We had been out at a party all night long. “We” being my best friends, the twins, and I. Someone had handed us each a small pink pill as we entered the house, and we’d unquestioningly popped those pills in unison.

Bad idea.

How we’d even managed to get the three of us back here safely, I was never quite sure. We were sweating, we were zoning in and out of reality, and we were all three amazingly, insanely horny. Joel and I had had to pull Benji off several unsuspecting females as we stumbled home, most of them yelling and cussing, calling him a “Pervert!”.

And they’d never even seen him sober.

We’d made it home by some small grace of god, and Joel was currently laying on the bed moaning about how horny he was. The fact that he had his boxers around his ankles and was slowly stroking himself was certainly not helping my own condition. No sir.

“Morgan,” he hissed. “Morg, help me! I need you.”

I watched as his eyes rolled back into his head and he continued to stroke himself.

“I’ll help him, Morgan,” Benji volunteered, tearing his clothing off and diving on top of his brother.

“Umm, Benji?” I stammered. “Benj, I don’t think you should touch him like that.”

Benji was laying beside Joel, stroking his brother’s erection slowly, eyeing Joel as though he were merely a fucktoy.

“Benj, get off him!” I begged.

I realized that I was beyond fucked up on the X, and all I wanted right now was to fuck anything that walked too. Of course, watching a live sex show put on by twins? Yeah, that was fucking hot, but my conscience was weighing heavily. A voice was telling me not to let Benji do this to his brother, there would be hell to pay the next morning. So I tried to push Benji Escort off Joel.

Tried being the operative terminology.

“No, Morgan,” Benji cried out. “I want to fuck him.”

“Benj, you can’t!” I emphasized. “Please just get off him.”

“Morgan, stop!” Joel whined. “I want him!”

“No, Joel, you don’t! You’re high as a kite right now, trust me.”

Joel stared from my bloodshot eyes to his brother’s dilated pupils. He was confused, lost, floating on the cloud of happiness that was the drug.

“Joely, lay down and ignore Morgan!” Benji cooed. “I’ma take care of you.”

Joel simply nodded, still clutching his throbbing hard-on in his own hand.

Benji straddled Joel and scooting downward. Immediately, he began to tongue Joel’s erection, getting him slick and ready, then naturally enveloping the length inside his warm mouth.

“Oh christ,” Joel moaned. “That’s it, that’s what I need.”

I watched in awe and horror. Would they remember this tomorrow? I knew I would. Would they damn me for allowing it to occur when I had the sense to try and stop them? I was still high, don’t get me wrong. In fact, my own crotch was moist with want. I could feel it between my thighs, feel the ache for someone, anyone to place their lips to my sex. Watching Benji fellate his brother wasn’t helping, either. Joel’s soft moans and guttural grunts simply made my juices flow more rapidly.

“Morg-an,” Joel hissed, his eyes mere slits.

“Yeah, Joel?”

“I’m cumming, Morg, I’m cumm…….ing,” he hissed and he did. All over Benji’s waiting tongue.

“Joely?” Benji grinned after licking his lips clean and wiping the remainder of Joel’s release off with his hand.

Joel sat up Escort Bayan on the bed, his dick already springing back to life. “Yeah?”

“I want to fuck you now!” Benji giggled.

I looked at the pair. Benji was as hard as a coal train right now, massaging his erection as his twin had earlier. He was using slow, steady strokes up and down, twisting his wrist whenever he ran his head up and over the head. Joel was watching nervously, his own cock stirring and beginning to re-rise.

They were beautiful. Their unique but equally appealing bodies complimented one another. Where Benji was slightly shorter, Joel had added height. Where Joel was slightly thinner, Benji had a masculine huskiness. Benji’s bright colorful tattoos traveled the entire length of his body, while Joel’s were largely confined to his right leg. Piercing marred Benji’s natural beauty, but added to his exotic presentation. Joel had none of these. They both possessed hauting chocolate brown eyes, and dyed jet black hair. Identical yet seperate.

Two very different people who were once one.

Now Benji was trying to make them one once again.

“Benj, stop, please,” I objected. “You can’t fuck Joel.”

Both their eyebrows raised in confusion.

“You’ll never forgive me if I let you two do this,” I stated matter-of-factly. “So just….Fuck me instead!”

There. I’d said it. I’d made the offer.

“Morgan,” Joel grinned. “Come ‘ere.”

I approached the bed and crawled between the brothers, happy that I would finally get the release I so needed.

“Morgan?” Benji smiled. “I’m gonna fuck you so hard your eyelashes are gonna curl.”

Alright, so he had no tact. But he had a gorgeous body and an amazingly Bayan Escort hard cock- and that was all that mattered right now.


I awoke and glanced around the bedroom. Joel was laying on my right side, completely naked. His body was covered in a soft sheen of sweat, his chest rising and falling rapidly. He was having a bad dream. On my left, Benji was curled into fetal position, whimpering slightly and twitching his nose. He was having a nightmare, as well.

I shook Joel and tried to wake him. “Wake up, sleepyhead,” I grinned. “You’re having a bad dream.”

One pristine brown eye opened and glanced at me.

I turned my attentions to the other twin, and shook him gently. “Wake up, Ben, you’re having a bad dream.”

Joel began to stretch and I knew he was awake. He smiled at me warmly, and wrapped a long arm over my exposed breasts.

“I had the best dream about you,” he smiled.

“Oh?” I inquired.

Joel nodded his head and nuzzled into my chest. “I was fucking you senseless and it felt like we were riding on clouds.”

“Really?” I bluttered louder than I’d planned.

“Yeah,” he beamed. “It felt so real, so magical.”

It was, I thought. It’s called Ecstacy.

“I can top that,” Benji laughed from his side of the bed.

Joel and I watched as his body came to life, and he rolled to face us and grinned. “I dreamt that I was giving Joel the sloppiest, messiest blowjob and he was loving it.”

I watched Benji erupt into laughter, and Joel looked like he wanted to vomit.

“Yeah, then,” Benji snickered. “Then I was fucking you, Morgan, and you were screaming and begging for more. I looked into your eyes and they were just huge. They were bigger than I’d ever seen them before. It was…..trippy,” he sighed.

“Wow,” Joel sighed. “That’s fucked up.”

Yeah, I thought, wondering if I should tell them.

“I dunno,” Joel wondered aloud. “It felt so real.”

Yeah, I grinned.

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