hapter 3 I AM RECEIVED

Hi Maties

Draw up a chair . Your drinks are on the table. Now you come to the interesting part of my story . The guard took me to a Shed painted white and flying the red cross flag



I pushed open the door and entered a welcoming room smelling of fresh coffee . In the corner I spotted the café Amazon. On the opposite side was a reception desk . Tables and chairs were welcomly positioned around the area with vase of flowers on them
On the walls were notices advertising night clubs for, bukake , Jerking ,dancing and many other exotic purposes On the tables were placed the Daily Male , Pricktown Times The Daily Domme the Racing Echo Hunting catalogues Rent a male shops leaflets I was too exhausted to take all this in especial the auction notice on the wall . I booked in at reception with a nice looking nude women who was a typical Amazonian . she reserved lodgings for me and gave me a road map for Pricktown so that I would get lost She said smilingly Now you can have she suggested so I picked up the local brothel review to read with Wifes
Cream pie which she recommended and of course a hot mug of coffee. as a result of this feast I passed out !!!!!
When I returned to consciousness I was in a bed lying on my back , no sheets or covers hands and legs bound I was helpless .on top of the bed was a lid with 2 holes One for my phallus and the other one over my head . I was looking straight to the underside of a lavatory seat illuminated by a light . To my surprise and pleasure I was looking straight in pin fleshy pussy which was dripping with fluids . unfortunately there was no way I could play with it .with my tongue . I could see through the grill l in the room that there we over 20 of these beds with their lids apart from one which was empty ,its lid up .

On each seat sat a naked guard obviously mesmerising the occupants of the beds with their pussys

The room was silent as the pussys were being carefully examined . Every bed had a erected phallus peeping out of the box on a lead controlled by the guard . Any commotion and the lead was pulled hard . It happened to me when I woke up and called for help . I experienced a sharp pain as my penis as it was nearly torn off my body . I didn’t shout out again .

The guard urinated . It was so wet that I had to open my mouth to avoid drowning in her release . I could not understand what had happened . I thought that all these women were glade to see a man . But slowly dark thought’s were beginning to come to my mind
Looking back to the girls conversation about male husbandry I wondered why I had been slow in understanding that I soon to be inferior to the fair sex. Nothing fair about that

A tannoy crackled This is lady de Vere it said I am the Minister of the Male public services department . You are to be interviewed soon . Each man needs to be sorted and redirected into a suitable position Keep silent and obey your guard That’s all This was repeated every Hour.

After several hours I was beside myself with frustration staring at the the pink fleshy vaginal entry point that promises so much enjoyment . . I was taken into a room and told not to talk but jus abbey and co-operate. I had to give my age . Had I ever done domestic work , construction or pulling heavy loads . Was I a habitual masturbate and was I fruitful . I was given a phot of young girls head and I had to show how much semen I mad e and give a bukake map on the photo. . How many times a day could I produce this semen . I was then taken into a room where I was allowed to stare at about 15 female backsides bent over
and watch them turn round lie on their backs and raise their legs so that their pussys were totally exposed. Whilst all this was happening I was total lecherously absorbed in this display of femininity I did not notice that my prick become hardened with frustrated blood pressure 2 girls with open blouse so that I was able to see their cleavages had put my prick in a measuring shaft in order to get girt and erect sizes for the record When this had been done I was frogmarched out of the room without any pleasure being given to me . It was very cruel

The Lady supervisor then informed in a patronising manner that I would have to be auctioned as I was allocated into sissy maid service and human furniture or rent a male or sperm farm production. I was to beheld in the cells ready for collection by the auctioneer tomorrow. I pleaded with her to let me return to Australia but she rejected this out of hand, Unfortunately you have fallen into our territory and there is no escape for anyone. I should get used to be a lower clast citizen ,administer by the control laws applicable to male slaves. with that she tattooed me with a numb on my penis and dismissed me

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