Elizabeth Defrosted Ch. 06


(All rights reserved. All characters and events are fictional, the participants were all consenting adults, staunch churchgoers and members of the Rotaries. All safety precautions were observed at all times, social distancing was applied etc.)

This is the story of a naïve girl who embarks in a journey into a world of mysticism and sensual discovery. Join her as she reaches for higher levels or self-knowledge and pleasure.

Elizabeth Frost: An 18 year old first year student from an extremely conservative religious background. Her first experience with sex leads her to becoming a disciple or chela of a Tantra adept, and begin to discover a world of pleasure.

Dr Bill Ogden: General practitioner and eventually lover of Elizabeth’s

Sunitra: Tantra adept, healer and relationship expert, will become Elizabeth’s teacher and master.

06 Lesbian Reciprocation

They rested so, skin on skin, their bodies tightly together. At last Sunitra moved, and Elizabeth rolled off her.

“I needed that, thank you. It was selfish of me to ask you to do that.”

Elizabeth shook her head, the long hair swinging. “I enjoyed it. Watching you react, feeling your body move, seeing you come, it was a great turn-on. And it felt good to be able to control you, to be the one making things happen. I thought girls should just lay back and let things happen to them.”

Sunitra gave a deep laugh. “Poor first- and second level people who think that. They will never enjoy the real meaning of joy. Have a look in the locker there, I should have some booze.”

They found a bottle of red wine, two glasses in the bathroom, and Elizabeth asked: “What do you mean by first level people?”

Sunitra steepled her fingers. “Look, at the basic survival level people live to survive, like animals. They treat each other as a means of survival, tread on each other to get ahead. Sex is something to be taken, mostly by the men. A way to procreate, and that is all. That is the first level of existence. When people grow a little more sophisticated they rise to the second level, where they carry on more or less the same, but now they are aware of what they are doing. These are the people who will use sex, or any other emotion, to control others. They might feel guilty about it, but some get their kicks out of enslaving tandoğan escort others. They use other people to their own advantage, and feel the power to do so is their right.”

Elizabeth smiled. “Sounds like the guy the other day. He insisted he was coming back for more, and seemed to think I should be grateful to him.”

Sunitra nodded. “You get some people at this who are just this side of rapists. And these are the people who revel in control, bondage and things like that. The third level is composed of people who use sex and other emotions to build relationships, to create structures, but still with their own advantage in mind. These are typically men who see their women in a secondary role, subservient creatures. You heard the expression: Women should be in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant? That’s the third level. Some women prefer that, being dependent, not having to think and work for themselves. Most people there are perfectly happy, but they don’t even know what they are missing. Everything is transactional, everything has a price, either in money or in comfort, security, social approval.”

“And the fourth level?”

“That is achieved when you get enjoyment out of giving, of making someone else feel good, be confident, be better. When you give in order to transcend. When you discover that the whole is more than the sum of its parts. When making someone else a better and happier person makes you a happier and better person. You gave freely, and that is important. Giving as part of a bargain is never satisfactory. Giving pleasure is the greatest pleasure there is, as you found.”

Elizabeth nodded to herself. “I think I understand. But…”

Sunitra jumped up. “Sweetie, you must be starving! Sex gives me a great appetite, and look at the time! Do I take you out, or do I call the sashimi place to bring us something?”

Elizabeth had to throw on something to open for the delivery boy, and they giggled at the idea of opening for him stark naked. Then they opened the box and tucked in.

“Red wine is not quite the thing with sashimi, but what to do? We have no white. Should I run out and get some?” Sunitra started getting up, but Elizabeth waved a hand. “Next time. This is good. I didn’t realise how hungry I was.”

Sunitra sincan escort bundled up the carton, serviettes and chopsticks and binned it. Turning to Elizabeth she said: “Now part of your training is to know what food is aphrodisiac. Sashimi is one, and the ginger I slathered on yours is another one. So brace yourself, lovely, you are going to be loved!”

She moved close to Elizabeth and cupped her face in her hands. Softly she caressed the cheeks, the temples, then kissed her eyes, nibbled playfully at her nose, and then softly brushed her lips against Elizabeth’s mouth. The girl lay back against the pillows and gave herself over to the kisses and caresses. Then Sunitra asked: “You enjoyed the meditation this afternoon, didn’t you?”

“I did. Interesting, but I did not really feel everything. I think I should practice more.”

“It will take months, years of practice, sweetie. Still, you feel the benefit immediately you start doing it. And that is just one way of controlling the feelings and emotions. Of course it can get out of hand, which is why I will guide you. So let’s have a few quick sun salutations. Come now, get the blood going!”

She revelled in the sight of the young body going through the exercise, the breasts swinging and moving, the muscles rippling under her skin, the wonderful unfolding and hiding of her pussy.

“Great, that’s good. You could try to hold the mountain pose a little longer, but that is good. Now, come and sit in my lap, face the door, and settle into the meditation posture.”

Elizabeth settled against her, breathing deeply, feeling the cool skin against her back. Sunitra’s delicate hands traced lines on her body, her neck, her temples. “So, you remember the exercise we did earlier? Did you manage the visualization?”

Elizabeth nodded. “Sort of. But I’m not sure I did it right.”

“It’s right when it feels right. So, first, let’s trace the chakras.”

Elizabeth felt the warmth of the hand, as well as a certain electric tension as Sunitra rested her hands on the chakras. “This one, on your diaphragm, controls the ability to control things. Breathe in and out and feel it move.”

The warmth seemed to track down from the heart chakra. Then Sunitra moved her hands. “The root chakra is at the sıhhiye escort base of your spine. Feel my hands here? So, a little distance in is the chakra. It controls your connection with people, and also relates to new experiences. This is where your sexual feelings are triggered. Remember this one. Breathe into it. Come, deeper, do you feel the breath tracing the light down your spine? Good. Keep it up.”

One hand rested on her lower belly, but the other crept lower, cupping her mound. The warmth spread and Elizabeth gasped softly as she felt herself become wet. Sunitra spoke in her neck. “Don’t stop breathing! Now we find the root chakra, where the basis of your being rests. There, do you feel my finger? Inside the vagina, just opposite the cervix. Now, clench my finger as you breathe in, relax when you breathe out.”

Elizabeth flushed at the intrusion of the probing finger, and tried to visualize the breath going down all the way to where the finger created a spark as she tried to clench it with her internal muscles.

“I’m not sure… Maybe I can’t…”

“Nonsense, you have just not learnt to use those muscles. Now, there, I feel it. And relax. And clench as you breathe in. Better, can you feel it? Next breath, and I’m twitching my finger. Feel it? And again.”

Elizabeth concentrated on the visualization, feeling the fire in her body grow, pulsing as she breathed in and out. Her awareness of the world out there diminished, and she became her visualization, an ebb and flow of light that reached from her skull down to her most sensitive secret. The light grew and grew until she felt as if she was on fire, as if the pulsing sensation at the tip of Sunitra’s finger ignited a chain reaction along her body, lighting up every nerve and sinew in an explosion of joy.

Sunitra moved with her as she orgasmed, keeping her finger in the pulsing vagina. “There, good, now breathe and do it again. Yes, like that, and again, and again.”

At last Elizabeth slumped in Sunitra’s arms. She felt her whole body glowing in a feeling of wellness and peace. It was a long minute before the cooling perspiration on her skin brought her to the realization that she was still in Sunitra’s embrace, and she stirred.

“Oh, that was so good. I so enjoyed it. It felt like I was going to go on and on and on.”

Sunitra smiled indulgently. “You were going for a while, you know. At least for a beginner you are doing well. I’m for another shower, do you want to come and scrub my back? And then I’m going to kick you out and doss down right here. I have no energy to drive to my apartment, and this emergency crash pad is here for just that reason.”

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