Empty Nest Cumback Ch. 05

Big Dicks

Since recently changing our attitudes towards sex, my wife Janis, and I have been liberated from our empty nest and discovered an exciting, sensual, and erotic world beyond our 30 plus years of dutiful, monogamous sex life. Experimenting with other men, women, and voyeurs has really strengthen our relationship as long as honesty prevailed. We seemed fulfilled and ready to return to a monogamous but updated new sex life.

Thinking we had covered it all, our next adventure started innocently enough on a 11 day cruise out of Galveston, Texas. We had cruised many times before and were looking forward to relaxation on board and “exploring various ports.”

Sticking to my ship board routine very early each morning I suited up for a good workout in the gym. One early morning late in the cruise, upon entering the spacious work out area, I noticed one person. She was wearing a typical light blue form fitting work out suit that nicely covered her statuesque body. Her ash brown hair was in a pony tail which has always been a real turn on. Looking young enough to be my daughter, I just smiled and hopped up on a nearby treadmill.

Later she introduced herself. Carley was also from the Houston area, and traveling alone. This seemed strange being she was a real fox.

The remainder of my workout was routine except I noticed she was frequently glancing my way and smiling a lot even when others entered the area. I really got this feeling she was coming on to me but why?

Upon leaving, in passing I said, “see you tomorrow morning.”

“I’m looking forward to it,” she answered coyly.

The next morning did not come fast enough. With Janis still sleeping after a late night, I raced to the gym. Sure enough Carley was there. This time she was wearing some real sexy, tight, white shorts, a sleeveless blue tank top and obviously no bra! Her perky protruding nipples and young tits giggled suggestively under her tight tank top as her treadmill workout continued.

She was flirting even knowing I’m married and much older. This young goddess is available, very interested in me, and maybe looks at sex the way Janis and I do but why me, why not some young stud?

We worked out for about 30 minutes including a lot of upper body weight training. I was amazed how strong she was. When Carley bench pressed I spotted for her. Standing over her head she got a good view up my shorts which made things there begin to stir. She also seemed mesmerized by my peak a boo lose fitting short’s content and was obviously interested in me more than just a casual work out partner.

Eventually time was up. As she was preparing to leave and giving me as coy smile, I couldn’t help myself and blurted out, “Carley, if I were about 20 years younger I’d be in your pants.”

She immediately responded. “If you were 20 years younger this conversation would not be taking place and my pants would definitely be off limits. I prefer an older man who understands me and knows how to satisfy. Younger guys, although very physical, seem to be all about themselves. By the way what about your wife, doesn’t she count?”

“Oh does she. Janis is my lifemate and sex partner but we have an understanding. Be honest, open and just about anything goes. I know, if given the chance, she would like you.”

Carley smiled and seemed to accept my answer.

We had worked up a good sweat so my nymph friend casually suggested cooling off in her nearby state room thereby not disturbing Janis.

At this time I was sure I had died and gone to heaven being invited to the cabin of this erotic female fantasy.

Upon entering I was amassed how much larger her stateroom was then ours- and a balcony!. We stepped out on that balcony to catch the early morning breeze. From behind, I put my arms around her waist and gently blow-kissed this young girl’s neck. Carley sighed, pushed back against me, then turned, put her hands on my shoulders and softly kissed my lips. There was something different about this girl but it just added to the intrigue.

Enough is enough. I cupped her head and passionately crushed her mouth, finding her tongue with mine. My hands slid down to her very firm ass cheeks, squeezing softly. Our hormones were taking over…

Her body began firmly grinding against my growing “package”.

Now I was under her tank top and cradling two slightly small but shapely breasts. This was followed by pulling up the tank top and sampling her ripe melons and erect nipples. Our workout body sweat just added to this encounter. I was becoming intoxicated Eryaman Escort with the mingling feminine scents and salivating for more.

As I was about to move to her promised land she backed off, removed her tank top and then very, very slowly began slipping her tight fitting shorts down her legs.

Oh my! The shorts concealed a very full 7 inch cock! Carley was a transsexual! No wonder she seemed different.

At first I was caught off guard, totally devastated, angry, and then sickened but became very intrigued as my heart pounded and stomach tightened in response to this forbidden fruit. My she male friend was captivating and extremely feminine with her tantalizing penis as a bonus.

Carley was studying my reaction closely and looked relieved when I stated she was the best of both worlds and I am very attracted to her.

She explained her male name was Charley but knew at a young age she was trapped in a male body and once on her own began taking hormones.

I have always been fascinated by a penis but not to a man. My body was so hot in anticipation, I was losing all inhibitions. Not knowing what came next I just stood there. Finally off came my shorts, t-shirt and shoes. Carley stared approvingly as my manhood grew before her eyes.

She gently took my hardening cock in her hand and slowly stroked provocatively. Obviously a big climax would soon be the result of her actions so to slow things down, she stepped back.

Carley now approached me from the back, slipped her hard pre-come lathered cock between my legs, held my waist, and proceeded to pump crotch fuck me. I could see her penis tip appear then disappear just below my cock. She was gasping with each stroke and I was moaning right along with her.

Just when I though the dam was about to break, Carley walked over to the bed and laid on her back, legs drawn up and apart, totally exposing her well developed, hard cock and balls. Toying with them, she wantonly beckoned me to join in.

Sitting next to her, I leaned over and inhaled the musky, sweat, perfume enhanced aroma of this tantalizing love doll.

We kissed passionately before I slid down to join my busy hands caressing her heaving, upturned, firm tits. I could stay there sucking and kissing forever but realized a new experience was waiting to the south.

Raising up, I took a deep breath, studied her penis and tried to get enough courage to go on.

“I understand”, Carley said, “If you’ve never made love to another cock it’s a big step. All I can say is I have done it many times and have loved every minute.”

At that point I lowered my head to just above her waiting rock hard shaft. It looked very inviting with pre-cum oozing from its reddening tip but something held me back from going all the way. I finally worked up enough courage to just touch her.

I flinched, but then Carley’s hand guided mine to its warm hardness. Instinctively, my hand wrapped around her firm slippery rod and slowly began to pump with Carley’s moaning becoming more and more pronounced. Her pre-cum was now covering my hand and at that point I was totally hooked on this luscious transsexual.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her full, inviting cock. Then holding her with one hand, I lowered my mouth to an inviting penis head.

Erotically, I licked a little pre-cum from the tip. It was surprisingly sweet and tasty. Now my tongue slid down her shaft, licking the intoxicating fluid along the way. I then took one ball, gently sucked it into my mouth, toying with it. Carley gasp in delight as I repeated with the other and now it was Carley who was over excited.

“Oh my God that feels so good, she cried, I am about to lose my load. You’d better stop.”

Protocol still was not clear but I am the man and gaining more and more confidence so it was up to me to make the next move. I still was not ready to suck her cock in my mouth though.

Not ready to finish yet, I released her testical with a slurping sound, straddled her chest, squeezed those firm twin mounds together, and began titty fucking. We both watched with lust as my cock furrowed and slid rhythmically between those hot mounds of pleasure.

Now there was no holding back so I quickly moved down, took both cocks in my hands, rubbed them together, and watched as my spurting cum spewed over our cocks. A second or two later Carley’s erupting jism joined mine with some eventually pooling on her stomach.

As if possessed, I licked the frothy cum cocktail off my hands, then her shaft and balls. Now Eryaman Escort Bayan totally out of control, I moved to the cum pooled at the base of her manhood and eagerly devoured every creamy glob. My introduction to she males was a rousing erotic success.

Next how to present this to Janis and how to get up the courage to consume Carley and have her climax in my mouth.

The inevitable meeting occurred that evening at the Rendezvous Night Club. Janis was wearing a form fitting, spaghetti strap black cocktail dress with a very nice plunging neckline that many males noticed and admired. While enjoying a drink and band music I felt a tap on the shoulder and there stood Carley, sexier than ever in an off the shoulder blue cocktail dress that fit her like a glove.

After introductions including how we met, Janis asked Carley if she would like to join our table. At first there seemed to be some tension. Seems to me they were sizing each other up. I could tell Janis was wondering about the slight gruffness in Carley’s voice.

As I was dancing with Janis, she asked me how attracted was I to Carley and is she someone I want to pursue further?

I replied, ” Carley is very attractive and turns me on but I would want you to be part of anything sexual. You should know that.”

“She seems very attractive, but different.”

At that moment the dance was over. Next I danced a slow one with Carley. We didn’t say much but when out of sight of Janis she pressed herself against me, and I did a quick feel of her ass. Oh, does she turn me on.

It was getting late, we bid Carley goodnight and were off to our stateroom.

Time to level with Janis.

“There is something you need to know about Carley. She is not who she appears to be. In fact she is only part she!”

Totally confused, Janis exclaimed, “What do you mean ‘part she’?”

“I mean Carley is a she male. She’s both male and female. I look at her as a female with a cock.”

After what seemed an eternity, My wife finally spoke, “I can see how you are attracted to his, ah her seductive beauty, but I don’t think I can show the same interest and desire. You can experiment on your own but I’ll stay on the sidelines with this one.”

“Janis, I am about 95% heterosexual but once in awhile I desire cock and throwing in a she male is the best of both worlds. Can you understand that?”

“Yes, I also admit occasional feelings for Barbara. I guess that’s normal but hidden in most people and I understand how you feel. So what’s next my horny explorer?”

“Janis, I really think if you get to know Carley you’ll change your mind. I am going to invite her to our cabin and go from there. Of course you can just observe but if so inclined, join in.”

At our early morning workout I approached Carley with my plan. She agreed except in her larger room.

At nine sharp we knocked on her door and was greeted by a statuesque very alluring sexual goddess wearing a flowing black rap-around robe and heels. Her hair tumbled over her shoulders, her lips were glistening with anticipation, eye make up just right, and whatever perfume she was wearing should be declared illegal.

Janis on the other hand was in some tight fitting jeans and a sleeveless white pull over T-shirt. She was sooo seductive just in her normal attire.

Carley started the conversation. “I’m so glad you both came. Janis, I know this is all new to you. I hope by the end of the evening we will all be as one… Why don’t you two sit down.”

After two cocktails we loosened up and got a little more explicit in our conversations.

Now Carley stood before us, untied her robe and very demurely, let it drop to the floor.

Janis gasped and was stunned. I was awed even having seen this young she male nude before. Her small but shapely tits and hardened nipples were ready for love. She had a trim hour glass figure, and the growing size of her hardening cock left me salivating for more.

Carley smiled and said, “well are you just going to sit there?”

I finally came out of my trance, quickly removed my sandals and all clothing. Janis didn’t move but smiled and watched with growing interest.

Carley then smiled approvingly at my already hard cock, took my hand and guided us so close together our cocks touched. She then put her hands around my neck as our lips pressed together. My hands dropped to her hard and firm ass cheeks and massaged passionately. Now our cocks meshed together as one.

Any tantalizing kiss from a beautiful woman Escort Eryaman always caused an immediate erotic reaction from me, but this one from a she male was like experiencing forbidden fruit. Our tongues explored and our lips passionately locked together.

“Oh, you taste so good,” my she male lover moaned, in her slightly deep voice.

“Carley, I can’t get enough of you. I want to explore and sample every part of your luscious body.

“Yes darling, now come to ma ma and show me what you got.”

As I approached she pulled out a lubricated condom and deftly rolled it down my pulsing cock.

On the bed, Carley, laid on her back with her legs drawn up to her inviting body, exposing an open ass hole, hard cock and succulent balls.

This was a very new step for me never having participated in anal sex. On my knees, I guided my now rock hard penis to her awaiting ass hole.

Carley raised up to encourage me. It was now or never.

I pushed against her hole, then rammed past her ass muscle and into a new ‘world’. Carley let out a short cry, then pushed up towards my invading prick. We both were overcome with lust. With my hands acting as a brace, I began humping with all I had.

“Oh Carley baby, I never knew anal sex could feel so good. I love being in you.”

Her reply was “yes, yes, keep that hard cock of yours pumping in my ass. Please make me cum, please….oh yes do it to me, don’t ever stop.”

As I rammed her hole, Carley was now jerking her own cock rigorously.

I stole a quick peak at Janis and noticed her right hand had now disappeared under those tight fitting jeans and her eyes were glazed and head thrown slightly back.

It didn’t take long for me to lose control. I could feel my seed about to burst so I quicken my plunging even more, tensed and felt my cum spewing out.

Then it was Carley’s turn. With her eyes glazed over she cried out “I’m cuming, oh yes it’s about here.” Quickly I moved down and suddenly took the final step.

With my hand at her cock’s base, my mouth encircled and finally consumed Carley’s hot meat, sucking her delectable sex organ with passionate urgency. It tasted so good sliding deep into my mouth, this pulsing hot cock of hers.

I felt her tighten as she grunted, “Ohhh so good.” She suddenly tensed and shot her full hot load into my waiting “virgin” mouth. Before swallowing, I continued savoring every drop of this forbidden cream and learned that cock sucking was a very erotic alternative to pussy eating.

As our climaxes subsided, I leaned over and kissed her lips, enjoying our beautiful taste of sex.

After relaxing for about a ½ hour, I excused myself and exited to the bathroom.

Upon returning Janis had obviously had a change of heart.

My very skeptical wife was now nude and passionately embracing Carley as they stood at the foot of the bed. Carley was obviously equally comfortable with men or women.

Oh youth. Carley’s cock was already excited as she pushed Janis onto the bed. Janis opened her legs and Carley now became “Charlie” burying his cock deep into my wife’s waiting cunt.

They now acted as one, pumping, rolling, and humping urgently. Tits were pressed against tits, and mouths were sealed together. All I could hear were unintelligible, guttural voices plus the sounds of a cock sliding in and out of an oozing pussy.

Finally it was time. Janis cried out “I’m coming, oh yes, so good, oh please fill my pussy with your love cum.”

‘Charlie’ then stiffened and grunted as his sperm erupted into the waiting cunt. “Oh baby yes, I love your hot cunt, oh yes, ahhh, sooo good.”

To top the evening off Carley then proceeded to orally clean Janis off. What a lady…

That unforgettable night was the next to last night of the cruise. The remainder of the time we didn’t see that much of each other except at dinner- not a big deal because we had already “had dessert” last night.

We all did talk briefly before debarking the next day and exchanged phone numbers for any future adventures.

Note to my readers: My wife Janis and I have sexually grown up immensely these last couple of years. We decided to seek out and experiment with our sexual fantasies even at our mature age. We enjoyed all including Janis having sex with another guy, we having sex while peeper watched, I having sex with Janis’s best girlfriend (she joined in later), we having a threesome with our original guy, plus accidentally meeting and both having our first transsexual. We love variety and are always looking for a new twist.

We need some fresh ideas. Any inputs, readers?? With all that talent and imagination out there, someone must have some stimulating thoughts and experiences on how to keep our sex life moving forward with more variety.

Thanks, “guys”

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