“That’s it, Michael! I can’t take this anymore!”

Cheryl threw a pillow against the wall and rolled off the bed. Michael could hear her incensed breathing as she reached for her clothes.

“You really need fucking help.” After a pause, Cheryl added, “And I mean that literally. Fucking help!”

Michael didn’t even watch her finish dressing. He stared out the bedroom window, acknowledging the truthfulness of everything she ranted about. He could feel his limp cock weakly lying between his legs while the most beautiful woman he knew pulled up her jeans and stormed out of the bedroom…for the last time.

The third time was the charm. Oh, she could make him cum by sucking on his cock even though it never reached full rigidity. But every time she wanted him inside her, he couldn’t do it. Nothing worked. And at age 34, she expected, and deserved, better from him. Cheryl would find it somewhere else.

Michael realized it was time to do something. As hard as it would be on his ego and wallet, he had to do something. Quick.


Emma struggled to hold back the tears she could feel welling up in her eyes.

“What do you think about during sex, Emma?”

The monotone voice of the old man in the chair across from her always disturbed Emma. Today it was bordering on anger.

“Sex,” she replied defiantly.

“With whom?”

“Usually anybody except the guy I’m with.”

Dr. Schmidt peered over his reading glasses at the young woman. He had found her extremely attractive from the first day they met and now looked at her again to help determine just how a beautiful woman in her early thirties could find it so difficult to complete a simple sex act. The more they talked the more he was convinced it was truly in her head. This was not a physical problem.

“Are the men you date unattractive to you, Emma?”

She took that one as a personal affront. “No! I mean, I date good looking guys. They may be jerks, but they’re good looking and usually hun…, I mean, uh, they are well endowed.”

“At what point do you start to realize you may not cum?” Dr. Schmidt asked without acknowledging her last answer.

“The moment we’re naked.”

The doctor squinted across the room at Emma.

“Then why do you do it?” he asked.

“They expect it. Sex, I mean. And I may want to see him again,” Emma said timidly. “I may not want to lose him the first time we’re together.”

Dr. Schmidt scribbled notes. “Are you a lesbian?”

“I am NOT! I used to cum with guys in high school. It’s just been, well, the last couple years…,” she said and paused. “I am NOT into women.”

The doctor took a deep breath and gazed into Emma’s blue eyes. He imagined himself, or any man, watching her strip off her clothes prior to sex. The blouses she wore to counseling were always a little too tight and always unbuttoned one button too far. The smooth, tan skin around her cleavage, her blonde hair, and stunning eyes had his cock twitching in just the brief time he paused to scrutinize her.

He suspected her breasts were round and firm, not overly large but exceedingly tempting. The nipples that always pressed against her blouse were hard. Her stomach was flat and her waist small, leading down to rounded hips and a luscious ass.

She was nearly a perfect package, but couldn’t orgasm during sex.

“What do you think we need to do, Emma?”

She shrugged. Then, as if she had been waiting for a chance to say it, she added, “I think I need a reason to have sex with a guy. I mean, a reason besides him wanting to fuck me. Does that make sense.”

Dr. Schmidt grinned. “It does. Go on.”

Emma hadn’t expected that request. She thought for a moment. “I fantasize about being some type of a sexual aide for a guy, or whatever the word would be. A woman who was there to have sex with somebody and accomplish something at the same time. I want to make a man cum and feel good about it. Like it helped him or something. If I did that, I bet I could have orgasms all day. Geez, I’m rambling and making no sense whatsoever, aren’t I?”

Emma saw the doctor sit up straight in his chair with a look of excitement on his face for the very first time.


“God, I don’t know,” Michael groaned. “I guess I think about how I’m probably not going to be able to be hard enough to have sex and how she’s going to react and how shitty I’m going to feel afterwards.”

Dr. Schmidt listened to his new patient intently. So far, nothing unusual had been disclosed about Michael. It rarely happened in the first couple sessions. But he pushed this patient a little harder than most, partly because of Michael’s young age and apparent desire for a quick cure.

“What kind of women do you have sex with, Michael?”

“Desperate women,” he said with a straight face before looking at the doctor and smiling. He got a small grin in return.

“What kind of women do you WANT to have sex with? What kind of woman would make you hard?”

Michael looked down at the holy family izle floor. “A woman who seemed to care. One that cared about ME. How I felt. What I needed.”


In all his years in practice, Dr. Schmidt never used one patient to cure another, and in the process cure both of them. But he’d never had two patients at the same time like Emma and Michael.

Emma needed a purpose for sex. Michael needed more than a living, breathing sex doll.

It would be risky, but he intended to bring the two of them together, in his office. It wouldn’t be the first time sex ever occurred under his watchful eye. He’d had a couple female patients over the years who willingly accepted his ‘treatment.’ But this would be the first time he teamed one patient with another.

Dr. Schmidt often allowed graduate students at the local university to observe and listen to his sessions behind a two-way mirror. This time, he intended to be the interested observer. If his plan backfired, he would be close-by to address it. If his plan worked…; well, he’d be close-by to ‘observe.’

His office purposely looked much like a counselor’s office portrayed in the movies or on TV. Yes, there was a large couch. And a big chair for the doctor, coffee tables, dark bookshelves and dark wood on the walls. It was all a deliberate attempt to comfort new patients by enclosing them in a warm, homey setting.

It was NOT designed as a sex playground, but Dr. Schmidt hoped Emma and Michael would make do.

He talked to Emma first. He explained her function in meeting Michael, with Dr. Schmidt in the room, and how she would be asked to play the role of sexual healer. Dr. Schmidt emphasized that actual sex would not necessarily have to occur in the first encounter; that getting an erection out of Michael would be considered progress. Emma seemed genuinely excited.

He then met with Michael and explained to him that Emma would be there only because of Michael and sex might, or might not, happen. Dr. Schmidt assured Michael that neither of them was under any obligation whatsoever, but that Emma really wanted to help.

With both patients in agreement, Dr. Schmidt set up the time for the appointment. Emma was probably the most optimistic that it would work. Michael was willing to try anything. The doctor just didn’t want the whole thing to blow up in his face.

On the fateful day, Emma arrived first. She wore her customary blouse and dress slacks, with perhaps a touch more makeup than she normally had on. In any case, Dr. Schmidt found her as attractive as always.

Michael arrived soon afterwards and the patients met for the first time. Both were pleasantly surprised that they were within a year or two of the same age. Dr. Schmidt had been intentionally vague in his descriptions of the two participants and they were relieved that at least there was a physical appeal at first sight.

Michael had an athletic body with the muscular arms that Emma favored. He was tanned with dark hair and eyes, although you’d never find him on the cover of GQ. She loved small asses on men, and he fit the bill.

All three sat in the office and chatted for more than fifteen minutes. They laughed often and Dr. Schmidt interpreted the patients’ body language as beginning to show some comfort.

When he felt the time was right, Dr. Schmidt said, “I think we should begin, if we may. I’d like you both to stand and strip down to your underwear.”

Once the shock of the statement wore off, Michael rose from his chair. Emma followed a second or two later. They stood about five feet apart, not quite facing each other. Michael began to remove his shirt. Emma unbuttoned her blouse.

Dr. Schmidt watched with interest as the pair undressed. Michael was pulling down his pants before Emma had her blouse off. Dr. Schmidt saw Michael’s eyes gravitate to her larger-than-expected breasts hidden behind her sheer bra and, likewise, Emma sneaked a glance at the cock inside Michael’s shorts as she removed her pants.

With the outer clothes removed, Dr. Schmidt said, “Sit together on the couch, please.”

Emma and Michael sat side-by-side, nowhere near touching each other. The doctor smiled to himself, believing they had cleared the first big hurdle. Emma crossed her long legs and struggled with where to put her hands. Michael struggled with everything involved in the exercise, including when and how to look at Emma.

They both managed to get the initial, awkward glance in without incident. Then Dr. Schmidt re-started the casual conversation as if nothing had happened. Soon, he noticed near normal hand gestures and postures that indicated continued progress. Emma and Michael began to frequently look at each other and even joke about their ‘attire.’

“Emma, move closer to Michael,” Dr. Schmidt said. “Put your hand on his leg.”

The smile disappeared from her face as Emma inched closer. Her hand slowly shifted until it lightly rested on the side of Michael’s leg. Dr. Schmidt hotel portofino izle didn’t ask her to do any better.

“How does that feel, Michael?” the doctor asked.

“Like a hand on my leg. But it’s nice.”

“Where would you like to touch Emma, Michael?”

The smirk on his face was matched by his leering eyes. “Oh, I can think of several places.”

“Pick one,” the doctor said.

Michael chose to be gentlemanly and put his own hand on Emma’s thigh, halfway between her knee and pussy. The resulting shiver that ran through her body surprised Emma.

“How does that feel, Emma?” Dr. Schmidt inquired.

“Very nice,” she answered, looking at Michael.

“Is it OK if Michael touched you some more?”

“I would like that,” she replied.

Dr. Schmidt looked at Michael, who stared back. The doctor simply nodded. Michael looked down at Emma’s leg and moved his hand higher. Unexpectedly, Emma uncrossed her legs as the hand approached her hip. Michael couldn’t take his eyes off the tight panties clinging to her pussy. His fingers sank down the inside of her thigh as if drawn by a magnet. Then he stopped, just inches away.

“Go on, Michael,” Dr. Schmidt said softly.

At the same time that Michael’s fingers first made contact with the bottom of Emma’s panties, the doctor and Emma both saw the first hint of a reaction inside his shorts. The effect this had on Dr. Schmidt was far less dramatic than it had on Emma. She could not remember the last time she wanted a guy to touch her pussy because there was an honest chance she might actually respond to it.

What happened next was probably the turning point of the entire exercise.

Emma whispered to Michael, “Touch me, Michael. Please.”

As if by magic, the bulge in the front of his shorts doubled in size. His hand slid on top of Emma’s panties and sought out the warm, moist opening he knew was underneath. Emma spread her legs slightly and moved her hand closer to Michael’s cock. When a finger slid over Emma’s clit, she moaned, leaned back on the couch, and gave Michael even more room to work with between her legs.

But she never moved away from him so far that she couldn’t keep her hand in place. In fact, it rose higher and now rested on the edge of his shorts. Another inch and she would touch his ever-hardening cock. Michael pressed down on her clit as if telling her it was OK.

Emma sought out the shaft she needed so badly and finally laid her hand on it with his shorts acting as a buffer. Their breathing was audible as the joint masturbation began.

“Oh, yes Michael,” Emma sighed. “Harder.”

Dr. Schmidt silently rose from his chair and crept to the door. Emma and Michael both knew he was leaving. Neither one of them stopped him.

Emma twisted her body and fell backwards so that her head was on the padded arm of the couch. She looked up at Michael with nothing but lust in her eyes. Michael leaned down and kissed her cheek and neck. Bit by bit he worked his way down until he was kissing the mounds rising from the inside of her bra.

Emma rubbed his cock, which was now hard enough to wrap her fingers around. But, his tight shorts prevented much more than a constant massage. It would have to do for a few minutes.

Michael was intent on getting to more of Emma’s tits. He pushed aside one bra strap and kissed the top of that breast. He did the same on the other side and all but her nipples were exposed.

“Please don’t stop, Michael. I…I…need you to keep going,” she urged him.

Any role playing that might have been taking place was quickly replaced by authentic stimulation that Emma and Michael had not experienced for far too long. There were still lingering doubts in their minds, but both of them were beginning to believe that this just might work.

“Tell me what you want,” Michael said between nibbles of her plump breasts.

Without hesitation, she said, “I want you to do whatever you want.”

Instead of prolonging the argument, Michael put a hand on top of Emma’s left breast and massaged it for a moment. Then he pushed aside the bra and exposed her entire tit. Of all the sensations he could have concentrated on, the one that registered in his brain was the rigidity of his throbbing cock as it pressed against Emma’s body. Better yet, he had the feeling it would stay that way.

As soon as Michael’s mouth covered her breast, Emma felt her pussy pulse wildly. His cock was so close to it. She wanted him desperately, and not just so he could cum. She was ready to join him.

In an adjacent room, behind the mirror, Dr. Schmidt rubbed the front of his pants. He watched his patients and listened to their moans thanks to the hidden microphone under the coffee table. His cock grew harder as Michael continued to suck on Emma’s tit. He was fully erect by the time Michael was unhooking her bra and removing it.

In the doctor’s wildest dreams, he never expected his experiment to go this well. He unzipped house of hammer izle his pants and reached inside for the cock that needed his immediate attention.

On the couch, a topless Emma anxiously reached out for Michael’s cock while he licked and sucked her tits. She managed to thrust her hand inside his shorts and grip the warm, hard shaft. Emma wondered how any man with such an enormous cock could EVER have sexual problems.

Michael looked down on her and realized he was at a critical juncture. It was at this moment with any other woman that he would recognize that she was only there for the sex…the ultimate orgasm. The thrill would be gone for him and so would his erection.

But Emma seemingly cared about HIM. She wasn’t going to be happy until he was. Michael felt his cock stiffen even more than before, and his pulse quickened. This was going to work.

“Take off my shorts, Emma.”

The words were music to her ears. Emma grabbed the waistband of his shorts and quickly had them down his legs. Michael helped her pull them completely off and hovered over her, naked, and with a menacing hard-on waiting to enter her.

“Wait, Michael,” Emma begged. “Please let me lick it first.”

He grinned at the unexpected and seldom heard request. His fear now was that he might cum too fast. ‘I can’t fucking believe this,’ he thought to himself.

Nor could Dr. Schmidt. He frantically stroked his cock while watching Emma’s beautiful blonde hair rise off the couch as her lips approached the tip of Michael’s cock. The face he had grown to admire so much was about to be put to the most magnificent use he could think of. She kissed the tip before parting her lips. Dr. Schmidt had to stop when it came time for Michael’s cock to slowly, slowly disappear into Emma’s mouth.

She was doing far more than licking.

As Michael picked up the speed with which his cock entered Emma’s mouth, the doctor picked up the speed of his masturbation. He glanced down to confirm that the towel he brought into the room was nearby. He knew he’d be needing it.

Emma held Michael by the ass and accepted every inch of his erection. She occasionally clung to him so hard that he was forced to keep his cock in her mouth until she allowed him to pull out once more.

“God, Emma. That feels so good,” he groaned. “I think it’s time to…”

When their eyes met, Emma just nodded and smiled. She could taste his precum and knew it was time.

Michael moved back and took hold of her panties. She eagerly lifted her legs and let him get her naked, feeling a long-lost pleasure in revealing herself to a man that needed her. Between his erection and her soaking wet pussy, this would be easy.

Michael knew, without a doubt, that if he got his cock inside Emma he would be able to cum. Emma was likewise sure that if he came, she would explode for the first time in…well, she didn’t want to think about it.

She settled onto the couch and spread herself open for him. Michael slid between her legs and put the tip of his cock on her pussy. Emma used one hand to move it into place and then prepared to take in the very large penis.

Despite his lust for her, Michael was gentle. He met resistance from her pussy when the thickest part of his cock attempted to enter her tight hole. But Emma squirmed one way and Michael twisted another until the cock marvelously slid into the warm, moist opening. Emma’s gasp was part pain, part pleasure.

Sooner than she expected, it turned to pure pleasure.

Dr. Schmidt was ecstatic. If everything he saw and heard was an indication, he had killed two birds with one…fuck. He pulled on his cock until, once again, he was on the verge of cumming. A drip of precum hung from his cock while he stopped to watch Michael have uninhibited sex with Emma. The doctor alternated between watching her luscious tits roll on her chest and watching Michael’s huge cock plunge into her pussy.

As the sex progressed, Emma and Michael brought themselves closer together until she had her legs wrapped around his waist and her arms around his body. They were as one on the couch, trying not to roll off in their frantic fucking. Michael buried his face in her flowing, blonde hair. Emma clung to him, waiting for the climax she knew was coming.

They were silent except for the mutual moans that signaled that everything was just fine. Both were afraid to say anything that might upset the other. So they moved ever closer to orgasms in relative quiet.

That is, until Michael felt his cock begin to fill with cum.

“Oh God! Emma! I’m gonna…oh fuck!”

He rammed his cock into her even harder.

“Yes, Michael. Yes!”

He closed his eyes and his body stiffened. He plunged his cock into Emma and held it in place. Then a flood of cum shot out of his cock with enough force that Emma felt it start to fill her.

Michael groaned. He pulled out and rammed his cock into her once more. Another stream of semen shot out. Over and over again he felt his cock release its load.

Emma had waited as long as she could. The success of her mating with Michael was more than enough to start her orgasm and she squealed with joy as her body responded. Together, they swayed on the couch in a frenzied series of climaxes that left both of them hot and exhausted.

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