Erin on the Beach Ch. 02

College Sluts

This is a continuation to the story entitled “Erin on the Beach.” If you haven’t yet done so, please read that story first.


There we lay, Erin and I, for many minutes letting ourselves bask in the afterglow of the erotic events that had just transpired. The sun baking our sweaty skin yet the breeze off the ocean cooling our overheated bodies.

I lift my head, looking up and down the beach, wondering if anyone had noticed me masturbating Erin and witnessed her powerful orgasm. Erin herself, eyes closed, still wears the expression of bliss and contentment on her pretty face.

Only now that my girl’s body is satiated (at least for the time being) do I become fully aware of my own sexual needs that have been growing and building inside me ever since we first arrived at the beach and Erin stripped down to her tiny bikini. My cock, swollen and hard, and protruding from the leg of my shorts has been pressed against Erin’s thigh and hip all the while I was ministering to her pleasure. Now wrapped snuggly in her hand my cock throbs and pulses with desire. My Erin feels my hard penis jerk and gently squeezes, adding more passion to my loins. Hearing me softly groan, she stirs as if awakening from a dreamy sleep and turns onto her side facing me. We kiss tenderly, her left hand still holding my prick and her right now cups and cradles my balls.

“I can’t believe I let you do that,” she whispers, speaking of my fingering of her pussy to orgasm out here on a public beach. A look of both embarrassment and wicked naughtiness in her eyes. She quickly adds, “I can’t believe I’m doing THIS,” as she continues to caress my genitals with her hands, “Right out here in the open, where someone might see.” She giggles and gives my cock several quick pumps.

“We might get arrested and thrown in jail,” I tease.

“Well, we can’t let that happen,” she says in mock seriousness. Then she looks directly into my eyes. “But I really want to return the favor. Do for you what you did for me.” And she hugs my cock tightly in her hand and presses the tip against her belly. The contact of my swollen cockhead with her satiny, sun-warmed skin makes me tremble.

Erin glances around thoughtfully and after a few seconds begins climbing to her feet. With a delightfully mischievous smile and tugging at my hard prick, she says, “C’mon!”

I quickly but awkwardly get to my feet and we run up the slope of sand towards a thick growth of trees and tropical vegetation that extends the length of the beach. Now it’s my turn to look around frantically and feel embarrassed, being pulled along by my boner…Erin refusing to let go of it and laughing playfully.

At last we reach the top of the beach and enter into the canopy of trees. Out of the sun and wind it’s cooler and moist and strangely still and quiet. Erin is still in the driver’s seat and pulls me along by my cock for several yards until we find a small clearing.

Only then and only briefly does Erin release her grip on my cock. She wraps her arms around me and kisses me deeply. I hold her tightly, my stiff member pressing and throbbing against her belly. Our bodies are slick with sweat and sun oil and our skin slips and slides together creating overwhelmingly erotic sensations for us both.

We break our kiss and Erin begins to slowly slide down my body until she’s kneeling in front of me. Looking up at me with her big, blue eyes, she says, “Now I’m gonna give you what you gave me.” And she grabs the waistband of my shorts and pulls them down to my ankles in one deliberate motion. My rigid cock sticks straight out pointing directly at her. She then folds her hands around the shaft, looking almost as if she’s praying, and presses her soft lips to the mushroom head that protrudes from her grasp.

Her squeezing hands cause a measure of pre-cum to ooze up and out of my cock and undoubtedly she can taste it on her lips, as she softly moans, “Mmmmmmm.” This beautiful, bikini-clad girl, kneeling on a carpet of soft moss in front of me, holding my stiff penis in a love embrace, again looks up at me and says in a soft whisper, “I’m going to masturbate this lovely cock for you. I’m going to jack you off and make you cum for me.”

From experience, I know that Erin truly excels at giving hand-jobs. This girl really loves my cock…the hardness, the texture, the response…and when she devotes her undivided attention to the manual manipulation of it, the results are always mindblowing. She’s oh, so good with her hands.

Erin moves to the side so she’s facing perpendicular to me. Still on her knees she wraps her left arm around my waist and leans restfully against my right hip. Her right hand still firmly gripping my hard cock…her face only inches away…her eyes focused intently…she begins sliding her delicate hand up and down the turgid length.

“Mmmm…such a nice cock,” she says softly. “You got hard looking at me in my bikini, didn’t you?” she teases. “Right out there on a public beach, you got a big ol’ hard-on looking at my body. Bet you wanted to fuck me, huh? Right in front of everyone…you junji ito maniac japanese tales of the macabre izle wanted to give me this nice stiff prick.”

I can only moan in affirmation. Though it initially felt cooler when we’d come in out of the sun, the absence of the wind makes our present location more steamy and sultry. Sweat drips off my forehead and down my bare chest. Every pore of my body is open and I’m soaking wet from perspiration. I’m literally stark naked, with only my shorts around my ankles, standing in a grove of tropical vegetation, having my firm erection stroked by the girl I love.

Erin expertly massages my throbbing cockbone, coaxing forth pre-seminal fluid which she uses for lubricating the shaft.

“Yeah, that’s good…let’s have some more,” she says, encouraging me to release more precum. My balls twitch and my cock quivers and a startling amount of crystal clear juice issues from the tip. Erin giggles with delight, wrapping the palm of her hand over the cockhead, working the slippery-sticky syrup well over the top half of my prick.

Wet…wet…so wet!! Sweat continues to pour off my body…and I’m not even doing any of the work. I’m just standing there being masturbated. It’s Erin doing all the work.

Looking down at her, I see that she too is perspiring profusely. Her skin is glowing and glistening. Droplets of sweat running off her sun-browned shoulders and down her arms. Trickling down her back. Rivulets streaming down her chest, between her tits. Raining down and splashing on her thighs as she kneels on the forest floor.

Erin breathes hard as if pumping iron instead of cock…humming, moaning and softly grunting as if she herself is experiencing the same pleasure she’s giving me. Perhaps she is.

I’m breathing hard myself and I spread my legs wider apart in order to steady my stance. The infernal heat of our environment has caused my balls to hang low and loose in their scrotal sac. My cock swollen and pulsing in Erin’s tight, loving grip. The intense feelings coursing through my genitals make me wonder why I haven’t cum yet. Of course I KNOW why…it is Erin’s well practiced skill…her knowledge of my cock…which enables her to assault my prick with pleasure and yet keep me teetering on the brink of ecstasy.

Her hand never strokes me the same way twice. Fast, slow…tight, soft…hard, gentle…long strokes, short strokes. She knows and loves every detail of my boney hardness…every bump, every ridge, every shape, contour and pulsing vein. Her tender fingers lovingly trace the surface of my raging tool.

For a brief instant, Erin hand releases me. I look down as she quickly drags her hand up her belly and chest collecting in her palm a slick mixture of sweat and fragrant sun oil. My prick throbs and jerks violently up and down, as if searching for the hand it loves. The hand soon returns, dripping with warm lubricant which is used to coat the length of my rod.

Her strokes gradually slow and then her hand gathers my heavily sagging balls into it’s embrace. Cradling them in her palm she wraps her thumb and forefinger around the base of my cock and gently but firmly squeezes. This is what we affectionately call “The Grip.” Erin loves administering it. She raises up on her knees and leans in for a close inspection. Her warm, unmoving hand cupping my aching testicles…the snug ring around the base of my cock causes it to swell and pulse to it’s absolute limit…every detail standing out in dramatic relief…the mushroom head smooth and glossy. In fact, the entire length shines wetly as if it were glowing.

Her face only inches away, Erin whispers hoarsely, “God, what a beautiful cock. I love this hard, horny cock.”

I stand motionless, either unwilling or unable to move…I’m not sure which. Erin simply holds me in her loving hand, her adoring eyes taking in the spectacle of my turgid prick. Veins along the shaft pulse in rhythm with my pounding heart.

“Look how hard you are,” Erin says in a tone that is both teasing and reverent. “You’re so close to cumming, aren’t you? So close.” As she speaks I can feel her breath tickle my cock, causing it to jerk and expel more preseminal fluid.

“I could make you cum at any moment,” she whispers. This is true and she knows it…and loves the fact that she can play my cock like a virtuoso. My thighs tremble and my breathing is short and shallow.

Again she teases, “I could make you cum at any moment.” Her fingers diddle my balls. “At any moment.” She then loosens her tight grip on my genitals. “But not yet,” she says with a playful laugh. I breath a loud, heavy moan, emptying my lungs of air. Experiencing a combination of both frustration and relief, I slide back from the brink of orgasm. Erin’s hand wraps itself gingerly around my shaft and caresses it lovingly…soothing it…comforting it.

In a playfully pouty voice she says, “I don’t want you to cum yet. Not quite yet.” She looks up at me. “But soon…I kaçış izle promise.”

Within a couple of minutes, Erin has gently brought me back down to the plateau. I catch my breath and my muscles relax as I enjoy Erin’s gentle, calming stroke. I reach down with my right hand and brush her hair from her forehead and caress her pretty face. Then I bend my knees in order to reach lower…reaching down in front of her and slipping my fingertips beneath her tiny bikini top where I feel the soft flesh of her petite breast, and the rigid stiffness of her nipple.

She smiles and giggles and murmurs with pleasure as I run my fingers deliberately over her nipple. Her fingers tighten slightly around my cock, holds it steady and she looks up at me again.

“Do you want to fuck my hand?” she says in a cute little voice that almost makes the question sound innocent. “Do you want to fuck Erin’s little hand?”

“Oh yeah!” I groan, and thrust my hips forward a few times convulsively causing my prick to slide through Erin’s hand.

“Wait,” she says and again releases my organ in order to scoop up more sweat and sun oil off her skin. In a moment her hand is back around my shaft…wet, dripping, and slick…and she gives me a smile, telling me she’s ready.

But first, I again reach down my hand and in turn, pull each small triangle of her bikini top to the side, causing her lovely little breasts to pop into view. “I wanna see ’em,” I say in a hoarse voice. “I wanna look at your tits while I fuck your hand.”

Again she giggles with delight and sits up a bit higher on her knees and sticks her chest out proudly showing off her perky boobies to me. Her whole body is dripping wet, her skin shining and glistening. Her pert titties, standing out from her chest, look as if they’re glowing. She looks down at them herself then back up at me. With her left hand she cups and caresses first one breast, then the other…traces her finger round and round each hard, brown nipple.

“Mmm, look at ’em,” she teases. “My nipples are so hard…just the way you like ’em.”

I grunt and push my hips forward again, forcing my cock through Erin’s slippery grip. I pull back…only to thrust forward again. Now Erin begins to goad me. “Oh yeah…do it! Fuck Erin’s little hand! Look at my titties while you fuck my hand! Yeah…”

Soon I’ve established a steady rhythm. Pumping my engorged manhood through Erin’s motionless hand. The air is filled with erotic sounds. As I pump my hips harder and faster, I puff and grunt in cadence. The sloppy, wet sound of my boner slicing through Erin’s oily fingers. And Erin urging me on in a soft but passion-filled whisper, “Yeah…oh, yeah…fuck it! Keep going! Don’t stop! Keep fucking it. Fuck Erin’s hand. Fuck it with that beautiful, hard cock…yeah…fucking cock…fuck my hand…fuck it…fuck it!”

I steady myself with one hand on Erin’s shoulder while the other arm flails wildly in the air. My entire body feels numb except for my groin. All sensation is concentrated in my engorged phallus and lust-filled testicles. I’m panting like a marathon runner. Pistoning my cock through Erin’s slippery grip, my balls swinging heavily to and fro in their loose, distended, oily sac.

All I can think about is cumming. My entire being, body and soul, is dedicated to nothing other than achieving orgasm. It’s what I want…it’s what Erin wants. But my body fails me. Exhausted from my frenzied humping, I must abandon my efforts before I can reach climax.

I groan long and loudly in frustration…arms hanging limply at my sides…head lolling back and side-to-side. Erin, sensing my anguish and need, knows it’s time to bring me relief. In a tender, reassuring voice, she says, “You’re so good. I’ve played long enough. I’ve had my fun with your cock. Now it’s time for you to cum.”

I moan with relief. Erin’s right hand begins a slow, measured slide up and down the length of my prick. “Do you want Erin to make you cum?” she teases as her left hand gathers my balls into it’s gentle cradle. “Do you want to shoot your sperm for me? Huh?”

I groan in the affirmative, and her hand continues it’s expert stroke. Not fast by any means. Each time her hand slides to the base, she is treated to the vision of my swollen cock, gnarled and shiny extending beyond her fist. Erin knows my cock so well and knows how to bring me off to maximize the effect. She pumps with deliberate intent, slowly building my up to the very brink…and holding me there. All the while rolling my balls in her palm and uttering encouragement with her hot breath.

“Cum for me. Show it to me. Let me see you squirt! Shoot it for your little Erin! All that creamy cum! Cum for me! Cum for me!”

Finally, it all becomes too much for me.

The orgasm that’s been building within me for the last couple of hours begins it’s final rush towards climax. I’ve been hard ever since getting an erection while looking at Erin sunning herself in her tiny bikini. My prick remained hard all the while I was teasing and masturbating her on the beach and it’s kaleidoscope izle stiffness pressed against her hip as I finger-fucked her and made her cum. Since then my cock has endured the exquisite pleasure torture of Erin’s expert touch as she has masturbated me with her talented hands. After all that, I’m finally achieving release. My head spins, my vision blurry, sweat pours off my naked body which is trembling, and I feel a massive orgasm rising inside. The ocean waves, the wind in the trees, my own gasping breath all combine into a deafening roar in my ears, yet somehow I can still hear Erin’s soft whispers…”cum for me…cum for me…cum for me,” like a chant in rhythm with her stroking hand.

My loose-hanging balls draw up close to the base of my cock and the next few seconds nearly drive me mad as I feel the cum welling up inside like a Hawaiian volcano about to erupt. And at last I am consumed by my orgasm.


Thrusting my hips forward one last time, my loins explode. A massive stream of cum discharges itself with gut-wrenching force from my swollen cock. It spurts out and lands some 4 or 5 feet in front of me. Hardly believing her eyes, Erin can’t even react before another burst launches from my cock, soaring higher and longer than the first.

Erin squeals with delight as she enjoys the fountain of semen she’s brought forth. Her hand keeps pumping my gnarled prick. Again and again bolts of creamy sperm spout my from bloated cockhead. I hear Erin giggling in joy and surprise at the volume and forcefulness of my ejaculation.

My balls surge once again and my cock pulses in Erin’s fist and another cum-bullet fires out through the air, splattering some distance away. “Oh gawd, yes!!” Erin exclaims. “More, more, more,” she says greedily.

And to the surprise of us both, there IS more. Cum continues to spew out of me and Erin can’t take her eyes off my convulsing penis. Great wads of semen are pumped up and out, falling heavily to the forest floor like large raindrops. Erin’s gentle hand further stimulates my meat. She feels it throb and jerk, quiver and recoil…only to have another surge of cum roll through it’s length and be expelled from the tip. Wave after wave of pearly goo issues forth, gathering in large globs on the end of my prick, then falling away under their own weight, dripping in long, thick strands.

At last, I have no more to give. My legs still tremble and my lungs inhale large gulps of air. Erin opens her hand and lets my twitching penis rest heavily on her palm. Her other hand cups my tender balls and caresses them lovingly.

My cock loses some of it’s stiffness but continues to throb and Erin leans forward and begins rubbing the swollen head round-and-round on her perky little tits, her hand wrapped around the thick shaft. The crown of my cock is coated with residual sperm which is now being mingled with the sweat and sun-oil on Erin’s tits, making them shine and glisten all the more. For a long time she looks down at herself, watching the pulpy prickhead slide across her shiny, erect nipples.

This gives me time to catch my breath and allows my heartbeat to return to normal. Yet even as I’m composing myself I feel Erin’s stiff, rigid nipples scrape against my still sensitive glans and I look down at my sweet, cock-loving, cum-loving girl, and hear her cooing and sighing contentedly.

I softly touch her head and feel her silky hair and she lifts her eyes to mine and we both smile lovingly.

I reach down and lift her to her feet and our arms wrap tightly around one another. We kiss deeply and tenderly as our sweaty, oily skin presses together. Our bodies rub and slide against one another and I feel the stiff tips of her nipples poking into my chest. My penis, now nearly completely soft, is pressed tightly against Erin’s belly.

We hold each other close and I kiss and caress her face as we’re both lost in the moment. At last we breathe a heavy sigh together and we return from Heaven to Reality. Still in our warm embrace, we’re nose-to-nose and look into each other’s eyes. Erin’s eyes glint and sparkle and she grins devilishly. “Wow…” she says softly, “…that was incredible!” “That’s just what I was about to say,” I reply. We both start laughing and she leans back, tilting her face up to the canopy of trees above us. Our hips still locked tightly together, Erin bends backward stretching her lean body, supported by my hands on her torso and her arms around my neck and laughs delightedly. “Gawd, you CAME so MUCH!!! That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen!”

Bent back like she is, her yummy little tits are pointed straight at me. I move my hands around to her sides to where I can extend my thumbs and place one on each of her nipples. I firmly press them into her titflesh, feeling their hardness pushing back against my thumbs. “Mmmmmm…” Erin moans in response to my attention to her nips. Then she straightens and holds my head in her hands. “I’ve seen you shoot big loads before,” she says looking me straight in the eye, “but I’ve never seen you cum like THAT. It just kept squirting, more and more. I thought it would never stop.” She’s talking like an excited schoolgirl. “I’ve never seen so much cum shoot out of a single cock before. And it shot SO FAR!!! Your cock’s amazing…and I love you so much.” she says and buries her face in my chest and I cuddle her in my arms. “You’re the amazing one,” I whisper. “That was the most overwhelming orgasm I’ve ever had. I love you too.”

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