” Etienne surrendered with a half-hearted display of annoyance.

Monique watched Veronique’s subtle motions; up and down, a few random circles and an increase in speed. She herself was enthusiastically trying to copy Veronique, trying to mimic what she felt and enjoying every second.

The dark-haired girl’s locks began to sway as she picked up a rhythm, but Monique’s arousal was coming on far faster. Just as Veronique approached a point of no return Monique could contain herself no longer. Etienne was a passenger on this journey and growled audibly as Monique and she both climaxed. Their two faces took on different expressions, both with eyes closed. Despite Veronique’s own tumult, she kept her eyes open to watch the sisters. The twins locked their jaws simultaneously, Etienne pouting and hissing through her teeth whilst Monique grunted and panted. Their final gasp was accompanied by a forceful “Sssssh!” as they expelled a stream of ejaculate, spraying through the soft mesh of their panties and hitting Veronique’s foot with the last burst just as she too came.

They stood panting, flushed red with exertion and excitement.

“You may clean your fingers.” Etienne prompted after a few laboured breaths, and was as delighted as Monique to see Monique push her fingers into her own mouth and suck heartily.

“You will need to clean up our mess too.” Etienne pointed at the floor.

Veronique crouched down on all fours and began to lap like a cat at the small sprayed puddles on the tiles.

“Oh my, oh dear!” Monique exclaimed.

Etienne could feel the sensation rushing through her loins too. This had not happened for a while and it was hard for Etienne to maintain focus with her sister becoming so aroused. Their arousal was intrinsically linked with each other, from the stimulation of perception from each of the sisters’ brains and the mechanical excitement of their shared genitals. When one became mentally stimulated, they both felt the sensation which in the past had caused several messy accidents as they had effectively generated an orgasmic feedback loop.

“Sis’ calm down!” Etienne hissed in her sister’s ear, trying not to spoil Veronique’s own experience, but concerned that this was rapidly turning into a farce.

A few sharp breaths later and Monique had managed to bring everything back under control before the pair of them came yet again. Fortunately it was short lived enough that Veronique who had immersed herself in her role had barely noticed the almost comedic x-rated sideshow.

“That is enough Veronique, please go to the closet and bring a pair of tights, they are on the left, third drawer up.” Etienne demanded, stifling another sharp breath, trying to calm down.

Veronique padded once again across the tiled floor. As before, Monique’s eyes were transfixed, but she could not help feeling that it was all going too slowly. She wanted to jump the girl, to have a night of erotic passion filled with new sensations and emotions. Yet here it seemed her sister was enjoying herself at her expense. No, she was being unfair and selfish, she would have her time, a little patience was required even if she was pretty much set to explode. Besides, her sister was totally with her this time, sharing passion, göztepe escort sharing the sensations in far less mechanical or instinctual ways than Monique had forced her into in the past.

When Veronique returned with the tights, both she and Monique were completely lost as to the purpose. Monique knew that her sister was very imaginative and fully expected some dramatic use of the tights. She was not to be disappointed.

“You may put those down and finish undressing us.”

“Oui mistress.” Veronique responded automatically.

She knelt before them, her head at the ‘Y’ shape of their join. With one hand on either thigh she carefully pulled the delicate thong downward and watched as their crotch was reluctant to let go of its lacy cargo. It was obvious to the twins that Veronique’s already heightened exhilaration was growing. Without warning she leaned forward and planted a kiss on the wispy clump of translucent white pubic hair. Monique arched backward almost praying for more, but it was cut short by Etienne.

“We did not give permission for you to kiss us there.” Etienne scowled.

“Oh I don’t mind.” Monique added breathlessly.

“No sister, this is to be done correctly or not at all. Veronique stand up and hand me our knickers and the tights.”

“Oui mademoiselle, err mistress.”

“That’s two breaches of conduct.” Etienne said with increased feigned annoyance.

The other two noticed that there was a hint of playfulness in her tone. Veronique recovered the garments and handed them to Etienne. Etienne reached toward Veronique’s face and stuffed the underwear into her mouth before gagging it in place with the tights. Despite it just being a thong it filled her mouth. Etienne unhooked the maid’s brassier and cast it across the room, then she cupped her left breast for a moment, then pinched Veronique’s nipple and twisted.

“Ggg-oww!” Veronique cried out, muffled by the improvised gag. She bit down on the gag in pain and the mixed liquids dripped from her mouth and down her throat, a gentle torrent of urine, ejaculate and soapy water.

“Now learn to behave or you shall be further punished.” Etienne said forcefully before following up.

“Is that understood?”

“Mgoui mgiftreff.” Veronique attempted to respond.

“Very good girl.” Etienne turned to her sister who was now extremely turned on, her mouth was agape in disbelief.

“Now you see sister, it is better this way.”

Monique could not deny, her sister had a knack for this and the little French maid was delightfully responsive. But Etienne was not an idiot, she understood that this was a two-way street. Veronique would hold the key to this evening, not her own ability to give orders. Etienne’s face changed to a softer expression, she spoke up to reassure Veronique before things went further.

“Before we go on you need to know what a safe word is and how and when to use it, do you understand?”

“Mgoui mgiftreff.”

“Good girl. If there is anything that you don’t want to continue you only have to say ‘handstand’, we’ll stop everything and we’ll sit down and talk about it. I will not do anything that will cause bruises, or any kind of lasting damage and I will not do anything to stop you being able to breathe or respond in some way, is that understood?”

“Mgoui mgiftriff.” Veronique said again as another stream of droplets fell from her chin and down her throat.

“Good girl. Now say the safe word now so that we know what it sounds like while you’re gagged. If you say it twice now we’ll know to stop.”


“Good girl! Sister reward her for being so good.”

“Oh joy!” Monique shouted.

“Umm, what with? I can’t really give her a chocolate.”

“Oh c’mon sis’ she’s practically naked, she is obeying instructions and she wants to play, use your imagination.” As Etienne said ‘play’ she added air quotation marks to try and get her sister to understand.

“Ohhh, of course.”

Veronique stood stock still, unsure if Monique was going to hurt her or pleasure her in some way. Even though it was Etienne who was acting as the domme, she did so with confidence and a show of skill. Monique did not seem quite as bright as her sister, but clearly had a greater sense of humour. She seemed not as worldly wise and as such was an unknown quantity. But she was definitely the sweeter of the two. How could they be so different when they will have experienced everything together? Veronique pondered.

Etienne and Monique moved forwards and Monique bent toward Veronique, she kissed her across the gag, touching Veronique’s lips with hers where they were visible. She reached her arms around the diminutive girl and grabbed her buttocks, pulling them to her. Veronique moaned through the gag.

“We still need that bath.” Etienne pitched in finally, drawing a halt to the reward.

“But there’s something missing.” The sisters walked across the halkalı escort bathroom to the cabinet and Etienne opened it. Veronique was amazed at how well coordinated the girls were, not a word had been uttered between them, yet they changed their direction and focus in an instant. She bit and swallowed. The build up of saliva in her mouth along with the tang of their flavour filled her olfactory senses and taste buds and danced on her tongue. There was a hint of bathwater too, soapy and sweet.

The girls returned, clutching various items which they had put into a small flannel bag. Etienne pulled out the first item, a cleanser or foam of some kind in a long silver and green bottle. Etienne squirted the gel onto her fingertips as Monique pulled several tissues from a box.The sisters had obviously been talking to each other whilst Veronique was distracted, because they juggled the various items with dramatic and well choreographed actions.

First of all Etienne pulled Veronique’s panties into a wedgie through Veronique’s nether lips, playing with her vulva by pulling the fabric this way and that and drawing it tight into the cleft. Veronique moaned as the sensation coursed through her. Etienne eventually eased the pressure and drew the crotch forward. Veronique could feel Monique’s hot and excited breath pass over her sensitive skin. She was confused, but exhilarated as Monique dabbed at the damp folds with the tissue to dry the soft rippled flesh of her pussy.

Pulling the fabric out farther, Etienne dropped a large glob of the green gel, released her grip on the panties so that they snapped sharply back into place and patted the surface of the material with her other hand. The shock of the cold gel touching her down there was minor, she felt squidgy and slightly uncomfortable at the sensation as though she needed to clean it off.

“Tea tree gel and mint shaving foam.” Etienne said teasingly, as though it should mean something to Veronique.

“Our favourite.” Monique added coyly.

Veronique remained confused for a moment, but ignored the thought, it was a little unusual but hardly anything about tonight had come close to normal or mundane.

“Now please bathe us Veronique.” Etienne said as all three girls walked over to the large tub. The sisters stepped lithely into the bath. They had a grace of movement that Veronique could not compare to anything she had seen before. But then she had not witnessed them climbing the stairs.

“You stay this side of the bath and clean my sister first.” Etienne said with a husky tone.

She knew that Veronique would have to lean right over the bath to do so, making her accessible to her touch. Dutifully, as ever, Veronique picked up the soap and began to lather Monique’s shoulders, her other hand rested on the far side of the bath to stop her from falling in again. Monique glanced this way and that, looking the maid in the eyes, then watching her breasts sway as she rubbed rich, thick, lather across her shoulders. Monique’s left hand rose from the water and gently cupped the maid’s nearest breast. Out of Veronique’s view Etienne was also getting an eyeful. The girl’s bottom was in direct line of sight and she just had to partake, she leaned her head forward and scraped her teeth across the exposed flesh, giving play bites as she did so. After a few light-hearted nibbles, Etienne reached to the floor for the flannel bag and pulled out a pair of scissors. She pinched the fabric at the back of Veronique’s panties and made a small incision five inches down from the waistband and pressed her index finger in. The girl bucked.

“Mmmmfff!” She protested through her gag, biting down and swallowing even more gooey liquid excreted from the improvised gag.

Holding her finger steady with her other hand Etienne said calmly “Push back Veronique.”

Veronique stopped her cleaning and rested both hands on the side of the bath, gradually she pushed against Etienne, gritting her teeth.

“Mggmf!” Veronique exclaimed when Etienne patted her backside, signalling her to stop.Little did Veronique know that this was not to stop her going too far, Etienne just wanted her to remain off-balance, where she had control. Veronique could feel every subtle probing of Etienne’s finger, but she was over-balanced and had no hands free. Although the position made her back ache a little she maintained it as Monique cupped her other breast with her free hand. Veronique returned to washing Monique’s sternum and then her breasts with slow circling motions. She was in a precarious position, but the sensation and experience was extremely erotic.

Behind, Etienne was enjoying herself considerably. With her finger twisting and bending inside Veronique’s puckered anus, against the soft flesh inside her arse. Her fingertip scraped across a hard lump and she knew what she had found, she rolled her fingertip around it. Although it was erotic to Etienne, she doubted the other two would have enjoyed playing with it as much. Etienne decided to focus on providing Veronique with new sensations instead of entertaining another of her own fetishes.

Etienne pressed upward with her finger, taking care not to scratch with her nail. Eventually the puckered bum gave a little as Veronique relaxed, Etienne probed inward and added another finger.

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