Elizabeth and John Ch. 03

The shared bath changed everything. Now, they didn’t bother to hide their feelings and were slowly discovering each other. Elizabeth knew that she was falling deeply in love with him in a very different way from the way that she had loved Peter. Her feelings for her brother were those of a sensual woman, not a girl. She could see that the attraction she felt for him had probably always been there but that she had denied it and that her submission to his will was caused by a suppressed wish to belong to him. She knew that was ready to let him have sex with her. She also knew that what they were going to do was a sin in the eyes of both God and man but she believed in a forgiving God, one that would not blame them for a love that was not hurting anyone.

The amorous and sensual climate surrounding their relationship was suddenly broken a few weeks later. Her brother had hired new hands to help with the cattle he had bought and, since Mrs Bennett was busy elsewhere, Elizabeth had gone to the stable to take the men their lunch. She greeted them politely and was greeted politely in return but as the men lined up to receive their food she became aware that their attention was not on their food but on her body. She was beautiful, there was no doubt about that, and it was clear from the looks they were giving her that they were envisioning her in a different setting and certainly without the every-day work clothes that she was wearing. John, who was sitting with the men, was incensed by their interest in her but, wanting to avoid an argument, he decided that the best way to warn them off was to clearly establish the nature of the relationship between the two of them. He got up from the table, seized her by the waist and gave her a kiss on her lips. Startled by his actions she tried to escape from his grasp. As he released her he laughed and said,

“Come on my love, don’t I deserve a kiss before lunch?” Embarrassed to her core by his action and flushing a bright red she ran out of the stable and into the house silently cursing both him and his possessive ways.

She was both ashamed and angered by his behaviour. Mr. Bennett had been there and she was afraid that he would tell the others that she was John’s sister. What would everybody think? My God, they could be imprisoned for that. At dinner she sat in stony silence ignoring him and his numerous attempts at conversation. She tried to distract herself by watching Michael trying to feed himself while she gave little John his dinner. When the boys had finished she cleaned their hands and mouths and took them upstairs where she played a little with them before putting them to sleep.

When she returned downstairs and went to the table to clear the dishes, John grabbed her, pulled her to him and made her sit on his lap.

“Tsk, Tsk, so, my little kitten is angry with me?” he teased while he nibbled on her ear.

“Oh, stop it John,” she said feigning anger as she tried to hide her body’s response to even his slightest touch. “Don’t you see what you’ve done? Mr Bennett will tell everybody that you’re my brother and they’ll know that we’ve committed incest. God, we can both go to prison for that.”

He looked at her in surprise and replied,

“What are you saying? Firstly, as far as I know we haven’t committed incest and secondly, neither of the Bennetts know that you are my sister — they both think you are my sister-in-law. It seems that when you told Mrs. Bennett about Susan you referred to her as ‘my dear sister’ and, fortunately for us, she misunderstood and now thinks that Susan was your real sister. For that I think we both ought to thank God!”

“How do you know?” she asked, but he ignored her and started to caress her breasts through her blouse. She pulled his hair to draw his attention.

“O.k. let me think… I guess that I’ve known for about two or three months. Mr. Bennett came to me the day after our trip to town and suggested that since you were no longer in mourning that it was a good time to make an honest woman out of you. He also said that he was sure your sister would not have minded if I married you. When I asked him how he knew that Susan was your sister he mentioned your conversation with his wife. You see? I told you that you don’t need to be worried.”

Re-assured, but still upset, she slapped his hand away from her breasts and got up from his lap..

“But you still had no right to treat me like you did in front of those men today. They all know we’re not married. What will they think of me?” His mood, which up to now had been playful, changed in an instant.

“Those men in the stable, I saw the way they looked at you and that can only mean one thing …trouble. It’s better that they know once and for all that you’re mine, that you belong to me. I don’t give a damn about the men and neither should you … that’s if you’re not interested in what they have to offer.”

Irritated, once again by his insensitivity, she tried to escape Escort from his grasp, but he easily held her. Pinning both her hands in one of his he pulled her back onto his lap and then used the other to explore her body. Gradually, as his hands touched her secret places, her resistance waned and her body started to respond to his caresses. He kissed her passionately and she moaned as her body responded; her sex becoming moist with want. With her help he slowly removed her clothes until, finally, she was sitting naked on his lap. She could feel, even through his clothes, his erect cock as it probed and rubbed against the opening to her pussy. Reaching round her body he rubbed her belly and, as he did, whispered in her ear, “You’ll soon stop whining about propriety when I plant my cum in your little warm, wet cunt and your belly starts to grow with my child.” Her face burned as she heard his soft, masculine laugh. “Don’t deny it, Beth. I know that you want me. I also know that what you really want is for me to be your master, for me to mount you, to pleasure you, to fill your cunt with my cum.”

She got up from his lap and slapped him hard on the face, her body trembling with anger. She knew she wanted him, she knew that every word he said was true, but his ugly words hurt her and brought tears to her eyes. He touched his face where she had hit him and looked at her.

“You’re mine, Elizabeth and no other man will have you, not while I’m alive. Incest may well be a sin, but I’d rather go to hell than lose you, and, whatever you say, sooner or later I will have you… The sooner you recognize that this is what you want the better.” When he had finished he got up from the chair and left, leaving her alone and confused.

That had happened two days ago. In the meantime he had gone with the men to a neighbouring ranch to bring back the cattle he had bought and, although he had returned to the ranch that afternoon, they had not been able to talk as he had been too busy with the cattle. Elizabeth ate dinner alone and was thankful as she was unsure how they would both react when they were in each other’s presence again.

After dinner she sat in the parlour on her own thinking about their relationship and where it was going. She knew she wanted him but couldn’t see how they could live together as lovers or even as husband and wife under the ever-present threat of their incestuous relationship being discovered. Unable to find a solution she went to bed. Lying in bed provided no relief as her mind kept returning to their relationship and her feelings for him. She was brought back to the present when the baby emitted a long wail, a sure indication that he was feeling hungry. She got out of bed, sat in the armchair, unbuttoned her night-dress and, with practiced ease, removed her left breast and offered the nipple to him. A full moon illuminated the room and fell onto her pale skin, accentuating her fair complexion and highlighting her heavy milk-filled breast. As the baby started suckling, the door opened and she saw her brother in the threshold.

“I though I heard a sound,” he said as he entered the room looking tired.

The summer night was hot and he had stripped down so that he was wearing only his pants. She stared briefly at his tanned torso taking in his lean muscles and his sculpted abdomen but then her mind drifted back to the last time she had seen him naked and to the image of his proud, rampant cock which she had since incestuously held, licked and sucked and whose cum she had swallowed. Frightened, but excited by her thoughts, she gave him a tentative smile.

“Sorry, I tried to get to him before he made too much noise.” Her voice was barely a whisper as she tried not to wake her son who slept in the room next to hers. “Please, go back to bed, I will take care of him. Tomorrow is going to be a hard day and you need to rest.”

Tomorrow would be a hard day. The cattle they had brought back that afternoon needed to be branded, treated for injuries and separated by age and sex. In fact the next few days would be tough for not only had he to deal with new livestock but he also had to make sure that the new men were settled in. However, if everything went well, they would be able to sell some of the cattle next year and use the money to make much needed improvements to both the house and the ranch.

“Oh, I don’t mind, it gives me a chance to be with him. I don’t get much chance during the day and besides, you know I love to watch you breastfeeding him,” he said, his grey eyes piercing her blue ones.

With a smile he sat down on his haunches in front of her and took the one of the baby’s little hands in his. When the baby gripped his finger his smile deepened.

“Hi there little one, are you enjoying yourself? Do you like your auntie’s breast?”

As he watched the baby hungrily sucking her breast, almost absent-mindedly he started stroking the baby’s hair and, as he did so, touched the top of her breast. She knew Escort Bayan that it wasn’t an accident, that, whatever their disagreements, he wanted her and that he wanted her to decide once and for all to let him make love to her. She also knew that by touching her breast he was, in effect, letting her decide if she would reject or accept him.

In spite of the hurt she felt from the way he had treated her in front of others or the assumptions he made about her desire for him she knew that she didn’t have the will or desire to refuse him any longer. She was just as anxious as him to be more to him than just his sister and, by default, a mother to his son. She wanted to belong to him, to be his woman and the one to satisfy the needs of his body.

When the baby finished sucking her breast she raised him to her shoulder in order to burp him. Automatically she started to cover her exposed breast with her free hand but her brother interrupted her attempt at modesty by taking her hand in his.

“Don’t!” he ordered in the authoritative tone typical of him, “I want to see your body — all of it.” She obeyed immediately, moving her hands to her side and leaving her body totally open to his gaze. Although she couldn’t understand it or explain it his aggressiveness, the look of lust on his face and his semi-naked masculinity excited her and she started to feel shivers running down her spine. Against her best intentions she felt her body respond and her nipples begin to swell. He moved to kneel in front of her and then, very slowly and without taking his eyes from hers, he bent his head toward her breast, his hot breath on her skin. His mouth closed around her left nipple, replacing that of his son. He started suckling, gently taking her milk into his mouth.

Overwhelmed by the effects of him feeding from her breast, her breathing became erratic and her pussy started to moisten. He began to suck harder, from time to time removing his mouth, milking her with his hand and watching, enthralled, as the milk sprayed from her nipples. The more he sucked and played with her breasts the more love he felt for her and the more her pussy responded, becoming slicker and slicker with her juices. Then, without warning, his suckling was interrupted by a cry from his son, startling him and causing him to let go of her breast.

Interpreting the baby’s cry as evidence that he was still hungry, Elizabeth took out her right breast and gave it to him. As the baby started suckling, her brother resumed his use of her other breast, at first playing with and stimulating her nipple and making her milk flow, then twisting it between his fingers and finally biting it so hard that she gasped. Totally under his spell she felt her body respond to the bite, her nipples felt as if they were on fire, her pussy became even slicker and her cum leaked onto her night-dress. Caught up in the pleasant sensations provided by her bother’s hands and mouth the baby at her breast was now a hindrance. She removed him from her breast, burped him perfunctorily and put him in the cradle. Standing there with her night-dress partially open, with both her breasts exposed and with a growing stain on her night-dress she felt embarrassed but, at the same time, knowing that her body craved her brother’s attention.

Sensing her indecision, he reached out, took her hand and led her down the corridor to his own room. As soon as they entered the room he took her in his arms and kissed her face, her neck and the curve of her breasts.

As he started to unbutton the rest of the buttons on her night-dress he whispered,

“I want you so much that I could eat you! I’ve waited far too long to make love to you. I want to as my lover as well as my sister. But before I do I need you to tell me that this is what you want. You must tell me that you want me to fuck you.”

The buttons undone her night-dress fell to the floor leaving her naked, exposed and trembling but with a look of love in her eyes. She knew the answer. Whatever doubts she had ever had about their relationship has disappeared.

“John, you know I love you and I know that you love me. I want you. I think that I have always wanted you and to be yours but now I finally think that I’m ready to have you do whatever you want to me. Yes – to fuck me if you want.”

Excited by her words, hearing from her for the first time that she wanted him to fuck her, he kissed her, thrusting his tongue into her mouth, and then, taking her into his arms, he carried her to the bed. Sitting beside her he took off his pants and then said, light-heartedly, “from now on you will be my lover and as my lover and my mistress one of your first duties will be to feed me ……from your breasts.” He started once again to suckle on her right breast. To Elizabeth, excited by a sexual tension she had never before experienced, it felt as if every stream of milk that went into his mouth connected directly to her pussy. Her body shuddered. Feeling her response Bayan Escort he used his hands to caress her inner thigh and then stroke her silk-like public hair, her pussy lips and, finally, her engorged clit. His mouth left her breast and trailed soft kisses up to her neck.

“Who do you belong to?” He nipped her ear lobe with his teeth as he breathed into her ear.

“You, brother…. I belong to you …only to you.”

Satisfied with her response, he slid his mouth down to her neck, sucking and biting, using his mouth to mark her as his possession and sending shivers down her spine and into her pussy. He licked his way down to her breasts biting and marking them as further proof of his ownership of her most intimate places. He continued down to her stomach and, finally, to her waiting pussy. It was beautiful; he had wanted to lick and suck it from the moment he saw her naked for the first time.

He eased himself between her thighs and opened the pink folds slowly savouring the moment and loving how wet she was for him. Absorbing the feel and the tantalising, womanly smell of her pussy he knew he couldn’t resist taking her in his mouth. He leaned forward running his tongue round the labia and then her clitoris, which had burst out of its hood. He played with the man-in-the-boat and as it grew even larger he took the throbbing flesh and suckled it with his mouth.

Elizabeth gasped and thrust her hips forward to offer more of her pussy to his voracious sucking. He abandoned her clitoris and thrust his tongue deep inside her cunt making her moan in passion as he tongue-fucked her.

She tastes like heaven he thought, as he ran his tongue deep inside her, licking her juices out of her slick hole. He felt her hands clasp his head as he fucked her pussy with his tongue. As her passion mounted he returned his attention to her clit; licking, sucking and, occasionally, nipping it. Her body started to buck and, in response, he inserted two fingers deep into her channel. As he felt her getting close to her orgasm he inserted a third finger, roughly thrusting all three in and out while all the time continuing to suck, nibble and lick her clit. The closer she came to her climax the harder she bucked against his face and then, as she came, she grabbed his head and thrust her pussy hard and repeatedly against his face. She moaned and trembled violently, loosing a flood of cum from her pussy onto his face. Coming down from her climax she continued to rub herself against his mouth while he continued to lick her cum from her pussy until, unable to stand it anymore, she gasped,

“Please. No more. It’s too much!”

To her brother her response and her uncomplaining submission were everything he had wished for. He was so excited that he thought his balls would explode if she wouldn’t let him fuck her. Knowing now what he had to do, he got up from between her legs, grabbed her by the waist and threw her without ceremony into the middle of the bed. Excited by a feeling of power, he straddled her and then grabbed his erect cock, flaunting it, showing it to her, pointing it at her and telling her what she could expect when it penetrated not just her cunt but all of her orifices. Looking up it appeared enormous to her and, for a moment, she was concerned that it was too big for her pussy. She didn’t have long to worry about it. Without waiting for her permission, he mounted her and rammed it up to the hilt into her waiting pussy.

As he penetrated her he felt her pussy stretch around his cock and he groaned, lost in waves of raw pleasure from the heavenly sensations induced by both the incredible tightness and the searing heat of her cunt. She issued a moan from depth of her throat as the initial pain of being stretched by his cock transformed into waves of pleasure which permeated her entire body.

He became a man driven, all his pent up lust driving him to use his cock as a battering ram. Lost in the pleasure of fucking her, he was barely aware of her loud moans and yelps of pain as he rammed his cock violently against her cervix. Twisting and pinching her exposed breasts he demanded,

“Will you always be mine? Will you let me fuck you wherever, whenever and however I want?”

Totally dominated by his aggression and, despite herself, feeling pleasure in the pain he was inflicting on both her breasts and pussy she gasped,

“Yes, I’ll do whatever you want. Yes, you can fuck me when, where and however you want.” She knew now that her brother had become her owner, the master of her body and of her soul. She knew now that her surrender to his will was complete and irreversible and that from now on she would always give him whatever he asked of her.

Satisfied by her capitulation he raised his arm, shouted a victorious ‘Yes’ and started to fuck her faster, pumping his cock in and out of her pussy. She responded, moving her hips to the increasing rhythm of his strokes.

“Oh God it’s good…. please go on…don’t stop. Faster. Harder. Cum in me….fill my cunt,” she pleaded. Then, as she approached her climax, she uttered the words which he knew meant her final submission, ” …………..make me pregnant.”

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