Eighteen and Never Been…


Growing up on a huge farm in the middle of nowhere does not lead to much of a social life.

Blessed with a Father that was as honest as it was possible to be instilled things in Cary.

His Dad was a tall and lean man, hard as nails. His Mother was a round and pleasant woman who worked as hard keeping up the house and preparing meals as his Father worked outside.

Add in that Sundays meant church without fail, and every other day of the week began at 5 in the morning and ended around 9 each night?

Football, basketball, girls? That was not in the plan at all.

Cary’s two older brothers escaped early, one off to the Coast Guard fresh out of high school and the other to the Army.

Of course they could have gone on to college but no way was Dad going to pay for it, so that meant go get a job.

Cary had been an afterthought, much younger than his two brothers so even survival was one of the issues. Eddie was the worst until one day he did just one mean thing too many and there was a long drawn out scuffle in the front yard which was rather muddy at the time.

Cary got marked up pretty good but so did Eddie, enough so that the picking on him stuff all ended. The teeth marks were the part that Eddie complained about the most. Mud mixed with blood didn’t taste very good but Cary didn’t care.

Fed up with the constant bullshit from his older brother, Cary had also let his fingernails grow longer than normal. He was smaller and younger, no real match in strength for his bratty brother, but he made up for it in speed and meanness. He glanced down at them after, relishing in the fact that they were mixed with mud and blood also.

His Dad sat on the porch smoking his pipe and watched. He never said a single word about it, just got out the hose and washed them both off before he would let them back into the house.

Eddie whined about how cold the water was, Cary just gritted his teeth and took it.

A year or so later Cary was barely fourteen when Eddie left for the Coast Guard. His oldest brother Sid was long since gone, just three days out of high school he boarded a train.

A couple of times Cary mentioned that he could drop out of school and then have more time to work around the farm. His Dad never said anything about that much, the look on his face told what he thought of that idea.

Just one time did he ever say anything, that was the last time it was mentioned.

“Boy, you are going to get an education, we pay taxes around here so you can and by God you are going to!”

That was pretty much the end of that idea.

Cary stayed the Summer after finishing school, and he could tell his Father was now hoping he would stick around and help run the ranch.

Cary had other plans by then, he had applied for and gotten a government loan to go on to State college. Straight A’s and B’s helped some with that, he even won a small scholarship.

There was quite a discussion once he got up nerve to tell his folks. He saw that his Dad was unhappy about that but he became resigned to it.

“Guess I can hire me a couple of them Mexicans to help out, it will be OK.” He muttered, more or less to himself.

His Mom was so tickled pink she made donuts from scratch to celebrate. With two of her sons in the military smack dab in the middle of a war, she was happy to have one son not to worry about.

“You can maybe stay with your Uncle Ben and Aunt Ellen, I will give them a call and see, OK?” She said.

Ben was his Mom’s half brother, he was a truck driver in his middle forties, his wife Ellen was quite a bit younger, barely over 35. Uncle Ben walked with a pronounced limp, one day he was in their living room and sat down, taking off his right leg.

That was somewhat of a shock to Cary. He wondered how Ben managed to drive that huge truck with a steel leg like that but he seemed to do just fine. Then he took off the other one, scratching the end of his stumps.

Cary decided right then that if his Uncle Ben could do that, then with two good legs he could do anything himself.

That all settled in at them asking for $200 a month for a bedroom and food, which was far better than Cary could manage anywhere else.

Fall came and Cary stepped off the bus in the midsized college town of Eugene.


Cary quickly discovered that his Uncle Ben was gone nearly all the time, driving the big rigs all the way to the East coast and back.

The second thing he discovered was the nearly solid string of men, and a few women that came to the door every single day. They were there about 90 minutes and then left. The phone also rang several times each day, Ellen answered and spoke so softly he really couldn’t hear.

The first couple of days he was too bashful to ask, then finally while Ellen was fixing some sandwiches one evening, he did.

“Oh, I am a massage therapist, honey. I do that for the extra money. Didn’t you know that?” She told him, setting down the plate of food.

“Your Uncle Ben is only home two büyükesat escort or three days then he is back on the road, so it keeps me busy and helps with the bills.” She smiled at him, sitting down to eat.

Cary had only seen his Aunt Ellen perhaps a dozen times in his life, and he had no idea. In fact, he did not even know what that was for sure, so he asked.

“People get tired and sore, all stressed out so I do massages, you know, rubdowns? I have been doing them for nearly 10 years now and it’s pretty good money.”

Cary wasn’t quite sure why his Uncle Ben didn’t get upset at the idea of her rubbing strange men but it was none of his business so he kept mostly to his room when her customers came by.

He understood after just a couple of times that seeing a strapping young eighteen year old in the living room made some of Aunt Ellen’s clients uncomfortable. So he did his best to make himself scarce, retreating to his bedroom to study.

But he was curious. Ellen used the back bedroom, and since the bathroom was between his room and her massage room, he couldn’t even hear anything.

The customers would come in, Ellen led them down the hall. Soon he would hear the shower start for just a few minutes, then all became quiet.

Later he would hear his Aunt in the bathroom, she always went in and scrubbed it until it was spotless. Even his Mom could not keep their bathroom at home like that, not with three sons on a farm. It smelled just like the dentist’s office he had gone to once.

Once when he was getting up to use the bathroom late one night, he saw the back door was slightly open so he peeked in.

All there was in there was a long narrow table with some pillows and sheets, a table and a lamp, a chair and some charts hanging on the walls.

Glancing around with curiosity, he noticed the windows faced the back yard. He had been in the back yard several times and just never thought about it. Those had heavy curtains that pulled down from a roller at the top, and there was a tiny gap of an inch or so at the bottom.

Cary closed the door and went back to his room.


One Saturday evening he heard the phone ring and knew that meant the end of watching TV, it nearly always did. Ellen now asked him to go to his room when she had a customer.

She hung up and came into the living room, so Cary started to get up.

“You can go ahead and watch your program, honey. This is one of my regular lady clients, you won’t bother her.” She smiled.

“OK.” Cary was grateful for that, he was right in the middle of a cops and robbers show that was pretty good.

At a knock on the door, Ellen opened it and she introduced him to a young woman.

“This is Cynthia, she is also a therapist, we do trades a couple of times a month. We will be at least two hours tonight so go ahead and watch TV, you won’t bother us.” She smiled.

Cary nodded and looked at the woman shyly, Cynthia was a very pretty young lady perhaps a couple of years older than he was.

After some small talk, the two women went into the back. Cary sat there and finished his program, so it was about an hour later when he went down the hall to his room.

Just as he got there, Cynthia stepped out of the bathroom. All she had on was a large bath towel wrapped around herself.

“OH! Sorry!” Cary said, his face flaming.

“No problem sweetie, I am just getting ready for my turn.” Then she giggled slightly at his obvious shyness and went into the massage room.

He got a glimpse of the bottom half of her bare behind, he stared at that until the door closed.

Cary went into his own room and stretched out on the bed. He lay there for a few minutes, thinking. All he could see in his mind was Cynthia’s bare fanny, he had seem a few pictures that the other boys brought to school but that was it up until this point.

Excited, he couldn’t help himself, he opened his blue jeans and masturbated furiously, using some tissues to clean up. He carefully pushed the messy tissues into the very bottom of his waste basket, pulling some other wadded up papers over top of that.

Then he got up, went over to the window and opened it, sticking his head out. He still could not hear anything, so he climbed out the window and went closer. He could now hear soft voices, so he crept even closer.

They were just talking, he carefully leaned over and peered though the inch high gap at the bottom of the curtain.

Ellen had her back to him, Cynthia was lying face up on the table. Her lower body was covered by a sheet but her upper body was bare!

Cary saw the very first set of real in the flesh breasts he had ever seen in his life. They were big, and rolled over to the side of her chest. Cynthia had her eyes closed, Ellen was working on her stomach, making large slow circles.

Afraid of getting caught, Cary ran back to his window and climbed inside. His breath was coming in gasps and he realized he was completely çankaya escort erect. Afraid to go into the bathroom, he sat on the edge of his bed and again masturbated, using more tissue to wipe himself up.

Then he went to bed, waking several times that night with the vision of Cynthia’s breasts in his mind.

He didn’t say much at breakfast the next morning, Ellen noticed that.

“You sure are quiet this morning, honey. Is everything all right?”

“Yes, I just have some tests today.” He lied. Ellen just nodded.

The next night she had a man arrive right after dinner, Cary was in the kitchen helping out with the dishes when Ellen went to answer the door.

The man glanced in at him when they went by but said nothing. He was a tall man, showing signs of his hair receding, wearing a business suit.

“This is one of my regulars and it’s for an hour and a half Cary, so it you want to go watch TV it’s OK.” Ellen told him.

“I need to study anyway.” Cary told her, she just nodded.

About an hour later, Cary slipped out of his bedroom window and eased down the outside wall.

Peeking in, once again Ellen had her back to the window. All he could see was the man’s bare shoulders and his legs. She was doing long strokes from his midsection to his chest and shoulders. Then she stepped sideways, turned slightly and reached beside her for a small bottle of something. As she poured a lotion on her hands, Cary looked at the man again while she rubbed her hands briskly.

The man was completely naked!

That was a surprise. His penis was not large, but it was very erect. Unlike Cary’s own, he had no foreskin. Cary knew about that from showers at school after gym class.

Then Ellen turned back to the man and began rubbing his abdomen. When she stopped and walked down to the lower end of the table he again ran back to his room, afraid she might see him.

Very late that night Cary crept down the hallway and opened the massage room door. It was pitch dark in there, listening carefully he heard nothing, so he switched on the light. It made a small clicking sound, he held his breath and listened but heard nothing from Aunt Ellen’s room.

Looking at the window, it was black. With the lights on it was impossible to see out at all. He shut off the light and carefully closed the door, sneaking back to his room.


Over the next few weeks, he saw at least a dozen men briefly, and two other women, both much older.

Both of the women were draped, even their breasts covered, but none of the men were. Cary was being careful, only watching for a few seconds, then each time he ran back to his room.

When Cynthia came again, Cary was excited about that. This time he watched nearly the entire massage, Ellen even rubbed her breasts, starting out in large circles that got smaller and smaller. He watched as Cynthia’s nipples got very hard, then Ellen reached down and gripped each nipple between her thumb and forefinger and rolled them gently.

Cynthia’s eyes were closed and her mouth was open, she looked like that hurt her.

Once again Cary masturbated as soon as he got back to his room, watching that had excited him beyond belief.

A few days later when he went down to watch, he found the curtain had been tugged down all the way. Several more times he tried to watch but it stayed tightly closed.

His Uncle Ben came home for a couple of days like he did every ten days or so but he mostly ignored Cary who he spent a lot of time in his room studying.

He did notice that when Ben was home, Aunt Ellen had no clients. Ben and Ellen spent a lot of time in the kitchen, just talking. His Mom and Dad never sat for hours like that, just talking. They hugged a lot, and even held hands like kids.

One November day was Sunny and far warmer than normal, Cary was in the back yard when he noticed Ellen open the curtains all the way and push the window up. She saw Cary and smiled.

“I will open yours too, honey. Let some air in, OK?” She called out.

“OK.” He answered.

Later she same out wearing a white one piece bathing suit. That was different, up until now he had only seen her in jeans and sweaters, a couple of times in baggy T-shirts.

She really did look very nice.

“Wow, you are a fox, Aunt Ellen!” He complimented her with a grin.

“Oh, you!” She said, but she beamed at that. They sat around and chatted about school and everything under the Sun.

“So tell me, Cary? You are such a handsome young man and I never see any girl friends?” She asked him.

“I am not very good at talking to girls, and besides school takes all my money and studying takes all my time.” He told her.

“Well, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” She grinned at him.

They both laughed at that, Cary by now felt quite comfortable around her.

“This is so nice, sitting out here in the Sun. I almost wish I didn’t have to work this afternoon.” She told him.

“Oh, cebeci escort you have some clients?” He asked.

“Yes, two of them. One is a regular, you have seen her. Martha? That is this afternoon, the other one is tonight.”

Cary had met Martha, she was around seventy and a nice old lady. He had even peeked in at her massage but all he saw was her arms and legs.

“Well, I better go get ready.” Ellen said.

“OK. I will make myself scarce.”

“No need honey, they both know you live here. It’s no problem.” She got up and went inside.

A few minutes later she closed the window and pulled down the curtain. Then after few seconds she readjusted it, leaving it up about two inches.

Then she leaned down and looked out for just a moment.

That appeared to be odd to Cary. Was it possible that she knew somehow? That wasn’t very likely, he had seen the window from inside and it was just like a mirror.

When Martha arrived, Cary went to his room and worked on his studies. Later, he was again helping Ellen clean up after dinner when her other customer arrived.

It was the same man Cary had first seen the other time, he glanced over and nodded, then Ellen led him down the hall to her massage room.

He was in his own room reading when he heard the shower start, he had noticed that a few of Aunt Ellen’s clients did take showers and he really had not paid much attention to that. The man finished quickly, soon he heard the door open and close, then it was quiet.

Cary got up and slipped out the window, once in the backyard he realized he now had a very good view so he could stand back a little bit with much less chance of being seen.

The man was again nude, lying face down as Ellen worked on his back. He appeared to be enjoying her work very much.

It wasn’t very long before she had the man turn over, he was completely erect. Ellen went over to the opposite side of the table, so Cary stepped back even further. She showed no sign at all of seeing him though. Even from a distance of perhaps eight feet he had a clear view into the room.

When Ellen stepped to the foot of the table and worked on the man’s legs, he assumed she was about done so he started to turn to slip back into his room. Just then her hand came up and slid right over the man’s groin, he opened his mouth and arched his hips.

Csry stood there in surprise at that. It was one thing for the man to be naked, he could almost understand that but she had obviously touched him!

Then she repeated the motion, getting the same reaction from the man.

The man turned his head to her and said something, Aunt Ellen smiled, then reached up and shrugged off her top! She was suddenly bare breasted, just like that!

Cary couldn’t believe this, she was standing there stroking the man’s erection with her bare breasts exposed. They were medium sized and she had large dark nipples, they were swaying and bouncing slightly as her hand went back and forth on her customer’s cock.

It wasn’t very long before the man’s back arched and he blasted off a load of semen all over his own chest. Ellen’s hands kept up the furious pace, then slowed. She released him, said something to him. When she glanced up at the window Cary froze, but she showed no sign of seeing him. Picking up a towel, she wiped her hands and began to clean the man’s body up.

Shaken by what he had seen, Cary hurried back to his own room. That night he had the vision of Aunt Ellen’s bare breasts in his mind when he ejaculated.

For a short while after that Cary found himself being bashful around her and he wasn’t sure why except he was thinking she might say something.

She didn’t though, everything seemed normal.


Uncle Ben came home, like always he paid little attention to him. Cary found himself wondering if Ben knew about some of the things Ellen did.

But he had no way to find out, and he certainly was not about to mention that.

Very soon, Ben was once again gone. The clients kept coming, Cary did not sneak down to spy on her for several days.

Then when he was planning out his classes for the second semester, he spotted a class in massage therapy and it just happened to fit into an afternoon when he was free.

He wasn’t sure why he did it, but he signed up to take the class.

That evening he mentioned it to Ellen.

“Why, that is wonderful! I am sure you will love it, and even if you don’t go on to make it a profession it still is a skill that you will use your whole life!” She told him.

“I think so too, I only got interested because you seem to be doing pretty well with it. Maybe I can even make some money to help with school.” Cary told her.

“Yes, I make very good money and now I have so many regulars I don’t even need to advertise much.” She smiled at him at that.

“Plus once you get a few lessons under your belt, you can practice on me, I love getting massages. We can even trade if you want.” She added.

Cary blushed furiously at that.

“You will get over being bashful very quickly, honey.” She grinned at him, causing him to blush even more.


Aunt Ellen was correct about that, the first few weeks of his massage class he felt uncomfortable about, especially having to undress to get on the table while one of the other students held up a sheet.

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