Enter Meg Ch.02


They had been going at it for a long time now, almost forty-five minutes. He knew that there was not pause in their fucking as she could hear everything from upstairs. The moaning and groaning coupled with the rocking of the bed, Meg never knew a guy could fuck like that.

She had to get out of there before she lost it. Seeing something like that was not something she could handle. She wanted it bad. She wanted him bad. She wanted it from him bad.

The banging was getting harder and louder. Meg thought the bed might come crashing through the ceiling and crushing her in the process. She laughed at the thought because she was sure it could happen.

“Oh, God… DAVE!” Sophie yelled from the room.

“Christ…” Meg shook her head. She was getting it good. Very good. And Meg was missing out. Listening to the moans and cries from the bedroom was driving her crazy with lust. She could only imagine what Sophie was feeling with that enormous thing stuffed between her legs, but she didn’t want to imagine it. She wanted to feel it herself. She was so turned on her face was warm and her ears were buzzing. Every time one of the Sophie moaned out loud she squeezed her legs together to get that warm tingle in her crotch dampened. Her mother would probably skin her alive if she knew how much she liked to get fucked. She didn’t care about that. Right now, she wanted to fuck Dave. He was a pure stud with a long slab of meat between his legs.

“FUCK!” Sophie screamed. She was definitely coming again.

“I can’t take much more of this!” Meg said to herself and headed to the back door.

The cold air kissed her as she stepped out. She took in the night setting outside. She was sure there was a choir of crickets out there playing their melodies but all she could hear were the sounds of sex. Sophie’s place was pretty out the way, just on the outskirts of the woods of the town. There was not a house for yards. You could hardly see the next one from here. The air was damp with what was the forewarning of rain. She figured that as there were some rain clouds present overhead on her way here.

As the moans and screams continued, she sat on a worn settee that was on the porch, lighting her cigarette. Maybe the nicotine would help her with her sexual pangs. She took in a breath and let the nicotine give her its high. It did give her some satisfaction but it was nowhere near as satisfying as coming with a thick cock pounding away in your channel.

But she was only here to watch. She had to remind herself of that continuously.

It had gone quiet for a while now, too quiet. She glanced up to the ceiling as if she could see through it and have a glimpse of the two of them. Sophie must have finally passed out from all that fucking.

Meg just remained as she was. Now, with the lack of the sounds of their lovemaking, she found it eerie. All she had been doing was listening to the sounds of the couple in the bedroom above her. It had been like being in the room next to a honeymoon suite. The sounds of the bed rocking practically shook the whole house and now it was not there anymore. But they hadn’t come down yet either. She was anxious to discuss with Sophie what she experienced while she was in bed with Dave.

But knowing what was hanging in between his legs and what he could do with it made her even more anxious.

But for now, she had to settle for her cancer stick instead of Dave’s flesh pole.

“Not very satisfying is it?” said Dave.

She had a repeat of the scare she had back in the kitchen.

“FUCK!” she nearly dropped her cigarette. “Don’t do that!”

She found him leaning against the doorframe, grinning at her. She couldn’t picture him grinning but there he was doing it. It was kind of infectious. She did not even hear any footsteps from this guy and now she saw that he was only wearing a towel. It hung from an inch under his waistline, its parting leaning toward his left thigh.

“What’s Sophie doing?” she asked.

“She’s sleeping,” he shrugged. “I guess she’s exhausted.”

“Damn, dude…” she laughed and looked away but had to look back. She was completely taken in by the sculpted muscles of his body. The front of the towel around his waist was pushed out slightly. She swallowed hard. “You must have given it to her pretty good.”

“Yeah… I just wanted to see if how you were doing.”


“You looked a little uncomfortable…” he smiled.

“And you think I need your attention?” she returned his smile.

“I am hoping you do,” he crossed his arms and softened his expression.

She now flashed a grin, “That depends. We might find out after a while.”

“My name’s actually David, if you wanted to know.”

“I’m just plain Meg.”

He nodded then asked, “Mind if I sit?”

“By all means, park your ass here.”

He did. The settee’s cushion shifted under his weight. He leaned back and Meg looked at him a bit more carefully.

“So, how do you know Sophie?” she asked.

“I came over one day to see Shannon and she wasn’t here but Sophie was… so that’s that.”

“Shannon? Sophie’s aunt? You’re doing her interior design masters izle as well?”

“Of course,” the corner of his mouth twitched. “She loves getting on her back and letting me give it to her hard.”

She laughed, “You get around a lot, don’t you?”

“You could say that.”

She laughed harder and took in a puff of her cigarette. He was quite close to her right now. She could see and smell the coat of preparation that was on his skin. She could also smell something else, the pungent odor of his semen. She knew that was emanating from two sources; his solid body and his equally solid member underneath his towel. She did not notice before but he had quite a few scars on his body, long lacerations that looked like he got into fights often. She then took notice of the tip of his penis that was lying stiffly on his lap, sticking out slightly from underneath the towel. Just seeing that little bit of it made her stir. She was raring to put her hand on it again and stuff it into her cunt.

“How many times did you guys do it?” she asked.

“A few times…”

“You came few times?” her eyes were wide. “You mean a few more times after I last saw you?”

“Nope, just once more.”

“What? Why?” she stroked her hair. “I saw you come twice when I was there! And you fucked her for so long after I left the room! I was sure that you came at least one more time. After seeing you shoot that much cum and still be able to go on for one more time, I just assumed you could come again for a third or fourth time.”

“I did not want to spend myself too much,” he shrugged.


“I was saving myself…”

“For what?”

“For you.”

She said nothing for a while, only looking at him. She kept switching back and forth between looking at him in the eye and looking at his tool. Then she settled on just staring at his dick. She slipped her hand under the towel. Her fingers touched his shaft and she closed them around it, squeezing firmly.

He spread his legs.

She pulled up her hand, bringing up the tool that was his plainly into view. He looked down at it, admiring her delicate hand as she stroked him into hardness. He lifted the towel and gave his cock more freedom. She sighed. It was a gorgeous tool, long and thick and throbbing. It was unreal.

She slowly went back to the first time she laid her hand on him. How she wanted to feel him in her mouth and suck the seed out of him.

“What do you want me to do?” she asked without taking her eyes off of his cock.

“Whatever you want to,” he stroked her cheek. He then took her cigarette and put it out. “And I’m sure you won’t be needing that anymore.”

She had just gotten her approval. Her hand went down to the base of the thick shaft and she bent over his lap and closed her lips over the head. It swelled in her mouth, growing thicker and harder, and she moaned. He tasted of cum and she could smell the juices from Sophie’s pussy on him, she tasted her as well. She recognized the smell and taste of her pier because they had sometimes taken care of each other’s needs. Her lips smacked and she sucked him hard like a vacuum.

She slid off the settee and got between his legs, looking up into his eyes while she moved her red lips up and down on him.

He smiled at her.

She did this for a long time. She knew he had already cum at least twice and, if he was like ordinary men the first orgasm always took the edge off his lust and he would have much more stamina for subsequent climaxes. However, the pole she had in her mouth was not any run-of-the-mill penis and she did not expect the testicles that came with it to be any more average. Just knowing that made her suck harder. Her mouth moved rapidly up and down on his shaft. She obviously didn’t have patience to wait for him to come. She wanted to make it happen soon. He didn’t mind giving her what she wanted.

Her hair hung loosely at the sides of her tiny, sultry face, made even more striking with her eyes closed and his thick, hard cock going into her mouth. Her lips were closed tightly around the head of his cock and he could feel her breathing heavily through her nostrils. He liked having this young girl sucking his dick.

Meg held the base of his cock in her left hand. It was so thick that her small hand barely closed around it. The head itself was so big that her jaw was opened to its limit just to get it in and it was getting sore but not tired.

She felt his hand on top of her head and wondered if he was going to try to force his cock deeper into her mouth. In light of that, she lowered her head until the soft tip of his cock touched the back of her mouth. She suppressed her gag reflex, held it back there for a few moments then swallowed the head. It started going down her throat and he moaned. Her jaw opened a little wider and it looked like she was trying to swallow it whole.

“Oh Jesus,” Dave moaned.

She stopped, adjusted her lips around the shaft, and swallowed another couple of inches. He stared at her as his cock disappeared into her mouth a iyi adamin 10 günü izle few inches at a time. His dick lowered into a horizontal position and she came closer to his pubic mound.

“Wow, Meg…” she placed his hands by his sides, not wanting to interrupt her performance.

She slowly but surely buried her nose in his fine pubic hair. She had taken his entire shaft down her throat. He didn’t think his cock had ever been so hard. It must have swelled a little bigger, which probably made it a tighter fit for her.

But she got the whole thing down her throat. The tip of her nose tickled the skin of his belly just above his pubic hair. He could feel the tip of his cock tickling somewhere deep down in her throat. It had to be close to her stomach or something. Where did she put all that cock in her tiny body?

She was moaning and making that tingling sensation that ran through his whole body. How did she get the air to breathe?

He soon realized that she was holding her breath. He let her keep him there for a few more seconds before pushing her off of him.

The moment his dick was free from her mouth, she gasped for air.

“Take it easy, Meg,” he said.

“I know… I know…” she breathed heavily. “But it was good, right?”

“Very. There aren’t that many women who can even take me halfway down.”

“Well, I’m not most women.”

“I guessed as much when I first saw you,” he caressed her cheek and his member twitched.

“I want to do it one more time and don’t you dare not come inside me,” she took a hold of his penis, which now had some of her mucus on it. “I want you to.”

“Are you sure?”


“Then let’s get started again.”

She smiled, breathed deep and picked up where they left off. She put him back inside her mouth, her sweet face contorted a bit. She swallowed and slid her face down his long length. And there she was, right where she was moments earlier.

He groaned. He put both hands on top of her head and thrust slowly and gently with his hips. He had never felt anything better than fucking Meg’s throat with her face against his stomach. Her molars scraped the base of his shaft, but that little bit of pain was nothing compared to the exquisite sensation of his cock in the tight confines of her throat. It felt weird to hump like that and have Meg attached to his groin by her mouth.

But it was working.

She looked up at him with a dreamy look on her face, almost as if she was doped up on something. He just stared into her eyes and increased his pace. She put her hands on his thighs to support herself.

He could feel a tremendous climax building inside him in a hurry and there was no way he could stop it. Not that he wanted to. He felt his muscles becoming faint.

“Oh man,” he grunted. He bucked his hips up and came. His whole body heaved and convulsed again and again. He held her head to keep her from getting hurt, but it was difficult to concentrate on anything else but his own orgasm. He must have given her a gallon of cum. Her eyes bulged in shock when she felt the thick gobs of semen spurted down her throat. She tried to scream in shock and surprise, but it was muffled by his cock like a cork in her throat. She gripped his thighs hard for support as he kept pumping. He could feel it flowing through his cock in long, thick surges. He would never see it, though, because it all went down her throat, probably straight into her stomach.

“Oh fuck. Oh fuck,” he said. His cock continued to spasm and throb in Meg’s throat, like it was squeezing out every last drop of cum for her.

And he was done. He pulled his hips back and pushed her head off. His long cock slid out of her mouth over her tongue. She gasped for breath and coughed in a fit, looking very pale, holding her throat, feeling the bruising that she had just received.

“Sorry,” he said. “Did I hurt you?”

She shook her head, “You scared the crap out of me.”

Meg was massaging her throat and breathing hard. Suddenly, she began to laugh as the color returned to her face. She put her hand around his dick and raised it.

“Are you sore?”

“Very…” her voice said it all. He could hear the abuse he had subjected it to just now.

“We’d have to be more careful next time,” he ruffled her hair.

“It was one hell of an experience, Dave…” she smiled and planted her passionate kiss on its purple head. “I can’t wait to do it again next time.”

“If you say so,” he smirked.

She smiled and nodded with his cock still in her hand. Then she rubbed her tummy, moaning at what she felt inside.

“I can feel it… How can you produce so much cum and still be able to fuck? I can feel it all sloshing around in my belly. You could feed a person with the amount you give. I can taste it, too. You taste good,” she smiled and nodded with his cock still in her hand, rubbing her tummy, moaning at what she felt inside. “And you’re still so hot and hard…”

“And you want me to take care of you with it?”

She said nothing and let go of him. She got up jungle izle and stripped. What he saw was a vision out of his dreams. His eyes grew wide. She had striking features and long, jet-black hair that curled in thick waves down her shoulders. Her body was perfect, trim, and lean with firm muscles without and once of body fat on her with the exception of her breasts. It looked like she worked out. She shook out her hair, making her breasts shake, although they were still held back by the lacy, black bra. She was also wearing a matching set of panties that consisted of a piece of fabric over her pubic mound was barely big enough to cover her wisps of fine, black hair. She then proceeded to become bare. She unhooked her bra, dropping it on the floor and bent down to work her panties off.

And there she was, standing naked before this handsome, virile older man was itself a thrill for her. His eyes soaked in her entire body, from her small, firm and pert breasts to her well defined stomach and narrow waist, to the womanly curve of her hips and her firm legs. He eyed her dark brown nipples that stood out like unbelievably hard points in the cold air. Then he moved his eyes south to the dark bush between her legs was fantastically enticing, and her soft, parted, moist, pink lips seemed to beg for his tool’s attention.

She was breathing hard and was flushed all over. She climbed on his lap and settled down to enjoy a long, deep fucking. To her there was nothing like being fucked by a man who had already spent himself, especially on another woman. He wouldn’t be so anxious to get his own rocks off. Her chest heaved heavily, making her breasts rise and fall. She maneuvered his pole between her legs and hunched over him to guide it to her hole. Her breasts dangled inches from his face. He sat beneath her, motionless, completely under her control. She had managed to insert the end of his dick. Her lips were quivering. Her eyes were squeezed shut. She tried to push herself down on it and moaned. She was wet enough to let it slide all the way into her, but it was a tight fit.

“Oh yeah … oh yeah,” she moaned. She was straightening up and it was going into her gradually. Her wet cunt made sucking noises as it engulfed him. She straightened up on her knees, resting all of her weight on him and grinding her pelvis in a circle. She took a deep breath.

Oh my fucking god… This is how it feels like! she thought. She enjoyed the sensation of the shaft of his cock sliding across her wet labia and the sensation of the head of his cock moving through her cervix and in and out of her womb. She was very warm and moist between her legs and it spread all over the inside of her thighs. Her breasts were right on a level with his face so he buried his face between the two soft yet firm globes and tongued the warm skin.

Fuck… she feels great … so hot… so tight… so stimulating… I don’t know how long I can hold out before I fill her up… he thought. She had the best pussy he had experienced in a very long time. She was much better than Sophie. So much tighter and hotter, more moist and much more orgasm inducing. He pulled his head back and looked at her face. It was twisted in pleasure. He then put his hands on her breast, kneading the mounds of soft flesh. He began moving his hips up and down with the same rhythm she had. She moaned. She put her hands over his hands on her tits and moved them vigorously over her nipples.

“I am going to kill Sophie…” she moaned.

“Why?” he ran his tongue across the hollow of her throat.

“The bitch has been holding out on me!” she laughed but it sounded almost painful.

“You mean this?” he gave a hard thrust that lifted his ass and her off the settee.

“Christ!” she yelped and nearly fell backward.

He moved fast and held her around her waist and kept her from falling. He pulled her close to him and held her hot body tight against his. Her eyes were closed. She was tossing her head and screaming. Nothing else in the world mattered except for the penis that was inside her right then, and David had a tool to make a woman rejoice. He could not move her up and down much as her channel clamped down on him so tight that they were almost attached to each other.

“Don’t kill her yet, Meg…” he nibbled on her earlobe. “We can still use her.”

“For what?” she sighed.

“For me to fuck and for her to lick you… she’s got a great tongue, remember?”

“Oh, yeah…”she pulled his head back and put her tongue back into his mouth. “But not as good as mine.”


They were going at a very steady pace for a while, doing nothing but feeling each other, inside and out.

Then it happened.

“Ooh… I’m gonna come,” Meg moaned. She ground her hips in his lap and he held her there. Her mane flew around like a mop in a wind storm and her tits bounced each time she came down on his lap. She came wildly.

That was it, the undulating of her channel was sending him over the edge. But it was so good and so maddening, he shot up from the settee with her in his arms and with his penis still wedged in her. He walked with her coming on him, screaming in his ear in ecstasy as he proceeded to brace her against a pillar that supported the porch’s roof. He pressed her lithe body there and began to drive into her frantically. He built up that climax with a fury that he had not felt in a while. The sound of flesh slapping against flesh was loud and the new sound of flesh being banged against wood joined in.

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