Enough Money to do Anything


Warning: Contains hardcore scat & incest.

But I expect that’s exactly why you’re here.


Jack lay on his four-poster bed. The pillows were light pink, soft marshmallows he could sink into after a long day. The mattress was firm, but comfortable. It supported his aching muscles after he came back from rugby training. Money doesn’t buy you happiness, but it sure buys you comfort.

When his parents died they had left him enough money to never have to work again. He knew keeping himself occupied was important, or he would just wind up like all the other depressed millionaires. Daughters of oil magnates, sons of technology tycoons. They were so rich that the dream holidays of plumbers, electricians and accountants got old fast. Paragliding in New Zealand’s South Island, Jet skiing on the transparent green ocean off Honolulu Hawaii, trekking in the Italian Dolomites. Everything, no matter how phenomenal or magical, became boring. They died, young and lonely, from cocaine overdoses or extreme sport accidents, trying desperately to make their constantly exciting lives just that little more surreal.

Jack knew he needed keep occupied. As he lazily eased his way off his luxurious bed to grab some lunch, his mind wandered with thoughts about these eternally bored, spoiled youths. On the way out, he patted the young naked girl chained by her hands to bottom-right post of his bed. He gave her a light slap and she obediently opened her mouth. He pulled down the elastic of his pyjama pants, moved his flaccid penis between her lips, and pissed into her mouth. She gulped down what she could of the yellow stream, and the rest dribbled down her naked body. He continued to the kitchen, listening to a burst of cute soft coughs behind him. Jack knew he needed to keep occupied.

Jack kept himself occupied with slaves. Lucy a short, dark haired 23 year old, was the girl he kept tied to his bed. He usually used her as urinal when passing in and out of the bedroom, or when he woke up in the middle of the night needing to pee. The rest of his slaves, mostly young girls, were all aged between 18 and 25.

A few he had found on fetish forums, they volunteered as slaves and were free to leave at any time. The rest, and the majority, had simply responded to ads he put on the internet. He would pay them obscene amounts of money for a yearlong contract. Enough money that they could live comfortable lives without working, Escort for just a single year’s slavery. However once they had signed, for that year, they were his. He could do anything he wanted with them. No matter how much they begged or cried while he was using them, they were his to do with as they please.

They were also welcome to break contract at any time, but if they did they would get absolutely nothing. The amount of money he promised them was so high, that they rarely left before their contract was up. If they threatened to reveal him to authorities or the press, he simply reminded them that if he could afford to hire slaves, he could afford to make them regret speaking out. This quickly quashed any blackmail attempts. Most decided that a year of misery was worth it to live the rest of their lives in style. Compared to another 40 years working two minimum wage jobs, it didn’t sound so bad.

He ate lunch in front of the television, his tanned, fit body lying naked on an expensive couch.

Crappy sitcoms and a plate of sushi, while Molly, a busty, pale 20 year old was instructed to lick his balls. It was a hot day, and his ballsack extended low. She would pick up each testicle and play with it, then proceed to lick off the beads of sweat. Molly was unusual, she had become a slave for the money, but she actually enjoyed it, unlike many of the other girls. While sucking on his sweaty genitals she would rub her clit. She lifted his legs up now and then to get a better angle, and proceeded to lick the moisture between his balls and his anus. Occasionally while performing her duties she would get in the way of his television, and he would give her a firm slap on the arse.

After he was done with lunch he wandered over to the bathroom naked, sporting a huge erection that was the result of Molly’s handiwork.

His spacious bathroom was his favourite place for slaves. One was a tall skinny blonde of 25, Sandy, dressed in light blue denim skinny jeans and a white top. She was lying on her back on the cold floor, near a suspended toilet seat. Instructed to stand in the shower, was Michelle, Sandy’s red haired 18 year old younger sister, standing there in a light pink nighty. Sandy had been his slave for nearly 4 months, but Michelle was a new recruit. She loved her sister and wanted to be with her, and since they had moved away from their parents, four months without Sandy was too much. Besides, Escort Bayan she hadn’t been able to find work as an actress and was struggling to get by. Jack hadn’t used Michelle yet, but he had big plans.

Jack walked over to the toilet seat above Sandy and began to unbuckle her jeans. He pulled her jeans and her pink knickers over her ankles and then threw them in the corner. Michelle looked through the shower door terrified. She had never seen her sister naked before and was incredibly embarrassed to be seeing her so vulnerable. Jack then pulled off the white top to reveal Sandy’s perky C cup tits. He dragged her until her crutch was positioned right beneath the toilet seat. Then he sat down, facing the shower with Michelle in it, and facing away from Sandy. He needed to go.

He began squeezing stomach and arse. Michelle screamed. Because his 7 inch penis was still erect after Molly had worked his balls over, spirts of piss started flying up into the air, landing on around Sandy’s ankles. Eventually his arsehole started to open, and a thick solid log of dark brown poo began to squeeze out. It moved slowly out his arse, dangling there for what felt like forever. Then, eventually a big chunk broke off and landed on top of Sandy’s pussy, before sliding down on to the floor leaving a long brown streak across the left of her labia. Sandy said nothing, after four months of slavery she was completely broken. Now she just kept quiet and did as Jack desired. He squeezed out the rest of his large shit, and it landed with a soft thud on her shaven pubic bone. It wasn’t heavy enough to fall, so it just sat there.

Jack lived in a toilet paper free house. He was very conscious of the environment. He usually used a bidet to clean his arse after a shit, but sometimes he used another method. He got off the toilet seat slowly, a little bit of shit still dangling from his arse crack. Then he walked over above Sandy’s face. He began to squat, and she looked sadly and defeatedly as his unwiped bum descended down over her. The little bit of shit immediately fell onto her face, and before she could think about it his dirty arsehole was covering her mouth. She knew what to do. She slid her tongue up and began weaving it around his anus. The taste and smell was unbearable, but after doing this for four months she was beyond the point of gagging.

Jack beckoned Michelle out of the shower, and motioned to his erect cock. Bayan Escort

“Suck it.”

She got on to her knees and put a leg across her sisters stomach, careful not to touch the shit on her sisters lower half, and eased Jack’s long dick into her mouth. Jack just sat there squatting, enjoying having one sister rimming his back door while the other sucked vigorously on his cock. Occasionally he would squeeze his bowels so that his arsehole dilated, allowing Sandy to fit her entire tongue into it. Then he would just relax, while Sandy’s tongue swished around the inside of his anus, leaving it sparkling clean.

The pleasure was too much and he didn’t want to cum too quickly when there was so much more fun to be had. He pushed off Michelle and stood up. He pointed to Sandy’s shit covered mouth.

“Kiss her.”

“She’s my sister! I can’t!”

He slapped her hard across the face.

“Kiss her.”

This time Michelle obeyed. She crawled a little higher until she was above Sandy, and then lent in to kiss her. As soon as she touched her lips she could smell the dirty arse all over her sister’s face.

“With tongue”, commanded Jack.

Michelle opened her mouth and sunk her tongue into her sister’s mouth, and began exploring. She could bits of taste Jack’s poo. For a second she thought that kissing her sister, her shit covered sister, was so taboo, so unheard of, that she was actually getting a little excited. She could feel juices in her vagina begin to flow.

Then Jack said something that made her burst into tears.

“Michelle, I want to fuck your sister. But I like my girls dirty.”

He pointed to his shit on the floor and on her stomach.

“Put it inside her”

Michelle began bawling. She had never even seen her sister naked, and now she had to stuff Jack’s shit inside her.

He slapped her hard across the face.

“I won’t ask again.”

She was crying her eyes out.

“I’m so sorry” she sobbed to Sandy, and picked up the big chunk of poo on the floor. It looked so solid, but it was warm and malleable. She opened the lips of Sandy’s pussy, wincing as she touched her sister’s vagina for the first time and began to stuff the shit in.

When she was done, Jack got on his knees and slid his cock into the shit stuffed pussy.

“Now sit on your sister’s face. I can tell you’re wet. She needs fluids to get rid of the… other tastes”

As Jack thrust again and again into her Sandy’s dirty opening, it dawned on Michelle that her sister’s shit covered tongue was inside her cunt.

And that this was what life would be like for the next year.

And that she liked it.

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